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Re: Indy Circuit Pro Wrestling League

Monday 5th July 2010
Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena
Capacity Crowd

The Official Theme of Monday Night Genocide
Bad Blood - Escape the Fate

Opening Match
Young Lions Championship Match
Ken Doane vs. Nick Nemmeth vs. Windham Rotunda vs. Joe Hennig (c)
Winner: Joe Hennig
Overview: - Old team mates Nemmeth & Doane combined together through most of the match; but imploded as the match progressed further.
- Rotunda and Hennig would later find a mutual agreement, and take out the former tag team champions; and battle it out 1 on 1 until Hennig found himself the victor.
- Rotunda and Hennig shook hangs after the match and left together, while Nemmeth and Doane stayed in the ring to argue out some differences.

Match 2
1 on 1 Grudge Match
CM Brooks vs. Antonio Banks
Winner: No Contest
Overview: - The brawl between Brooks and Banks erupted almost immediately, with the referee being unable to break up the two.
- After both men had been counted out, the brawl continued onto the stage and then backstage.
- Security later broke the fight up.
*** 1/2

Match 3
Tag Team Battle Royal
Last Team Standing becomes #1 Contenders
Bad Company (York & Moore) vs. Super Powers vs. Natural Born Killers vs. The Samoans
Winner(s): Natural Born Killers
Overview: - Burke & Anderson's newly formed alliance combined well to decimate the seasoned teams of 'The Super Powers' and 'Bad Company', leaving NBK & The Samoans alone.
- The Samoan Brother's used their resemblance to switch in and out of the match without tagging; and through doing so were able to eliminated Burke from the match.
- Anderson however made an intense comeback, eliminating Jonathan, then with some help from Burke on the outside, eliminated Joshua with the Green Bay Plunge.
- After the match, NBK's hands were raised by Nicole, then the three left the arena together smiling.

Match 4
Magnum Championship Match
15 man Battle Royal
Sean O'Haire (c) vs. James Gibson vs. Billy Kidman vs. Vampiro vs. Maven Huffman vs. Drew Galloway vs. Brett DiBiase vs. Alex Riley vs. Teddy Hart vs. Wade Barrett vs. Gomorrah vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Rodney Mack vs. Monty Brown vs. Cody Runnels
Winner: Drew Galloway
Overview: - Sean O'Haire's attempts to retain his title were foiled by Gomorrah; who pinned him second last, before Galloway capitalized on the distraction and scored the pinfall off a school boy roll up.
- The most eliminations goes to Sean O'Haire; who eliminated 6 people. Gomorrah followed closely with 4 eliminations, and Kidman with 3.
- After the match, Galloway narrowly escaped a beat down from Gomorrah; and left with the magnum title raised above his head.
*** 1/2

Match 5
6 Man Tag Grudge Match
Daniel Puder & The Minnesota Stretching Crew (c) vs. Allen Jones & Sinn
Winner(s): Allen Jones & Sinn
Overview: - Puder & MSC worked together well early in the match to weaken Bane; but a quick change of momentum turned the game in Leviathan's favor.
- Leviathan decimated Benjamin, only to allow him to tag in Lesnar.
- The two men clashed in the center of the ring; and fought for many minutes, until all men were in the ring brawling.
- Jones capitalized by tagging himself in as Leviathan power bombed Lesnar to gain the pinfall win.
- After the Match, Sinn questioned Jones why he stole the victory, but he simply shrugged and left the arena smiling.

Main Event
Non Title Match
Jacob Hager vs. "The Edge" Adam Copeland vs. "The Power" Nick Dinsmore (c)
Winner: Jacob Hager
Overview: - The Rivalry between Dinsmore and Copeland really exploded in this match, with the two men paying little attention to the #1 Contender.
- Hager sat most of the match outside; only stepping into the ring occasionally to break up pinfalls &/or submissions.
- Hager would use the Worlds Championship to knock out both Copeland & Dinsmore after the referee was distracted by SkyLove outside the ring.
- Hager scored the pinfall on Dinsmore before leaving with the World Title and SkyLove.
- Genocide closed with Hager standing on the stage with the Worlds Title raised above his head; and Dinsmore looking up from the ring towards his number one contender.
**** 1/2

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