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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

No video package to start, but an interesting segment with Vince and Coach. A little thing that I would have changed in this segment was this - Coach says "I just thought that", but you followed with Vince saying "...you didn't think. You never think...". If you had Coach say "I was thinking", Vince's part would have made more sense. Just a small thing, but makes a difference.

Really can't believe you started the show with a No DQ match! I think the match deserves at the least some commentating buildup, but nonetheless, it should be hectic start to the show. Not too many spots in this one, but the finish was nice. Don't know where the two will go from here, but it should be interesting to see.

Nice lil' Rated RKO segment here. I think the most noteworthy moment of this promo was Kenny getting trashed by Edge. I can see Kenny revolting later on, but right now, it doesn't make any sense. I'm seeing a buildup of it first. Other than that, the match for later on should be good.

McMahon seems kinda weak at the start by letting it "slide". Major difference from last week I think. Nice proposition form McMahon. Quite an interesting situation. You don't see a heel Lashley in BTB too ofton, or at all, so the chance for it is unbelievably intriguing. With RVD a face, and Lashley facing him, it could be possible. I would actually mark hard for it. We'll just have to see.

lol @ Nitro valeting Melina. Not much of a match, but the after events are most notable. Victoria/Mickie is getting a little more interesting with this I guess. The other two are basically useless at this point though.

Cena didn't sound too much like Cena in this promo, but the ramifications have been made. A RVD/Cena feud would be good, as their minor feud back in the day (One Night Stand?) didn't really do much for me. I really can't see anything coming out of this for a while though, as RVD seems to be entangled with McMahon and Lashley.

Flair wins, but Haas and Benjamin clearly get the last laugh. Haas and Benji aren't really known as the attacking type so this after match attack was kinda strange to me. Don't really know what to think of this too, as there hasn't been much surrounding this storyline. Flair should come back and be golden after though. Nice to see the RR in there. Would have been bad if you forgot :P

WOW. I like the booking for the end of the match here with Orton and Edge leaving, which leaves Kenny to get destroyed. There's definitely gonna be a situation here, and I'm starting to love this whole scenario. Good job with that. The fact that HBK is kinda pissed off with Trips is kinda interesting as well. This whole storyline (with the exception of Hardy) is quite interesting, and I'm really getting into it. Huge match announced for next week. Something I would actually expect out of a ppv, but it'll definitely be a treat.

Another squash by Umaga. Despite the belief of many, I like that you're slowly building him up as a monster rather than having him in the mix. Puts him over for the time being.

Flair and Carlito? As a team? It could work. Definitely foreshadows it.

Wow, the Lashley/RVD match just became a contenders match? Wtf is happening? The VKM/RVD/Lashley storyline is everywhere. It's definitely interesting to see where they all end up. With no sure challenger for Cena atm, one of these two could surely step up.

Dominator so early in this match? And no finish from it? Kinda weak don't cha think? Whoa, twists and turns everywhere. Chair shot to VKM, Cena interrupts, and RVD wins. It looks as though Cena is next for RVD, and Lashley will pay attention to VKM now. A huge turn for this or these storylines on tonight's Raw. I'm liking how everything ended up though. I kinda thought it would end up this way, but with the promo before this one, it was hard to tell.

Overall, this show was mostly used to get storylines and feuds into their rightful place or to set up everything else. Although I thought this show was lacking in the amount of promos, the booking definitely made up for it. A solid and impressive show to say the least. RR is starting to near, and I'm definitely seeing some big actions for the weeks to come. Looking forward to Rated RKO/Kenny/DX, and the whole VKM/Lashley/RVD/Cena situation as well. Good stuff iMac as per usual. =)

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