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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Lockdown Feedback

First time reader, first time reviewer (as I'm sure you know). And I don't even watch TNA, so if I stay anything stupid, correct me please.

In the opening commentary, I noticed that Tenay said a line, then he said a line right after that (Foley didn't say anything between). In this second line in a row, he also referred to Mick Foley as Taz, which I think is a slipup. I don't know if I like the fact that they went over every single match on the card since it seems like they might've talked a bit too long.

It seemed like some of the sentences in the opening match were a bit long and dragged on, which can put a negative effect on the flow of the match. I think it would've been more realistic had Terry been in more control of the matchup than Young simply because he's such a big guy, and I was a bit surprised by the fact that Young was looking strong around almost every corner. Luckily, this was saved when Terry pretty much dominated the closing part of the match and came out looking strong in the end. Seven minutes for the opening match seems a bit short, especially since I always think that the second match should be shorter than the first so if you follow that, the next match will be pretty skimpy. In the end, the right person won, but had the match not been a cage match, Young could have gone over realistically with the help of World Elite.

I tend to refer to Mr. Anderson as Kennedy/Ken quite a bit, but I figure you would realize anyways. I really hope he goes over Sting, only because I'm all about pushing him to the moon.

A nice promo for Sacrifice, although it seemed to end kind of abruptly. But hey, at least it's promotion.

Is Beer Money receiving a mixed reaction because they're tweeners, because there are smarks in the crowd, or because they're from Dallas? I was hoping the machine guns would be used to blast some mother fuckers, but I guess not . The psychology at the very beginning was quite good due to the incident with the beer bottle. I was hoping for MCMG to flat out dominate for a minute without any kind of defense from Beer Money since it would've played out well due to Sabin's anger. The first pinning attempt nearly got a three count, which isn't realistic since for starters, it's the beginning of the matchup, and also, it was just a neckbreaker. I felt like there was a lack of cage escape attempts, and in the last match, too. The sentences didn't seem to drag on as much, but sometimes you did and would have a big chain of conjunctions, which again, affects flow. Also, I don't think 'cage' should be capitalized since it isn't important, unless you're referring to it as a Steel Cage Match. This is an interesting setup you've created now by leaving Sabin alone in the cage. He's going to come out looking extremely strong now, and if that's what you want, it's a great booking decision. I was hoping that Roode & Storm would have stayed together in the cage longer to show that they are taking advantage of the 2-on-1 situation, and to build Sabin up some more. Good choice to have it come down to these two. I was very surprised that the Cross Body didn't get the 3 count, and it leads me to believe that Beer Money will come out on top. I felt like there was too much energy for two guys who had been lasting in a Cage Match, and especially since Roode was so quick to pin after the Suplex which was right after the Cross Body. I also was surprised that Alex Shelley didn't try to stop Roode from throwing the beer bottle in the ring. The beer bottle was a perfect tough of irony and was an appropriate finish, even though I was pulling for Beer Money to retain and build them up (although I know nothing about them, but meh ;D). This match should have been the opener and Terry/Young should have been in its place as the second match.

So I'm guessing Flair is heel. He's so easy to put over as a face (in my humble opinion) so it's nice to see him as a heel (although he probably is in TNA irl and I'm just out of the loop). "wankers" ... well, at least this ain't no WWE PG crap.

Tara ftw. I think it's been established that Daffney is the dominant woman and the one that everyone fears, which is kind of nice since Tara always had to play a similar role in WWE, but at least she's away from that (from what I can tell). One thing I noticed in this match is that Daffney seemed to be the most involved ... the action focused around her more than anyone else, which could be a sign that she is going to win. Daffney winning was the right choice since she looked strong in the match and was the main focal piont. We've had 2 title changes thus far, which leads me to believe that we won't see anymore.

I think you should provide crowd reactions whenever someone appears on backstage, or when someone comes into the set. I'm assuming Nash is a heel based on the promo, but I don't know because of the no crowd reactions when he arrived. Should be interesting to find out what's going on with Eric Young leaving World Elite, although I'm a bit surprised that he would just leave like that over one line Nash said - seems very unrealistic. Maybe have him flirt with the idea, but not actually do it.

No idea what an XScape Match is, but it sounds like the first person to escape wins the match. Oh, apparently not since we have a cover here. I think you can just leave a person's nickname as is (example, you don't need to put 'The Fallen Angel', just The Fallen Angel), but I won't criticize since it's entirely up to you. So it's quite apparent that everyone in the match is bitter towards Daniels and would love to see him lose the belt. It was a bit surprising that he wasn't eliminated first after everyone ganged up on him when he was stuck in the ropes. The fact that he somehow saved himself probably means he will retain, which is fine since Daniels is fucking awesome (from the little I've seen). No complaints about Moore going first, not a fan of him anyways. Surprised that Kendrick would roll Moore out of the ring. Moore should know to exit the ring himself because that's what you should do (like in an Elimination Chamber match, for example, when you're eliminated, you roll towards the door). Oh damn, Tower of Doom spot was wicked. Ah man I like Lethal. And I have no idea who Amazing Red is . I've noticed that your matches have a lot of counters. Idk, maybe it's just me, but it feels like pretty much everything is being countered. Wow, nobody covered Daniels after missing that Moonsault? That lucky bastard, furthers the case even more that he's gonna retain. Oh wow, Amazing Red with back to back eliminations, he's looking strong right now. My guess now is that it's gonna come down to Red/Daniels since you have the champ who's escaped everything, and the face who is looking mighty strong. Damn, Red got eliminated. Pretty much solidifes that Daniels is gonna win since it's the only feasable booking decision, imo. Unless Kazarian has been built like the fucking King recently. Was nice to see some people yelling "Fallen Angel!" since Daniels seems like someone who could attract the smarks. Seriously? A draw? What now? WHAT?! Co-champions?? Should the champion not retain the championship in that situation?! I sense some serious bullshit here, I hope to see Daniels being fucking livid on Impact since he's been screwed.

Sounds like Pope is a face (don't worry, I know that he's Elijah Burke). It seemed like a pretty good promo, but the promos have been fairly short thus far, aside from the Flair one, which was good in terms of length. Meh, at least you aren't beating around the bush on the promos and giving the matches some good time. I was hoping we would get to see more of this Young/Nash thing.

I think it would help if you didn't always use people's name (Abyss)/last name (Dinero). Now you don't use it every single time, but you do most of the time, and it gets a little bit repetitive at times. I was pretty surprised that Abyss didn't control more of the match. Dinero is going to look like Jesus when it's all over, especially if he can win. Just the fact that he got in his share of offense and defense to match that of Abyss surprises me. I think Dinero should have covered after the Express, regardless of what he thought. If you would rather have him go and take bigger risks, that's fine, but he doesn't come across as a risk-taker to me and doesn't seem to be built up that way. It was good to see some of those monster traits coming into play after the Superplex. I think you should try to build that up even more. Dinero going for the Elbow Drop from the top surprised me. I expected him to take advantage of the opportunity to try and exit the cage. Dinero kicked out of the Super Black Hole Slam? Oh damn, he has to win now or I will laugh. Would be awful if Abyss went over ... you've built Dinero up like someone from the holy land, no sense burying him now. The good part about the finish is that Dinero did it by escaping the cage, so Abyss doesn't lose a lot of credibility (although he's lost some, I'm afraid), and Dinero still picks up the win.

Still no Young/Nash stuff? That blows. Anderson's promo was meh. It seemed a little too forced (e.g. which will of course happen tonight ... didn't flow). His character isn't too difficult, but can be awkward if not done right, so work on that and have fun with him. The match is going at a good pace, which is nice to see. Try not to rush into anything with your matches - give them time to develop before going nuts with moves. I really hope Anderson goes over (which is very likely) since he needs it the most. Although Sting could win, Kennedy could get mad, then beat him up so bad that we never see him again. The match was quite good after Sting was busted open. I was afraid that you were going to have him still be like Superman, but Anderson controlled things and gained the momentum, which was really nice. Not really sure why he yelled "Why won't you kick out?", I think you meant "Why won't you stay down?". Idk, was a bit weird. I have a bad feeling that you didn't read the show over . I've noticed quite a few Superplexes tonight. I think it would have done more good had Sting tries to throw some punches out of desperation, but Kennedy quickly take him down with an impact move like an STO or something. Anderson being busted open is a bit questionable. If this feud has been built up really well and for some time now, it's acceptable - you'll have them both leave bloodied and battered and show that they went through hell or whatever, but if not, I don't know if it's really necessary. The match got exciting as it entered its final minutes. Sting used the Mic Check on Kennedy, then his own brass knuckles, which points to Sting possibly coming out on top (ah fuck). Sting not wanting the match to end? Sounds like he has a really big rivalry with Kennedy and a lot of remorse towards him. This is the perfect scenario for Sting to get his 'final revenge' and defeat Kennedy. Oh damn, that doesn't happen, Anderson still has something left in him. Finally he reverses the tables and uses the brass knucks/Mic Check, and gets the win. Sting should have won the match based on what was happening in the last few minutes, but in an overall booking sense, you went out on a limb and chose the right (and obvious) person. Announcing himself as the winner despite being bloodied and having taken a shot to the head with brass knuckles seems a bit meh.

So Hulk Hogan is GM/Comissioner/whatever? And Eric Bischoff is like an assistant or in the same kind of role? Interesting enough. From what I've seen from Beer Money tonight, I like them, and hopefully they get the titles back eventually.

I expect Angle to get the advantage over Wolfe for the majority of these opening minutes before someone from Team Flair enters the match. Angle didn't control as much as I wanted him to, or as much as he should have, for that matter. Now Rhino's arrived and Angle's going to look even worse due to the 2-on-1 situation. So it seems like there isn't much time between entrances, maybe 90 seconds or 2 minutes? There really isn't much of anything notable to comment on yet. So Flair just made a team but isn't actually competing? That seems a bit lame since, even though it's in a Cage, it still gives his team a 5-on-5 advantage. Meh, I guess it works out well since it makes the faces the underdogs in a sense. Matt Morgan is a unique guy to work with, and I look forward to seeing how you book him. lol'd @ 'Super Mex'. Joe's gonna kill you. ... ... just sayin'. So I'm guessing that this is just one fall to a finish, otherwise I would have expected to see some eliminations by now because you could reduce the amount of 'crampness' in the cage. Rob Van Dam is so easy to put over as a face so have fun with him. Whoa, what? The roof begins to come down? That confused me haha, is it like a piece in the roof that lowers to give the guys weapons or something? Clearly, this match has been made for ratings and ratinsg only (but from a BTB sense, can help progress storylines). I can't complain much about the action since it was appropriately exciting and fast-paced, and had a bit of hardcoreness (that a word? ah, who cares) to it. I'm surprised that we didn't see pinfalls happening, but I guess they would just be broken up anyways. The right team won with a fucking kick-ass finish (RVD <3). This was probably the best ending for the match since it put the faces over quite respectably. My only issue is that Flair was made to look like god awful dirt after the match, so it should be interesting to see what happens there.

So Styles defended his title against the X-Division Champion? That seems a bit odd and unbalanced. A fairly solid interview on Styles part, even though I'm not familiar with his mic-skills (but his in-ring skills are pretty crazy). I would have preferred for these interviews to be earlier on in the night. I think this also means that Kevin Nash is going to get involved with this match somehow. Face versus face is always fun to watch and a bit of a challenge, but definitely pays off in terms of entertainment. The slap to the face was a great way to start things out, and makes me think that Styles will lean to a heel role in this matchup. I think the first cover of the match was the first cover of the night where someone kicked out before the count of two . Do crowds actually chant "Let's go AJ!"? ... I guess "Let's go Styles!" just sounds better to me, but if they actually use AJ, then go with that if you want. The pace of the match was very quick, which was expected, but I was hoping to see how you would slow things down to give them a rest and maintain some stamina. Hopefully that will still come. You put "that was the first near fall of the match", then you had a near fall, and then on the proceeding near fall, you put "that was the first near fall of the match" ... although you specified it was for AJ, but you repeated yourself so it makes it seem kind of awkward. 'Creature of the Night' - I lol'd. It's good to see that AJ found an appropriate balance between high-flyer and technician, since that was needed in order for the match to be successful. I was hoping to see a crowd reaction after Hardy's hand didn't fall the third time. Earl Hebner has been mentioned twice now in a very short span. SCREWJOB?! The fact that Styles was able to hit a Hurricanrana from the top rope and land in a perfect position to cover him is phenomenal, but also pretty questionable. Just out of curiosity, are they not allowed to escape the cage to win? I don't know if I've seen an escape attempt yet. Oh damn, Hebner's invovled - counting pins, getting yelled at, and getting pulled in front of a collision. Poor guy. So they can escape the cage? There should have been a hell of a lot more attempts than this (if there has been any that I missed, but I haven't seen one thus far). lol @ Hardy for missing the Swanton. ownt. An appropriate finish since Hardy's risk-taking catches up to him like it always does. The end to the show left a bad taste in my mouth. I was hoping for Styles to drop him with another Styles Clash and turn heel, or Kevin Nash to do something. Maybe the Nash/Young promo could have waited to Impact then.

Overall, the show was good and had some positive moments to it. Like I mentioned before, quite a few of your sentences drag on and on with conjunction after conjunction, so work on fixing that. Also, I was hoping for the promos to be a bit longer than what they were, but the rest was good. The matches were a good length for recap, and try and incorporate some more crowd reactions into the matches if possible. Keep up the good work, this thread seems to be rolling along nicely.
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