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Re: The 2010 MOTYC Thread

NOAH - Kensuke Sasaki vs. Go Shiozaki

The Build:
This match has been building for nearly 5 years. 5 years previous to this, a young Go Shiozaki was teaming with his mentor, Kenta Kobashi, against the man seen as his mentor's equal in Kensuke Sasaki along with his protege, Katsuhiko Nakajima. Shiozaki and Nakajima were the weak links in their team but they fought harder than ever and both had the match of their career in that very tag. However, that night, Shiozaki fell to Kensuke Sasaki and Kensuke finally gained a small amount of revenge against Kobashi after his lost to him at the dome.....what was Kensuke victory lead to a young man's career who now seemed to have that one big goal, beat Kensuke. The wars between Burning and Kensuke Office would still rage and Shiozaki finally made his mark several years later.

Fast forward to 2008, Go Shiozaki is coming back full time to Pro-wrestling NOAH after a year tour in North America and his opponent is none other than GHC Champion, Kensuke Sasaki. Year, 2 years, or 3 years, nobody would even process in their minds that Go would even last 5 minutes against Kensuke Sasaki let alone if he was champion. Shiozaki not only lasted but he had Sasaki in jeopardy with one of own maneuvers. The scorecard said that Kensuke won by points but the impression was that night was that Shiozaki had Kensuke beat. Surely this would not be the last each man had seen of each other.

Fast Forward to near mid 2009,Go Shiozaki is now The Man of NOAH and with his fellow Burning peer, KENTA, are the top GHC heavyweight champions of NOAH. They, however, face the unit that none of the Burning combination have been able to beat in Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima. A hard fought battle but Go finally put the streak to a end by being apart o the first NOAH team to beat KO. Shiozaki secured the win for his team against that same youngster he stared at from across the ring in 2005, Nakajima. Nakajima, who many felt was at a higher level than Shiozaki for years, was now looking at a man that was now the Gem of Pro-Wrestling NOAH. Nakajima didn't take the loss lightly and disrespected Shiozaki after the match. He isn't about to be under a wrestler who he didn't only believe could beat Kensuke but a man who he believed couldn't even lace his own boots.

As much as it would be such a story for Nakajima to beat Shiozaki, Shiozaki took away the young man's dream. Shiozaki had now put his past behind him and he now proved that his young rival were not his equal anymore. Shiozaki had put away most of his haunted past as he finally went over Morishima, beat KENTA, and even held his own in a toe for toe battle against Kobashi. Now all he had to do for his career was defeat the man that gave him his defining moment as well as lost in his career and that man he needed to beat was Kensuke Sasaki.

2010 and the match is finally signed. Kensuke Sasaki vs. Go Shiozaki. Shiozaki is now seen as one of the aces of Pro-Wrestling NOAH and is fresh off of revenging his loss against New Japan Pro-Wrestling's ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi. If there is anytime Go Shiozaki was going to beat the man that made his career, it would be now. Kensuke Sasaki isn't any slouch and isn't exactly the guy you can just roll through. Had a strong performance in his Global Heavyweight league and even drew with the GHC Heavyweight Champion. Kensuke will not be that guy to just roll over for you. Can Shiozaki finally put that famous lost behind him or will Sasaki take the dream away from Shiozaki?

The Match : Big fight feel and they even have Kenta Kobashi doing commentary. The storytelling in this match is fantastic because it isn't the simple one subject but it's the variety that progresses and it makes segments become memorable instead of forgotten. I came into this match not having much faith in Shiozaki to deliver and in Kensuke to deliver the good but I am glad I was wrong. For my money, this is the best match in NOAH's 2010 year.

First, the match begins with Shiozaki and Kensuke ending up in collar and elbow tie up and they both FIGHT for who gets to decide the clean break. This leads to believing that the first chop is going to be thrown here and then it'll be all hell. Surprisingly though, Shiozaki gives him the clean break to which the announcers are even surprised. It's great to know that people are still great at teasing the inevitable. Match ends up being a power vs power lock up which is acceptable for so many damn reasons and it is quite a play on so many things. They start having a shoulderblock war which leads to one of the most badass moments in the match up. Shiozaki chops Kensuke, Kensuke responds, and they both just stare at each other. I mean c'mon, there is no words, no middlefingers, or anything, they both just eye each other like two cowboys ready for a duel.

The stare ends and they end up STARTING TO HEADBUTT EACH OTHER. Some really sick ones to and Kensuke clearly ends up the victor in all of this. This clearly establishes the point of who really is going to be the big boss in the match but I digress. Shiozaki gets pissed about this and takes Kensuke down. What makes this even better is that Shiozaki starts using Tanahashi's offense on the leg but that really isn't the story. It's just a nice little add in. The story here is that Go isn't going to be a idiot and start fighting like a barbarian but he picks his spots smartly and nicely. He knows if he gets aggressive Kensuke, Kensuke will not take it as lightly as his other opponents would. When he sees the chance, he takes the opportunity to do some damage. When he can't get a piledriver on the apron, he goes for a simple yet effective DDT. When Shiozaki gets chopped on the outside, he doesn't retaliate with a chop of his own but makes sure not to even get that ball rolling.

However, this plan goes all to hell when Kensuke starts giving him shit during a chinlock and Shiozaki gets aggressive. The problem with that is that you don't aggressive Kensuke because Kensuke doesn't play that aggressive shit and getting aggressive with Kensuke means you are going to aggressively get your ass beat. Fuck, even bears don't get aggressive with Kensuke because of fear. Go ends up getting the EPIC shit beat out of him The story is not now if Go can play it smart but if Go can survive this and comeback from this. There is a moment where Go tries to play it smart with elbowing Kensuke to stop the chops but Kensuke just LEVELS him with a monster elbow of his own. There is one EPIC point in which Go tries to get out of this predicament by busting out with a unique Hurcanranna but get his arm TAKEN OFF for giving Kensuke such trouble. I mean Shiozaki damn near gets his whole arm decapitated from Kensuke saying "FUCK YOUR LARIATS"! Badass.

What's great about Go's comeback is that it's a big signature spot from when he came back in the 05 and that spot is a struggle over a suplex. It's so great to see this and it makes Shiozaki's comeback seem so much more damn special. I marked my ass off when he DEADLIFTS a 260 pound built Kensuke the whole way around for a suplex. I would spill into more about how amazing everything was in this match but I'll get down to the one thing I want to get to the most....

Chop fest. This is one the most amazing things I've seen all year next to YAMATO's counter to his own sleeper and Shawn Michaels's rebellious reaction to his inevitable end by Taker. The chop fest here is amazing to me because it basically gives the result. It is labeled on it "Whoever wins this will win the match". While the Kensuke/Kobashi chop fest is amazing, this was it...this was for everything or nothing. A chop duel to decide who would walk out the victor. This made the match more epic than it had any right for it being. Not ever would I have imagined that a chop fest would be THIS DAMN IMPORTANT. It had such a brilliant build the whole match but this solidified why this match deserves every bit of love.

However, the moment, that I believe stands with YAMATO'S counter and the ending to the possible MOTY, was the moment Shiozaki went to the corner and told Kensuke to give him his best. Go fucking Shiozaki MAN UP'ed and told Kensuke to give him the best damn chops he had in him. It keeps replaying in my head because it had no right happening but it did and it was a moment. What makes the moment even better is that Go survives the corner chops and gives him every bit of it back. Shiozaki is a star. That moment proved it. Let me just put it down again to put it in your skulls: Shiozaki took a chop from Kensuke FUCKING Sasaki, walks over to the corner, wraps his arms around the ropes, and yells "BEAT ME"! Chuck Norris has chosen Shiozaki as his disciple after surviving 3 Roundhouse kicks to the face and replying with "Is that all?". Fucking Win.

Anyway I have spoiled enough of this match but feel free to find this match enjoy the epicness. More great things to name than just one.

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They better have a fucking ***** match to end with.
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It better be epic
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