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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Nice opening video. Like Mick Foley in the booth with Tenay personally hope it stays this way for a while

Rob Terry/Eric Young- Actually went longer than I thought it would. Terry getting the win is no surprise but like I said I thought he’d do it in like five minutes. Terry reminds me of Goldberg in the fact that his matches should be as short as possible…lol.

Liked the promo for Sacrifice a lot man.

Tag Team Title Matches next- I really wasn’t expecting the MCMG to win the straps here I thought Beer Money would retain and the MCMG would chase them a bit more. But you’ve built the Guns up enough in the past few months to bring about the title change.

Promo/Flair- Love this promo…Desmond Wolfe is a complete douche here. Love it. Desmond and Flair are gold together and I hate that in RL Wolfe has been tossed to the side. Great promo here

Knockouts- I dug Daffney winning the belt. She gives a whole new dimension to the knock out division. Dr. Stevie as her manager works cause I loved him when he managed Tara in the Fed.

Xscape- Strange finish. Insane X style match, but to have Kaz and Daniels co win? I hope on Impact they have a match to decide who is the sole X Division Champion cause I’m not really looking forward to a co-X Champion angle for too long.

Global- Pope is spot on as normal. Pope vs. Abyss was a fun match with the right finish. I hope you don’t have the Abyss hate everyone else seems to have on the IWC. I think Abyss is a great worker for what he is and hope you don’t bury him to far down the card.

Sting/Anderson- Epic man. Anderson winning continues the feud. I for one hope they take a PPV off and finish this feud at Slammiversary. That’s just me.

Hogan/Bischoff segment wasn’t needed…well I guess you need to have Hogan and Bischoff make an appearance…I guess.

Lethal Lockdown really had that War Games feel this time. Angle’s team winning works for me. RVD pinning Joe could set up a feud between the two men that could have some great matches.

AJ retaining over Hardy too was something that I liked. AJ continues his title reign which is good. I hope he is champ going into Slammiversary. If you do the King of the Mountain match, which I don’t care for…then I can see a new champion emerging.

All and all great PPV. The recapped Impacts kinda hurt the impact of the show truthfully but still I enjoyed it and can’t wait until the next impact.

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