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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Impact Feedback

The essential PPV recap is always the right way to start a show after an important PPV, and there were some pretty huge matches at Lockdown, so all good there.

Starting with Hogan and Bischoff was definitely something I didnít expect, and I will still say until Bischoff shows some personality in this thread, his involvement is a huge fail. Moving back to Thursdays doesnít really bother me, but mentioning that they are doing it to maximise their audience seemed like it didnít fit for me. Itís almost like theyíre admitting the WWE were kicking their ass, and they sure as hell wouldnít do that on television. A tournament to see who faces Styles at Sacrifice should make for some pretty good matches on the next few Impacts, although I really think you need to get Styles in a proper feud with somebody, rather than just having a fresh opponent every month. I know its TNAís style, but a storyline or something around Styles would be nice.

I know he wonít get the win here, but even having Jarrett involved in this championship tournament irritates me, I know I harp on it, but the old guys just shouldnít be so active in this thread. Anyway, the match seemed decent enough, although it sure as hell wouldnít have been a classic, and the ending was alright with Anderson cheating, even if I would have preferred for him to win clean.

A nice win for Tara over Hamada, who I personally think is severely overrated. Tara/Daffney should be alright at Sacrifice, although some more heat definitely needs to be added to the feud.

The Eric Young/Morgan thing was just plain weird, it felt really awkward. Itís rare somebody leaves a faction on good terms, and by trying to do this, I felt like this just wasnít that great of a segment. Also, why would the rest of the World Elite accept Morgan as being in charge, just because some guy who they used to associate with named him leader? I think some closure there would be nice, but I am intrigued to see what happens with Nash next week.

More Jarrett on the show, how great? I didnít like the sound of this, because it makes me think Jarrett is going to feud with Anderson by costing him in the tournament, and if thatís the case, Iíd be pretty annoyed.

Honestly, I think the booking behind Daniels and Kazarian becoming dual X Division Champions was very, very weak. When itís a draw, the champion retains, this is common sense, unless thereís a heel authority figure screwing with things, but thatís not the case here. Daniels promo was okay, really short, nothing spectacular, but Iím interested to see what happens after he has threatened to leave.

The matchup between Daniels and Lethal was definitely better to read than the previous two, but Iíd expect that with the X Division. It was good you have Lethal a bit of time to shine, as I actually donít mind the guy, but Daniels always had to get the win here. The attack afterwards by Kazarian was pretty good booking, with him stealing the belt, creating more bad blood between the co champions.

Sacrifice should be a pretty good event going by what youíve told me.

Beer Money promo was short and sweet, and suited their mood perfectly. at Christy being called a dumb blonde to.

It was a very good match between Hernandez and Homicide, and a good win for Hernandez. The attack from World Elite afterwards is the perfect way for Morgan to make his impact on the group, so I actually like it, and the possible reformation of LAX has me marking the fuck out.

MCMG interview was okay I guess, although no idea why you didnít just have the interview take place tonight.

As usual, The Pope was rather in character here, but thatís to be expected, as he is probably one of the easiest character to write in TNA. As for Rhino, I didnít like him at all throughout this promo. I get that you tried to make him seem intense, but it just seemed like you tried a little too hard. The only bit I liked was the little mention of ECW, and only because it would set up a pretty epic match. Despite the start, Popeís comedy seemed rather forced, so despite not minding the concept of the promo, and Rhino having to prove himself, which should make for some entertaining shit, the promo definitely needed a lot of work.

Not really liking these post match interviews from the PPV, they seem a little like those crappy PPV extras you get on the WWE DVDís. Maybe if you put a little more effort into them Iíd care more. From the sounds of this, Angle/Flair is over though, which is good because it ran its course.

Styles/Hardy is the most generic backstage meeting Iíve read all year, stomach churning stuff, tbh.

Joe/RVD main event was written pretty well, best match of the night for sure. I was expecting RVD to get the win here, so I was very shocked to see Wolfe interfere. Wolfe/Van Dam can be pretty nice do, whilst Joe heading towards the championship is also something I wouldnít mind. Good ending to the show.

Overall, there were things I liked and things I didnít like. I still say you have promise, but at the same time, you make some weird decisions. Your writing is getting better though so keep it up.

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