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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

World Wrestling Alliance News

WWA have announced multiple big time signings.

Bryan Danielson: Danielson was released from the WWE at the beginning of the Nexus storyline, due to choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with his tie. Danielson wrestled on the independent scene for about a month before signing a contract with WWA.

Kane: Kane was in line to receive a push with the WWE, but they decided to go with some other plans, and give Drew McIntyre the push instead. Kane felt he deserved the push more, since he has been with the company for over 15 years and has never given them trouble before. Because of this incident, Kane requested his immediate release from the company, and was granted.

Brett DiBiase: The word around town, is that Brett DiBiase has always wanted to wrestle WITH his brother, not just on the same promotion. He felt like he had the best chance signing with WWA, which is exactly what he did.

Ezekiel Jackson: The final ECWWE World Champion, Jackson was injured in a match with Kane. He tore his right quadriceps muscle, and was out for approximately six months. He made his return to WWE TV in early July, but after one appearance on a house show was released.

Brian Kendrick: Didn’t think he was being utilized to his full ability in TNA, so when his contract ran out, he decided not to renew, and instead signed with WWA.

D’Lo Brown: Has been out of a job for a few years now. WWA felt they had a role just perfect for him to fit.

Jigsaw: The last competitor that WWA hired, he had been wrestling in Dragon Gate USA and Chikara, but wanted to get into ‘primetime’ professional wrestling, hence is why he signed a contract with the World Wrestling Alliance.

The timetable for these superstars to debut hasn't yet been announced, but some of them could start debuting as soon as after Breaking Even.

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