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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The Future Begins NOW!

World Wrestling Entertainment
Monday Night RAW – August 2nd, 2010
Civic Center - Mobile, Alabama

"Burn It To The Ground" by Nickelback booms out of the speaker systems as the RAW fans in attendance get to their feet as a video package of the RAW wrestlers plays on the Titantron.

*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***
*** PYRO ***

Jerry Lawler: Welcome to Monday Night RAW everyone! I'm with my collegue, Michael Cole, and we are here 24 hours after Money In The Bank!

Michael Cole: You're right King.. and the best thing about it is that The Miz won the Money In The Bank match! That means that he has until this time next year to cash it in and become a World Champion, just like many other people have done before him.

Jerry Lawler: Oh here we go again, Cole. You think The Miz is a god after he put Daniel Bryan through hell and back on the first season of NXT.

Michael Cole: King, get your facts straight! The Miz is a god, and he's AWESOME too!

"No Chance In Hell" blasts out of the PA system as Mr. McMahon comes strutting down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the WWE Chairman, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

Justin climbs out of the ring and sets down with the ring staff.

Jerry Lawler: Oh great, just what I wanted to see. Mr. McMahon and his arrogant walk. He thinks he's better than everyone!

Michael Cole: He IS greater than everyone in this arena, he made this company and built it from the ground up. He signs your damn paycheck, so if you want a job, you better shut up and just let him talk.

Vince finally gets in the ring and grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts.

Mr. McMahon: Thanks Justin.

Vince walks around the ring a few times and shuts out the mixed reaction from the fans tonight.

Mr. McMahon: Last night at Money In The Bank was a huge night for the WWE. Over on the SmackDown side of things, Layla defeated Kelly Kelly with a little help from Michelle McCool to retain the Womens Championship, here on RAW, Alicia Fox defeated Eve to retain the Divas Championship, The Unified Tag Team titles were on the line as The Hart Dynasty defeated The Uso Brothers to retain those titles. Kane and The Miz won the Money In The Bank matches for SmackDown and RAW, respectively. Rey Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger to retain the World Heavyweight Championship but that was cut short when Kane cashed in his Money In The Bank case and became World Heavyweight Champion after a Chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver, then in the Main Event of the night.. Sheamus defeated John Cena in a Steel Cage match to retain the WWE Championship.

The fans boo after McMahon says that John Cena lost.

Mr. McMahon: Now, now, now.. I'm not gonna say how Cena lost but I have put together a video package showing how he lost. Just watch this.

The fans and McMahon turn their heads toward the titantron. A video is shown of Cena climbing over the top of the cage with Sheamus laying on his back in the middle of the ring. The Nexus show up and go right up to the cage where Cena is climbing down and The Nexus hold Cena up while Sheamus wakes up and climbs over the cage to the other side. Sheamus grabs the championship and runs off backstage. Cena is then shown taking his anger out on The Nexus. The video ends and McMahon starts laughing arrogantly as the fans begin to boo loudly.

Mr. McMahon: Nothing was wrong there, now was there? I didn't think so. Now, let me get on with what I'm out here to talk about.

McMahon steps back a few steps and begins talking once again.

Mr. McMahon: Remember how the General Manager wanted to be anonymous? Remember all of the hints that were dropped, such as "If you want some action, give me a hell yeah", and "that's the bottom line because the GM said so", as well as 'I Got 2 words for you!"

Mr. McMahon laughs once again.

Mr. McMahon: Let me be the first person to say that it is neither one of those 3 guys. It's someone that has known The Nexus for a LONG time! He used to be on ECW and since it closed he has decided to accept my offer of becoming the RAW General Manager. Now, no more talking is needed. Ladies and Gentlemen, please look up at the stage, for it is the new RAW General Manager.

A new presidential theme song starts playing as it booms out of the PA Speakers as Abraham Washington comes out on the stage. He points at Vince and smiles arrogantly and then gives him a thumbs up.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the NEW General Manager of RAW, Abraham Washington!

The fans boo.

Jerry Lawler: Aww, c'mon Mr. McMahon. Why do we have to listen to this arrogant and obnoxious guy known as Abraham Washington?

Michael Cole: Oh, just shut up already King! Mr. McMahon made a good choice here by having Abraham Washington as the NEW RAW General Manager.

Jerry Lawler: Well, whatever Cole.

The new General Manager climbs up in the ring and shakes Mr. McMahon's hand.

Abraham Washington: Thank you Mr. McMahon!

McMahon nods then leaves the ring and heads backstage.

Abraham Washington: Now, for my first thing here on RAW. I want this ring to be decorated right now, because we are going to be having the first Abraham Washington Show here on RAW.

The ring staff then start decorating the ring, with the red shag carpet, the black leather couches, the glass coffee table, and the last object to put in place is the Abraham Washington Show 3D logo. It's all put together now, Abraham looks around nodding, really impressed with how it turned out.

Abraham Washington: Looks really great guys. Now for my first guests, yes I said guests, because their simply built in numbers. My guests tonight are the team of The Nexus.

"We Are One" by 12 Stones booms out of the PA System as the seven members of The Nexus walk out onto the ramp and then they walk down to the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Just great! We go from bad to worse.

The Nexus get in the ring and they all shake hands with Abraham Washington since they know him from FCW, then they all take a seat after all of them grab a microphone from ringside.

Abraham Washington: Welcome guys. How does it feel to be the greatest faction in the history of this business? I mean, you guys are greater than the NWO, you guys are greater than D-Generation X, The Four Horsemen, and Evolution.

Wade Barrett: It's people like you Mr. Abraham Washington that I like. As for your question, it is great being the leader of this great stable. I mean if you really think about it, look who we have here. We have Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield, Heath Slater, Darren Young, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, and last but definitely not least, myself, Wade Barrett. We are already taking over the WWE one person at a time. I mean look who we've beaten down in the past, Bret Hart and the biggest name in the WWE right now, John Cena.

A huge pop from the fans in attendance tonight after the name of "John Cena" is said.

Abraham Washington: Now Wade, this next question is for 1 of your stablemates here. How does it feel to be under Wade Barrett's tutelage?

Michael Tarver grabs the microphone as Wade Barrett gives Tarver the worst look somebody could ever have on their face.

Jerry Lawler: Did you just see the look on Barrett's face?

Michael Cole: Yeah, I saw it. Barrett is just making sure that Tarver knows who the boss is of The Nexus.

Michael Tarver: Being under the tutelage of Wade Barrett is fantastic, he is an amazing wrestler, he has leadership skills like no other person that I know. So you could say that I enjoy beating up other people around this place. Especially you Cena. Oh, and another thing.. Mr. Barrett here gets a championship match whenever he pleases since he won the very first season of NXT.

Abraham Washington: Thank you Michael. Now, Wade, back to you. Wade, when do you plan on using your championship match and what championship will you be going after?

Wade Barrett: Honestly, I can't beat the man that holds the WWE Championship right now. That man being Sheamus right now. So we'll see how SummerSlam turns out and if it goes the way I want it too, we should have a new WWE Champion here on RAW, and thats the time that I will be going after the WWE Championship. You see, with these guys by my side we are unstopp...

At this time, "My Time Is Now" blasts out of the PA system and John Cena comes out on the stage with a microphone in hand. John Cena chuckles a little bit before he begins to talk.

John Cena: Abraham, Abraham, Abraham. It's your first night on the job and you're all full of questions, huh? As a matter of fact, I really think you need to shut up so we can get on with the night! We've got a HUGE card for tonight, and tonight's the night that John Cena gets his revenge on The Nexus. Now, I don't know about you guys here and around the world, but I think that sounds just fantastic to me!

The Nexus and Abraham Washington go crazy at the sound of John Cena saying that he wants his revenge on them.

John Cena: What, Michael Tarver got your tongue, Wade? You don't have anything to say about that, you're just gonna stand there with that damn look on your face?

The Nexus just keep looking on up at Cena and shaking their heads. Wade begins to finally talk.

Wade Barrett: You're really gonna try to take down all of us? You've tried it before and look at what happened to you. You were beat down to an inch of your life, you had energy draining from every cell in your body, and you were just trying your hardest to do the unthinkable. Taking down The Nexus is something only a team of seven like us could do. But you know what Cena, you are the most hated man here in the WWE and that shows me that you won't be able to find a team of seven by SummerSlam rolls around, because I'll go ahead and be the first to issue a challenge. Once you get a team of seven superstars, including yourself, then we will take your team on in a seven on seven elimination tag team match.

John Cena: Sounds intriguing to my tastes, Wade. The Nexus versus John Cena's squad at SummerSlam, sounds kinda catchy!

At this time, "Break The Walls" blasts out of the PA system and Chris Jericho comes out in a tuxedo. John Cena throws his arms up in the air and shakes his head at the sight of Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Cena, Abraham, and you seven Nexus guys need to shut the hell up! None of these parasites here in the arena tonight wanna hear you guys speak. Last night at Money In The Bank in the Money In The Bank match was taken away from me, I had the match in the bags and The Miz had to capture the moment and climb the ladder, take the briefcase down and now he has it. But what will he do with it? Who knows whats up The Miz's sleeve, but you eight guys in the ring wanna know what's up my sleeve?

Cena has a shocked look on his face, as if Cena thinks Jericho is gonna join his team, while Wade and his 6 other partners look on at Jericho with an evil glare that only Randy Orton could administer.

Wade Barrett: Jericho, you better not do what I think your gonna do.

Chris Jericho: And what do you think I'm gonna do exactly, Wade?

Wade Barrett: Join that nobody's seven man team for SummerSlam. Remember what you told me on NXT, Jericho? Never trust your worst enemies is what you taught me, Jericho. And honestly, I think its about time you live up to your words.

Chris Jericho: You honestly think I'm gonna join this bastard's team? *Shaking his head with an obnoxious look on his face* I did teach you that, and I live up to my words. Now, what I was talking about that was up my sleeve is that I am going to be taking my revenge out on The Miz for winning the Money In The Bank match.

Jericho leaves the stage and now the only guys in the arena are John Cena, Abraham Washington, and The Nexus.

John Cena: Well, I thought I had partner #1 on my conquest to defeat The Nexus at SummerSlam. But as you can see, Jericho's obnoxiousness got to him and he pretty much declined that he was going to be on my squad. But I will tell you Nexus guys this.. I will have my whole team set by tonight.

Wade Barrett: Oh yeah? Well, we will just see if that happens.

The cameras cut to commercial.


Back from commercial and it's time for the very first match.

- Ted DiBiase w/Maryse versus Yoshi Tatsu w/Goldust -

A great back and forth match between two of the young guns from the RAW Roster, Ted DiBiase and Yoshi Tatsu. Ted brings the action to Yoshi right as soon as the bell rings. With multiple chokeholds, leg locks, and power moves from DiBiase, it's only a matter of time before DiBiase nails Tatsu with a Dream Street for the 1.. 2.. 3 and the win. Goldust pounds his fists on the mat before climbing up in the ring while Maryse and Ted are celebrating. Maryse kicks Goldust in the stomach and then Ted picks Goldust up and powers him down with a Dream Street also.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

The camera goes backstage with John Cena talking to somebody on a cell phone.

John Cena: Alright man, just take your time to get here. Don't get hurt as I really need you on my squad for SummerSlam. See you when you get here.

Cena paces for a few seconds before shutting his phone off and talking again.

John Cena: Got the first man for my squad, just gotta get 5 more! This is gonna be great!


A split screen is shown, showing Evan Bourne and Randy Orton walking down two seperate hallways meaning that they will team in the next match.


- Evan Bourne and Randy Orton versus The Uso Brothers -

Honestly, this match was just a waste of time as Orton and Bourne pretty much just has the match under their control from the get go. The Usos use underhanded tactics to get in control before Orton turns the tides with his Spinning Powerslam type move. With both Usos standing on the outside of the ring, Evan Bourne uses his speed and flies over the top rope and lands on both guys taking them both down in the progress. Bourne climbs back in the ring and celebrates with Orton before the cameras cut to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jimmy Uso has control of Orton in the middle of the ring with a body scissors/neck crank submission hold. Orton is about to tap but finally gets out of the ring when he stands up and falls backwards, the pressure all on Jimmy's back. Orton gets to Bourne but he doesn't tag him in, he keeps going by himself. He turns a Spear from Jimmy into an inverted backbreaker, Orton goes into his crazy sense after that. The tensions start hurting The Usos though as Jimmy doesn't tag in Jey. Jey comes in anyway and him and Jimmy work together to take down Orton. With Orton down, Bourne reaches over the ropes and tags himself in the match. He climbs to the top and jumps off landing a Double Footstomp to Jimmy's and Jey's backs. Jimmy rolls out of the ring while Bourne climbs back to the top, jumps off and lands the AirBourne! for the 1.. 2.. 3 and the win for his team!

Winners: Randy Orton and Evan Bourne

after the match, Orton and Bourne celebrate with each other before Orton lands a HUGE RKO out of nowhere!

Jerry Lawler: WOW! Did you just see that RKO, Cole?

Michael Cole: Yeah, I saw it. It proves that Orton is a threat to everyone.

Sheamus is standing backstage with Josh Mathews.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, the WWE Champion, Sheamus.

Sheamus comes into camera shot.

Josh Mathews: Sheamus, how does it feel to still have that WWE Championship across your shoulder?

Sheamus: Josh, its a dream come true fella. I am the first Irish Born WWE Champion, and it's gonna stay like that for a long time.

Josh Mathews: Well, Sheamus, you can say that you won that Cage match with underhanded tactics. How did you feel about The Nexus showing up in your match last night?

Sheamus: It may have been underhanded tactics but last week here on RAW, The Nexus and I made a truce, fella. I guess with them liking me and them hating Cena, they chose to have me retain the title with a little bit of their help.

Josh Mathews: Sheamus, they helped you but you never helped them when Cena unleashed hell on them after your match last night. Why did you just turn your back on them after they helped you retain your title?

Sheamus: Aye, Fella. All that matters to me is that I retained the title. It may have been with a little help but I am still your WWE Champion, and it's gonna stay like that for a long time!

With that said, Sheamus walks away chuckling.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, that was YOUR WWE Champion, Sheamus.


The camera goes back to John Cena on a cell phone. A huge pop from the WWE Universe after he showed back up.

John Cena: It's great finally catching up with you, big man. You think we can put all the differences we had behind us and you come back to the squared circle for one last time at SummerSlam to help me with The Nexus?

Cena waits a few seconds before he starts jumping with joy.

John Cena: Alright man, thank you very much. You coming to the arena tonight? It would be good if you could, but if not tonight, then come next week.

Cena throws his arms up in the air and then continues talking.

John Cena: Alright man. But me and the other guy that's on the squad is gonna be calling those Nexus guys out at the end of the show, we'll put you up on the titantron and you tell The Nexus that you are going to be on my squad for the SummerSlam match.

A few guys that are off screen walk up and confront Cena.

John Cena: Well, big man. I'm gonna have to get off here, I've got a few visitors. See ya next week man.

Cena turns the phone off and the three guys come into view but you can't tell who they are. Cena shakes hands with all three guys.

John Cena: You guys ready for SummerSlam? I know I am.

They all nod their heads.

John Cena: Well, just keep in mind that we have one more guy now, with you three, me, and the other guy, that makes five guys. We need two more now. We'll go on a recruiting drive here tonight. C'mon, time to start. I told Wade that we would be getting the team together tonight and that's what I plan having done.

The three guys and Cena leave the scene.


- Eve versus Gail Kim -
Alicia Fox on commentary with Lawler and Cole.
The winner faces Alicia at SummerSlam for the Divas Championship.

As soon as Fox gets to the commentary booth, Lawler stands up and flirts with her, just like he does every other diva that goes towards the booth.

The match starts and the two divas shake hands. A little bit of offense from both divas leads to Alicia getting involved. She kicks Eve in the back and then kicks Gail in the back also. She climbs back down and runs back over to the commentators booth before the referee can see her. Eve saw Alicia kick her and Gail, but doesn't say anything and they keep the match going. Eve finally wins after she hits a Handspring Standing Moonsault for the win.

Winner: Eve

After the match, Alicia tries to get involved again but Eve fights her off, with a little help from Gail. Gail and Eve hug in the middle of the ring and they both point at Alicia, Eve does the belt motion across her hips.

- Zack Ryder and Primo versus Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov -

Zack Ryder and Santino are the first guys to start the match. And of course Santino is doing his comedic moves which makes it pretty easy for Ryder to capitalize. Ryder doesn't win though as Santino gets to his corner and tags in Vladimir. Vladimir comes in and takes down both Ryder and Primo. Clotheslines Ryder then he knocks Primo off the apron, down onto the floor. He tags Santino back in. Santino climbs up to the top rope and starts to jump off but he goes back to the middle rope, but still doesn't jump off, he then goes to the bottom rope apron and jumps off, clubbing Ryder with the Double Axe Handle making Ryder fall to the mat. Santino stands up in the corner waiting for Ryder to stand up, Ryder gets up to 1 knee and Santino hits Ryder with the Cobra Strike for the win!

Winners: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

"My Time Is Now" hits the PA system and John Cena comes walking down the ramp with three guys walking behind him in black masks, so the fans can't see who they are. Cena and the three guys climb in the ring and Cena grabs a microphone from ringside.

John Cena: First of all, you Nexus guys get your asses out here right now!

"We Are One" blasts out of the PA system and The Nexus comes waltzing out onto the stage, Wade Barrett leading the seven man team of course, they all surround the ring and stand there looking up at Cena and the three men with him.

John Cena: Well, Wade.. look at this, I have three guys with me right now, and all three guys wanna kick all of your asses! Remember me telling you at the beginning of the show that I would be getting a full team tonight?

Wade nods his head and begins to speak but Cena cuts him off.

John Cena: No, Wade.. you wait your turn. I'm not done talking yet. Let me tell you guys this, I have a full team. You guys ready to see them?

The WWE Universe go crazy at the sound of that. Cena likes the pop from the fans tonight as The Nexus just look around at the fans shaking their heads.

John Cena: Ok, you guys *pointing at the three guys in the mask* take off your masks.

The 1st guy takes off his mask to reveal Ezekiel Jackson, the 2nd guy takes off his mask to reveal John Morrison, and the last guys starts to take off his mask but Cena stops him.

John Cena: Woah, woah big man. You wait until dead last alright?

The man nods his head and Cena goes on to announce the other three guys.

John Cena: Partner number four for Team Cena.. MARK HENRY!!! Partner number five for Team Cena.. please welcome R-TRUTH!!! Number six for Team Cena, "THE ANIMAL" BATISTAAAAAAAA!!

Batista shows up on the titantron in a live cam sitting at his home in Washington, DC.

Batista: Thank you for asking me to join your team Cena. As for you Nexus guys, you guys wait until next week, because I plan on being there at the arena. I am on Team Cena, and at SummerSlam you guys will taken down, we will demolish you guys, limb from limb and then The Nexus will be no more.

John Cena: Thank you Dave for that message. Now if you please, let me get down to the last guy here. Take off your mask, partner number seven.

Number seven takes awhile to get his mask off but he finally takes it off to reveal... "THE GAME" TRIPLE H!!!!

John Cena: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome "The Game" Triple H back onto his throne.

The WWE Universe gives Cena's team a huge pop while The Nexus leave through the crowd, Wade still has the microphone in hand.

John Cena: Nexus, your days are numbered, you've been a threat to the WWE and at SummerSlam your days of terrorizing the company will be over and done with, it'll be a thing of the past.

Triple H: Nexus, ever since I've been gone, I knew this would happen. Now that I'm back, you guys are running and hiding, but at SummerSlam, like Cena just said.. you guys will be gone!

The Nexus look back at the team and shake their heads once more as the television show ends.

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