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Re: JLA Wrestling

JLA LiveWire

"My Sacrifice" plays as the JLA Superstars show what they can do. Red Fireworks blast around the arena creating a big pop from the crowd. The video ends with Eric Bischoff smiling creating boo's from the audience.

JR- Hello and welcome to JLA LiveWire, we've only a few days away from No Mercy.

Jerry Lawler- I cant wait JR, Triple H will be defending his JLA title against the Phnom...the Undertaker.

JR- It's gonna be a slobber knocker King but thatís not all, we've been informed that the new Intercontinental champion Chris Jericho will defend his title against Tazz.

Jerry Lawler- It all sound great, and so does this weeks LiveWire. DX's X Pac will be fighting HBK Shawn Michaels.

JR- That match was made by Eric Bischoff and so was this one...Jyushin Liger will have a Cruiserweight Title Match against Rey Mysterio jr.

"Time to play the game" HHH enters the ring accompanied by X Pac, both taunting the crowd as they pass.

Triple H- In 3 days I will retain my title, In 3 days I will show everyone that I can beat the Undertaker 1...2...3. It's as simple as that, I am the best wrestler in this business today and each and every one of you backstage knows it. Tonight X Pac will beat the Undertaker just like HBK did last week. Tonight X Pac will chop the Phnom down to size, and I will finish of the dead wood at No Mercy.

JR- Triple H has allot of confidence in himself and X Pac.

Jerry Lawler- And so he should JR they are two of the best wrestlers in the business.

We go backstage with Raven who is sleeping in his car as he holds the Hardcore Title like a stuffed teddy bear. Viscera comes into view holding a Baseball bat, he stands in range of the car window where Raven sleeps and swings in a smooth motion breaking the glass as a result. The smash wakes Raven who look startled, Viscera opens the door and pulls Ravens body out of the car. Ravens hands stay clutched to the Title, which he uses to smash over the head of Viscera. Vis stumbles and isnít helped when Raven smashes a nearby trash can over his head. With Viscera down on the floor Raven flees the car park and enters the arena.


We return with Steve Blackman already in the ring.

Rikishi's music booms over the PA creating a loud reaction from the crowd, Rikishi high fives the fans as he walks to the ring.

JR- Rikishi is finally back in the ring after severing an injury during his match with Tazz.

Jerry Lawler- I bet the injury didnít hurt more that seeing Tazz with that Intercontinental Title.

JR- Well even Taz isnít the Champ anymore, as we all saw last week Y2J won Taz in an excellent title match.

Jerry Lawler- Well Eric Bischoff knows a good match when he sees one as he has made a rematch for the IC title at No Mercy.

JR- It should be a good one King.

Rikishi vs Steve Blackman

Match- Steve Blackmanís speed is used well against the big Rikishi as he plants kick after kick to the unguarded head. The power of Blackmanís feet knocks Rikishi to the floor, setting him up for another straight blow to the face. Blackman takes his chance to make the pin 1...2 Rikishi kicks out. Blackman doesnít waste any time to work on Rikishi even more as he drops two elbows followed by a big leg drop. The Samoan staggers to his feet only to be hit by a spinning wheel kick, followed by three more quick elbows. An Irish whip by Blackman stets up Rikishi for a momentum filled dropkick.

Jerry Lawler- Blackman is doing well against the returning Rikishi.

JR- He's not letting Rikishi's size affect him King, he knows he cant pick him up but he's using his kicks to gain an advantage.

Steve Blackman uses the same game plan, using kicks to there best affect. Blackman hits another dropkick knocking Rikishi to the floor. With the Samoan down, Blackman climbs the turnbuckle all the way to the top rope. Rikishi slowly gets to a vertical base causing Blackman to jump off the top rope looking for a missile dropkick. Rikishi reacts quickly moving his huge frame away from the impeding blow. Blackman is quick to get to his feet, only to be hit by a Samoan drop. Whilst gasping for air Blackman gets to his feet for another Samoan drop to be hit.

JR- Rikishi's gaining momentum, thatís two Samoan drops.

Rikishi feeds off the crowdís cheers as he hits a belly to belly suplex, followed by a belly to back. Rikishi pulls Blackman to his feet then Irish whips him into the turnbuckle, Rikishi follows up with a huge gut buster resulting in Blackman falling to the floor. Rikishi signals the crowd by slapping his humongous ass 3 times.

JR- It's stink face time.

Rikishi doesnít disappoint as he plants his rear end into the face of Steve Blackman. Rikishi follows up with a Rikishi drop off the second rope resulting in the pin 1...2...3

JR- Rikishi's first match back back from injury end in victory, and a well deserved one if I say so King.

Jerry Lawler- you sure can JR, but you gotta give props to Steve Blackman he give it is all tonight.

JR- I'll second that King.


We return with Brock Lesnar already in the ring after a huge ovation from the crowd.

The arena goes pitch black with the sound of breathing growing louder and louder. A ring of fire appears on the left hand side of the Titan Tron with Gangrel slowly rising through the middle. Jeers and boos fill the arena as Gangrel struts to the ring with a goblet in hand. Before he enters the ring Gangrel spits the blood from the goblet into the air slowly disappearing into the crowd.

Brock Lesnar vs Gangrel

Match- Gangrel is welcomed to the ring by 3 right hands followed by an Irish whip setting up Gangrel for a spinning backbreaker. Lesnar doesnít give his opponent time to breath as he hits a belly to back suplex followed by an elbow to the head. Brock stays on top hitting a power bomb, planting his lower neck into the mat. With the scent of loss looming Edge enters the ring looking to take Lesnar down with a sphere. Lesnar moves quickly for Edge to run straight into Gangrel. Edge stares in horror at his leaders injured body and isnít helped when he's hit by an F5 by Brock. Edge is thrown out of the ring for Brock to make the pin 1...2...3

Brock celebrates in front of the crowd as his hand is raised in victory, Edge looks to jump Brock with a sphere hitting him in the lower back. Edge begins to frequently stomp on Lesnar verbally abusing him as he does. Gangrel throws a chair into the ring which Edge uses to full affect smashing Brocks head with the steel. It takes the road agents 2 minutes to pry Edge away. Edge and Gangrel leave the scene with Brock Lesnar lying on the mat being seen to by medical officials.

JR- Edge is a sick human being, he doesnít care about anyone but himself, he may have ended Brocks career.

We return backstage with Raven who is being interviewed by Michael Cole.

Michael Cole- Raven you've still got the Hardcore title how are you feeling.

Raven- How am I feeling, how am I feeling, look at me....just look at me. I havenít slept in days, the last time I did the hotel maid tried to pin me for my title. I cant even go to the cinema anymore... last time I did Taka Michinoku tried to knock me out with a box of popcorn. I need sleep; I need to be able to go to the supermarket without being attacked. So I have another announcement... from this minute on -

Before Raven can make the announcement Christian attacks him with a steel chair, hitting his lower back. Christian pulls Raven to his feet and hits an Unprettier on the steel chair. Teddy Long makes the count 1...2...3

Christians hand is raised in triumph as he is given his newly won Hardcore title by Long. Before Raven can get to his feet Christian runs away holding the Title over his head.

New Hardcore Champion - Christian

Jerry Lawler The Brood have been busy JR.

JR- They sure have King, first Edge and Gangrel attack Brock Lesnar with Edge repeatedly hitting Brock with the chair. Then backstage Christian, the third member of the Brood wins the Hardcore title off Raven.

Jerry Lawler- Raven wont be happy, I bet he's cursing the day he thought of the 24/7 rule.

JR- I bet he is King.


We return with X Pac and Triple H backstage.

HHH- You know what you have to do out there okay X. I want you to weaken Taker, I want you to be him so badly that he wonít be able to walk....let alone wrestle. I know he's got the size difference but you've got the smarts, you've got what it wakes I know you do. I trust you man.

X Pac- But what about Shawn Michaels.

HHH- what about him. You donít have to worry about Shawn Michaels, he's not in the match at No Mercy...Taker is.

X Pac- Okay I got it. It's just he's beaten both you and Taker on the past 2 LiveWire's, Bischoff might reconsider the match.

HHH- Donít worry about that, I've "expressed" my opinion about Shawn Michaels to Bischoff... and he understands that I donít want him in the match. So HBK wont be in the match at No Mercy... it's as simple as that.

X Pac- but what about if Shawn comes down tonight, during my match.

HHH- I told you X Iíve got it sorted, all you have to worry about is The Undertaker.

X Pac- Donít worry about Taker, he wont be at No Mercy, just like HBK.

"Who's that jumping up the sky" Rey Mysterio springs from the titon tron in a red and white mask, to the crowds delight. He looks confident as he runs to the ring with the Cruiserweight title securely strapped around his waist.

Jyushin Liger's music creates another big pop from the crowd, he enters the ring with his metal chest protector which flashes an array of colours. He enters the ring and climbs the to the second rope and does his usual stance making the crowd go nuts. Before he jumps to the canvass Liger looks at Mysterio and brushes his waist suggesting that the title is his.

Match- Both men kick of the match in a test of strength, with Liger gaining an advantage before Rey breaks the test. Another test is given between the two competitors with Liger once again gaining the advantage. Rey breaks the hold once again, before releasing a dropkick which is dodged. Rey quickly gets to his feet to see Liger stalking him.

JR- Liger's experience was shown there, first he dodged the dropkick, but then with Rey down he didnít jump in there, he kept his cool and let his fresh opponent to spring back up, thatís experience for you folks.

The third test of strength results in a tight sleeper hold locked by Liger. Rey runs at the ropes with the hold still locked in making Jyushin release the hold only to hit a bulldog of his own. Liger locks in another sleeper hold cutting the circulation from Mysterio's head. Liger locks his legs around the waist of Rey making the submission even more painful. Rey Mysterio screams in pain as Liger ravages his neck and head. The cruiserweight champ finally creates a bridge only to be spun round and land face first into the canvass. Liger is quick to grab the neck and head to lock in the deadly camel clutch. The pain shoots through the neck and higher back as Jyushin sits on the lower. The pain looks unbearable but somehow Rey Mysterio jr gets to the ropes. Liger releases the hold only to lock in another submission this time an arm bar. Rey Mysterio is faster to break out of the hold this time springing onto his feet and hitting a shining wizard before Liger could get to his feet. Mysterio hooks the leg 1...2..Liger raises a shoulder. Mysterio takes a few breaths before pulling Liger to his feet, then connecting with a kick to the stomach setting him up for a snap suplex. Rey keeps the pressure on his opponent by spinning neck breaker, followed by another sleeper hold. After 2 minutes of pain Liger gets to his feet followed by 3 elbows to the gut resulting in Rey releasing the hold. An Irish whip by Liger results in a spinning backbreaker, Liger holds Rey over his thigh to hit 2 chops, creating two red marks on the bare chest of Rey.

Jerry Lawler- Oh man thatís gotta hurt, Liger's got the advantage now will he take it.

Liger does take the advantage as he hits a vertical suplex followed by a pin 1...2..Rey raises a shoulder. Liger takes couple of seconds before planting another vertical suplex on Rey. This time it's not followed by a pin but by a brain buster suplex creating a huge pop from the crowd.

JR- The brain buster suplex it's over it's gotta be over.

Liger hooks the leg and securely traps the other with his two free legs 1...2...Rey Mysterio unconvincingly raises a shoulder to the amazement of the crowd.

Jerry Lawler- How the hell did he kick out of that one, I was sure it was over.

Liger looks at the ref in a "are you sure that wasnít a 3 count" way. Liger snaps back into reality when Mysterio get a school boy pin out of nowhere 1...2..Liger uses his leg strength to kick out of the pin. Both men get to a vertical base and look straight into each others eyes. The crowd cheer as they stare intently at each other. Mysterio runs at Liger only to be hit by a hip toss followed by another similar hip toss. Liger connects with a dropkick straight to the jaw followed by a pin 1...2.Rey kicks out. The momentum builds in Liger as he hits a snap suplex followed by a sit down face buster. Jyushin Liger can smell victory and the Cruiserweight title as he picks Rey to his feet a kick to the mid section seals his fait, Liger hoist Mysterio onto his shoulders and slams him back down with double the force.

JR- The Liger bomb, it's got to be over now!

Liger hooks the wiry leg of Mysterio to make the pin the referee slides to make the count 1...2...The referee's hand doesnít slap the canvass but Mysterio's shoulder doesnít move.

Jerry Lawler- Ultimo has dragged the ref from the ring.

JR- What the hell, Liger had the match won.

Ultimo enters the ring to Liger's surprise and is even more shocked by the impending blow hit by his boot. Liger doest have time to breath as Ultimo hits an Ultimo Dragon DDT planting his back and bending his neck in ways they shouldnít. The ref signal the bell as the Lillian Garcia makes the announcement-

Lillian Garcia- The winner of this match by disqualification... Jyushin Liger.

Winner - Jyushin Liger - Via DQ

JR- Liger wins the match but he doesnít win the Title, all because of Ultimo Dragon. He had that match won God damn it.

Rey Mysterio falls to the floor outside of the ring as Ultimo begins to pound on Liger's injured body. The arena is filled with boos and jeers as Ultimo picks Liger up for another Ultimo DDT. Suddenly the crowd irrupt in cheers as Akio runs down to the ring. He plants Ultimo with left and rights followed by an excellant super kick. He throws Ultimo out of the ring and stares at Liger-

JR- Whats Akio going to do?

Akio watches as Liger struggles to his feet before going to his aid and helping him to steady himself. Akio holds out a hand looking for a hand shake. Jyushin looks hesitant but after a pause of thought Liger shakes....a fatal mistake, Akio hits a super kick straight to the jaw.

"I'm Bad" blast over the PA as Eric Bischoff comes into view over the Titon Tron screen.

Bischoff- You know what.... I'm sick of this. Every week on LiveWire you 3 kick the shit out of each other, ruining matches and TV time. I've been contemplating this for a long time, and I've finally come to a decision, at No Mercy we will a Triple Threat match between Akio....Ultimo Dragon and Jyushin "Tiger" Liger. The crowd go nuts. And the winner of this match will have a cruiserweight title match the next week on LiveWire. Akio looks at the injured bodies at either side of him and smiles, he then leaves the ring with the sadistic smile still spread across his face, with the crowds boos not effecting him.

Jerry Lawler- A huge announcement from are general manager Eric Bischoff, what a match, a Triple Threat I...I cant wait.


We return with Raven In Eric Bischoff's office.

Raven- Eric, did you see that, Christian just attacked me for my Hardcore tite just I was about to revoke the 24/7 rule. Now I cant find the bastard, and I....want...my....title....back. (Raven grabs hold of Eric.) So you get Christian for me or Iíll have to take this pain that I feel here (Raven clenches his fist and shows it to Bischoff.) And place it....here. (Raven brushed Bischoffs chin signalling that the next blow would be allot more powerful.)

Bischoff- Okay, okay I'll get Christian for you, but not now.... at No Mercy. How does this sound.... You the true Hardcore Champion against Christian for the hardcore title. (Raven releases the hold on his General Manager.)

Raven - That sounds good, that sounds real good. But what about the 24/7 rule?

Bischoff- That stays (Bischoff sees the look on Ravens face,) I'm sorry it's just Iíve only just finished the paperwork to make this rule count, it will take a couple of months to revoke. The only time a Hardcore champion doesnít have to defend his title is for the 24 hours after he's defended it. Donít worry Raven at least with this rule, if you lose at No Mercy then you have numerous chances to regain back your title.

Raven- your saying Iím going to lose?

Bischoff- No...not at all, I was just saying ummmm you know I was just implying ummmmmm (Eric begins to look nervous as he looks at Raven.)

Raven- Bischoff, just quit while your ahead, it doesnít matter what you think... I will win at No Mercy, and I will keep my Hardcore title.

"Break the walls down" the new Intercontinental champion struts down to the ring with Title wrapped around his shoulder. The crowd's cheers are defining as Y2J enters the ring.

JR- the crowd love this guy King, and they should he's a hell of a wrestler.

Jerry Lawler- He wonít look so good at the end of his match with Tazz at No Mercy, you can quote me on that one.

Chris Jericho- For those of you who donít know who I am, where have you been. I am the iyya tola of rock en rolla, the new Intercontinental champion...Chris Jericho. (The crowd go nuts.)

Tazz's music reaches the airwaves to the dismay of everyone in the crowd. He stays on the titon tron with a mic in hand.

Tazz- Jericho, you've been here for two weeks and your already starting to piss me off. I'm out here for one reason and one reason only, and I donít need to quote catchphrases to do it. As you know, we've got a match at No Mercy for my Intercontinental title, well lets ass a little spice to the pot "Y2J." I heard you bragging about how you made me tap with a "walls of Jericho." Well that got me thinking, I'm going to win my Intercontinental title at No Mercy....and I will be doing so in a submission match.

JR- Oh my God, a submission match, will Jericho accept?

Chris Jericho- A submission match thatís a good one but I have a better one at No Mercy if Tazz accepts are match will be an ultimate submission match.

Jerry Lawler- Oh my God, it's getting better and better, an ultimate submission match wow!

Chris Jericho- For those of you who are unaware of this type of match well this is how it goes. A timer of 30 minutes will be on you screen counting down to 0, when that timer finishes the man who's tapped out the most will lose, it's that simple. Even you can understand that Tazz. So...do you accept my challenge?

Tazz- I accept, for at No Mercy, the sweet sound of you tapping the canvass will taste like nectar, as will the scent of the leather around my Intercontinental title. Donít take it personal Jericho...your just another victim.

JR- A huge announcement for No Mercy. It's going to be a great match, who will be victorious join us on Wednesday folks.

Jerry Lawler- hold on there JR, we've still got X Pac vs The Undertaker to go, if Triple H gets his way there wont even be a main event at No Mercy.

JR- X Pac is a talented young athlete King, but not many people can beat The Undertaker let alone stop him from having a title match.

Pre Match interview with The Undertaker and Paul Heyman.

Michael Cole- Undertaker, your match with X Pac is next and Triple H believes he can take you out of the main event at No Mercy. How are you feeling going into this match days before you face The Game Triple H for the JLA Title. (Paul Heyman grabs the mic off Michael Cole.)

Paul Heyman- Michael Cole, Triple H thinks he can syke The Undertaker out, do you really think we are that stupid Hunter? There's a reason they call you the saribrel assassin H, because you can control people's minds, because you know how to turn the integral cogs that make everything in your body work. Now this may work on people like Sting and all the other JLA wan bees. But not on the Undertaker, you can prod and probe all you want Hunter, but it will never work on Taker, never.

The Undertaker- Triple H, your shots are falling far from target, and your ideas are coming to an end. Your mind games have been beaten, as will you be at No Mercy. X Pac is a warm up act, that is all, the main production will be held on Wednesday, where I will be victorious and I will be crowned JLA Champion. Rest in peace Triple H...Rest in peace.

Jerry Lawler- The Undertaker is not at all scared by Triple H or X Pac, he's not even blinked an eye at Triple H's threat.

JR- Taker believes that the JLA Champ is just playing mind games, and they dont even affect him.

Jerry Lawler- Well the Undertaker is one hell of an athlete, lets see if X Pac can win his first match against The Phnom.

JR- It's gonna be a slobber knocker King and it's right after the break. Stay with us folks it's gonna be one hell of a match.


We return with The Undertaker and Paul Heyman already in the ring after a mix rection from the crowd, overall the jeer's overpower the cheers.

"You think you can tell us what to do" X Pac enters the ring accompanied by Triple H who stays glued to his ear giving him instructions as walks to the ring. The crowd despise X Pac as he does the "suck it" sign in the middle of the ring.

Match- X Pac uses his quickness to goo affect ah he dodges the slower Undertaker. A spin kick has Taker stumbling and another has him down on the floor. Taker is quick to get up and is greeted by a dropkick to the face, followed by a quick leg drop. X Pac doesnít give Taker time to breath as he hits a hurricarana, making Taker dizzy helping X Pac to hit a heel kick to the chest. The Undertaker sits on the canvass leaning on turnbuckle for support. X Pac makes the suck it sign and runs at the Phnom looking for a bronco buster. X Pac jumps straight into the outstretched hand of Taker. (The crowd go nuts.) The chokeslam looks imminent until X Pac kicks Taker in the mid section. With Taker bent down X Pac hits an axe kick on the back of his head, plating Taker's face into the canvass. X Pac runs into the ropes only to run straight into Heymans arms as he is dragged to the floor. X Pac stares at Heyman as he shouts abuse. After the verbal bashing X Pac turns to The Undertaker who hits a big boot to the face. X Pac is pulled to his feet and power slammed into the mat creating a loud thud. Taker takes his advantage to hit a scoop slam followed by an amazing leg drop getting great height before the drop. Taker shrugs off the pin and decides for an Irish whip setting X Pac up for side walk slam. Taker cuts his throat signalling the end for X Pac. Before he can, Triple H smacks a steel chair over the unprotected back of the self proclaimed Phnom. The Undertaker flinches but doesnít fall, he slowly turns his head to stare at his next opponent. Triple H looks petrified as Taker slaps his huge right hand around his throat. Before he can finish the deadly manoeuvre Road Dogg Jesse James enters the ring, The Undertaker reacts well and plants a big boot to the face of the Tag champ. Bad Ass Billy Gunn is next as he is hit by a humongous chokeslam, planting his body into the canvass. Triple H flees the ring with his fellow DX members lying sprawled on the floor. Triple H holds his JLA Title close to his heart, as he stares at Taker who chokeslams X Pac whilst looking at Triple H all the time.

JR- These two will face off at No Mercy, be sure to join us folks, it's gonna be a slobber knocker.

Jerry Lawler- It sure is JR, I canít wait much longer, It's going to be one hell of a show.
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