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Re: JLA Wrestling

^^^ Thanks man.

No Mercy

Raven vs Christian(C) - Hardcore Title Match.

Raven must be cursing the day that he made the 24/7 rule up. His life has been nothing but hell ever since the rule was enforced. Being attacked at his hotel his car and nearly anywhere else you could possibly think of. The first Hardcore Champion had managed to fend off superstars such as Viscera and Steve Blackman until he decided the rule was too much. In an interview with Michael Cole, Raven was seconds away from announcing the revoke of the rule until the Broods Christian attacked Raven, managing to win the Hardcore Title. After a little talk with Eric Bischoff, Raven got the match he wanted for No Mercy, but the 24/7 rule remains!

The Dudley Boys vs The New Age Outlaws - Tag Team Table Match

This whole thing started last month at the Bash At The Beach, with the first ever Title defence by the New Age Outlaws. The damn Dudley’s had become fan favourites, and with the crowd behind them they where just too much for the two DX members. Road Dogg and Bad Ass knew they were in trouble, and used a chair to get the DQ. Yeah, they had lost the match but they had retained there titles and that’s all that mattered. The Dudley’s had been screwed and they weren’t happy, and who could blame them. They "persuaded" JLA's general manager Eric Bischoff to make the match for No Mercy, but that wasn’t all. The stipulation was added by the New Age Outlaws that if the Dudley’s lost the match at No Mercy, they couldn’t challenge against them for the Titles again. Things were looking better for the Tag Champs until The Dudley’s made there own stipulation, a tag team table's match. The Dudley's speciality, things are now looking bleak for the New Age Outlaws, there titles are in grave danger and the Dudley's only have one thing to say....Got Wood.

Brock Lesnar vs Edge

This match was made after this weeks LiveWire, after the brutal attack by Edge and Gangrel. Chair shot after chair shot was hit by Edge on Lesnar after his match with his fellow Brood member Gangrel. The ravage beating with the solid steel chair made Edge smile, the enigma that is Edge is growing but Lesnar is out for revenge, when these two young superstars collide it wont be just for the 3 count.

Tazz vs Chris Jericho (C) - Ultimate Submission Match for the Intercontinental Title.

Y2J took up the challenge made by Taz to fight for the prestigious IC Title. Making his debut to the excitement of the fans, and looking like he's been at JLA for years. His great technical skills where a good match for the suplex master Taz. After a gruelling match Chris Jericho made Taz tap with his finishing manoeuvre the Walls of Jericho. The Intercontinental Title was won by Jericho on his first night here at JLA, and Taz wasn’t happy. His rematch clause was used for No Mercy, but Taz wanted something more. His submission match suggestion was shot down by the Iya Tola of rock an rolla, as he came up with one better. An Ultimate Submission match was made, for the IC Title. These two superstars will face off for 30 long minutes, both looking to make the other one tap. Tazz vs Jericho....Walls of Jericho vs Tazzmission....Enemy against Enemy.

Jyushin Liger vs Akio vs Ultimo Dragon - Number one contenders match for the Cruiserweight Title

Betrayal....Hate....Greed. All of these things have accounted for this match. Each one of these men despise each other. Be it jealousy or distrust, these men are not just fighting for a number one contenders spot, they are fighting for revenge. The recent events that have led to this match has taking so many twists and turns it's hard to keep up. Ultimo believes he is living in the shadow of Jyushin Liger, causing him the Cruiserweight title in the running. Ultimo's been busy at burning bridges with Liger and Akio, who's jaw is probably still hurting after the super kick hit by Ultimo. Although it didn’t bother him when he took both his opponents out after a scuffle. Yes, this one should be a slobber knocker; the number one spot is on the line as is the honour of these three men.

Shawn Michaels vs Viscera

Bischoff is not stupid, he knows Michaels wants a title shot and he knows he deserves one. HBK has been on fire in the past month winning both The Undertaker and Triple H, not forgetting the Sweet Chin Music on Paul Heyman. But JLA's General Manager doesn’t want his main event being ruined by The Showstopper. The only way to stop him interrupting is by booking him in a match with the 500 lbs Viscera. Let’s see if Michaels can finally convince Bischoff that he deserves a Title shot.

The Undertaker vs Triple H (C) - World Heavyweight Title match.

The Phenom vs The Game. Two of the greatest wrestlers in the business today face off for the prestigious JLA Title. X Pac couldn’t take the Undertaker out, neither could the New Age Outlaws. The syribrel assassin has tried his mind games but to no avail, The Games attacks have missed and The Undertaker grows stronger. With Paul Heyman by his side, The Phenom is convinced the title is in his grasp. The biggest prize in the game is being defended for the first time and No Mercy is the battle ground. Who will come out on top join us at No Mercy to find out.
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