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Re: WWE: A New Dawn

[CENTER]This Show is a collaboration of three writers. Charlie (MyDeerHunter), Kakes, and Connon (Connon).


J.R.: Good evening and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Matt Striker: My name is Matt Striker, I’m here with J.R., and this is going to be a historic night for Monday Night Raw.

J.R.: It sure is Matt, new championships, new contenders, new signings, and most exciting of all, a new general manager, I can’t wait, and I know you can’t either.

Matt Striker: I sure can’t J.R.

Matt Striker: Woah! And what a way to start the show, the WWE Champion John Cena!

Cheers erupt around the arena as John Cena appears, smiling, with the WWE Championship over his shoulder. He salutes the crowd then runs down to the ring, jumping to his feet and taking a microphone left for him in the ring. He waits for the cheers to die down and his music to fade out, then talks.

John Cena: Well well, looks like I did it huh?

The crowd applaudes once more.

John Cena: For those of you who have not heard, let me inform you. The Champ! Is! Still! …here. And let me tell you something WWE Universe, it feels great to finally put this Batista thing behind me. I said that he couldn’t challenge for my title again if he lost at Extreme Rules, and he did. He quit. You all heard him didn’t you?

The crowd cheers on command and shouts their approval of the champion.

John Cena: So no doubt he’s going to come out here in a minute and complain that it wasn’t fair what I did and how he should get his rematch. But you can all back me up when I say that he had his shot and he wasted it. So how about someone knew huh? You all wanna see that don’t you, a new competitor. Because after all, this is a new era. No more Smackdown! I can’t believe it! Smackdown is where I made my name, I’d be nothing without that place. But hey, this is all about embracing the new, not about retreading the old. So do we all wanna see something new?

Evidently, the people do, and they cheer incredibly loudly. So much so it knocks John Cena off focus for a second, but he regains his composure.

John Cena: Wow, well it’s good that I do to then…

J.R.: Eurgh, we know who this is...

Chris Jericho emerges to a chorus of boos with the World Heavyweight Championship around his shoulder. He stays at the top of the ramp holding a microphone.

Chris Jericho: Hold on there champ. You’re not the only title holder on the show tonight. No, last night at Extreme Rules I defeated that nobody Jack Swagger as well as that lunatic Edge to win back my World Heavyweight Championship. I put my body through hell to get my title and what do I get? Bumped from the opening of the show so you can make the same speech you always do. We get it, the champ is here, blah blah blah, want some come get some, blah blah blah. So why don’t you step aside junior and let the real champion have the floor.

John Cena laughs as Chris Jericho walks down the ramp towards the ring.

John Cena: Junior? Junior!? I thought that was something I got over a long time ago. Now I know that you wanna brag about winning the championship and I’m happy for you, I am. But we’re on the same show. This is Monday night Raw. And although I learned the ropes on Smackdown, now, in 2010, on Monday nights I’m in charge!

Jericho stepped through the middle rope and into the ring.

Chris Jericho: Is that right huh? We’re both world champions, you aren’t any more important than me. However, I was the first ever undisputed champion, I’ve won the title five times, and I’ve been in this business a lot longer than you have, so I guess that means I’m in charge

John Cena: Yeah, yeah, everybody wants to see that don’t you. Does the WWE Universe want to see Chris Jericho?

The crowd boos accordingly.

John Cena: Or does the crowd want to see The Champ?

The fans make themselves heard, they clearly preferred Cena.

Chris Jericho: Well I don’t care what they say, I’m the champion and I’m opening the show.

The two of them squared off and walked very close to one another, staring into each other’s faces.

John Cena: Oh yeah, well this WWE Championship says that I’m the one opening.

Chris Jericho: I won the title last night, I deserve it!

The two of them almost butted heads they were so close to one another, both of them suddenly enraged.

The crowd roared in appreciation for the arrival of the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon. He performed his trademark strut out into the arena with a wide smile on his face. He stood at the top of the ramp with a microphone in his hand.

Vince McMahon: John! Chris! Both of you, calm down.

The two title holders still looked furious, but turned to face the chairman.

Vince McMahon: Now you two, I know you’re thinking about which one of you is the true champion of WWE, now that there is only one show. But I’m afraid that neither of you are important enough to open the show this week. No, this week is the time for something special. This is the new dawn for the WWE, everything is changing, and I have an Important announcement to make. John, Chris, your fate will be revealed no doubt about it, but first I have to tell you who will be revealing it. Yes, it is that time ladies and gentlemen for me to announce the new general manager of Monday Night Raw!

Matt Striker: Wow! Finally!

Vince McMahon: This man has helped myself through some hard times with this company. He has given us the funding to keep the WWE going. He has wrestling in his blood, and is a great benefit to this business. Without further a due, your new general manager…

Vince gestures to the entrance as it is silent for a moment in the arena.

Matt Striker: Oh ho hooo!

J.R.: Oh great, anyone but him!

The crowd are shocked into silence for a second, before rapturously booing JBL. Sure, he was a big name, but the crowd did not approve of his behaviour. JBL appeared at the top of the ramp, smirking and waving to the crowd, wearing a neat black suit.

JBL: Well, aren’t you all glad to see me? I saved your company! If it wasn’t for me right now you’d have to be watching some inferior wrestling show that no-one wanted to watch in the first place! But thanks to me, thanks to JBL, you can all watch Monday Night Raw just like every week. Well, apart from a few changes. Like my good friend Vince said a few weeks ago, there is a new championship. The Television Championship. And yeah, this will be decided at the pay-per-view next month, WWE Unified. Tonight, we’re gonna have ourselves a couple of qualifying matches to find out who’s gonna be competing for that belt in four weeks time. See? Don’t say I don’t give you what you want!

The crowd were surprised at what seemed like a genuine good act from JBL, but they knew this couldn’t last long.

Chris Jericho: Who cares about that? Oh wow, look, JBL is our general manager. I don’t care about some stupid television championship. What’s happening with this? Chris Jericho is the champion, I demand you retire this novelty trophy!

Chris points at Cena’s WWE Championship as Cena looks furious at the arrival of the Wrestling God.

JBL: Now hold on Chris I’m getting to you two. Yes, you both have championships and they’re both pretty important. But everyone knows that there can only be one. So, next month at WWE Unified, we’re gonna have a little unification match! John Cena vs. Chris Jericho! You got that:?

John Cena’s anger turns to a cocky smile as Jericho looks angry at the decision and shouts “What!?” but not in the microphone.

JBL: But as for the main event tonight. John, I know Batista can’t challenge for your WWE Championship, but I’m sure he wants some revenge. So tonight, you are going to go up against Batista! And Chris Jericho!

The crowd boos as Chris Jericho laughs at Cena.

JBL: BUT you’re going to have a tag team partner John! That’s right, tonight’s main event will be Chris Jericho and Batista...versus John Cena...and Randy Orton!

The crowd once again pops hard for the mention of Randy Orton, and his inclusion in the main event. JBL says he’s giving the people what they want, and his music plays as he walks off stage leaving Cena and Jericho looking shocked at one another.


Matt Striker: Can you believe all that J.R.? Not only is our new general manager John Bradshaw Layfield, the wrestling god, but we’ve got an incredible tag team main event! Unbelievable!

J.R.: I know, it’s fantastic. Well, coming up next is the fatal 4-way to decide the number one contender for Michelle McCool’s women’s championship.

Matt Striker: Yes, The Divas Championship has of course been retired so now this is the only one to play for in the women’s division. Who will be the next to attempt an end to Michelle McCool’s reign, we’ll find out next.

Melina vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Tiffany vs. Maryse

The match starts with Beth Phoenix, Tiffany and Melina each nodding at one another then ganging up on Maryse, beating her down in the corner. Maryse escapes under the bottom rope and quickly retreats into the barricade. Tiffany follows her outside and the two begin to brawl on the ring floor, with Maryse gaining the upper hand by slamming Tiffany into the ring steps. Meanwhile inside the ring Beth and Melina share a knowing glance that there’s no animosity between them, and lock up. The two exchange various arm drags, submissions and basic wrestling maneuvers to try and gain the upper hand from one another. Eventually, Beth manages to hit a Fisherman’s Suplex on Melina. By this point though, Maryse had crawled back into the ring and unsuccessfully attempted a roll-up on Beth. Gaining a two count.

Tiffany remained out of action for a large portion of the match because of the injury sustained when Maryse slammed her head off the ring steps. In the ring, Melina and Beth once again teamed up and took out Maryse, doing various double clothesline and leg drop variations. Maryse gained the upper hand however at around four minutes when Melina attempted to run at her, at which point she pulled down the top rope and sent Melina flying onto the ring floor, leaving only Maryse and Beth in the ring. The two of them exchange blows, with Beth’s hitting harder but Maryse not budging. The French-canadian then cunningly waited until the referee was checking on Melina outside the ring and poked Beth Phoenix in the eye. She then spun Beth round and connected with a French TKO. She covered Beth, but Melina threw her off her opponent at the two count, saving the matchup. Tiffany, who had now recovered, then pulled Melina away and back outside the ring, clotheslining her to the mat.

Beth stumbles to her feet and tries to clothesline Maryse, but she gets kicked in the gut. Maryse then hits the French Kiss on Beth Phoenix. As she is covering the Glamazon however, Tiffany runs and baseball slides both Maryse and Beth out the ring. She gets up and turns round to be met by a kick in the gut from Melina, who hits the Last Call and covers Tiffany for the three count.

Winner and new number one contender to the Women’s Championship: Melina (07:08)

Matt Striker: and there we have it, Melina is the new number one contender for the Women’s championship!

J.R.: Well Michelle McCool is away visiting her family this week but she’ll be back next Monday night and I’m sure she’s going to want to confront Melina, her new challenger, face to face.

Matt Striker: I hope so J.R., those two have the potential to put on a fantastic matchup and I personally want to see it sooner rather than later.

Matt Striker:: Welcome back to Monday night Raw and we currently have one of
several new Superstars in the ring.

J.R.: That’s right Matt, the WWE is going through some major changes and
this Superstar is one of them.

There is a massive pop for the new superstar as everyone is anxious to
meet the latest member of the WWE.

Lucky Cannon: Wow.

He is clearly blown back by the crowd and the reaction he is receiving.

Lucky Cannon: Thank you, it Is a great honour to be standing here in
this ring. This is what I've dreamt about my entire life and finally I
have made it into the best company in the world, the WWE.

The crowd cheer at the mention of their company.

Lucky Cannon: Throughout my life I have been lucky, may it be in
education, health, family, wrestling or making it to the WWE. That is
why my friends call me lucky and I quite like it. My name is Lucky
Cannon and I am here to......

The crowd boos at the site of Batista and a chant of "You suck" breaks

Batista walks out with a look of anger on his face, wearing his
wrestling attire with a t- shirt over the top.

Batista: Shut it!

The crowd continue to boo.

Batista: shut up! Who are you?

Batista directs at Lucky Cannon.

Lucky Cannon: I'm Lucky Cann...

Batista: Nobody cares! What are you doing In my ring? You are a
nobody, I should be WWE champion but John Cena cheated and used duct
tape. Are you serious? Duct tape?!

The crowd cheer at the mention of Cena's name.

Batista: Shut up! I should be opening the show, I should be in the
match for the WWE unified championships, I am Monday night Raw. No
posers like you should be in this company. I worked hard to get here
what did you do?

Lucky opens his mouth to speak but Batista stops him

Batista: You got a lucky pass huh? Well I worked to become WWE
champion and I should still be champion and should be challenging for
the unified belts and I'm going to prove that tonight when I beat John

The crowd intensify their jeers and Batista leaves the stage. Lucky
stands in the ring and shakes his head.

J.R.: Well that is not an official stipulation folks, Batista will
certainly not get a shot at the unified championship if he wins tonight.

Matt Striker: Well I don't see why not, If he beats John Cena and
Randy Orton tonight he more than deserves a shot at the titles.

J.R.: I don't think so Matt, he has used his rematch clause and he
knows that.

Matt Striker: He was cheated out of the WWE championship by John Cena
I think he has the right to a rematch.

J.R.: It was an Extreme rules match, anything goes, duct tape is
completely legal.

Matt Striker: Well, not in my eyes J.R. Join us after the break for a qualifying match for the Television Championship!

Matt Hardy vs. Vladimir Koslov vs. The Big Show

The match starts with Kozlov and Big Show teaming up on Matt Hardy and
beating him into a corner, he is bet to the ground and is knocked out
of the ring. This leaves Kozlov and Show in the ring, they stare at
each other and Kozlov starts pointing and shouting at the Big Show.
Show slaps him, Kozlov regains balance at the two start to grapple.
Show overpowers Kozlov and Pushes him to the ground, Kozlov looks
shaken but gets up and tries to German suplex the big show. He cannot
suplex him. But tries several times then big show sticks his ass out
and sends Kozlov flying across the ring to the ground. By this time
Hardy is on the top ropes and does a double diving sledge to big shows
head, the stuns show and Hardy begins to land punches on the big shows
back. Kozlov gets to his feet and gains Hardy’s attention. He signals
as to team up on the Big Show, Hardy looks confused and starts talking
to Kozlov. Big show however runs into both men at the same time,
connecting a shoulder to both Kozlov and Hardy.

Big Show now runs off the ropes and does his trademark hand raise
receiving major heat from the crowd.

The Big Show walks over to Hardy and lifts him to his feet and then
lifts him with both hands above his head, however Kozlov swipes Shows
left leg with his arm forcing Show to Stumble and drop Hardy to the
mat. Hardy rolls out of the ring as Big Show and Kozlov grapple once
more. This time Big Show pushes Kozlov into a corner which he bounces
out of, Big Show bounces off the ropes and bulldozes Kozlov to the
ground. Big Show turns Kozlov so that he is facing him and walks over
his chest causing Kozlov to roll about in pain. Hardy is now up and
standing at the opposite side of the ring, Big Show oblivious to this
picks Kozlov up and pushes him towards where Hardy is standing, Hardy
locks Kozlov I the side effect and executes it. Big show in an angry
rage charges at hardy, who pulls the top rope down Show goes flying
out of the ring, Kozlov has now got to his feet but is stumbling.
Hardy gets him into position for the twist of fate and pulls it off
perfectly and goes for the pin, getting the three count.

Winner and new contender for the Television Championship: Matt Hardy (5.54)

Big Show looks on in disgust and runs back into the ring, Hardy
realises and jumps out and jogs up the ramp with a smile on his face.

J.R.: What an electrifying match there and we have our first contender
for the new television championship in Matt Hardy.

Matt Striker: Yes, I would like to congratulate Matt Hardy on his
victory against two larger opponents very impressive.

J.R.: The world’s largest athlete cannot be happy with that
outcome as he was odds on favourite before the match.

J.R.: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw ladies and gentleman!

Matt Striker: It’s our illustrious new General Manager, The Millionaire Mauler himself JBL!

JBL stands at the top of the ring with a microphone in hand.

JBL: As you all know before I had the longest WWE Title reign in history, I made my name as a Tag Team legend as one half of the APA

Fans pop at the mention of the APA

JBL: But now I look around and the state of tag team wrestling in the WWE is atrocious, so I called up Vince and I told him that I would spend my time and money, both of which are incredibly valuable, and scour the globe; no expense spared looking for the very best tag team in the world. But I didn’t need to go very far to find it. I just had to go to the home of American Industry, Detroit. In fact why don’t I bring these guys out right now?

The crowd pops at the idea of a brand new tag team debuting right now.

J.R.: Well who is it?

Matt Striker: Whoever it is you can guarantee that it’s the very best. The Wrestling God himself said there was no expense.

J.R.: Why it’s the Motor City Machine Guns! How the hell did JBL pull this off?!

The guns make their way down to the ring and ask for two microphones. A small but noticeable chant of Motor City breaks out.

J.R.: Well it seems that some of our fans are familiar with these guys work...

Matt Striker: Well of course they are Jim! How can you not be familiar with a team that’s travelled all around the world and is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best Tag Team in the World?!

Alex Shelly: So this is the WWE huh? This is the best wrestling organisation in the world? I’m impressed. But I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s get some introductions down. My name is Alex Shelly and this is my partner Chris Sabin.

Chris Sabin: Hello there.

Alex Shelly: Together we make up the Motor City Machine Guns.

Pop for the mention of the guns.

Chris Sabin: You see, the Motor City Machine Guns about 3 things. Number 1 entertaining you the fans. Number 2 is getting laid and number 3 getting paid. But where we were was limiting our ability to do those 3 things. You see there wasn’t that many fans and the few fans there was ugly dudes.

There’s a small pop from the crowd at the not so subtle diss of TNA.

Alex Shelly: So when we got a call from JBL offering us tons of money and a Tag Team title shot at the upcoming Pay Per View it took as all of about 5 seconds to make a decision. You see Women like two things, Champions and money.

Chris Sabin: That’s right, so let’s bring out the current champions for a singles match between myself and the toughest guy in
The Hart Dynasty, Natalya.

The crowd pops at the joke then Tag Champions the Hart Dynasty theme “New Foundation” plays out but after 10 or so seconds no-one comes out.

J.R.: Well where are they?

Matt Striker: The Hart Dynasty playing some mind games here with the new number one contenders to their Tag Titles.

Chris Sabin: I guess they’re still at a Tim Hortons.

Alex Shelly: Chopping trees?

Some portions of the crowd start laughing.

Alex Shelly: Anyway let’s get out of here it’s time fo-

JBL: Now before you guys head out of here, there’s two new additions to the roster I’d like to introduce. In fact you guys might know them. First of all hailing from the City of Angels Christopher Daniels!

A small portion of the crowd cheers as “Wings of a Fallen Angel” plays and Christopher Daniels makes his way onto the ramp wearing his classic hooded robe. He looks in the direction of JBL and nods to him and makes his way down to the ring. Once in the ring he exchanges handshakes with the Guns who head on up the ramp.

JBL: Not so fast boys, I believe you may know the next new superstar, he hails from the worst part of the greatest city in the world, Brooklyn. He is Kaval!

"Fighter's Passion" plays to a very modest reception. A few people in the crowd start to chant “Low Ki” but that quickly dies down. As he passes the Guns he offers a handshake which the Guns are quick to accept.

JBL: Now these two boys are gonna put on a show that a Wrestling God himself could be proud of.

JBL walks backstage to a chorus of boos as Kaval and Daniels stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring.

Matt Striker: Stay right with us folks and be sure to join us after the break when the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels takes on the World Warrior Kaval next on Monday Night Raw!

Christopher Daniels vs. Kaval

The match begins with both men walking to the centre of the ring and smiling at each other before locking up, after a couple of collar elbow tie ups Daniels lands the first punch with a stiff right hand. Kaval looks slightly shocked before replying with one of his own. Kaval then begins to take the upper hand backing Daniels up into the corner with a series of kicks. With Daniels in the corner Kaval begins to chop him. With the crowd responding with a “Woo” accordingly. Kaval then places Daniels on the top rope and connects with the Koppu Kick, he then in turn scales the top rope. After composing himself for a few seconds he goes for the Ki Splash but at the very last second Daniels moves out of the way! A small chant of “Holy shit!” breaks out amongst the first few rows.

With that one mistake the momentum had shifted entirely. Daniels picked up Kaval and then took him right back down with a perfect belly-to-belly Suplex. He then goes to pick up Kaval again but gets caught off guard when Kaval quickly rolls him up 1-2- near fall. Embarrassed, Daniels lays some quick kicks into Kavals ribs.
After a few minutes of dominating Daniels tries to hook in Angels Wings but it's reversed into an STO takedown by Kaval. Kaval then locks in a cross-face and the crowd starts to cheer loudly, after nearly a minute of the crossface, Daniels finally manages to reach the ropes. With both men feeling the effect of a highly phyiscal match the crowd could sense the end was coming. At the second attempt of trying Daniels finally managed to hit Angels Wings, with Kaval laying just next to the turnbuckle Daniels jumps up and goes for the Best Moonsault Ever! But oh no! Kaval got his knees up!

With both men down on the mat Daniels crawls to get a cover on Kaval 1-2- Kick out!

J.R.: A kick-out from Kaval! This classic continues.

Matt Striker: Even though this match is only an “Exhibition” both men have a desire to impress on their WWE debuts. These guys are close friends and …

Suddenly Matt Striker is interrupted by “Radio”. Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes then come running down to the ring.

J.R.: What the hell are these two guys doing? They have absolutely no business being here!

Cody Rhodes begins laying big kicks into Kaval with Ryder doing the same to Daniels. Ryder then instructs Rhodes to go ringside and get a chair. Rhodes then holds Daniels up and Ryder delivers a sickening chair shot straight to the Fallen Angel. Ryder can then be heard shouting at Justin Roberts to “Give him a freaking mic.”
Zack Ryder: Listen up and listen good, this is our company. You guys can't just waltz in here and take our spots that we worked so hard to get. You two need to get back to wherever it is that you came from. Woo. Woo. Woo. You Know It.
Rhodes and Ryder head back up the ramp looking proud of themselves whilst the crowd boo's the hell out of them. The camera shows Kaval and Daniels laying on the mat before cutting to JR and Striker.

J.R.: What a cowardly attack by Rhodes and Ryder, these two young men really need to have a look at themselves in the mirror. Kaval and Christopher Daniels had put on a fantastic athletic contest that the crowd was really into and for it to end in such a way it's just cheating the fans.

Matt Striker: I respectfully disagree, I can totally relate to what Cody and Zack are feeling. There's been a huge change in the WWE right now so a lot of people are fearing for their jobs. Fearing for your position can make you do crazy things.

J.R.: So that's justification for attacking two helpless athlete after a gruelling fast paced match?
Matt Striker: In my opinion, yes.

J.R.: Oh you're just full of it aren't ya?

JBL is sitting in his office as the crowd boo his appearance. He has his head buried in paperwork when Edge enters the room, looking furious.

Edge: JBL! You’re the new general manager aren’t you?

JBL looks up from his paperwork, irate.

JBL: Yes, and I’m a general manager who would appreciate it if you knocked before you entered my office.

Edge: Look, I don’t care. Last time I was here on raw I was misused, wasted, thrown into matches that I didn’t care about, the works. Now that you’re here, what do I find? I’m not even in the main event. I’m not even on the card!

JBL: Woah, woah, Edge, calm down. Trust me, your position in this company is safe.

Edge: Really? Then why am I not in the main event?

JBL steps from around his desk and makes sure the door is shut.

JBL: Because, I’m resting you up…

Edge: Oh? What for?

JBL looks hesitant to tell Edge, but eventually speaks.

JBL: I can’t…I can’t exactly say right now, but trust me Edge, the people wanna see you, I know that, and I’ve got big plans for you in the future, you aren’t gonna be leaving the main event any time soon, you got me?

Edge smirks and nods his head.

Edge: I get you, okay, well I’ll take your word for it, but you better deliver JBL.

JBL: Oh trust me I will, but for now, why don’t you take the day off, huh?

Edge: Really?

JBL: Yeah, don’t worry about it, do what you want, you haven’t got anything to worry about.

Edge: Now that’s what I like to here…

Edge laughs as JBL opens his office door, showing him out. Edge leaves and JBL pats him on the shoulder, shutting the door behind him. He goes back and sits behind his desk, smirking to himself.

John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian

The three tentatively pace for a few moments, before Dolph Ziggler strikes, pummeling Christian into a corner. As this is a shot for a future championship match, it’s every man for himself, so no-one teams up. Dolph attempts a high knee in the corner to Christian, but Christian ducks inbetween the middle and top rope and kicks Dolph in the head. John then hits a Roundhouse Kick on Dolph and he hits the ground, rolling out the ring. Morrison and Christian were then left in the ring together and squared off. They exchange forearm shots before hitting some more high-flying offense to try and knock each other off balance. This hypes the crowd up as it seems they’re evenly matched, neither going down to the ground at any point. Eventually, Christian however manages to knock Morrison down with a flying dropkick from the top rope. He begins to clap his hands and hype the crowd up.

However, Dolph finally takes the opportunity and sneaks back into the ring, crouched and ready. The crowd attempt to warn Christian but to no avail, and as John is standing up and stumbling, Dolph locks his lethal Sleeper Hold on Christian, attempting to bring captain charisma down and win the match for himself. John is still not stable enough to realize what is going on and quickly starts to fade, however, once the Monday night delight stabilizes he runs and takes both Dolph and Christian out with a speedy clothesline. From there the matchup remains even, with these three highly athletic stars all attempting to one up each other with increasingly risky high-flying maneuvers, including Morrison trying for Starship Pain on a perfectly-positioned Ziggler, only for Christian to knock Morrison off the turnbuckle at the last moment. He attempts to cover Dolph, but he gets his foot on the ropes.

The end of the match comes when Dolph locks in another sleeper hold, this time on Morrison. Christian is lying outside the ring and Ziggler slowly knocks out his opponent. He goes down to one knee, as the crowd clap in an attempt to wake Morrison up. Soon Ziggler is standing and Morrison is almost lying down as the ref goes to check his hand. However as he does, Ziggler looks up to see Christian ascending the turnbuckle! He lets go of Morrison just in time to get hit by a diving crossbody, taking Ziggler down to the ground. They both get up quickly and, with Morrison nearly out, Christian kicks Ziggler hard in the gut. He grabs Dolph’s arms and hits the Killswitch! He covers Dolph Ziggler for the three count!

Winner and contender for the Television Championship: Christian (07:00)

J.R.: Wow, what a matchup there between these three outstanding competitors!

Matt Striker: Yes and I think we both agree that the best man definitely won in that match, credit to Morrison and definitely credit to Dolph but the spotlight is definitely on Christian, and to the victor, the spoils. Christian will now meet Matt Hardy at WWE Unified for the Television Championship!

Josh Matthew appears on screen backstage.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest, CM Punk.

Punk comes into shot with a smug look on his face and gets massive heat. Fellow Straight Edge Society members Luke Gallows and Serena accompany him.

Josh Matthews: Punk you defeated Rey Mysterio last night at Extreme Rules an-

Punk stops him mid-sentence and moves the microphone towards himself

CM Punk: Josh, last night I beat Rey Mysterio in the middle of the ring 1-2-3 and that I managed that without Brother Gallows or Sister Serena at ringside .

Josh Matthews: Punk with all due respect, there was that masked man who came out from under the ring and attacked Rey.

CM Punk: I didn't see anything. Brother Gallows did you see anything?

The camera moves to Luke Gallows who shakes his head. The crowd boos at the deception from the SES.

CM Punk: I think that the WWE Universe's poisoned mind imagined that. None of us noticed that.

Major heat from the crowd.

Josh Matthews: Well if it's okay with you we'd like to show you the recap from your match with Rey Mysterio from Extreme Rules last night.

A recap plays from last nights PPV in which it clearly shows a masked man attacking Rey Mysterio.

The crowd boos wildly as CM Punk mocks shock and sadness.

CM Punk: I... I'm speechless. Shocked and appalled. Of course not Josh you see Rey Mysterio is a coward. Rey Mysterio hides behind his mask and you all believe he is some kind of superhero in your pill induced state. So that's why at the brand new PPV Unified, I am challenging Rey Mysterio to a match but this is a special kind of match. You see this will be the very last match in the Rey Mysterio CM Punk chronicles. I am putting the one thing I cherish in this world on the line, no not my hair, If I lose the Straight Edge Society will disband.

The crowd pops at the idea of finally getting rid of the SES.

CM Punk: The WWE Universe seems to like that. Sheep. But there's a catch, you see I would not risk my precious Society without Rey Mysterio risking something himself. When Rey Mysterio loses he will be forced to join the SES.

The camera cuts to the crowd who have a mix of confusion and fear on on their faces.

CM Punk: We expect an answer by next week Rey.

Matt Striker: Will Rey Mysterio accept this match up? He could finally remove the thorn of the SES that has plagued him these past few months. We will find out by next week

J.R.: Speaking of next week Matt, none other than The Undertaker himself will be joining Monday Night Raw. next week! This is a monumental occasion as it'll be the first time since 2003 that The Undertaker will be a full time Superstar on the Raw roster. .Now let's get on with the Main Ev-

JR is interrupted by the lights going down then coming back up. The crowd sensing an Undertaker return is buzzing with excitement.

Matt Striker: Was that what I think it was?

J.R.: What else could it be!

The lights go down again and then after a few seconds. GONG. The crowd is going absolutely crazy! GONG. Then suddenly a message flickers on the titantron. HE'S COMING. And with that the lights come up.

J.R.:Proof if you needed it folks! The Undertaker here next week on Raw! What a show we'll have for you next week!

J.R.: Welcome back to Monday night Raw and we are bringing you a
massive main event tonight.

Matt Striker: That’s right J.R. the WWE champion, John Cena, will be in
tag team action teaming with the Viper, Randy Orton.

J.R.: And their opponents will be none other than the world heavyweight
champion, Chris Jericho and the Animal, Batista.

Matt Striker: With more than twenty world championships between them
this match has the potential to be a classic.

J.R.: That it does Matt, we now join our ring announcer Justin Roberts.

Batista & Chris Jericho vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

At this point the bell rings and the match begins, both men make their way to the centre of the ring. After a few seconds of staring at each other Orton goes for the first punch but it’s reversed by Batista who lands a big right hand of his own making Orton stumble back into the turnbuckle. After picking Orton up and delivering another big right hand Batista picks up Randy and bringing him over to his corner where he tags in Jericho. Jericho then begins to lay kicks into Orton before walking to the middle of the ring and motioning to Cena with the You Cant See Me. After taking a second too long Orton manages to get up and attack Jericho from behind but any hopes of a comeback are quickly thwarted after Batista rushes into the ring and attacks Batista. The referee forces Batista back onto the apron but during this Jericho chokes out Orton.
Orton then lays on the ground for a little bit but as Jericho comes over to begin the attack Randy catches him with a quick roll-up, 1-2- near fall! Jericho looks taken aback and the crowd cheers Randy on as he mounts a comeback. Orton manges to stand up and hit a picture perfect dropkick on Chris, who falls against the ropes and springs back into Orton’s way who hits a lovely snap suplex. Jericho then gets caught up in one of Randy’s signature chinlocks which keeps him grounded. With Cena on the apron firing up the crowd Randy looks in perfect control of the match. Orton then goes to tag John but before this Batista distracts the ref so as Cena steps in the ring the ref orders him straight back out, claiming to have not seen the tag. At this point Randy begins to move back to attack Jerich but Jericho manages to get a quick low blow. With both men on the ground Chris manages to tag in Batista and this begins Batista’s attacks.
After a few minutes of Batista and Jericho dominating with frequent tags, all that changes after one move. Jericho shoots Orton into the ropes looking to hit a big clothsline but Orton manages to avoid it and hit the backbreaker. With both men on the ground looking for a tag the crowd starts cheering wildly hoping for Orton to tag in Cena. Jericho manages to tag in Batista but just as he does that Orton tags in Cena. The crowd comes unglued as the WWE Champion makes his way into the ring looking for a fight. He hits a big fishermens suplex on Batista who then gets up dazed and confused, the crowd knows whats coming and erupts as Cena hits a flying shoulder, he bounces off the ropes and hits another! He turns to look at the crowd who can all sense it. The hand comes up in the air as he moves over Batista, You Can’t See Me, as he moves off the ropes. 5 Knuckle Shuffle! Just as Cena turns to the crowd Jericho sneaks in and hits a CODEBREAKER! Chris Jericho then suddenly locks in the Walls Of Jericho!

Winners by disqualification: John Cena & Randy Orton (11:00)

Cena is yelling out in pain as Jericho has the Walls still locked in, despite the DQ.

J.R.: Damnit Matt, this isn’t right! Chris has been DQed, the match has been thrown out and still he’s got the Walls of Jericho locked in!

Orton looks furious at the DQ and runs into the ring.

J.R.: Finally, the Viper is taking justice into his own hands!

Matt Striker: Yeah, J.R., but here comes the animal, Batista!
Batista runs into the ring and meets Orton’s run with a clothesline, knocking him to the ground. Jericho still has Cena in the Walls and he is now beginning to fall unconscious as Jericho wrenches back further and further.

Matt Striker: Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good, Batista is setting up Randy for a Batista Bomb!

J.R.: Oh my gawd! Somebody stop that psychopath!

Batista picks Randy up high in the air and hits a brutal Batista Bomb, knocking Randy out cold. Batista then walks over to Cena and crouches down, shouting in his face. Suddenly, the crowd goes from ravenous booing to rapturous cheers as the see someone sprinting down the ramp.

J.R.: Is that!? Is that!? Is that who I think it is Matt!?

Matt Striker: Yes it is J.R., it’s Lucky Cannon, and it looks like he wants payback!

Lucky rolls into the ring and dives on Batista, launching punches square at his face and kneeing him in the ribs. Batista yells out in pain and claws himself away, rolling out the ring. Lucky follows him and Batista quickly stumbles to his feet. He jumps over the barricade to escape Lucky and out into the crowd! But Lucky is following him! Batista sprints for the exit in an attempt to outrun Cannon and makes it out of the arena, with Lucky in hot pursuit. Meanwhile in the ring, Cena is completely out cold and Jericho finally releases the hold, looking down at Cena with contempt.

J.R.: Well I don’t believe this, I mean if it wasn’t for Lucky Cannon this would be a lot worse but this is shocking.

Jericho rolls out the ring and grabs both the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. He then climbs back into the ring and stands over Cena’s limp body. He holds both championships high in the air and his theme plays as the camera pans out and the crowd boo.


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