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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Thanks for the comments guys. I will rep + return them as soon as I spread enough and you both post the massive shows you have lined up. Anymore comments for Raw would be sweet as, but for now, some news and notes.


With the upcoming Royal Rumble pay per view just over two weeks away, the next 20 Superstars entered in the Royal Rumble match have been announced. 10 Raw and 10 Smackdown Superstars will join the already entered Mr. Kennedy and Umaga. The list of Superstars now in the Royal Rumble match now looks like...

Raw: Bobby Lashley, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Edge, Johnny Nitro, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, Triple H, Umaga
Smackdown: Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms, Joey Mercury, Kane, King Booker, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Paul London, The Miz, The Undertaker

This brings the total number of entrants announced so far to 22, meaning there are still eight spots available. Who will step forward to claim the remaining eight spots, and will there be any surprise entrants this year?

Also, another match has been announced for the upcoming pay-per-view. After scoring a pinfall over Jeff Hardy last week, Kenny Dykstra will face Hardy at the Royal Rumble with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. After gaining a measure of revenge last night by defeating Kenny in six man action, both men now hold pinfalls over each other. Who will emerge from the Royal Rumble as the Intercontinental Champion when these two meet?

~WWE News And Notes~

A recent wwe.com announcement listed 20 new entrants into the Royal Rumble match. One of those names announced was that of the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley. Despite the announcement of Lashley's involvement in the Rumble match, Lashley is still expected to be heavily involved in the ongoing storyline between WWE Champion John Cena and Rob Van Dam. The show ending angle of last Monday night's Raw suggested that a Cena/RVD showdown was set to take place at the Royal Rumble. However, Lashley will continue to be involved in the storyline. Possible angle are planned that could see Lashley enter the match, turning it into a triple threat, or simply Lashley wanting to challenge either Cena or RVD at some point. It is also rumoured that after attempts to heavily push Lashley as the face of ECW were met with boos from live audiences, which have followed him to Raw recently, a Lashley heel turn has not been ruled out.

Also on Raw, an angle took place were Umaga destroyed Eugene during both a match and a post match angle. It is heavily rumoured that this angle was booked as a way of 'killing off' the Eugene character. Creative feel that the child-like Eugene character has run it's course, but the obvious talent of Nick Dinsmore, the man behind the Eugene character, can't be ignored. Therefore creative have been charged the task of finding a credible storyline reason for the reintroduction of Dinsmore as a more serious character. It may be that Eugene/Dinsmore isn't seen on our screens for a number of weeks.

Elsewhere, plans for Wrestlemania are slowly being finalised. A top priority is finding a marquee opponent to face The Undertaker. The Deadman is not scheduled to be involved in either title match at Wrestlemania, meaning a credible opponent will be required to allow Taker to be involved in one of the main undercard matches. Work is set to start on building Undertaker's opponent as soon as possible, with creative looking for someone to emerge as a serious threat to end The Undertaker's famed Wrestlemania streak.

Plans to revamp the Tag and Cruiserweight divisions continue to forge ahead. On Raw, the Rated-RKO/DX feud is set to come to an end soon, with Edge, Orton, Michaels and Triple H all needed elsewhere on the Wrestlemania card. However, plans are already in place for Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin to take a more prominent role, as well as the creation of new teams over the next month or two. Over on Smackdown, the appearance of French Canadian bombshell Maryse has sparked interest in what her intentions are with regards to current champs Brian Kendrick and Paul London. Many plans have been thrown around, including Kendrick and London turning their backs on Ashley Massaro to become heels with Maryse, the possible split of the team with Kendrick turning heel on London and associating himself with Maryse, to Maryse bringing in a new team to challenge the champs. While the latter idea seems the most probable, a new face team is set to debut this Friday night, so a heel turn is definitely not out of the question. As for the Cruiserweight division, Bryan Danielson is a lock to debut in the upcoming weeks, while now that his feud with Chris Benoit is at an end, Chavo Guerrero will be reassigned, giving Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms two fresh challengers for the upcoming months.

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