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Re: World Wrestling Alliance

Obviously this is only a brief recap of the show, so I'll give a few brief comments.

First of all, the start to the show was okay. It seems like you want to feud Cornette and Heyman, which I find to be fine, because it could be interesting. However, with that said, having it start on the show doesn't seem right. To create a company the two should be on the same page, and they obviously aren't right away here. I would much prefer to see this angle instead build up over time, with cracks appearing in the relationship between the two as co-owners, whether it be as a result of disagreeing on a few issues or whatever. AJ introducing himself as the big heel in the opening promo is something I have no problem with, as I actually feel he plays an okay cocky heel (better than any other character you'll see from AJ). A good way to start him off.

Okay, I can see how AJ facing Goldberg would be a punishment for AJ, however, I can't say I like Goldberg in this fed. First of all, it seems like a smallish fed, and that's something Goldberg doesn't fit in with by character. Secondly, not only did he lose his first match in the company, which goes against the whole Goldberg character and instantly makes him feel even more out of place here, but he was also forced to work about a ten minute match, when all Goldberg matches are best kept as short as possible. I don't mind the punishment for AJ for interrupting Cornette and Heyman, but Goldberg doesn't seem right here, and the way he's been booked on this show only strengthens my opinion in that regard.

Lashley and Jeff in the same segment probably isn't the best idea when both speak, tbh. :\

I'm a bit disappointed you're not using 'The Pope' character for Elijah, but getting some hype for your secondary title on your first show is a positive.

Nice little way to seemingly start up a feud between The Guns and Priceless before the title match. As for The Guns winning the titles, I have no problem with that, and the feud with Priceless should be a pretty good one.

Benjamin attacking Hardy seems really random. I know he's a heel, but some motive is needed, and it doesn't seem like there could be any, besides the old, boring "making an impact" one, which is a bit disappointing.

Jeff going through again is no problem, but the Goldberg/Lashley feud seems like a real money feud between two big men, and having them start like this may be a little underwhelming. I would have instead liked to have seen Goldberg or Lashley, having won all of their matches, declare themself the biggest and baddest man in WWA, only for the other, also undefeated, to interrupt, thus the two get in a huge brawl and you have a feud there. I know Goldberg's reasoning will probably be something along the lines of him being a better version than Lashley, but this doesn't seem like a way for a feud between two monsters to really begin.

Not a whole lot to say, really. The booking was a bit questionable, but I'll see where you go from here, with hopefully the shows to be in much greater depth. Good luck with this thread.

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