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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

Tuesday Night Thunder
August 10th, 2010
York, Pennsylvania

Camera goes to the Toyota Center in York, Pennsylvania, where all of the WWA fans are on their feet. Some are holding up signs, like ĎThunder for the Winí and ĎShelton Benjaminí sucks. Camera pans around the arena, before we go to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Michael Cole alongside with me as always, my partner Tazz! And we would like to welcome you to Tuesday Night Thunder! We have a great show planned for you tonight.

Tazz: That we do my friend.

Michael Cole: The Television Championship Tournament will continue tonight, with the other two quarterfinal matches taking place tonight! Elijah Burke will go one on one with Matt Sydal, and Rikishi and Ron Killings will battle it out.

Tazz: I believe what Elijah Burke said a few weeks ago. Iím calling it tonight, Elijah burke defeats Matt Sydal and goes on to win the tournament.

Michael Cole: Well I beat the WWA fans wonít agree with you on that one. But if you missed the show last week, you missed some great action. We crowned our first ever WWA World Champion, when Jeff Hardy defeated AJ Styles.

Tazz: It was a great match. I thought AJ was gonna pull it out toward the win, but Jeff Hardy pulled the win from deep down inside himself.


The new WWA World Champion, Jeff Hardy comes out to a gigantic pop. He has the World Championship belt around his waist. He walks down to the ring, gets into the ring where he is handed a microphone.

Jeff Hardy: Well I did it!


Jeff Hardy: I did what some people said I would never do again. Some people called some of my past World Championships that I have won were flukes. But, well I earned this Championship. I earned this championship with my sweat. I earned this championship by beating AJ Styles.

Heat at the mention of Styles name.

Jeff Hardy:
But hey man, I gotta give AJ his props. He took me to the limit. But in the end The Charismatic Enigma reigned supreme!


Jeff Hardy: And I plan on keeping this championship, forever. I have the intent of never losing this championship.


Jeff Hardy: I will take on any challengers. IT doesnít matter if youíre big or tall, 200 pounds, of 500 pounds. It doesnít matter. Iíve proved it in the past, and I canít wait to prove it more in the future that I am the best wrestler in the world!


Jeff Hardy: Which brings me to the first pay-per-view, Breaking Even. I want to be the most successful World Champion in the history of professional wrestling. I want to successfully defend the World Championship the most times in professional wrestling! Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette. I respect the way you guys have been running things around here. But I want an opponent for Breaking Even. I want an opponent that will give me a challenge, and will make me have a good match, for all of the fans.


*Get Ready to Fly*

AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring, getting alot of heat. He doesnít look happy (obviously) as he walks down to the ring, gets in the ring where he is handed a microphone.

AJ Styles: Now look, everybody that saw the match last week know that I should be the World Champion right now.

Jeff Hardy: AJ, I knew, I just knew that you would come out and be like that. I knew that you would come out here and say that you should be the champion. Well Iím the champion.


Jeff Hardy: I beat you last week for this championship, and honestly AJ, I have no problem doing it again, right here, right now!

Huge pop. AJ backs up a little bit, before speaking.

AJ Styles:
Iím in no position to face you right now, I think I might have pulled something in my leg.

AJ starts walking around the ring with a limp. Crowd boos like crazy, as they just saw Styles walking seconds ago without a limp.

Jeff Hardy: Pulled something?

AJ Styles: Thatís what I said.

Jeff Hardy: Do you know how many times Iíve pulled something and still wrestled? Do you know how many times Iíve tore something completely off the bone and still wrestled? Seconds ago, you wasnít limping, and now all of a sudden, you pulled something? It think I know whatís happening. I know the truth. AJ Styles is scared. Your scared of me.

AJ Styles:
No Iím not.

Jeff Hardy: Yeah you are man! Look at you, your scared of what I did last week? Was it the Hardyac Arrest? Whisper in the Wind? Swanton Bomb?

AJ Styles: Iím not scared of you! Iím never going to be scared of you! I have nothing to be scared of. I could beat you anytime. I know that I can.

Jeff Hardy: Then why not put your money where your mouth is?


Jeff Hardy: Like I said before, Iím a fighting champion. Iím going to defend this championship as much as I can. So how about at Breaking Even, you face me for this WWA World Championship?

Crowd goes crazy. Hardy gets in Styles face, and the two stare each other down.

AJ Styles: Thatís all I wanted all along.

AJ Styles turns around to leave, but then socks Hardy with the microphone. Hardy goes down and Styles gets on him and starts beating him down with rights and lefts. Styles then helps Hardy up to his feet, before hitting the STYLES CLASH! AJ Styles gets up to his feet and grabs Jeff Hardyís World Championship. He puts his foot on top of Hardyís chest, and lifts the World Championship up in the air.


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Thunder and just moments ago, AJ Styles assaulted the new WWA World Champion Jeff Hardy, for what seemed like to me, he wanted to send a message.

Tazz: Right you are Cole, with Jeff just giving AJ Styles a WWA World Championship Match at Breaking Even, AJ Styles just wanted to send him a message, and I think the message was received very well, AJ Styles is coming for the World Championship.

Michael Cole: Coming up next, is another Quarterfinal Match in the Television Championship Tournament, as Rikishi takes on Ron Killings!

*You Look Fly Today*

Out comes the big Rikishi. He gets a good reception from the crowd as he climbs up the steel ring steps and steps into the ring.


Ron Killings comes out with MVP to quite a bit of heat. Ron Killings has a microphone as he makes his way down to the ring.

Ron Killings: Now, I know that them two slums we got for General Managers Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman decided that they wanna make some monay. So they put me and my partnaí, Montell Vontavious Porter, in a tag team match.

Small pop at the mention of the match.

Ron Killings: But if I win this tournament, sorry Montell, but screw Matt Sydal and Kaval. They can go to hell as far as Iím concerned. Iím here in the World Wrestling Alliance to win championships and datí exactly what I gonía do.


Ron Killings: And as far as tonight, I know for a fact Iím gonna advance. Because all I have to do is get this fat bastard off his feet, because if he gets on his back, he ainít gettiní up.

Killings looks over at MVP, and chuckles at his own joke. Rikishi has had enough for talking though, and gets out of the ring and runs at the duo. MVP runs at Rikishi, but Rikishi drops him with a right. Killings runs at Rikishi and blasts him with a huge right hand. Killings keeps the right hands coming, which backs Rikishi up. Eventually, Rikishi is by the ringside, and Killings decided to take a short cut and low blows the big man. Killings then gets in the ring and waits for Rikishi to get in.

Match #1
Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Rikishi vs Ron Killings

Ending: Ron Killings has the control of the match, as he waits for the big Rikishi to get up to his feet. Rikishi gets up to his feet, helping himself up using the ropes, as Killings charges at him and nails him with a big clothesline. Killings then covers Rikishi: 1..2..Rikishi gets his foot on the bottom rope. Killings gets up to his feet and stomps away at Rikishiís left foot (the foot Rikishi had on the bottom rope.) Killings turns Rikishi over onto his stomach, where he applies a one legged Boston Crab (of course, holding the left foot.) Rikishi is once again just to close to the ropes, and he reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. Ron Killings gets up to his feet and helps Rikishi up to his, before showing amazing strength and Scoop Slamming Rikishi! Ron Killings goes over to the corner, where he climbs up to the top rope, holding his back the entire time. Killings then jumps off, going for a 450 SPLASH, but Rikishi moves out of the way. Rikishi crawls over to the ropes, where he helps himself up. Killings attempts to help himself up in the corner, but gets into a sitting position while trying. The crowd starts cheering as Rikishi goes over to Killings and STINK FACES him! Rikishi is laughing it up, but itís no laughing matter for Ron Killings, who thinks itís disgusting. MVP gets into the ring with a steel chair, and hits Rikishi in the skull with it, causing the referee to cal for the bell.

Winner via Disqualification @ 6:26; Rikishi (Advances to Semifinals)

MVP throws the chair down and gets on top of Rikishi and pummels him with right and left hands. Killings gets up to his feet, and both men beat down Rikishi. MVP grabs Rikishiís arm, and after a bit of a struggle helps the big man up to his feet. MVP holds Rikishi while Killings grabs the steel chair and looks to hit Rikishi with it, but MATT SYDAL AND KAVAL slide into the ring to a good reception. MVP drops Rikishi while Killings drops the chair, and both men jet it out of the ring. They jump the security barrier and run through the crowd, as Kaval and Sydal stand in the ring.


Backstage is none other than Matt Hardy. He gets a good reception as he knocks on the General Managerís office door. They tell him to come in, and Hardy does.

Paul Heyman: Now Matt, before you say anything at all, I donít agree with what Shelton Benjamin did to you.

Matt Hardy: You damn right you shouldnít.

Paul Heyman: But I think it was smart.


Matt Hardy: I donít care if you think it was smart or not, I know it and all of these fans know it too, Shelton Benjamin is a coward. And a big coward at that.


Jim Cornette: If I may say Mr. Hardy, I donít agree here with my partner at all. I think what Shelton did was a cowardly act. Thatís why, with my power in the company, Iím officially making Shelton Benjamin forfeit his spot in the Television Championship Tournament

Big pop.

Jim Cornette: And, Iíd think it would be a big money making deal to put you in a match with Shelton Benjamin tonight!

Another Big pop.

Matt Hardy: Thatís exactly what I want. I want Shelton.

Paul Heyman: Now, I know you may want that, and all of the fans might want that but Iím afraid thatís not going to be able to happen tonight.


Paul Heyman: Your just to banged up Matt, and if I let you go out there you could hurt yourself even more. And the only reason I care about you getting hurt is because Iíd be losing money if you got hurt. It there wasnít a money issue, I would let you go out there and get your ass kicked any day.


Matt Hardy: Iím not the coward in this situation. And, even though you are my boss, I have no problem doing to you what I want to do to Shelton Benjamin.


Jim Cornette: Guys, calm down. Matt, calm down. Iíve got a solution to both of your problems. Paul doesnít want you to wrestle right now because of your injuries. And Matt, you want Shelton in a match. I can see the ratings right now! Then how about in twelve days time at Breaking Even, Matt Hardy goes one on one with Shelton Benjamin!

Pop. Hardy says ďyeah,Ē and shakes his head as Paul Heyman seems to be thinking it over.

Paul Heyman: Thatís not a bad idea at all. Itís official then. At Breaking Even, Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy will take place.

Jim Cornette: But thatís not the only idea I have. I think that tonight, Shelton Benjamin should be in action. I think if he wants to take out one Hardy, he should have to take out the other..

Crowd pops, as they already know whatís coming.

Jim Cornette:
Iím making it official. In the Main Event tonight, Shelton Benjamin will go one on one with.. JEFF HARDY!

The fans cheer their approval. Hardy leaves the room as Heyman and Cornette have a staredown as the camera cuts..

Michael Cole:
Did you just hear that partner? Shelton Benjamin is going to have to face the WWA World Champion, Jeff Hardy in a match here tonight!

Tazz: Iím pumped, but thatís not all, Shelton will be doing battle with Matt Hardy at Breaking Even.

Michael Cole: And with that, weíre going to send it backstage to Todd Grisham, who is standing by.

Camera cuts backstage to Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Thank you guys. Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome my guest at this time, he is Elijah Burke.


Elijah Burke: Now Todd, before you can even say anything, is this going to be anything like the interview we had a few weeks ago? Are you going to be asking me any stupid questions?

Todd Grisham: Iím just asking the questions that Iím told to ask.

Elijah Burke:
You know Todd, your a puppet. Your just a little tiny puppet on strings. You do whatever people tell you to do. You see, Iím not in any form or way a puppet. Never have been and I never will be. I tell people what to do. Iím like the Lion of the Jungle. Iím like a Pope. And what Iíve been telling everybody is going to come true. I promise you that tonight, I most certainly will defeat whoever it is that the General Manager put in front of me. Iíll beat anybody, and I guarantee that.

Elijah Burke makes it short and sweet, as he walks away out of the camera view as the camera cuts to..


As Thunder comes back from commercials, Matt Sydal and Kaval are already in the ring. They are joined shortly by..


The Motor City Machineguns make their way down to the ring with the WWA World Tag Team Championships around their waist. They slide into the ring underneath the bottom rope.


The team that want a shot at The Motor City Machineguns Tag Team Titles stroll down to the ring, getting boos as they do it.

Match #2
If Priceless win, they get a WWA World Tag Team Championship Match
Priceless vs The Motor City Machineguns and Matt Sydal and Kaval

Ending: We pick up the match about four minutes into it, where Ted DiBiase is in the ring with Kaval. Kaval comes off the ropes, but DiBiase gets up and Clotheslines Kavalís head off! DiBiase goes for the pinfall attempt: 1..2..Kaval kicks out at two. DiBiase gets up to his feet and helps Kaval up to his. He twist Kavalís right arm around, before going over to his corner and tagging in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes climbs up to the top rope, where he leaps off with an axe handle to Kavalís right arm. Cody Rhodes whips Kaval off the ropes, then comes off the ropes himself and runs at Kaval, but Kaval ducks it, comes off the ropes and crossbodys Rhodes into a pinfall attempt: 1..2..Cody Rhodes just kicks out at two. Kaval starts climbing over to his corner, as Cody Rhodes starts to get up to his feet. Kaval tags in Alex Shelley, who gets a good pop as he jumps into the ring, runs at Cody Rhodes and clotheslines him to the ground.

Cody Rhodes gets up again, and Shelley grounds him again with another clothesline. Shelley runs at DiBiase, and punches him off the ring apron. Alex Shelley turns to Cody Rhodes and picks him up to his feet, only to grab his arm and whip him into his teamís corner. Shelley runs at Rhodes, and nails him with a Running Double High Knee. Shelley tags in Sabin, who jumps into the ring. Sabin grabs Rhodes arms, before whipping him into Alex Shelley, who performs a Belly to Belly Suplex on him! Chris Sabin helps Cody Rhodes up to his feet, then puts him into a sitting position on his shoulders. Alex Shelley climbs onto the top rope, then leaps off and dropkicks Rhodes! Ted DiBiase climbs into the ring, and runs at Alex Shelley, but Kaval runs into the ring and Spinning Heel Kicks DiBiase out of the ring. Chris Sabin makes the tag to Matt Sydal, who climbs up onto the top rope, before leaping off and hitting the SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Sydal covers: 1..2..3!

Winners via Pinfall @ 7:04; The Motor City Machineguns and Matt Sydal and Kaval

The four men in the ring celebrate, as Priceless walk backstage, with their heads down, as they wonít be getting a Tag Team Championship Match at Breaking Even.



As we come back from commercial, Bill Goldberg makes his way out to the ring, getting heat in the process. He gets into the ring, where he is handed a microphone.

Bill Goldberg: Iíve never been the one to come out here and talk. Iíve always spoke with my actions. But I feel like I need to come out here and get a little something off my chest. Bobby Lashley, you probably want answers and all of that, but the point is, I just saw you as a threat. I saw you as a young me. I saw you as being me when I was young. And all of the success I had, I didnít want you to have the same. Thatís why I did what I did.

Heat for Goldberg.

Bill Goldberg: Now, the Masked Man, I have no idea who it is. Iím not Ďbuddiedí up with him or anything. Iíd never seen him in my life, except for last week. I guess heís just like me. He doesnít like Bobby Lashley.


Bill Goldberg: When he attacked Lashley, I saw an opportunity. Another opportunity to come out and prove my point. The point that Bobby Lashley is, and never will be better than me, Bill Goldberg!

Heat. Goldberg starts his nodding head, but..


The crowd goes crazy as Bobby Lashley makes his way down to the ring. He instantly gets into the ring and gets in Goldbergís face. The two stare each other down, just waiting for the other one to back down. Neither one does, so Lashley grabs Goldbergís hand (the one that has the microphone in it) and puts the microphone up to his mouth.

Bobby Lashley: I donít, or I never want to be you Goldberg!


Bobby Lashley: I am Bobby Lashley. Iím my own man. I donít let people tell me what to do.

Goldberg: For your own good, you better get out of my face, before I put you on your ass, kid.

The crowd gives off heat at Goldberg calling Lashley ďkid.Ē Lashley doesnít get out of his face, so Goldberg backs up. Lashley is handed a microphone by somebody outside of the ring.

Bobby Lashley: Iíve got one thing to say to you Bill. Why donít you try and take me out when Iím looking? Why donít you face me at Breaking Even?

Huge pop.

Goldberg: I got no problem beating the hell out of you again at Breaking Even, it will be a pleasure.

Heat. Goldberg starts smiling, before THE MASKED MAN comes up behind Lashley, and clubs him in the back. Goldberg gets out of the ring, and walks to the back while laughing. The Masked Man starts beating down on Lashley, basically hitting him wherever he can. He helps Lashley up to his feet, before lifting him up onto his shoulders and landing, for the second week in a row, a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! The Masked Man jumps the barricade, and runs away through the crowd.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, I donít really know what to say. The Masked Man, for the second week in a row has beat down on Bobby Lashley.

Tazz: Iím about the same way partner.

Michael Cole:
Either way, in twelve days, WWA will hit the Pay-Per-View for the first time ever! In the Main Event as we learned earlier today, Jeff Hardy will defend his WWA World Championship against AJ Styles!

Tazz: After what occurred tonight, Iím pumped.

Michael Cole: We just learned that Bobby Lashley and Goldberg will go one on one!

Tazz: With all the drama between these two, Iím sure we are going to see a heck of a match.

Michael Cole:
And, Matt Sydal and Kaval will team up to take on Ron Killings and MVP!

Tazz: The two teams seemed to have reached their boiling points. I canít wait to see whatís going to happen when the two teams go at it.

Michael Cole: Coming up next, it is the final Quarterfinal Match in the Tournament to crowd a Television Champion. Elijah Burke will face off against a mystery opponent. Were going to find out who that opponent is..NEXT!


*Donít Waste My Time*

The man who proclaims he will win the Television Championship, Elijah Burke makes his way to the ring, getting alot of heat. He climbs into the ring, where he then gets in the corner on the second rope, and motions that The Championship Belt is going to be around his waist. Elijahís music stops, and their is a pause, before..

*Man With A Plan*

Brian Kendrick comes out, getting an ok reception from the crowd. He runs down the ramp, and slides into the ring underneath the bottom rope. He stands up, and with that the match begins.

Match #3
Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Elijah Burke vs Brian Kendrick

Ending: We pick up the match in the sixth minute, Elijah Burke has Kendrick in the middle of the ring, where he lifts him up and nails him with a Vertical Suplex. Burke colors: 1..2..Kendrick kicks out. Kendrick gets up and yells to the referee ďCOUNT FASTER! THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THREE!Ē Elijah helps Kendrick up to his feet, and helps Kendrick up to his, before whipping him into the corner. Burke then pulls his kneepads down, before running at Kendrick and hitting the ELIJAH EXPRESS-NO! Kendrick managed to get out of the way just before Burkeís knees crashed into his chest. Kendrick gets up to his feet, before running off the ropes, and double dropkicking Burke in the head. Kendrick covers: 1..2..Elijah Burke kicks out at two. Kendrick then waits for Burke to get up to his feet, before running at him and leg lariating him. Kendrick gets up to his feet, before climbing up to the top rope. He jumps off, going for the Left Turn at Albuquerque, but Burke moves out of the way at the last second. Elijah Burke crawls over to the ring ropes, where he uses them to help himself up to his feet. Brian Kendrick is also starting to get up to his feet, but Burke runs at him and quickly downs him with a hard kick to the ribs. Burke helps Kendrick up to his feet, before going for the ELIJAH EXPERIENCE, but Brian Kendrick somehow slips away from Burke. Kendrick comes off the ropes, but runs into a thunderous clothesline! Burke gets up to his feet, before signaling the Television Championship was going to be his. He helps Kendrick up to his feet, before hitting him with the ELIJAH EXPERIENCE! Burke covers: 1..2..3!

Winner via Pinfall @ 8:44; Elijah Burke (Advances to Semifinals)

Elijah Burke stands over Kendrick, raising his arm. He signals that the Television Championship is going to be his, before the camera cuts backstage to the interview set.

Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he will face Shelton Benjamin at Breaking Even, Matt Hardy!


Christy Hemme: Matt, what are your thoughts on your upcoming match with Shelton Benjamin?

Matt Hardy: My thoughts? My thoughts are that Iím going to tear Shelton Benjamin apart.


Matt Hardy: Shelton Benjamin is a coward. He attacks me when I donít expect it, then think heís the man or something? Well Iíve got news for ya Shelton. You ainít nothing.


Matt Hardy: Your just a punk kid, who needs his attitude checked. And come twelve days at Breaking Even, Iím going to be the one that puts it in place for ya.


Matt Hardy: And as for tonight, your match with my brother, Jeff. You try any funny business with him, if you try and attack him, I promise you, I will be out there.


Matt Hardy: I will be out there to kick your ass!

Another pop for Hardy. Hardyís starts to calm down a bit.

Matt Hardy: Shelton, thereís an old saying. Pay backs a bitch. So Iím going to give you a little bit of advice. If I was you, Iíd be watching your back, peaking around every corner. Because right now, I donít even want to wait for Breaking Even.


Matt Hardy:
I want to take you out right now! I want to injure you. I want to put you in the hospital. A wrestling match isnít going to be good enough, hell, even defeating you wonít be. Iím going to take you out Shelton Benjamin. You better watch out-THE MATTITUDE HAS BEEN UNLEASED!

Big pop at these final words. Hardy walks out of the camera, as Thunder cuts to commercial.



The WWA World Champion walks out, getting a major pop. He runs down to the ring, where he slides in underneath the bottom rope, and gets ready for action.

*Ainít No Stoppin Me*

His music hits, but Shelton Benjamin doesnít come out. Hardy asks the referee ďWhere is he?,Ē but the referee doesnít know. Then, from behind Hardy, Benjamin enters the ring with the steel chair and hits Jeff right in the back with it! Jeff cringes in pain, before turning around into Benjamin, who hits him in the head with the chair. Jeff goes down to the mat, as Shelton throws the chair down, before getting on top of Jeff and pummeling him with rights and lefts like crazy. The crowd boos, but Shelton of course doesnít care. The crowd starts cheering, and we soon know why as MATT HARDY slides into the ring, and takes down Shelton. Hardy pummels him with right hands. The crowd boos again, as AJ STYLES slides into the ring, before grabbing Jeff Hardy, and performing the STYLES CLASH on him again for the second time tonight! Matt Hardy finally realizes that Styles is in the ring, and runs at him with a clothesline, but Styles ducks, kicks Hardy in the injured ribs, making him cringe over in pain. Styles comes off the ropes and delivers a sickening kick to Hardyís skull. With both of the Hardyís down, Styles stands tall, before Shelton gets up as well. The two men stare at each other, before Shelton nods at him. Shelton turns around to leave, which turns out to be a mistake as Styles turns him around, kicks him in the midsection and lands the STYLES CLASH on Benjamin! Thunder goes off the air with AJ Styles standing tall..

End of Show

Quick Results
Rikishi d. Ron Killings
The Motor City Machineguns, Matt Sydal and Kaval d. Priceless
Elijah Burke d. Brian Kendrick
Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin went to a no contest

Event: Breaking Even
Date: August 22nd, 2010
Venue: Toyota Center, York, Pennsylvania

WWA World Championship
Jeff Hardy(C) vs AJ Styles

Goldberg vs Bobby Lashley

WWA Television Championship
Elijah Burke/Christian vs Rikishi

Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin

Matt Sydal and Kaval vs MVP and Ron Killings

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