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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by BGLWrestlingGod View Post
Dude, I think we ALL love that match. Most of us agree that it was better than the match they had at Genesis a few weeks later.
I actually love the Genesis match more than the Impact match. It is my favorite match of the year, even though Angle/Anderson is the MOTY. I kind of hated everything in the 1/4 Impact AJ/Angle match.

There was no story to their match. The selling sucked in it. They whored out their finishers. It made every other wrestler on the roster that has gotten pinned by any of their finishers weak. Both men no sold the finishers because right after they kicked out they were back up doing cool moves and doing more finishers on each other.

The match was 20 minutes of finishers. I really canít put it clearer than that. It looked to me that both guys just said to each other before the match "Fuck everything, letís just go out there and hit a million finishers on each other".

To me, the only thing that the Impact match had that was going for it was that it was just mindless fun.

Their Genesis match on the other hand had a really good pace that was different from their other matches. Everything they did in that match mattered. The heel turn at the end was a surprise. Both men pulled out their finishers and other nice moves at the perfect times and they actually sold them like death in here.

Just my opinions though.
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