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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA iMPACT! Review
I suppose Hogan and Bischoff opening the show and quickly getting the announcement of the time-slot move out of the way was the best way to go about the subject. The number one contender tournament is exciting and Jeff Jarrett versus Mr. Anderson as the first match is great and I'm definitely hoping for Anderson to emerge victorious.

I'm very pleased with the outcome of the match - the brass knuckles gaining Anderson some heel heat and also giving him the victory over Jarrett is the right move. It was actually decent a match as we know that TNA is capable of that. I'm unaware as to who else is in the tournament but I'm pretty sure I'll be rooting for the man formerly known as Kennedy to face Styles.

Tara winning is fine, although I don't really care about Knockouts. The rematch clause being cashed was nice too.

Again, something else I was never fond of: World Elite and Eric Young personally. Young leaving and giving the leadership to Matt Morgan I approve of as I don't mind Morgan and this can provide a great opportunity for him.

The brief interaction between Jarrett and Bischoff and Hogan makes me think that Jarrett will seek revenge on Anderson, taking advantage of Bischoff's 'take care of it yourself' comment.

Two men holding one title is always going to be an interesting angle. Daniels claiming he will leave TNA if he is not reinstated as the sole X-Division Champion is interesting as I certainly prefer him as the champion that Kaz. I'm pleased with Lethal approaching the ring without the Macho Man gimmick. I wouldn't mind him sneakily stealing a win here, just to piss Daniels off more and gain himself a valuable victory. Daniels getting the victory was probably what I should have expected anyway. Lethal had a good showing which is good, as I'd like him to have a more serious gimmick in order to allow him a solid position in the mid to upper card.

Beer Money staking their claim for their tag titles is fine, however I'd like MCMG to hold onto them for a while.

I like Homicide a lot and would have liked to have seen him gain the victory but the outcome is perfectly fine. Morgan and The World Elite giving Homicide the boot was a surprise but the bigger surprise was Hernandez making the save. Is there an LAX reunion on the cards?

I absolutely love The Pope and this promo I thought was very good. Pope showed a more serious side and the last line was my favorite of the entire promo. I'd love to see Pope and Rhyno go at it in a no-holds-barred environment. Make Pope a star in this thread.

Completely pointless promo from Styles and Hardy - it was just like you wanted to get their heads on TV for the week.

RVD versus Joe. Joe hasn't done a lot for me in recent times, I've lost my liking for him a little and RVD in TNA is pretty good, just as long as he doesn't .... the main event scene and steal the world title in ridiculous circumstances like he did in reality. The match between the two was good, and for some reason I wouldn't mind RVD winning although Wolfe interfering and sparking a feud between himself and RVD is something I'd probably prefer. Joe going through I'm fine with, but I don't want him to win.

Overall, this was an enjoyable show. I like what you're doing with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and will continue to review. I'd love for AJ Styles to hold onto the title and eventually have Popechallenge (without the Global Title of course). Keep up the good work.


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