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Re: The "Book" thread.

Originally Posted by Postage View Post
A lot of people actually dislike the book. And I'm not talking about idiots who tried to get it banned for its adult themes either.
I haven't read it myself but my brother had to read it for school and he's summary was, "The main character just bitched about how much his life sucked when it really wasn't all that bad." I have no idea of that's true or not.

And Lord of the Flies was one of the best books that I read for school. But when you are forced to read a book it really takes something out of it. It was a great book but I can't say that there are any books that I would want to spend hours upon hours discussing and doing idiotic assignments for. Plus everything is hand fed to you when you read a book in school. I mean I understand all the main themes of the book and the message that the author tried to give us but I don't remember if I figured that out on my own or if I was told that.

I just finished "The Stand" by Stephen King. A lot of his stuff his hit or miss with me. There are times when I can really get engrossed in the book right away but there are some other stories where I'm halfway through the book and I'm just thinking, "What the fuck is going on?" "The Stand" was fantastic though. It managed to have some really big supernatural conflicts and stuff going on but I always felt the human aspect was so believable. If there was a huge plague I can't say I would be shocked if it was handled like it was in the book. I found myself so angry at what was happening, not because things were being handled wrong but because I felt that our government would do the same thing.

Now I'm doing some lighter reading with some Star Wars books I checked out of the library. I've been keeping up to date on the newer Star Wars books but there are just so many older ones that I haven't read or read at an age where I didn't retain all that much. I get really annoyed when one of the newer books brings back an old character and I don't know anything about that person so right now I'm trying to keep up.

I would also like to recommend Harry Turtledove (awful name I know). He has a fantastic Alternate History series where the South wins the Civil War and he takes the story all the way through the end of World War II. Very entertaining and you really get to know a lot of the characters pretty well. It's a little tough at first because there are just so many people in his books but I know that by the end of the series I had some feeling towards everyone. They aren't for everyone I know but I ended up loving the series. He also has some novels and 2 or 3 book series for anyone that doesn't want to get too involved in a very large series.
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