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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

Originally Posted by hell_frozen_over View Post
how can you have 34 minutes of wrestling on a one hour show...you have to factor in commercials and promos....unrealistic...plus that much wrestling on a two hour show is almost unrealistic!
The hell with realism.

Tuesday Night Thunder
August 3rd, 2010
York, Pennsylvania

A video plays recapping the events that happened last week, with AJ Styles defeating Goldberg, and Jeff Hardy defeating Bobby Lashley, via outside interference from Goldberg.
Camera goes to the Toyota Center in York, Pennsylvania. The WWA Thunder fans are on their feet, as the Thunder Theme Song, ďMonsterĒ by Skillet blares throughout the arena. The camera pans a little while and we hear Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to World Wrestling Allianceís Tuesday Night Thunder! Tonight, we will crown the first ever WWA World Champion when AJ Styles goes one on one with Jeff Hardy!

Tazz: I canít wait baby! After all that transpired last week, this is going to be one hell of a show.

Michael Cole: Thatís not all either, an eight man tournament will begin tonight for the Television Championship! Two of the Quarterfinal Matches will be this week, with the other two happening next week.

Bracket appears on screen.

Elijah Burke vs Matt Sydal
Christian vs Booker T
Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy
Rikishi vs Ron Killings
Tazz: Last week Elijah Burke guaranteed that he would become the television champion. And he has the chance to do that now.

Michael Cole: Thatís not all, in spite of what happened last week between the two te4ams Priceless and the new WWA Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machineguns, Cody Rhodes of Priceless will go one on one with Alex Shelley of The Motor City Machineguns.

*Just Close Your Eyes*

Christian walks out to a good reception from the crowd. He walks down to the ring, gets into it, ready for his Tournament Quarterfinal Match.

*Can You Dig It, Sucka?*

Booker T walks out, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. He doesnít take his eyes of Christian the whole time. Booker T eventually gets inside the ring and the match begins.

Match #1
Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Christian vs Booker T

Ending: Booker T comes off the ropes, looking for the SCISSORS KICK, but Christian gets out of the way, comes off the ropes and clotheslines Booker T. Christian covers: 1..2..Booker T gets his shoulder up at two. Christian gets up to his feet and helps Booker T up to his, before whipping him into the corner. Christian runs at him, but Booker T gets his elbow up at the last second. Booker then hits Christian with a Superkick! Booker T covers: 1..2..Christian kicks out. Booker helps Christian up to his feet, then gets him in the position for the BOOK END, but Christian lands a few elbows onto the side of Bookerís head. Christian then comes off the ropes and dropkicks Booker T right in his left knee. Booker T goes down to the mat holding his leg. Christian then grabs the leg, before applying a Cloverleaf. Booker T scurries to the bottom rope and is almost there, before Christian pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Booker T tries once again to make it to the bottom rope, but isnít able to. With no way to escape the hold, Booker T has no choice but to tap out.

Winner via Submission @ 8:34; Christian (Advances to Semifinals)

A small video package plays, hyping up the World Championship Match later tonight.


Michael Cole: Welcome back to Tuesday Night Thunder. As you just saw if you was watching the program, Christian moved on to the Semifinals of the Tournament to crown a Television Championship. But ladies and gentlemen, still to come tonight we will crown the first ever WWA World Champion!

Tazz: This is gonna be go-

Tazz is interrupted by..

*Live for the Moment*

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring to an enormous pop. Hardy is all business tonight, as he walks down to the ring, and is handed a microphone.

Matt Hardy: You know, Iím just as confused as the rest of you are. You see, last week I was just about to come out here and say how great it was to be here in WWA.


Matt Hardy: But Shelton Benjamin. Shelton Benjamin attacked me out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. I donít know if he was trying to make an impact of some sorts. But if he was, he messed with the wrong guy.


Matt Hardy: You see, Shelton might have thought he was making an impact. And he might have been. But to me, all he did was fire me up. When I heard that I was going to be facing him in the Tournament for the Television Championship, it just got me even more fired up. Not only will I be able to beat every ounce of Shelton Benjamin, Iíll also be able to move on in the tournament and capture the WWA Television Championship.

Another pop.

Matt Hardy: Tonight, I plan on doing exactly to Shelton what he did to me.

Matt lifts his shirt up, to reveal that his ribs are taped up.

Matt Hardy: Sheltonís pipe shot broke two of my ribs. Tonight, Iím going to break Shelton Benjaminís ribs. Except Iím not going to be a sissy and use a pipe. I donít need to use a pipe. All I need to do is use these.

Matt lifts up his hands, getting a good pop from the crowd.

Matt Hardy: So Shelton, lets quit the talking, get your ass out here right now!

Crowd cheers really loudly for this. Dramatic pause, before..

*Ainít No Stoppin Me*

Shelton Benjamin slowly walks down to the ring, not talking his eyes off of Hardy the entire time. Benjamin tries to get into the ring, but Hardy charges at him as soon as he gets in. Benjamin wisely gets out of the ring, and walks over to the timekeepers table, where he grabs a microphone.

Matt Hardy: Come on Shelton!

Shelton Benjamin: Matt, Calm down man. Calm down.

Shelton climbs up the ring steps, and cautiously steps in the ring.

Shelton Benjamin: It was nothiní against you man. I just gotta do what I gotta do.

Matt Hardy: Well now Iíve gotta do what Iíve gotta do.

Hardy charges at Benjamin, and swings with a right hand, but Benjamin ducks it, and runs to the opposite side of the ring.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey, calm down. Calm down man. Like I said It wasnít nothiní toward you. I was just making an impact.

Matt Hardy: Screw impacts! Youíve been in the wrestling business long enough, you shouldnít have to make an impact. Iím not coming out here to break your ribs to make an impact, Iím coming out here to break your ribs to get even!

Shelton Benjamin: Now Matt, if you want to talk like that, I have no problem breaking another couple of your ribs.


Shelton Benjamin: Right now, I would like to personally guarantee that I will beat Matt Hardy, and I will become the first Television Champion. Because, well ladies and gentlemen, I am the Golden Standard of the World Wrestling Alliance. And I have no problem doing whatever it does to get to the top. That means takings you out Matt Hardy, or taking any other nobody on the WWA Roster.

Matt Hardy: Then why donít we just quit the chit chat and start the match?


Shelton Benjamin: Are you sure you want to do this Matt? Because, if you do this match, I promise I will break every one of your ribs.

Heat. At this, Benjamin charges at Hardy and hits him with the microphone right in the head. Hardy goes down to the mat. Shelton then backs up, before running at Hardy and kicking him right in the ribs. The crowd is booing Benjamin like crazy.

Shelton Benjamin: You still want to go Matt? Huh? You still wanna go? You ainít nothiní.

Shelton drops the microphone and kicks Hardy in the ribs again. Two referees from the back run out, and tell Benjamin to stop. One of the refereeís goes over to Hardy, who is getting up to his feet and asks him if he still wants to do the fight. Benjamin picks the microphone back up.

Shelton Benjamin: You do this fight, and I promise you, you will never wrestle again!

More heat. Hardy nods his head yes at the referee. Hardy eventually helps himself up using the corner. The referee asks him if heís ready, and Hardy nods his head yes.

Match #2
Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin

Matt Hardy runs (well sorta, more like staggers) out of the corner, but Benjamin runs at him and hits a huge clothesline! Benjamin then helps Hardy up to his feet, before T-Bone Suplexing him! Benjamin isnít done, he grabs Hardy around the waist and locks in a sort of modified Bear Hug on the ground. Hardy seems to have passed out, so the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via Submission @ 0:32; Shelton Benjamin (Advances to Semifinals)

Shelton keeps the Bear Hug on Matt Hardy. Hardy eventually starts to eternally bleed. Multiple referees come from the bag and try to pry Benjamin off of Hardy, to no success. Benjamin eventually lets go of the hold.


Bobby Lashley is walking toward the ring. Christy Hemme stops him, wanting a few words.

Christy Hemme: Bobby, excuse me. What are your thoughts on what Goldberg did last week?

Bobby Lashley: Goldbergís next.

Lashley walks off to a big pop. Camera cuts tot he announcers table.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, if your just joining us, Matt Hardy has just been, well I donít really no what other word to use, annialated by Shelton Benjamin. But nonetheless, if your just joining in, we have had two Quarterfinal Matches in the Tournament to crown a new Television Champion. Christian defeating Booker T and Shelton Benjamin beat Matt Hardy.

Tazz: Iíve known Matt Hardy for a few years now, and I know that Matt hardy is going to be back, and heís going to get his revenge on Shelton Benjamin.

Michael Cole: Right now, we would like to take you back to next week, to show you how we got our WWA World Championship Match between Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles.

Thunder Rebound
-AJ Styles defeating Goldberg.
-Jeff Hardy defeating Bobby Lashley, via outside interference from Goldberg.


Bobby Lashley makes his way out to the ring, getting a good pop. He gets into the ring, where he is handed a microphone my somebody outside of the ring.

Bobby Lashley: Iím not out here to talk. Iím not out here to make conversation. All Iím out here to do is tell Goldberg he better get his ass out here right now.

Lashley drops the microphone, and gets ready for Goldberg. Nobody comes out though. Another pause, but still nobody is coming out. Lashley starts shaking his head no, but then out of nowhere a masked man comes up behind Lashley, and clubs him in the back of the head! Lashley instantly goes down, and the camera shows brass knuckles on the masked manís hand. The masked man helps Lashley up, lifts him onto his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver! Goldberg runs out from the back and climbs into the ring. Goldberg jumps into the ring, before getting in the corner and Ďstalkingí Lashley. Lashley gets up and Goldberg hits him with a huge Spear! Goldberg stands over Lashley, as the masked man gets out of the ring, jumps into the crowd and runs away.


*Fighters Passion*

Kaval makes his way down to the ring, with Matt Sydal by his side. He climbs into the ring and gets ready for his upcoming match.

*Iím Comin*

MVP makes his way down to the ring, getting some heat with Ron Killings. He climbs into the ring.

Match #3
Kaval vs MVP

Ending: Kaval runs at MVP and hits him with the Black Magic! Kaval cover: 1..2..MVP kicks out. Kaval jumps up to his feet, comes off the ropes and Double Foot Stomps MVP right in the chest. With MVP down, Kaval gets out of the ring and climbs to the top rope. MVP gets back up to his feet though, grabs Kaval and throws him off the top rope. MVP falls down onto Kaval into the cover: 1..2..Kaval kicks out. MVP gets up, comes off the ropes and goes for the Ballin Elbow, but Kaval moves out of the way. Kaval helps MVP up to his feet, before whipping him into the corner. Kaval runs at MVP in the corner, but Ron Killings grabs MVP and gets him out of the corner. Ron Killings makes a new Ďgameplaní with MVP, but it is broken up by Matt Sydal, who climbs up on the ring apron before and shooting star presses onto both men. Matt Sydal then jumps up to his feet, as Kaval climbs to the top rope. Kaval waits for MVP and Killings to get to their feet, before leaping off and crossbodying on both men! The referee calls for the bell after this move.

Match declared a No Contest @ 5:27

After the match, the fight continues, with Kaval and MVP continuing their battle and Matt Sydal and Ron Killings going at it. The fight is eventually broken up by referees and officials. Camera cuts backstage to the Co-Owners of WWA, Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette watching Thunder on a television in their office.

Paul Heyman: What a show weíve had so far tonight.

Jim Cornette: Itís been a crazy night. But I just had an idea for the upcoming pay-per-view, Breaking Even and I just wanted to run it past you, because thatís what partners do.

Paul Heyman: Sarcasm caught. Shoot.

Jim Cornette: Well, we both just saw what happened their on Thunder.

Paul Heyman: I donít have short term memory loss, so yes I remember.

Jim Cornette: So I was thinking that we put both of those two teams in a Tag Team Attraction at Breaking Even. Matt Sydal and Kaval vs MVP and Ron Killings.

Paul Heyman: You know, thatís not such a bad idea. Iíll pencil it down for the event.

At this, Priceless walks in to heat from the fans.

Ted DiBiase: So look, were not going to beat around the bush. Were here about business. Last week, The Motor City Machineguns, well they just got lucky. We are the better tag team, and we do know that.

Paul Heyman: The Motor City Machineguns won the straps last week, so ultimately they are the best tag team in the WWA.

Cody Rhodes:Like Ted said, they just got lucky. The reason we came to you, is because we want a shot at the Tag Team Championships.

Jim Cornette: And why should I give you two a title shot? You havenít done anything different than any other tag team in the World Wrestling Alliance.

Ted DiBiase: Because my father is the Million Dollar Man. And, Moneyís not a problem.

DiBiase pulls out a wad of cash.

Paul Heyman: You think you can just bribe us?

Jim Cornette: Iíve got an idea. Next week, you two will be in a match. And if you win, you can have a Tag Team Title Shot at Breaking Even. But your opponents. Your opponents will be Matt Sydal and Kaval.


Ted DiBiase: Thatís just fine with us. We are Priceless, and we can beat any team in the WWA.

Jim Cornette: I wasnít done. Matt Sydal and Kaval are your opponents, but Iím also adding another team to it.. THE MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS!

Huge pop. Priceless doesnít look to happy about this, and they try and tell Heyman and Cornette they canít do this, but the Heyman and Cornette donít really care what they say. Heyman and Cornette eventually kick the duo out of their office.


Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, AJ Styles!


Todd Grisham: AJ, tonight you will go one on one with Jeff Hardy for the WWA World Championship. What are your thoughts on the match.

AJ Styles: My thoughts on this match? You want to hear my thoughts?

Todd Grisham:
Well, yes.

AJ Styles: You donít deserve to hear my thoughts.


AJ Styles: My thoughts are that tonight, Iím going to go out there and do what I do best. Iím going to win the WWA World Championship. And while doing that, Iím going to put Jeff Hardy in the hospital. I donít like Jeff Hardy, in case you stupid people havenít gotten the memo yet.


AJ Styles: Jeff Hardy is a drughead.


AJ Styles: Have you seen Jeff Hardy tonight? No. I havenít seen him either. And I wonder where heís been at? I bet heís been at some prostitutes house smoking weed all night long! Hardy probably doesnít even know that Tuesday Night Thunder is tonight! You see, I donít need to do drugs or any of that other junk to make myself Ďhappy.í Sure, Iím just like the rest of the guys. I like to sit down, have a beer every now and again. But I donít do that all the time. Which is why Iím in the kind of shape Iím in, the kind of athlete that I am. Was Jeff Hardy ever voted the #1 wrestler in the world by PWI? I donít think so.

AJ Styles: Tonight, I guarantee it. Iím going to walk out of here the WWA World Champion. And, you can take that to the bank.

AJ Styles walks off, as the camera cuts away to a WWA Breaking Even video promotion. The event is live August 22nd on pay-per-view. Contact your Pay-Per-View provider for more details. Camera cuts to the announcers table.

Michael Cole:
Thatís Breaking Even, as you just saw live August 22nd, right here in the Toyota Center in York, Pennsylvania!

Tazz: I canít wait baby, the event is going to be off the charts.

Michael Cole: Already announced for the event is the team of Matt Sydal and Kaval going against MVP and Ron Killings.

Tazz: As we saw earlier tonight, these two teams donít really like each other, so I expect this match to be off the charts.

Michael Cole: And as we just learned, next week right here on Thunder, Priceless will be able to get a WWA World Tag Team Championship Match at Breaking Even, but itís not going to be an easy match for them.

Tazz: No surrey itís not. Theyíre gonna have to go up not only against Matt Sydal and Kaval, but against the men that hold the straps Priceless wants, The Motor City Machineguns.

Michael Cole: Iím getting word Tazz that weíre just about ready to start our main event of the evening, AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy for the WWA World Championship! Iím pumped up for this match, and I know your pumped up to partner.

Tazz: I canít wait.

Michael Cole: We donít have to wait any longer, folks, are you ready for AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy?

*Get Ready to Fly*

AJ Styles comes out to a bunch of heat. He walks a cocky walk down to the ring, before climbing up the steel ring steps, and getting in the ring.


At first, nobody comes out, but after a short pause Hardy comes out to a tremendous ovation. He runs down into the ring, before sliding in underneath the bottom rope.

Main Event
WWA World Championship
AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

Ending: AJ Styles is outside of the ring, trying to recooperate, but Jeff Hardy isnít going to let him do that, as Hardy comes off the ropes, before baseball sliding right into AJ styles. Hardy slides out of the ring, helps AJ up to his feet only to whip him into the security barrier. Hardy then starts to tear apart the announcers table. He takes the top of the announcers table and slams it on top of Styles. He then takes out the monitors. Hardy helps Styles up to his feet, before putting him on top of the announcers table. Hardy then rolls into the ring, breaking up the refereeís ten count, before getting on the ring apron and climbs up to the top rope. He looks like heís about to jump off. But AJ Styles rolls of the announcers table. Hardy sees this and luckily does not jump. Hardy climbs off the top rope, and goes after AJ Styles, but Styles has Ďregroupedí himself, and punches Hardy into the guy, before getting up, picking him up and dropping him face first onto the Announcers Table. Styles then rolls into the ring, as the referee as at a count of six. The refereeís count continues: 7..Hardy starts to get to his feet..8..9..Hardy rolls himself back into the ring.

When Hardy gets into the ring, Styles puts the boots on him. Styles helps Hardy up to his feet, whips him into the corner, and runs at him, but Hardy gets his boot up, and Styles eats it. Hardy then jumps onto the top rope and goes for WHISPER IN THE WIND, but Styles barely manages tog et out of the way. AJ Styles then climbs up to the top rope and attempts a rare SHOOTING STAR PRESS, but Jeff Hardy is the one moving out of the way this time. It takes a while for Hardy to get to his feet and by the time he is on his feet, AJ Styles is helping himself to his feet using the ropes. Hardy runs at Styles, but Styles ducks his head and back body drops Hardy over the top rope. Styles just sits down, trying to recooperate himself as the referee starts his count: 1..2..3..4..Hardy starts stirring..5..6..Hardy helps himself up using the ring apron, but Styles runs at him and baseball slides right into him. The referee yells at Styles, but Styles really doesnít give a crap what the referee says. Styles hops out of the ring, grabs Hardy and throws him back into the ring.

Styles gets into the ring as Hardy starts crawling toward the ropes. Styles comes off the ropes, before running at Hardy and kicking him right in the head. Styles then helps Hardy up to his feet, whips him into the corner, where he runs at him, and clotheslines him in the corner. Styles helps Hardy up to his feet, before getting landing the Cliffhanger (crucifix hold flipped forward into a DDT.) Styles covers: 1..2..Hardy just rolls his shoulder off the ground. Styles gets up, not believing that Hardy kicked out of that. He grabs one of Hardyís legs, but Hardy shrugs him off. Styles goes to grab it again, but this time Hardy kicks him right in the mouth. Hardy crawls over to the corner, where he helps himself up. Styles runs at Hardy, but Hardy puts his boot up and AJ runs right into it. Hardy then jumps to the top rope and hits Styles with WHISPER IN THE WIND! Hardy gets up to his feet, and helps Styles up to his. He whips Styles into the corner, then runs at him and spinning heel kicks him. Styles drops down into a sitting position in the corner. Jeff goes over to the corner, and lands the Hardyac Arrest. Hardy then drags Styles away from the corner, and climbs to the top rope. The fans know whatís coming and they start cheering. Hardy jumps off the ropes and lands the SWANTON BOMB! Hardy covers: 1..2..3!

Winner via Pinfall @ 17:12; NEW WWA World Champion, Jeff Hardy

The referee gets the championship belt and hands it to Hardy. Hardy gets up to his feet, as the fans in the Toyota Center are going absolutely nuts. Hardy gets on the second rope in the corner, and raised the WWA World Championship in the air, as pyro goes off and confetti falls from the ceiling.


Quick Results
Christian d. Booker T
Shelton Benjamin d. Matt Hardy
Kaval and MVP went to a No Contest
Jeff Hardy d. AJ Styles

Event: Breaking Even
Date: August 22nd, 2010
Venue: Toyota Center, York, Pennsylvania

Matt Sydal and Kaval vs MVP and Ron Killings
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