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Hollywood Johnson
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Got caught wanking last night

Last night was hectic. I must have had about 18 pints. Started on the beer at about 9 in the morning, met up with a few fellas, went to a few pubs and then ended up in a nightclub. Anyway, there was a few hot girls in this club i went to. One randomly started dancing with me. I thought great, i haven't shagged a girl in a few months. Things were going well. Despite having a blue mole on her cheek, this girl was absolute stunning. Admittely, she was an embarrassing dancer, but that almost perfect flawless face was making my dick harder than trying to read a CM Skittle rant. After a few more JD and cokes, i decided it was time to ask the question. "Wanna come back to my house and fuck me" i said. "No she replyed, i have a boyfriend, infact, here he is now" I look over, and theres a 6 ft 5 man, staring at me. Unfortunatly, he caught me with my hand on his girlfriends tits. All went black after that, i ended up waking up in a bin outside mcdonalds with a pounding headache and a black eye. This however, was only the beginning of a depressing night.

I returned home, horny as hell. I thought to myself, i could ask CM Skittle to go on webcam so she can strip for me, but i decided against it. In the end, i thought fuck it, i'm gunna have a quick bash and then go to bed. Still drunk, i got out my laptop, put on some porn, pulled my trousers down, and began. The only problem is, i fell asleep halfway through. 30 minutes later, my mum walks in. Of course, my trousers are still around my ankles, the porn is still running, and my mum has caught me. She woke me up, pretending she didn't see anything, but she obviously did, and now i cannot live my life anymore. I've done a shit on someones doorstep, knocked on the door and ran, only for them to walk out in bare feet and step on it, low blowed a police officer and got arrested, and woke up next to a 90 stone slut, but i've never embarrassed myself quite like now. I suppose it could of been worse. I could have had a pint of cum all over the bed eh?

Throw your abuse, because i deserve it. Feel free to share your storys of you getting caught. If not, laugh at me to the point of suicidal.
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