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Re: Indy Circuit Pro Wrestling League

'Making an impact in the Magnum Title Match; Gomorrah made his return to ICPWL with a spectacular effort. Unfortunately for Gomorrah he left Genocide second best to Galloway; but can the terrifying giant fight his way back to regain the Magnum title?'

Windham Rotunda
'Rotunda's rampage in the Young Lions division continued this monday at Genocide; only narrowly losing to Hennig in the championship match. Rotunda will have a shot at the #1 contendership of the Young Lions Title this friday at Underground; can this talented young individual fight his way into the record books?'

The Samoans
'Jonathan & Joshua Fatu made an impact in their first #1 contendership match; only just losing to the Natural Born Killers in the dying moments of the match. The Fatu brothers will have their chance at revenge this friday at Underground; however there is no doubt from our end that one day these two will be at the same calibre as their uncles 'The Wild Samoans.' Whether that day is sooner or later; it will one day be here.'

Billy Kidman
'The former Ironman Champion fell even further down the Top 15 this week; despite a good effort in the 15 man battle royal for the Magnum Title on Genocide. Kidman's injured knee seemed to be giving him problems in the battle royal, and may cost him his chance at the Never Give Up Hardcore Tournament.'

Sean O'Haire
'O'Haire's record of longest title reign in ICPWL history came to an abrupt end this monday on Genocide. This coming monday O'Haire will have to face long term rival James Gibson in a cage match; can O'Haire stand his ground and head into Never Give up with momentum enough to win the Hardcore Tournament? We'll see.'

Joe Hennig
'Is there a single ICPWL fan that dislikes Joe Hennig? The most dominating star in the Young Lions Division at the moment continued this monday night on Genocide with a convincing win over Doane, Nemeth and Rotunda. This Friday on Underground Hennig has to face the returning Cloudy; the very first Young Lions Champion. Can Hennig hold his momentum against Cloudy? Or will the young star fall to the unpredictable Cloudy?'

The Natural Born Killers
'Let's face it; Burke and Anderson have been dominating in singles competition in ICPWL; however now the two have combined, they're stronger than ever. The two dominated in the #1 Contenders match for the Tag Titles, and next week on Genocide get their shot at the titles against TMCS. Can the two young stars get their first taste at Tag Team Glory?'

The Minnesota Stretching Crew
'Benjamin and Lesnar dropped from fifth due to the decimating loss over Sinn and Allen Jones. The Tag Champs found out their opponents for the tag titles next week on Genocide to be the Natural Born Killers. Can the champs regain their mojo and fight to retain? We'll have to see.'

'Leviathan and Bane dominated in the 6 man tag match against rivals The Minnesota Stretching Crew. The former tag team champions proved they still had plenty of fuel left in the tank, with the decimation of Benjamin. Is there a future reign as Tag Team Champs in the stars again for these two scary stars? We think so.'

Allen Jones
'The Phenomenal One jumps up four places after a sneaky win over the Tag Champs and long term rival Puder on Genocide. Jones will have to take on Puder at Never Give Up in the Hardcore Tournament for a shot at his first title reign in ICPWL; but has Jones pushed Puder too far? Will he be able to beat Puder in a no holds barred match?'

Drew Galloway
'Galloway rocketed up the Top 15 after his first championship win in ICPWL. Galloway rewrote the history books; becoming the first Young Lion's competitor to win a ICPWL title. Galloway's opponent for Never Give Up will be announced next monday at Genocide; but on our side we think it's obvious after Monday night who the likely opponent is.'

Daniel Puder
'Indy Circuit's first Ironman champion found it easy to combine with the Tag Champs this week on Genocide; but he couldn't pick up the win in the end. Can Puder overcome his feud with Jones at Never Give Up so gain a shot at the Ironman's title and regain his glory on top of the ICPWL mountain.'

Adam Copeland
'Copeland's loss to Hager this week didn't do him well; however Copeland's impressive brawl with Dinsmore in the main event keeps him in the top 3. At Never Give Up Copeland will be in the Hardcore Tournament; can he win his second consecutive tournament and recapture the Ironman Championship? Only time will tell.'

Nick Dinsmore
'Dinsmore's loss to Hager this week sets him back one place in the Top 15. The Ironman Champion was in top form on Genocide; but couldn't beat Hager after a cheap shot from his own title. Can Dinsmore beat Hager? Or will this be the end of this dominant stars world title reign?'

Jacob Hager
'The dominance of Hager earned him the Sky's the Limit Tournament at Black at White; and this monday on Genocide also won him his 15th win in a row. Hager will face Dinsmore for the Ironman Championship at Never Give Up; but one question still lingers, is Hager up to the standard of a World Champion?'


Notable Mention To:

CM Brooks & Antonio Banks
'Their brawl on Genocide really kept us on the edge of our seats; can't wait to see these two clash at Never Give Up.'

'It's been 7 months since we saw this little rascal; and I know we haven't seen him yet, but I am busting at the seams to see him this friday!'

Cody Runnels
'Runnels is yet to make a stand out impact in ICPWL; but we think this young star is on the verge of shocking us into submission; soon Cody, soon.'

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