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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I've been watching Against All Odds 2010 and man, I really like this ppv. When they first announced that it was a one-night tournament, I was pretty uninterested, and then when they made it clear that the winner of the tournament faced the champion at Lockdown, pretty much making this the equivalent to the Royal Rumble, I was kind of annoyed that they made one of the throaway ppvs nothing but a buildup.

I remember reading the results and being SHOCKED to see that Anderson and Dinero were the main event, and worse, that, without any push at all, Elijah Burke had in one night seemingly become the next John Cena.

But then I watched it. I dled it in February and remember being surprised at how much I liked it. Not including the first match, which I have yet to watch again on the DVD, here are my thoughts.

8 Card Stud Quarter Final Match: D'Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe
This was a snappy little opener. Dinero and Wolfe are perfectly matched and clearly have great chemistry. Pope is obviously flashier, Wolfe more restrained, but that's what makes their styles so complimentary. I wish this could have gone on longer, but this was a nice opener and a good start to the tournament.


8 Card Stud Quarter Final Match: Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez
Goddamn TNA idiots, apparently on all copies of this disc, the first four minutes of this match skips like crazy. It's frustrating 1) because it's damn annoying 2)because this was one of the reasons I liked this event. I'm always game for a good power/power clash, but they so rarely deliver. Luckily, Hernandez can move, and Morgan can, too. Hernandez is clearly stronger, but Morgan is strill very strong. They're matched almost like Sid Vicious and Goldberg, though clearly neither is in the same league, but this is still an actual wrestling match. It's a shame I couldn't fully enjoy it because of the skipping, but this is still a pretty under-rated match.


8 Card Stud Quarter Final Match: Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson
This match truly was the first part of a trilogy. It's great, but it doesn't stand on its own. Angle thinks he has it all in the bag, but Anderson gets dirty and ends up dominating Angle. Angle puts up a fight, but it just isn't enough. For less than 10 minutes, this match has wrestling, blood, intensity, and a seemingly legitimate hate between these two. Obviously, they would go on to have an amazing ladder match on iMPACT! and one of the best matches of the year at Lockdown, but this was still a good start.


8 Card Stud Quarter Final Match: Abyss vs. Mick Foley
TNA pissed me off with this one. See, in WWE, when they have a big match, a "dream" match, and then it doesn't happen again at the next ppv, they really hype up the rematch: HHH/Cena II, Cena/Batista II, Angle/Michaels II, etc. Abyss vs. Mick Foley was a "dream" match, and in certain people's eyes it delivered. They didn't have a rematch a month later, instead they became friends and were forced into this match by Eric Bischoff. That made this rematch unique. The NoDQ stip was neccessary, but it was disappointing to see TNA take such a big match and just throw it into a tournament as if it were a throwaway. They didn't hype it up as a rematch, or even a big time match, it was just "round four of the tournament." The match itself was okay, pretty bland. Foley's prime is long since past him, Abyss can't do much nowadays, and unless they're setting fire to each other, we're not going to see anything special. This was more about the storyline, and nothing else.


Team 3D vs. The Nasty Boys
When I was a kid, The Nasty Boys were one of my favorite tag teams. When I got back into wrestling in 2003, I saw that one of the most popular tag teams was The Dudleys, so for me, this is a true "dream" match. These two have a lot in common, but a match never came to be. Was 2010 the right time for it to happen? Absolutely not. The best time would have been 1998, when The Nastys were still capable and 3D was up and coming, but then it wouldn't have been a "dream" match. Or maybe 2003, when clearly both times were legendary but sort of past their prime.

Anyway, the match itself is okay. You can tell that Ray and Devon have huge respect for The Nasties, which is why they break their backs trying to carry them. Knobbs and Sags can't do much, but this is a pretty standard tag team match, and for 10 minutes long, it's not bad. If it were any other two tag teams, I'd say it wasn't that good, but given the competitors, I quite enjoyed it.


8 Card Stud Semi Final Match: Matt Morgan vs. D'Angelo Dinero
For some reason, this is my least favorite of the tournament matches. Morgan always seems to work in slow motion and look very stagey, and he and Pope just don't go. The "david vs. goliath" psychology is in place, but not much is done with it. It's cool to see two of TNA's youngest up-and-comers going at it, and perhaps they'll have a better match down the line, but this just wasn't it.


8 Card Stud Semi Final Match: Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson
This was a huge improvement on their match at Genesis. Anderson plays the scared heel well, but always knows how to capitalize, the action is short and sweet, and the finish gets a better reaction than their first match.


TNA World Title: A.J. Styles vs. Samoa Joe
If you think you're getting the kind of match between Styles and Joe that you remember from 2005, then think again. This is a whole new story. Never before have these two wrestled in this capacity, with Styles as the top heel and Joe as the face challenger. Joe has been the monster in this feud, frequently dominating. Since Styles had just turned heel, it was pretty obvious he was retaining, but this was still a solid match. The action is back and forth and pretty athletic, and Styles immediately takes to wrestling as a heel, slowing the pace and dominating a lot, but it never takes off like in 2005. Still, a good match and a worthwhile title bout, but in retrospect, I'm glad that it didn't go on last.


So far, what I loved about the tournament is how evenly matched it is. Pope and Wolfe are both in the six-feet, 220 category, Hernandez and Morgan are the "power" guys, Anderson and Angle have the traditional look of the "superstar" at 6'1, 240 lbs (and are both big transfers from WWE), while Abyss and Foley are the "hardcore" guys. Then, in the semi-finals, both Pope and Anderson have to face a big guy (Morgan, Abyss), and then it all comes down to the them.

There's a real sense of importance with this tournament, not just because of Lockdown, but because of the amount of time given to the matches, the interviews throughout the night, and the fact the finals go on last. Review of the last match later.

Review of the last match later.

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