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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

RAW Feedback

Since after just one show this has quickly become one of my favourite BTBs, you know I had to be back for another show.

Very interesting start to the show with a bit of hype for Lashley and Van Dam, giving them a real rub by having Vince focusing on them, and also adding some interest as to exactly what it is that McMahon is thinking. I loved the abrasiveness from Vince here, and with the promise of something to follow, you’ve already got me hooked.

Big match to kick off the show, with a good quick start to it to really show the heat in the feud. Some really nice spots in this match, especially the cowardly Masters biding behind Torrie, the chair shots through the garbage can, the low blow and subsequent revenge low blow, and the big chair shot to the spine off the springboard. Some pretty good, innovate and clever stuff. The finish to the match was pretty cool too, topping off a good opener.

A really good statement made by Rated RKO in this promo with the whole reasoning behind them being put together to destroy DX, thus they’re going to do it because they’re bored with them. Obviously it won’t happen, but it still made for a good promo. The stuff with Dykstra continuing to have not proven himself is interesting, as I thought maybe you did that last week with Dykstra costing Michaels the win, but I’m glad to see this is more of a long term thing.

Very interesting promo here which I thought was really well written. Honestly, it reminded me of the stuff Legend did with Heyman and Lashley. The sucking up to Lashley from McMahon, especially calling him handsome ( @ the “it’s like looking into a mirror” line) was great, and Vince honing in on Lashley not liking Van Dam was well done, really trying to bring the anger out of him. I doubt we’ll get it tonight, but the way you had Vince appeal to Lashley just seemed so right from him. A really well written segment, which provides interest as to where it will lead.

Yes, what a “great” WrestleMania moment.

Nice to see the divas action staying short, with Victoria picking up another good win, keeping the momentum you’ve given her going well. Not so sure about her pinning the champion, as having Candice take the fall would have worked fine, imo, but it’s still good to see Victoria being built to a title match.

A very intriguing segment here. The slight animosity between the two was written really well, and having Van Dam make the statement that he wants after Cena and why he’ll get a shot was done really well. The little parting shot from Cena was a nice touch too, adding some more interest to this whole Van Dam situation. Enjoying what you’re doing with this.

Nice little match between Flair and Haas, with the beatdown afterwards of course being the focus, much like last week. I’m sure this is headed towards a tag team feud, so it should be interesting to see who you’re going to pick to be Flair’s partner to stop these beatdowns and make it a fair contest.

The Rumble should be good for sure.

Nice six man tag match here, with some good action. I liked that Dykstra was the one that made the key mistake that led to DX and Hardy getting back into things, as he’s the inexperienced rookie of the trio, while Edge and Orton walking out and leaving Dykstra to cop the brunt it the finish was a fine way to end it, showing what Edge and Orton are all about in saving themselves.

Interesting challenge for next week, with the big match announced. I’m surprised it’s just in a regular tag team match from the sound of things, as there’s a lot of heat in this feud, but it should prove to be a very good match, and the stipulation behind it works well. Triple H’s call on Rated RKO about DX ending was pretty great, putting the comedic stuff into the DX promo, although perhaps what is most interesting is the apparent disagreement between Michaels and Triple H. It seems pretty clear that Michaels doesn’t want the match, and if I had to take a stab at it, it looks like they’ll be losing next week and headed into a feud of their own. Big match for next week, and some interest coming out of the promo with the future of DX in question, making for a good promo.

Good to see Umaga asking for a challenge, no doubt eventually leading to a feud with a bigger star that should help Umaga get further over. Not so good was the acceptance of Eugene for the challenge, but I guess it’s about that challenge going almost unanswered until someone actually good steps up to the plate. The post-match beatdown from Mags was good to see, further proving his dominance until someone steps up.

I have to say, I liked the way you set this up with both men being in the trainer’s room after their brutal matches. Clever. The talk between the two was okay, and a possible alliance between Carlito and Flair would work fine for me, even if we saw it irl. The teaming should hopefully do a lot for Carlito, even if at first they’re just feuding with The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

AN alright promo between McMahon and Cena, although I found it a little weird that McMahon said he didn‘t want Lashley or Van Dam near the WWE Title when the rest of the promo focused on how he wanted to keep RVD away from the gold, but also seemingly get Lashley near it. The interaction between these two was fine, and again, it builds that interest in the main event, but I still found that Lashley stuff a little odd.

Lashley receiving a few boos? A very interesting little note there, perhaps hinting at an impending heel turn and alliance with Vince. I have to say that I really liked that you positioned this match in the main event too, btw. Have to say, while I’m not a fan of finisher kickouts when the man who hits the move is able to make an immediate pin, especially on a weekly episode of something like RAW, the way in which it led to McMahon trying to get Lashley to use the steel chair on Van Dam was very well done, trying to play on Lashley’s frustrations. Lashley turning his back on McMahon was expected, as turning heel this quickly would be a bit of a letdown. Cena coming in to make the save, leading to Van Dam getting the win makes things very interesting, as Van Dam is no doubt now headed to a title match with Cena, while Lashley’s frustrations would have to grow. Very good way to finish the show.

Before reading this I was expecting a pretty good show, but I have to say that you really impressed me here. Your writing was solid throughout, and the booking is very interesting, especially in the main event picture, where you seem to have a lot of guys involved, yet you’re making it all connect well. Your midcard is looking pretty good too, and with some of these storylines looking like they’re going to be huge going into WrestleMania season, this thread is really looking good. Good stuff, man.

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