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Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion

Have you read the rules?

During the day people vote to lynch another player. This effectively kills them off and removes them from the game.
The lynch is the main way to find mafia as it's the towns main way to get rid of them.

The mafia can kill each night, this means they can kill off people who suspect them (if they want) or just kill off a player who they think has a good role. Here most players have some sort of perk to help their faction, they're generally used at night too.

Um if you're innocent you need to try and catch the mafia. You do this by reading's peoples posts. Things like cognitative dissonance, nervousness, indecisiveness may indicate that someone is mafia. Or a bad player either.

If you're mafia look innocent, blend in if you want or just try and play as how you feel you would as innocent.

IDK I think that covers it.
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