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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Lockdown Feedback

A decent match to start off the night with, although probably not the most exciting choice. The actual match was not as good as I thought itíd be, tbh. Not sure if itís because of my lack of TNA knowledge, but I thought EY would be much more aggressive and competitive. He just kind of looked like a bitch here. With the way that Terry had been booked since Destination X, I was shocked to see him pick up this win somewhat easily. I guess this just means that heís already beat on member of World Elite and heíll continue winning until he faces Morgan. Still, expected a more competitive contest.

Anderson to bloody Sting again tonight, plz.

Sacrifice should be a good show, with a lot of high-profile feuds wrapping up tonight, leaving to door open for some fresh ones.

The main rivalry within the rivalry is between Sabin and Storm, after what James did to him a few week ago, and I really love how you handled their situation. Good back and forth in the opening five minutes and the contest really got interested once Shelley escaped the cage, following the AWESOME spot. It only made sense to have Roode also escape and leave it down to Storm and Sabin. A very fitting ending, with Sabin never allowing himself to be pinned before finally nailing Storm with his own weapon and getting the three. While they may be the new tag team champions, I have no doubt that the MCMG and Beer Money will continue their rivalry following this match.

Desmond and Flair really make a good pairing and I just hope we hear from Team Angle so that they can respond to what Team Flair just said. Iím sure that they wonít be happy after hearing that good interview.

About as good of a Knockouts that I could have expected, tbh. While you kept it short, which was needed, a lot went down and the ending was exciting. Loved how Daffney was targeted all match by both of her opponents, but still she refused to quit. Ending went like expected, with Tara almost winning but then Daffney was able to pin Love and steal the belt! With Love out of the way, I expect Tara and Daffney to fight over the belt for quite some time.

Young quitting World Elite? Guess Big Sexy really does have something to convince himÖ

Always love to see the Xscape matches and this one was no different. Loved that you did a good spot right off the bat, with Red crashing onto everyone. For the most part, the order of eliminations made sense, although I would have liked to see Lethal last a little longer, but thatís a small detail. Ending of the match made sense, with Daniels reign coming to an end in one respect, as he now must share the title with Kaz. Really looking forward to seeing how you settle this, as I see a ton of matches between these two in the future, which is not a bad thing.

Basic hype from the Pope, imo. Retain, plz.

Abyss and Dinero, while they havenít been feuding for very long, prove to have decent chemistry and put on a good match. I liked the constant back and forth, with neither man really getting the advantage for a LONG time, with constant counters and near falls. Some of the match seemed a little unbelievable, such as DíAngelo kicking out of the Black Hole Slam. But thatís minor because it was obvious that Dinero needed to go over in order to keep his good reign as the Global Champion going. Abyss may not be done with the champion, but losing cleanly might make it hard for a rematch to happe. Either way, this was a good little feud to build Dineroís credibility.

Love to see you using Anderson the right way before the match. Anti-Texas comments were hilarious and got him a ton of heat, which is always good. While the feud between these two has been fun, I really always viewed it as a way for you to get Ken to the top of the card. And having as great a match as he did against Sting certainly did the job. Great back and forth in the opening, with Sting coming out strong and then Anderson suddenly throwing him into the cage. The rest of the match flowed really well, with numerous near falls and close calls, the most surprising of which was Sting hitting Ken with his own Mic Check. The ending seemed a little iffy, with Stinger lifting Kenís shoulder up only to lose. But itís a win for Anderson and Iíll take that. Hopefully you keep Sting around to put more guys over Ö and have Anderson go after the big gold belt following this.

Pretty predictable that Beer Money/MCMG II will happen next month. Should be a good Ďun.

Either this match or the World Title match could have been the main event of the show, but Iím glad that you went with this at this position on the card. The heels almost always win the coin toss and that was what led to all the odd-man advantages for Team Flair. Wolfe and Angle starting it off makes sense with all the history weíve seen between them. Nothing really big happens until everyone makes their way to the ring, and then the cage door finally comes down. Only problem I had was that it seemed like there was WAY too much domination by Team Flair, but I guess it goes with the story. The ending of the match was very good; with Team Flair looking like they had the match but that just wasnít meant to happen. RVD hitting the Five-Star off the ladder onto the top of the Cage was pretty sick and a great ending. Also, Angle nailing Flair after the match was good closure for them, as I really hope both men move on. In fact, I see all kinds of feuds coming out of this match, and thatís a good thing. Nicely done.

Good idea to have separate interviews featuring champion and challenger instead of a video package. Interviews were both solid, as this is set to be a good one to end the show.

The main event flowed pretty much as expected and it was every bit as good as we thought it would be. Pretty natural progression as the match went on, with some pretty weak near falls before going into the high-impact moves to get closer. Match really got going after Jeff hit the Whisper in the Wind and from then on it seemed like every move could spell the end. Loved how AJ slowly began to lose his composure as the match went on, and the final hint at the heel turn happened when Styles pulled the referee into the fire and Jeff smashed him against the steel. Jeff not just making the smart decision and dropping out of the ring goes perfectly with his character, as he always goes for the shocking moment instead of the sensible one. Good way to AJ to retain and I was kind of surprised at the handshake after the match, with Styles I guess not a full heel yet. But still, I know itís coming, possibly after a rematch with Jeff.

A very good show, man. Obviously, the Lockdown theme makes the Cage matches seem like they arenít very special, since every match is inside a Cage, but you still did a nice job. A few things I had a problem with but overall I was entertained. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff.


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