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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

TNA Monday Night Impact
The Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
April 19, 2010

Impact begins with a Lockdown recap video, running through the matches on the show; Rob Terry def. Eric Young, The Motor City Machine Guns def. Beer Money to win the TNA World Tag Team Championships, Daffney def. Angelina Love & Tara in a 3-Way Dance to win the TNA Knockouts Championship, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian drew in the XScape Match and were announced as co-TNA X Division Champions, D’Angelo Dinero def. Abyss to retain the TNA Global Championship, Mr. Anderson def. Sting, Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Hernandez, Jeff Jarrett & Rob Van Dam) def. Team Flair (Desmond Wolfe, Matt Morgan, Rhino & Samoa Joe) in the Lethal Lockdown Match and AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Then, we are treated to the sight of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan in their office, both looking directly at the camera, and they are ready to speak.

Hulk Hogan:
First off, I wanna welcome everybody to Monday Night Impact, it’s gonna be a great show tonight just like Lockdown was last night and y’know, Lockdown showed the whole wrestling world that TNA means business, brother.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, Hulk, but I know that all of you are wondering why we’re here starting the show, well we have two announcements. Firstly, after Sacrifice, Impact is moving back to Thursday nights. TNA may be the best wrestling company out there but being on Thursdays means that we can maximize our audience to its full potential.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Hulk Hogan: But that’s not all, because starting tonight there’s gonna be an eight-man tournament to determine who’s gonna challenge AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice, it’s gonna involve eight of the top guys in TNA and it’s gonna start right now, brother!

After Hogan’s closing words, with the fans still in suspense as to who is participating in this tournament, the camera cuts into the Impact Zone and “My World” hits to a pop from the crowd as the TNA founder Jeff Jarrett walks out. Jarrett, wearing a long white and silver jacket and holding his signature Guitar, raises both hands in the air as his pyro goes off before he walks down the ramp, high-fiving some fans. Jarrett enters the ring and waits for his opponent to arrive. Then, “Feedback” blares out, getting a lot of heat from the crowd, and the lights go out in the Impact Zone before a spotlight shines down on the stage which reveals Mr. Anderson. After looking around the crowd for a few moments, Anderson suddenly reaches up and his microphone reels down from the ceiling which he takes.

Mr. Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen... I weighed in this morning at two-hundred-and-forty-five pounds... I hail from Green – Bay – Wisconsin... I am the man who single-handedly destroyed one old-timer last night at Lockdown and am about to do the same once again, and I am the man who will win this tournament and win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice... MIIIISSTTAAAHHHH... ANNNDDDEERRRSSSOONNN!

Anderson looks around again and inhales some air before continuing to talk.

Mr. Anderson: ... Wait for it... any second now... ANNNDDDEERRRSSSOONNN!

The loudmouth then lets go of his microphone and saunters down the ramp, looking at the camera and pointing to his “Pro Wrestling is real, people are fake” T-shirt with those words written on the front. Anderson climbs onto the ring apron and steps into the ring, standing opposite to Jeff Jarrett and smirking at his opponent whilst chewing gum whereas Jarrett keeps a straight face and waits for the bell to ring.

Match One
Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Anderson
#1 Contender’s Tournament

The bell rings and Jeff Jarrett and Mr. Anderson both slowly raise their hands up, preparing to lock up to initiate this contest but Anderson catches Jarrett off guard with a kick to the mid-section. Anderson hits Jarrett with some right hands before backing into the ropes behind him and running towards Jarrett but he is taken down by a shoulder block. Jarrett runs off the ropes and jumps over Anderson before running off the ropes again and Anderson gets back up, taking him down with a hip toss. The loudmouth goes for an elbow drop but Jarrett moves out of the way of it and Anderson ends up in a seated position on the mat. Jarrett capitalizes on Anderson’s mistake and hits him with a boot to the sternum before making the first cover of the match. One! Two! As soon as the referee’s hand hits the mat for two, Anderson kicks out. Jarrett gets back up and gets Anderson to his feet, getting him in a front facelock, ready for a Suplex. However, Anderson fights out of it with some blows to the mid-section and with Jarrett bent over Anderson runs off the ropes before hitting Jarrett with a knee lift.

Jarrett goes down and Anderson jumps into the air, hitting him with a knee drop when he comes back down. Anderson then makes the cover: One! Jarrett gets the shoulder up. Anderson sits up and lifts up Jarrett by his head, hitting the TNA founder with repeated blows before dropping him and getting back up. Anderson gets Jarrett back to his feet and pushes him into the corner of the ring, then hitting Jarrett with half a dozen knife-edge chops to the chest, all of which receive a ‘Woooooooo!’ from the crowd in honour of Ric Flair. Anderson then backs away before running towards Jarrett and going for a Clothesline in the corner, but Jarrett ducks it. Anderson runs right into the turnbuckles and Jarrett then lifts Anderson up, hitting him with a Back Suplex before covering him. One! Two! Anderson kicks out.

Jarrett then gets Anderson back to his feet and places him in between the ropes before rebounding off the opposite ropes and running towards Anderson, looking to go for a Leapfrog Body Guillotine. However, Anderson frees himself and holds down the top rope, sending Jarrett out of the ring! Jarrett struggles to his feet but meanwhile, in the ring Anderson rebounds off the ropes and runs across the ring, hitting Jarrett with a Baseball Slide! This opening contest on Impact comes to an end when Anderson is in control of Jarrett and he gets him to his feet, Irish whipping Jarrett into the ropes. Anderson ducks down, preparing to hit a back body drop, but Jarrett counters with a DDT!

Both competitors lie on the mat for several moments until they begin to get up and Jeff pulls himself up with the ropes, facing away from the ring and the referee Andrew Thomas checks on Anderson, before checking on Jarrett but Jarrett, thinking that it’s Anderson behind him, elbows the referee in the face! Jeff then realizes his mistake and immediately checks on Thomas, helping him back to his feet as he still holds his jaw from that accidental elbow. Meanwhile, Anderson retrieves some brass knuckles from in his trunks and slips them on, turning Jarrett around and hitting him with the brass knuckles! Before Jarrett falls to the ground, Anderson keeps Jarrett up and hits him with the Mic Drop! Anderson hooks Jarrett’s legs as the still-groggy referee counts: One! Two! Three!

Mr. Anderson def. Jeff Jarrett at 7:52 to advance in the #1 Contender’s Tournament

“Feedback” hits and a grinning Mr. Anderson, on his knees, has his hand raised by the referee who is still disorientated and has no idea whatsoever that Anderson cheated to win. Anderson gets to his feet and stands in the middle of the ring, looking exhausted but he still manages to motion around his waist that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is in his future. He then reaches into the air and his microphone comes down which Anderson takes.

Mr. Anderson: (Breathing heavily) And the winner of the match... (Laughs) MIIIISSTTAAAHHHH... ANNNDDDEERRRSSSOONNN!

Anderson walks towards Jarrett, still down, and stands over the man he defeated.


The loudmouth lets go of his trademark microphone which ascends back up to the ceiling and gives Jarrett a tongue-in-cheek wave goodbye before leaving the ring. Anderson slowly walks up the ramp, still feeling the effects of his match, but when he is on the stage he turns around once more and laughs at the sight of Jarrett barely sitting up and holding his head before leaving.

Mike Tenay: Congratulations Mr. Anderson, you just cheated to win a match. I hope you’re proud of yourself!

Mick Foley: Knowing Anderson, Professor, he probably is proud of himself! He seemed like it in his post-match ‘celebration’, if you will.

Mike Tenay: Welcome to TNA Impact everybody, I’m Mike Tenay alongside Mick Foley and at the start of the show Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan not only announced a tournament to determine the #1 contender to AJ Styles’ TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice but also that after Sacrifice, Impact is moving back to Thursday nights!

Mick Foley: I for one am pleased that Impact is moving back to Thursdays, Mike, there’s no question that TNA is the #1 wrestling promotion in the world as far as wrestling and entertainment goes but moving back to Thursdays means that TNA can maximize its fan-base which unfortunately isn’t entirely possible at this time on Monday nights.

Mike Tenay: So that means on May 20th, Impact is back on Thursdays but concerning this #1 contender’s tournament which Mr. Anderson just defeated Jeff Jarrett to advance in, we’re being told that there will be one more match tonight in that tournament and then two more next week but we do not know who will be competing so you’ll have to stay with us to find out!


Back on Impact, “Driver Rock” blares out and Hamada walks out, to a lukewarm reception from the crowd. The Japanese star makes her way down the ramp, looking at the camera and simply holding up her fist before entering the ring. Then, “Broken” hits and the crowd liven up a bit more, cheering for Tara as she walks out. The former TNA Knockouts Champion walks down the ramp, high-fiving some fans and then stepping into the ring, looking to get right down to business.

Match Two
Hamada vs. Tara
Singles Match

The bell rings and Hamada and Tara lock up to begin this contest, Hamada quickly pulling away and wrenching Tara’s arm around. She keeps her in a wristlock until Tara pulls her into a standing headlock and Hamada quickly pushes her away into the ropes. Tara comes running back towards Hamada and she kicks the former TNA Knockouts Champion in the mid-section, then taking her by the head and head-butting Tara a few times. Hamada rebounds off the ropes with Tara slightly bending over and hits her with a Bulldog, driving Tara’s face into the mat, before turning her over onto her back and covering. One! Tara gets the shoulder up. Hamada gets back up and gets Tara to her feet, Irish whipping her into the ropes. Hamada backs into the opposite corner before running across the ring, turning around and performing two backwards handstands before going for an elbow but Tara moves out of the way. With Hamada now in the corner, Tara stomps away at the Japanese star until she is seated in the corner and Tara backs away, much like Hamada did moments before, but Tara is successful as she hits Hamada with a hesitation dropkick!

Tara then drags Hamada back into the middle of the ring by her legs and covers her, One! Two! Hamada kicks out. Tara turns her over onto her stomach and lifts her right arm up, putting her other hand onto Hamada’s head and driving her knee into Hamada’s spine, pulling back on her arm to intensify the pressure applied with this hold. The Japanese star writhes in pain and with her free arm she tries to reach for the ropes but it isn’t possible so she takes a different route to escape from the hold, sweeping Tara’s legs away which leaves her on her back and Hamada free from the hold. Hamada tries to jump onto Tara but she moves out of the way as both get back to their feet. Hamada runs towards Tara but she lifts Hamada up before hitting her with a Scoop Slam. Tara then turns around and hits Hamada with a Standing Moonsault before covering her: One! Two! Hamada gets the shoulder up!

The conclusion to this Knockouts contest comes when Hamada has Tara’s head in between her legs and she lifts her up in position for a Powerbomb. However, Tara begins to fight back and hits Hamada with blows to the head until Hamada lets go of her and Tara lands on her feet when she falls to the mat. Tara immediately kicks Hamada in the mid-section and well and truly turns the tables on her opponent, putting Hamada’s head in between her legs and lifting her up. Tara takes her arms and lets the rest of Hamada’s body fall behind her back, before hitting Hamada with the Widow’s Peak! Tara then makes the cover: One! Two! Three!

Tara def. Hamada at 5:39

“Broken” blares out and Tara gets to her feet, having her hand raised by the referee to cheers from the crowd. Immediately after, she calls for a microphone and SoCal Val gives her one.

Tara: Daffney! You may have beaten Angelina for my TNA Knockouts Championship last night at Lockdown, but if you wanna keep that title, then you’re gonna have to beat me! Because, Daffney, I’m invoking my re-match clause at Sacrifice and I’m gonna take back the title I didn’t lose!

Tara drops the microphone and leaves as her music plays again, storming up the ramp and not looking in a good mood despite winning her match and announcing her re-match for the TNA Knockouts Championship at Sacrifice.

Mike Tenay: It appears that Tara’s fortunes have quickly turned around after losing her TNA Knockouts Championship without even being pinned last night at Lockdown, as she has defeated Hamada tonight and told Daffney she is invoking her re-match clause on May 16th at Sacrifice.

Mick Foley: Daffney has yet to prove she can defeat Tara one-on-one, Mike, and if she can’t then she can kiss that TNA Knockouts Championship goodbye in Daytona Beach at Sacrifice.

Backstage, Eric Young and Matt Morgan are stood in a corridor, talking to each other.

Matt Morgan: Are you gonna tell me why I’m here, Eric?

Young slowly nods his head, almost unwillingly, before speaking.

Eric Young: Matt, I know you haven’t been with us for long, but... I’m done with the World Elite.

Matt Morgan: Done? What do you mean, done?

Eric Young: Look, it’s time I moved on, Matt, the World Elite has nothing more to offer me and Kevin convinced me to do this last night, he’s got something he won a few months ago that’s gonna come in handy and I’m gonna be a part of it, starting next week. So, I’m putting you in charge.

Morgan thinks about it for a few seconds before smirking.

Matt Morgan: I’m in charge, huh? (Laughs) I’m gonna have some fun with that. Thanks, Eric!

Not caring about Young, Morgan brushes shoulders with him and walks away as Eric stares blankly into the air, perhaps reflecting on his time with the World Elite.


Back on Impact, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are in their office when Jeff Jarrett walks in, still holding his head after being hit by Mr. Anderson’s brass knuckles at the end of their match earlier tonight.

Hulk Hogan: What can we do for you, Jeff?

Jeff Jarrett: You saw what happened out there, Hulk, I was screwed by Mr. Anderson! I’ll be damned if he wins this tournament and gets that title shot because damnit, that’s not the way you do it.

Hogan nods his head in agreement with Jarrett, but before he can speak, Bischoff does.

Eric Bischoff: Well what do you expect us to do about it, Jeff? Talking to us because you’re pissed off that Anderson cheated will only get you so far, we may be in charge but in my book, you should be taking care of your problems on your own, so how about you do something about it?

Surprisingly, Jarrett takes this advice well, smirking before walking back towards the door.

Jeff Jarrett: You never disappoint.

Jarrett laughs to himself before walking out of the door, as Hogan looks on in a confused way but Bischoff is smiling too. We then cut back to the announce table with Mike Tenay and Mick Foley.

Mick Foley: Well that was certainly an interesting exchange.

Mike Tenay: You’ve got that one right, Mick, a conflict of interest between Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan there with Hogan sympathizing with Jeff Jarrett but Bischoff telling Jarrett to do something about it if he has a problem with Mr. Anderson.

Then, “Wings Of A Fallen Angel” hits to heat from the crowd and Christopher Daniels walks out, looking irate and if you saw Lockdown then it’s obvious why. Tightly holding his TNA X Division Championship belt which is only partly his now, Daniels storms down the ramp as we see highlights of what happened last night at Lockdown in the XScape Match.

~ XScape Match: Daniels & Kazarian ~
It is another long wait for the final two competitors in this match to get up, and the fans are rooting for both Daniels and Kazarian, some chanting ‘Let’s Go, Kaz!’ at the top of their lungs but some chanting ‘Fallen Angel!’ with the same enthusiasm. Daniels and Kazarian get up, but instead of continuing to fight, they both begin to climb the Cage on opposite sides of the ring! It is now effectively a race to see who escapes the Cage and hits the floor first, and it could go either way as Daniels and Kazarian both reach the top of the Cage at more or less the same time, beginning to climb down as the anticipation rises to see who will win and walk out as TNA X Division Champion at the same time, and both Daniels and Kazarian’s feet hit the floor... at the same time!
Winner: Draw at 16:01

There is an aura of confusion in the Dallas Convention Center as Daniels and Kazarian both sink to the floor, battered and exhausted, and now all eyes are on the ring announcer David Penzer to make the official announcement regarding the outcome of this match.

David Penzer: Ladies and gentlemen, the result of this match... is a DRAW!

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

David Penzer: And I have been informed that as a result of this... in the interest of fairness, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian... are the CO-TNA X DIVISION CHAMPIONS!!

Another mixed reaction, and Christopher Daniels is shocked and livid that he has to share his TNA X Division Championship with Kazarian. Daniels immediately gets up and takes the title from the announce table, then running away with the belt clutched to his chest as Kazarian gets to his feet and runs around the ring, sprinting up the ramp as fast as he can in pursuit of the other co-X Division Champion.


When we are back in the Impact Zone, Daniels is now in the ring with a microphone.

Christopher Daniels: You can probably tell that I’m not in a good mood, and it’s because of what you all just saw! I dare each and every one of you to tell me that was fair, because it wasn’t!

Heat for Daniels.

Christopher Daniels: I’m going to say this nice and clearly, and slowly, so that even all of you can understand... I should still be the sole TNA X Division Champion!

More heat.

Christopher Daniels: But as much of a travesty of justice as it is that I have to share this title which was made for me with a nobody like Kazarian, I should have seen this coming. Since day one, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have had a vendetta against the Fallen Angel, they’ve put me in matches where I was bound to lose but being the superior star that I am to the rest of TNA, I survived. And when I overcame those odds again last night, what did they do? What did they do?! They screwed me out of the title.

Daniels frantically paces around the ring, trying to shake off his frustrations.

Christopher Daniels: So I’m telling the world right now that if I’m not declared as the sole X Division Champion by next Monday night... then tonight will be the last time you see Christopher Daniels in a TNA ring. And that’s the gospel.

Mixed reaction from the crowd, as Daniels drops the microphone and title. “LethalX” blares out to a pop from the crowd. Jay Lethal, no longer wearing the Macho Man-esque attire or coming out to the music, walks out in some basic orange and white shorts, jogging down the ramp and high-fiving some fans before entering the ring. Lethal climbs to the second rope and pumps his fists up and down in the air before jumping back down and standing opposite Daniels.

Match Three
Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Lethal
Singles Match

The bell rings and instead of locking up, Christopher Daniels runs directly towards Jay Lethal but Lethal kicks Daniels in the mid-section and immediately begins to build up offence, hitting him with some right hands before running off the ropes behind him but Daniels takes him down with an arm drag. Lethal cautiously gets back up and he and Daniels come a standstill before they finally lock up and Lethal forces his opponent into the corner. The referee Dave Hebner instructs Jay to let go and he reluctantly does but then Daniels runs at him, looking to capitalize, but Lethal is one step ahead of ‘The Fallen Angel’ and he hits him with a back body drop before covering him for the first time. One! Daniels kicks out. Lethal gets back up and gets Daniels to his feet, wrenching his right arm and jumping onto the ropes, springboarding off of them and looking to execute an arm drag but Daniels stays on his feet. He then steps over Lethal’s arm and falls back, locking him in an armbar but after a few moments Jay manages to make it to the ropes and Daniels is forced to let go of his arm.

Daniels and Lethal get back up and Jay runs at Christopher but out of no where Daniels lifts Lethal up onto his shoulders and falls back, hitting Lethal with a Samoan Drop! Daniels quickly hooks Jay’s legs and covers him, One! Two! Lethal gets the shoulder up. Daniels gets back up and quickly gets Jay back to his feet to Irish whip him into the corner. Daniels then runs towards him, but Lethal quickly jumps over the ropes onto the ring apron. Daniels turns to face him but Jay sends him back-pedalling with a right hand and he then jumps onto the ropes, flying off of them and hitting Daniels with a Springboard Missile Dropkick! Lethal makes the cover: One! Two! Daniels kicks out! Lethal takes a few moments to rest before getting back to his feet and he waits for ‘The Fallen Angel’ to get up. When Daniels gets up, Lethal goes for a Superkick... but Daniels ducks it, lifts Lethal onto his shoulders, and connects with a Death Valley Driver!

This X Division contest comes to an end when Jay Lethal is standing on the ring apron, waiting for Christopher Daniels to get up after enjoying a spell of dominance against the co-X Division Champion. Daniels slowly gets up, and Lethal jumps onto the ropes, springboarding off of them, and going for a Seated Senton, but Daniels reverses it into a Sit-Out Powerbomb! Daniels then struggles to his feet and walks towards the corner of the ring, jumping to the second rope and then jumping to the top rope, nailing Lethal with the Best Moonsault Ever! Daniels falls backwards onto his back upon impact but soon recovers and hooks Jay’s legs, making the cover as this must surely be the end of the match now: One! Two! Three!

Christopher Daniels def. Jay Lethal at 7:24

“Wings Of A Fallen Angel” hits and Christopher Daniels gets up, ignoring the referee Mike Posey who tries to raise his hand as Daniels immediately calls for his TNA X Division Championship belt. ‘The Fallen Angel’ takes his title and holds it up, mouthing ‘That’s why I’m the X Division Champion’ but as Daniels turns his back to the entranceway, Kazarian comes out and runs to the ring! The co-Champion enters the squared circle and turns Daniels around, hitting him with the Wave Of The Future! Kazarian then picks up the title and leaves the ring with it as “Kaz” blares out and he jogs up the ramp with the belt in his possessions.

Mike Tenay: Kazarian just took the TNA X Division Championship from Christopher Daniels!

Mick Foley: I have a feeling this is going to be happening until we finally decide a sole X Division Champion, Mike, it’s like pass the parcel!

Mike Tenay: Both Daniels and Kazarian are co-Champions and ‘The Fallen Angel’ had the title since last night when they were declared as co-Champions but now Kazarian has taken the belt.

Mick Foley: Somebody’s gonna have to resolve this, Mike.


Kurt Angle: Sometimes, you have to put it all on the line.

Angle hitting a Moonsault.

Mr. Anderson:
You have to put yourself in jeopardy.

Anderson hitting the Mic Check.

Sting: You have to take drastic measures.

Sting locking in the Scorpion Death Lock.

AJ Styles: You have to go down roads where there is no going back.

Styles holding the TNA World Heavyweight Championship up.

Rob Van Dam: You have to do things you never thought you’d consider doing.

RVD hitting the Five Star Frog Splash.

Jeff Hardy: You have to prepare ... to make the ultimate Sacrifice.




Back on Impact, Christy Hemme is standing with the former TNA World Tag Team Champions, Beer Money, who do not look happy after losing their titles last night.

Christy Hemme: I’m standing here with Beer Money, who are now the former TNA World Tag Team-

Roode snatches the microphone out of Christy’s hands before she can finish, and she looks at him in an apalled manner.

Robert Roode: Save your breath, Christy. Last night... was the darkest night that TNA has ever seen. Beer Money, the greatest tag team not only in this company but in professional wrestling which we have proven time and time again, were robbed by the Motor Ciy Machine Guns.

Pop at the mention of the ‘Machine Guns.

Robert Roode:
Chris Sabin took a beer bottle and smashed it over James’ head, do you know how serious that is, Christy? What kind of a sick, heartless person would do something like that?

The camera momentarily focuses on Storm’s wound on his upper wound which has been stitched up.

Christy Hemme: Err, James did the same thing to Chris a few weeks ago, you felt sympathy for-

James Storm: Shut your damn mouth! The fact of the matter is, we were screwed out of our titles last night and we are a trusted source before it was us who were the victims so I sure as hell am not gonna listen to a dumb blonde like you tell us what happened!

Hemme looks at the camera in a confused manner, pointing at her and not knowing why Storm called her a “blonde”.

James Storm: We’re taking back our TNA World Tag Team Championships at Sacrifice, so if you’re thinking of fighting the ‘Machine Guns’ battles again then sorry about your damn luck, lady, because they won’t have any excuses!

Roode and Storm both glare at the camera before walking away, as Christy looks very offended by Storm’s words.

The camera then cuts back into the Impact Zone and “5150” blares out to a lukewarm reception from the crowd. Homicide walks out wearing two bandanas, a blue one covering the top half of his face and a black one with a skull on it covering the bottom half, only his eyes visible. Homicide slaps his chest and shouts ‘Olele!’ as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring. Then, “Te Gusta O No!” hits and Hernandez jogs through the curtain, getting a pop from the crowd. Hernandez punches the air every time his pyro goes off before walking down the ramp, high-fiving some fans and entering the ring.

Match Four
Hernandez vs. Homicide
Singles Match

The bell rings and a defiant Homicide slaps his chest, shouting ‘Olele!’ before confidently walking into the lock-up with Hernandez. But, almost straight away he is over-powered by his former tag team partner, pushing Homicide into the corner of the ring. Homicide looks to be caught off guard and he cautiously gets back up before running at Hernandez and kicking him in the mid-section which has little effect, then hitting ‘Super Mex’ with right hands before taking a few steps back and then charging at him again, going for a Cross Body. However, Hernandez catches Homicide and then throws him up onto the back of his shoulders but Homicide slips off and hits Hernandez with a dropkick to the back of the legs. That manages to bring Hernandez down to his knees and Homicide stands in front of him, running off the ropes but Hernandez grabs him by the throat and gets him back up, throwing him into the corner of the ring. Hernandez then runs towards him but Homicide moves out of the way and acts as if he has won the match, jumping up and down and pounding his fists against his chest.

Hernandez doesn’t make contact with the turnbuckles though and as he turns around Homicide runs towards him but Hernandez lifts Homicide up in a Military Press position before unceremoniously dropping him on his stomach down to the mat. The crowd cheer and chant ‘Super Mex!’ as Hernandez gets Homicide back up and gets him in a front facelock, lifting him up into the air. Hernandez keeps Homicide upside down in the air for several seconds before finally nailing Homicide with a Brainbuster! Hernandez then covers his former tag team partner: One! Two! Homicide gets the shoulder up. Hernandez looks surprised that Homicide kicked out and he gets to his feet, waiting in the corner for Homicide to get up. When he does, Hernandez runs at him and goes for the Mexican Boulder Shoulder but Homicide dodges it as Hernandez barely manages to stay on his feet and Homicide subsequently sends the big man into the corner of the ring with a dropkick to the back. Homicide gets back up and walks towards Hernandez, climbing onto the second rope and hitting him with blows to the head as the crowd count along. Before the tenth one, Homicide poses for the crowd but that almost costs him as Hernandez ducks under his legs and lifts him up by his arms in position for the Border Toss... but Homicide slips out of his grasps.

The ending to this match comes when Hernandez is still in control of the match and he gets Homicide to his feet, Irish whipping him into the ropes and going for a Clothesline but Homicide ducks it and then tries to lift Hernandez up for a Back Suplex but can’t lift him. Hernandez sends him back-pedalling with an elbow to the head and he turns around, getting Homicide in position before nailing him with the Mexplex (Exploder Suplex)! Hernandez gets back up and gets fired up, jumping up and down and stamping his feet on the ground whilst in the corner waiting for Homicide to get up. Homicide gets back up, and Hernandez runs out of the corner, flying through the air and sending Homicide to the other side of the ring with the Mexican Boulder Shoulder (Flying Shoulder Tackle)! Hernandez then makes the cover: One! Two! Three!

Hernandez def. Homicide at 5:41

“Te Gusta O No!” blares out and the crowd cheer as Hernandez gets up and has his hand raised in victory by the referee. Hernandez looks down emotionlessly at his former tag team partner Homicide before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp but when he is on the stage, Matt Morgan and the rest of the World Elite walk out. Morgan ignores his rival and leads the rest of the group down the ramp towards the ring, as they join their compatriot Homicide and Morgan stands outside the ring whilst The British Invasion help Homicide up. They all stand in the ring together with Homicide, but then the World Elite start attacking their own member, Homicide! The crowd boo as they bring Homicide down and stomp away at him like a pack of wolves and Morgan enters the ring, watching in the corner of the ring with a grin on his face, but Hernandez runs down the ramp and takes a Steel Chair from ringside, entering the ring and hitting both Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams over their skulls with the Chair!

The crowd cheer and Morgan leaves the ring, avoiding his former partner, as Hernandez hits Sheik Abdul Bashir with the Chair, knocking Bashir out cold! Now it’s only Kiyoshi and Okada left in the ring, and they run at Hernandez but Hernandez drops the Chair and throws Okada over the ropes and out of the ring before lifting Kiyoshi up in a Military Press position and throwing him onto Matt Morgan outside the ring! Morgan looks at Kiyoshi who is in his hands and quickly drops him before running away, walking up the steps onto the ramp and walking away, looking at Hernandez in the ring. “Te Gusta O No!” hits again and Hernandez helps Homicide up, embracing with his former tag team partner as Morgan looks on in sheer disgust.

Mike Tenay: Well you can cross Homicide off the World Elite list as it appears he has been kicked out of the group but before he could be beaten out of the group, Hernandez made the save for his former tag team partner and Matt Morgan wants nothing to do with ‘Super Mex’!

Mick Foley: Could this mean a Latin American Exchange reunion, Professor?

Mike Tenay: Never say never, Mick! Still to come tonight, the #1 Contender’s Tournament continues as ‘The Whole F’n Show’ Rob Van Dam squares off against ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ Samoa Joe in our main event!


~ Post-Lockdown Interview: The Motor City Machine Guns
Jeremy Borash is with the new TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns.

Jeremy Borash:
This is ‘JB’ Jeremy Borash, I’m here with your new TNA World Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns who earlier tonight defeated Beer Money in a Steel Cage Match to finally win the titles.

Chris Sabin: Hearing you say we’re the new Champions, that’s music to my ears, JB, we are finally the TNA World Tag Team Champions. These titles have alluded us for three years, we’ve won tag team titles in Japan, we’ve revolutionized tag team wrestling but this is what really matters to us, these titles are the top of the mountain for all tag teams in professional wrestling.

Sabin holds up his title and points to it, as Borash points the microphone to Shelley.

Alex Shelley: Beer Money, you don’t like us and we don’t like you, especially you, James, after you smashed a beer bottle over Chris’ head a few weeks ago, but in spite of that you put up a good fight tonight, but tonight we proved to you, and to the entire world, that when the rise of the ‘Machine Guns begins, there’s no stopping us.

Chris Sabin: James, it felt damn good to give you a taste of your own medicine and smash your own beer bottle over your head, and we heard you two are invoking your re-match clauses at Sacrifice, go ahead, take your best shot because now that me and Alex have got what we’ve been craving for three years, these titles aren’t going anywhere.

Alex Shelley: And James, you’d better bring a six-pack to Sacrifice because it’s gonna be a night to forget for Beer Money.

Jeremy Borash: There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the new TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns.

Sabin and Shelley hoist their titles over their shoulders before leaving.


Back on Impact, “Catholifunk” hits to a big pop from the crowd and the TNA Global Champion ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero walks out. Wearing shades, a white jacket with a black shirt under it and white pants, the slick-looking Dinero walks down the ramp with his title over his shoulder, outstretching his arms as money falls from the ceiling before entering the ring. Dinero takes a microphone and waits to speak as the crowd continue to cheer him.

D’Angelo Dinero:
There are four words to sum up this moment... POPE – IS – STILL – PIMPIN’!

Cheers for Dinero.

D’Angelo Dinero:
That’s right. Last night, Pope faced the biggest challenge of his career, against ‘The Monster’ Abyss and no matter how big the Congregation is, Pope still heard the doubters and the non-believers, they said that there was no way that Pope could tame the beast but that is exactly what he did.

More cheers.

D’Angelo Dinero: And when Pope climbed out of that fifteen-feet high Steel Cage and made it to the floor, he looked at the thousands of fans in St. Louis and he saw them all on their feet cheering for Pope and there were no doubters or non-believers in sight. And Pope knows for sure that there aren’t any in the Impact Zone tonight!

Cheap pop for ‘The Pope’.

D’Angelo Dinero: Pope hopes that everybody stood up and took notice last night because Pope proved beyond a shadow of a doubt... that he is the name of the game, daddy, and Pope ain’t just wearin’ this custom-made suit ‘cause he got it for his birthday, Pope earned this bling and the biggest bling of all is this TNA Global Championship!

Dinero holds up his title which gets a pop from the crowd before placing it back over his shoulder.

D’Angelo Dinero:
So if anybody thinks they can stop this charismatic, pimptacular, hand clappin’, foot tappin’, pimp slappin’, blingin’ attire, always on fire Pope that is D’Angelo Dinero... (Catches breath) then how about-

Dinero is cut off when “Stampede” hits and Rhino walks out with a microphone. Dinero looks surprised to see ‘The War Machine’, as he has already beaten him in the past, but Rhino looks deadly serious.

Rhino: Dinero, I have had enough of your crap!

Instant heat for Rhino.

D’Angelo Dinero: Yeah, and Pope’s had enough of just seeing you! Rhino, Pope’s given you (holds up two fingers) two title shots over the past month and you blew both of them! So how about you turn your chunky ass around and head on back to the mud pool with your own kind ‘cause Pope wants to see somebody he cares about.

Cheers for Dinero, but Rhino is not impressed.

Rhino: That’s what you’re all about, aren’t you, Dinero? You’re always trying to impress these idiots with your pathetic speeches, giving yourself nicknames, thinking you’re Martin Luther King, well let me tell you something, I would have GORED Martin Luther King in half!

Heat for Rhino.

D’Angelo Dinero: Well, Rhino, Martin Luther King had a dream, and you have a dream of being able to clean Pope’s shoes, but not even that’s gonna come true, let alone getting another title shot!

Rhino: You think you’re a real Champ, Dinero? Huh?

Dinero looks at his title before speaking.

D’Angelo Dinero: As long as Pope’s got this Global Championship, then that’s right.

Rhino: Well if you think you’re a real Champion then how about you put that title on the line against me at Sacrifice in a match that you can’t beat me at... let’s say... a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Surprisingly, the crowd cheer, as they would like to see that match.

D’Angelo Dinero: Rhino, anybody can challenge Pope to a match, a hobo can, a newborn baby can, any kind of animal can but the difference is, Pope hasn’t beaten any of those things so it looks like you’re gonna have to get back in line, boy.

Rhino: You saying that lets me know that you’re a smart man, Dinero, because obviously you’ve seen what I can do when anything is legal. I made people bleed and suffer so I could feed my own family back in ECW and I’ll do the exact same thing to you because where I made a name for myself, every single guy on the roster was ten times tougher than a primadonna pretty boy like you.

Heat for Rhino, and Dinero laughs at his remarks.

D’Angelo Dinero: ‘Primadonna pretty boy’, huh? Pope’s impressed, Rhino. Well Pope certainly ain’t a primadonna and as far as being a pretty boy goes, Pope is certainly more handsome than you.

Rhino: THIS ISN’T ABOUT THAT, DINERO! THIS IS ABOUT ME KICKING YOUR ASS, AND THAT TNA GLOBAL TITLE! (Pauses) Are you gonna give me a match... or am I just too damn tough for you?

Dinero thinks about it for a few moments before answering Rhino.

D’Angelo Dinero: You want a title shot? Make Pope a believer.

Dinero then drops the microphone as his expression becomes serious and “Catholifunk” blares out. Dinero and Rhino lock eyes and have a long-distance staredown from the ring to the stage as Rhino now needs to prove to ‘The Pope’ that he warrants a title shot at Sacrifice.

Mike Tenay: Rhino asked for another title shot at Sacrifice, this time in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and the TNA Global Champion ‘The Pope’ D’Angelo Dinero simply said: Make me a believer to ‘The War Machine.

Mick Foley: Rhino does make a valid point, Professor, a true Champion should be able to defend his title in all kinds of matches and a Falls Count Anywhere would really but Dinero to the test but he has proven time and time again that he thrives under pressure.

Mike Tenay: Speaking of pressure, Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe are going to be under just that when they square off in the second #1 Contender’s Tournament Quarter Final of the night, coming up next! Only one can go through!


~ Exclusive Post-Lockdown Interview: Kurt Angle ~
Angle is sat in the doctor’s room with a towel on his head, still exhausted after the Lethal Lockdown Match against Team Flair and talking to Christy Hemme.

Christy Hemme:
I’m standing here with ‘The Olympic Gold Medallist’ Kurt Angle, who earlier tonight led his team to victory against Team Flair in Lethal Lockdown. How do you feel?

Kurt Angle: Tonight was a good night... Me and my team finally shut Ric Flair up and the four months that he’s been getting in my business time and time again and the four months that I’ve had to withstand his mindgames has paid off. I have to admit, Ric picked a good team but my team had a lot of experience, more than Flair’s did, and it was pretty close but in the end we came out on top and Clotheslining Flair down after the match was, uh, a pretty good way to leave.

Christy Hemme: What does the future hold now for Kurt Angle?

Angle thinks about the question for a few moments before answering.

Kurt Angle:
Well now that Flair’s out of the way then I guess I’m gonna pick up where I left off, and that’s going for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. AJ, you had a great match with Jeff tonight and to be honest, you deserve a break but I’m coming full-speed ahead for your title. Oh, it’s real... it’s damn real!



Back on Impact, Jeff Hardy is in his locker room watching a TV monitor when the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles walks in. Get ready for some charisma!

AJ Styles:
Hey man, great match we had last night, huh?

Jeff Hardy: Yeah, we tore the house down. But man, I was so close, all I had to do was climb out of the Cage and I’d win the title but instead, I blew it.

AJ Styles: But hey, you’re in the tournament so maybe you’ll get another shot at Sacrifice?

Jeff Hardy: I sure hope so.

Styles smirks and then leaves the room.

The camera then cuts into the Impact Zone and “Whole F’n Show” blares out as Rob Van Dam walks through the curtain to a big pop from the crowd. Van Dam raises his hands in the air as his pyro goes off before walking down the ramp, high-fiving some fans and entering the ring. Then, “Nation Of Violence” hits to a mixed reaction and Samoa Joe walks out with his trademark white towel over his shoulders, immediately descending down the ramp and entering the ring, ignoring the fans.

Match Five
Rob Van Dam vs. Samoa Joe
#1 Contender’s Tournament

The bell rings for this main event match to get underway and Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe cautiously circle each other around the ring before locking up. Joe quickly gets behind Van Dam, wrapping his hands around his waist and Rob tries to force him away with some elbows but they are all ducked and Joe then drops down to his knees, taking RVD’s legs and flooring him. Joe then jumps onto Van Dam and tries to apply a headlock but Rob frantically crawls to the ropes and the two competitors get back to their feet. With RVD standing in the corner, Joe runs towards him but Van Dam ducks and Joe falls into the corner. Rob then attacks Joe with forearms to the head and kicks to the mid-section before handspringing backwards and running towards his opponent again. Van Dam jumps onto Joe and tries to go for a Monkey Flip but instead Joe dumps him on the ring apron. Rob manages to land on his feet and when Joe walks towards him he leans through the ropes and drives his shoulder into Joe’s mid-section which sends him back-pedalling into the middle of the ring. Van Dam then climbs to the top rope but before he can do anything Joe recovers and runs towards the corner, hitting RVD with a blow to the head.

Van Dam loses his balance and falls down to a seated position on the top rope, and Joe tries to lift him up in position for a Muscle Buster but Rob fights him off with some right hands and he then goes for a Flying Thrust Kick from the top rope but Joe catches his leg and takes him down with a Dragon Screw. Still holding onto his leg, ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ tries to turn RVD over onto his stomach but Van Dam kicks Joe away with his free leg until he lets go and Rob then gets to his feet. Joe goes for a kick but Van Dam catches his leg and hits Joe with a Step-Over Spinning Heel Kick which takes Joe down and RVD then makes the cover: One! Two! Joe kicks out. Van Dam gets back up and looks around the Impact Zone before performing his signature thumb taunt and running off the ropes. RVD rolls across the mat, but before he can hit the Rolling Thunder, Joe is back up and he grabs Van Dam, throwing him across the ring with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!

Joe then crawls towards RVD and hooks his legs, covering him. One! Two! Van Dam gets the shoulder up. Joe gets back to his feet and stands behind Rob who is still down, eagerly waiting for him to get up. When RVD is up, Joe wraps his hands around Van Dam’s neck and tries to pull him down to the mat for the Coquina Clutch... but Van Dam fights out of it with a couple of back elbows. RVD turns around and when Joe recovers and runs at him, Van Dam hits him with a Spinning Crescent Kick! Rob performs his thumb taunt and runs off the ropes, and this time Van Dam connects with the Rolling Thunder! RVD makes the cover: One! Two! Joe gets the shoulder up! Van Dam sits up and shakes his head in disappointment, wondering what it will take to defeat Samoa Joe before struggling to his feet. When Joe gets back up, Rob runs off the ropes and charges towards him, but out of no where Joe nails RVD with a Tilt-a-whirl Argentine Backbreaker! Joe quickly covers: One! Two! RVD kicks out!

Joe slams his fists against the mat in frustration and gets Van Dam up, bombarding him with rights and lefts until RVD falls into the corner of the ring and Joe runs up and hits ‘The Whole F’n Show’ with a Forearm Smash before turning away and then jumps and twists in mid-air, hitting him with the CCS Enzuigiri! Joe gets back and a groggy Van Dam stumbles forward into a STJoe from ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ before he follows it up with a Samoan Elbow! After that flurry of offence, Joe covers again, One! Two! Van Dam gets the shoulder up! Joe cannot believe it and he sits up, looking at RVD with a look of disbelief on his face for several moments before getting up and cornering the referee Earl Hebner, shouting ‘That was three!’ before continuing his verbal tirade on Hebner until RVD struggles to his feet, still very groggy, and Van Dam hits Joe with a Spinning Crescent Kick to the back, causing Joe to fall forward and crush the referee in the corner!

RVD notices what happens and he initially has a look of concern on his face as Hebner sinks down to the mat but he can’t worry for too long because Joe turns around and goes for a big boot but Van Dam ducks it and then jumps up, knocking Joe down with a Thrust Kick to the sternum! RVD then slowly climbs to the top rope, but before he can go for the Five-Star Frog Splash, Desmond Wolfe runs down the ramp with a Steel Chair and climbs onto the ring apron, slamming the Chair into Van Dam’s spine! Rob doesn’t fall off the top rope but he loses his balance and falls to a seated position on the turnbuckle just as Joe gets to his feet. Joe walks towards RVD and lifts him up in position, before hitting Van Dam with the Muscle Buster! Joe covers just as Hebner regains concsiousness and slowly makes the cover: One! Two! Three!

Samoa Joe def. Rob Van Dam at 9:16

“Nation Of Violence” hits and a smirking Samoa Joe slowly gets to his feet, having his hand raised by the groggy referee to heat from the crowd, who are livid that Rob Van Dam was screwed out of the match. The man who cost RVD the match, Desmond Wolfe, watches on from outside the ring with a grin on his face which speaks for itself as Joe walks around the ring with one hand raised in the air, then motioning around his waist that he will become TNA World Heavyweight Champion after winning this tournament to bring Impact to a close.

Mike Tenay: That’s certainly not the way I wanted to see Impact end! Desmond Wolfe cost Rob Van Dam the match and a potential opportunity to earn a shot at AJ Styles’ TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice!

Mick Foley: But now that Samoa Joe is through, Mike, I don’t know who will be able to stop him.

Mike Tenay: RVD almost did before Wolfe interfered!

Mick Foley: True, but I think that now Joe has had a wake-up call and ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ will be on top of his game.

Mike Tenay: Thanks for joining us everybody, and we’ll see you right here next Monday night for another edition of Impact where the #1 Contender’s Tournament will continue! So long!


Quick Results:
#1 Contender’s Tournament: Mr. Anderson def. Jarrett at 7:52
Tara def. Hamada at 5:39
Christopher Daniels def. Jay Lethal at 7:24
Hernandez def. Homicide at 5:41
#1 Contender’s Tournament: Samoa Joe def. Rob Van Dam at 9:16

Current Card for Sacrifice – May 16, 2010
TNA World Heavyweight Championship: AJ Styles © vs. ???
TNA World Tag Team Championships: The Motor City Machine Guns © vs. Beer Money, Inc.
TNA Knockouts Championship: Daffney © vs. Tara

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