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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Lockdown Feedback

Gotta say, you work fast. Been having trouble catching up with you. Anyways, good to see a little video package to start the show. More detail would have definitely helped though.

Young and Terry to start? Sounds like a boring match tbh. I would have started off with a bang. The early cage climb from Young is something I actually expected. I knew someone would do it this ppv, and Young is the perfect choice. Low blow came a little early in the match. I was also quite shocked to see Terry get busted open. Blood is significant, and I would save the blood for later, more important matches. Nonetheless, good moment in the match. Second low blow might be too much. Terry wins cleanly, but like Tenay said, I'm anxious to see what's in store for the World Elite after this.

Good moment here with Anderson and the bat. Sacrifice promo wasn't too bad. A little short for my liking though.

The best of five series between these two teams in real life has been quite entertaining. Let's see what you can do with them. Tornado tag style right? Cause I hate the way they do it sometimes, having to tag in and out despite it being a steel cage match. Action is pretty good. The back and forth nature is better for a match like this. Trading hands on the top of the steel cage? Risky. Nice spot there with Sabin nailing Storm in the end. Couldn't believe that Shelley made it to the top in time to stop Roode from leaving. Shelley leaves the ring, which has big ramifications cause Sabin's on his own. And with the fact that pins are still good. It too is risky. Roode's out not too long after. So it's not too bad. Glad to see Sabin hit the crazy crossbody instead of escaping. The beer bottle hits Storm, and MCMG win the match. Awesome sauce. Although Beer Money are the better team promo wise, we should get some great wrestling out of MCMG. Good match here. I think you should have started the show with this one.

Not too long of a promo here, but it was solid nonetheless. I liked Wolfe's rundown, but Wolfe should have said more about Angle tbh. Wolfe made this promo tbh despite having a better promo man (Flair) in the mix as well. Good job. Flair was kinda overshadowed though.

Not a fan of divas or knockout wrestling. Don't know if I told you that before, but I'll deal with this just because I like Tara. Not a long match, which is great for me =P. I'm actually quite surprised that neither Tara nor Angelina won. Don't know too much about Daffney, but I'm sure she isn't a big name so this is a 'shocker' =)

Nash and Young work better together. More chemistry I think. Interesting moment here.

I don't know about the Christopher Daniels promo here. It's a little too short to make a real difference or make an impact. Onto the match though, which should be a good one. The first spot in this one was totally awesome, and was a definite. I expect more spots like this. Moore was eliminated rather quickly. I thought they would last longer than 3 minutes considering a finisher and some scrambles shouldn't do that much damage. Tower of Doom was a good spot too, but again, a little early. Lethal gets knocked out a minute after Moore. A minute? Quite fast tbh. The huge moonsault miss (like Angle's miss during this year's LD) is absolutely crazy. Daniels is gonna feel that one. And who other to miss it on than Kaz. On a separate note, Red is doing 'amazing'. But his streak comes to an end, as expected. Angels Wings + BME might be too much, but later Red anyways. Wow @ the finish. I expect a best of like 21 series between the two. That would be awesome. Great match. It's up there with the tag title match for MOTN. Might give it to this one though.

Once again not a big promo. Kinda gets Dinero over though. This match is kind of an opposites match, much like the opener. The leg-trap crossface isn't that controversial. People should stop thinking that. Even though it didn't finish the match, I think Dinero should have pinned. It's his finisher. It should mean a pin attempt, and also should mean a confident finish. The superplex was a nice spot. Dinero's actually getting in quite a bit of offense, which although doesn't seem likely, is good to me. The cross body into Black Hole Slam was a nice spot. I think Dinero should have won the match via pin after the second finisher. The climb is nice though. Guess you're trying to change up the finishes. Not a bad match. Kinda short. No match has gone really long so far. That's probly due to the big card.

Nice to see a video package for this next one. Kennedy's promo wasn't too bad either. The Texas bit was pretty good. I noticed in most of your matches that you use a lot of slams. Powerslam, side slam, scoop slam, etc. And I just noticed that I didn't do anything but state something you already know. Both being busted open makes sense, and the action in between is pretty damn good. With the baseball bat assault, and the superplex (which has kinda happened a lot tonight), the match is really starting to pick up. 'WHY – WON’T – YOU – KICK – OUT?!’ doesn't make any sense to me. Wouldn't Kennedy not want him to kick out? Some good action before Sting steals Anderson's move. I've always liked when people steal moves tbh. As long as it's not done too often. Brass knucks backfiring is not a bad spot. Anderson wins, but I felt like it was too quick. Or the time was too quick. Maybe a few more minutes would have been great. Match had some good moments.

If I were Beer Money, I'd invoke the rematch clauses ASAP, but at Sacrifice will do. Should be a good one.

Nice video package. And of course, the advantage goes to the heels. This match should have been the main imo. The Lethal Lockdown cage is different from the regular cage, no? So it would have been better to be last. I'm gonna skim the rest of the show because I'm literally falling asleep, but I still wanna get this done tonight. I don't think the word 'cage' should be capitalized as many times as it was. The finish is an absolutely sick spot. Creative with that one. I don't think the feud between Angle and Flair is over with the clothesline afterwards. If it was over, I think there would be no interaction between the two.

The prematch promos are alright. I don't like the idea of face versus face too much. Match is good with a good mix of aerial and technical moves. The close attempts at each wrestler's finishers is awesome. Get the fans a little more riled up that way. Hurricanrana is a nice spot. Styles pulls the referee in the way? Heel turn? F'n awesome. Styles wins, and I love it just because you did what most bookers won't do, and that's turn Styles heel.

Most of my predictions were wrong I think. But yah, overall, a solid show. There are a bunch of shocking moments, as well as creatively exceptional moments. The promos weren't too great, but it's a ppv, so I'll let it pass. I didn't like how the match order was at the start, but the show picked up afterwards. I'll try and get your Impact as soon as I can btw. I'm overly behind on my feedback =(.

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