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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

Thunder Review

Oh boy, Jeff as World Champion. 2012 might as well happen ;D. So one thing I noticed is that you didn't get very descriptive with your crowd reactions, which is something you should do. Simply saying "pop" is repetitive and boring tbh, so add some adjectives and full sentences sometimes. "I earned this championship with my sweat" lol how do you do that? I've noticed a couple of spelling mistakes thus far, but nothing too serious. Jeff seemed to be in pretty good character for the most part and Styles wasn't bad either (although I'm not a TNA fan so I couldn't tell you if he's in character or not). There were some rough spots, but overall the promo flowed fairly well. Obviously this was set up for a purpose, which is to develop a feud between these two. Some of the lines in the segment were kinda cheesy though, and it hurts the segment. Example .. "I could beat you anytime. I know that I can." ... just doesn't come across as natural imo. So by the sounds of it AJ made up the crap about his leg (which we knew anyways) just to get a title shot. The beatdown was a bit unexpected since the feud has had no time to develop, but it will work as a nice catalyst I guess.

I lol'd at the line about Rikishi not being able to get up if he's on his back. I don't agree with having Killings dominate most of the match - doesn't strike me as realistic. The finish was odd, too. Killings just lost a shot to advance because of MVP, and yet he joins in with him?

I'm not sure what to make of all of this yet. Jim Cornette costing Benjy his tournament spot seems a bit of a bias stretch, and it could lead to something. It's almost like you have good cop, bad cop with your owners/GM's/whatever here, which is interesting.

Burke's promo was short but decent - hyped himself up fairly well. It seemed to be in pretty good character.

So I'm a bit confused here .. is this a 4-on-2 Handicap Match? What did Priceless do to be put in such an unfair predicament to earn a tag team title shot? I don't agree with this booking decision, unless Priceless did something last week to piss off Heyman/Cornette. At least you had the right winners so that Priceless don't look unbelievably strong.

Hmm, masked men mystery. Could be Kane since you just signed him. Somtimes I notice you don't use contractions at times and it can slow down the flow of speech. This segment could have been achieved backstage. There was probably more time spent with entrances than the actual dialogue, which is a bit of a problem. The good thing about your booking so far is that everything is serving a purpose. I don't recall anyone who uses the Death Valley Driver as a finisher (actually, I do, I just can't remember), but it should be interesting to solve the mystery.

Brian Kendrick as this mystery opponent was a big letdown, but the plus side is that it gives Burke a good chance of going over, which is good since I would prefer if you pushed him. Kendrick managed to avoid Burke's finishers a couple of times to gain some credibility, but the right person won in the end.

Wasn't really into Matt's character in this promo as it just didn't seem like him. I felt like the promo dragged on a bit as when he said he would kick his ass, that line should have ended it, but then it continued and it was like "oh".

I'm not sure what to make of this whole main event. I would have much rather preferred you to give them 10 minutes, Jeff go over, and then Benjamin go on the attack. The good part about it all is that Styles gains momentum, which he needs after losing the title match last week. However, I would have preferred an actual main event, not just a beatdown, but it builds rivalries which is good.

Overall, I'll be honest. I think you can do better than this. I think I said a few times that you do everything for good purpose, but unfortunately, everything felt too forced. It feels like you are trying too hard to force angles, rivalries, and matches. The match writing was good. There were some spelling/grammar errors in the show, but I suppose I can take partial blame for threatening to ignore you for 3 years . Anyways, looking forward to the next show and how everything develops now that you have some feuds being developed a bit more.
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