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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

It was a very interesting and different start to the show, but it was incredibly effective. Showing Finlay so angry instantly got our attention and made us take him and his actions very seriously. The match itself was fantastic, and I couldn’t believe the length of it either. First I wasn’t sure about whether it was a good idea to spoil the Belfast Brawl before Saturday Night’s Main Event, but it gave everyone the chance to see how brutal the match will be, and of course it gave Smackdown a brilliant match. I particularly loved the counter from Super Crazy of the Celtic Cross on to the steel chair. That was awesome, and the fight Crazy put up really put him over too. Putting in that much effort to a TV match shows real commitment, so props to you sir. As for Lashley & JBL’s involvement, I was surprised to see both of them. I thought that maybe we’d see JBL wait for his revenge at Saturday Night’s Main Event to make a real impact as here it didn’t have as much. I guess it allows Lashley to get the win at Saturday Night’s Main Event, but if JBL was to get revenge, he would do it on the biggest possible stage for him being the vengeful son of a bitch that he is. Putting that to the side, it was a terrific start to the show in the sense that it wasn’t just a great match but it was something different.

JBL’s promo after the break was terrific too. It was great to see him so angry after being so smug last week, mixing it up and getting to see how his mood’s changed. You could understand and believe his frustration when he talked about beating The Undertaker and his typical ‘wrestling god’ speech, and it all built up well when he got to talking about Lashley. That definitely worked as it helped sell the beginning of that rivalry and the anger he’s feeling towards Lashley’s actions last week.

I didn’t see the preview for this show, and I’m not sure if you mentioned this or not but I’m surprised to see Paul London & Brian Kendrick going at it for a spot in the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania. I would’ve expected they’d be challenging for the tag team titles as there’s no other face team that can match up to them. Mr. Kennedy’s promo before was okay, and now he’s in Money in the Bank, I can understand his mood here, but I’m still not a fan of how the loss to Rey Mysterio has been swept under the floor. Anyway, moving on. Kennedy’s comments on commentary also offered some humour to what was a great match, and you really went all out on these first two matches when you didn’t really need to. Like I said before, it shows commitment to the thread and that you’re passionate about what you’re doing, which is great. The match was brilliant throughout, and it didn’t really matter who won, well maybe. I’m only assuming here, but if a turn is coming which I believe it may well be my putting one of them in the Money in the Bank, Kendrick would probably be the one to turn heel, so London winning is probably the better option. I’m a London fan too and think he would be great to watch in Money in the Bank. Another great match and this show is already at an incredibly high standard. It’s a pity I’ve got to take a break from it now!

Quit with the CM Punk hype. Get him on Smackdown already!

Matt Hardy’s interview was very good, really emphasising how personal MNM have made it between them and him & Shannon Moore. I forgot to say in my brief Smackdown comments last time with the Raw review that I felt Matt posing as a cameraman was unnecessary as there was no reason to disguise himself when he could’ve just run down the ramp. That was more calculated than the actions of someone who’s angry and out for revenge. What stood out in this interview was the challenge of a handicap match, and with Shannon out it’s going to be difficult. I think that there may just be a set up with Shannon coming back to embarrass MNM.

Chris Benoit’s win was emphatic as it could be going in to Saturday Night’s Main Event and the match with Booker T. I maybe would’ve liked to have seen him use the Crippler Crossface instead of the Sharpshooter, but that’s just me being picky. It put him over as a real machine, and that’s all you needed to do. It’s a pity that Booker’s not here to make a statement as I would’ve liked to have seen him do something to stop Benoit’s momentum. It’s all been about Benoit looking hot, and Jordan’s role’s been more important than Booker’s. With Jordan stood on the stage at the end, I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s going to have a big say in the outcome of the title match. It was a good idea to have him there as it only makes us speculate what could happen even more.

The Edge interview was good, really pushing his bitter side. Slagging off Smackdown and Batista is a sure fire way to piss off the fans and generate some heat for later on. His character was great and it sold the main event and his match with Batista at Saturday Night’s Main Event well too.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but you do like your interviews don’t you. By my count, this is four so far and we’re halfway through the show, and this is like three back to back if you take out the Benoit squashing a Dick. The more interviews you do, the less important they seem, especially when they’re one after another like this. It was modified slightly, but I can’t help but think you’d have been better off doing in this ring, not just to cut the amount of interviews but to make it more personal by having them face to face. It would’ve come off better had MNM confronted Matt and made everyone sit up and take note even more. With it being a new match for Saturday Night’s Main Event, and quite an important one, it would’ve got far more attention had it been done in the ring. Despite that, Melina’s comments were very insulting and personal, something which would also have had more effect if it was said to Matt’s face and in front of a live crowd.

Rey Mysterio picked up an impressive yet predictable victory over Simon Dean, but what was important was what he said afterwards. It still seems odd to me that after beating Mr. Kennedy at No Way Out that you’re going down this road when he’s finally getting some big success away from the cruiserweight division. I like the idea of an open challenge at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and any attempt to raise the attention on the division is all fine by me. It will be interesting to see who takes up the challenge tomorrow night. I hope that The Notorious K.I.D isn’t far away.

I liked the promo between Batista & Randy Orton as the intrigue in to their characters is developing nicely. I’m loving Orton’s approach to it by promising to keep his hands off of Batista, and Batista’s refusal to buy in to it. It’s a very interesting situation that’s for sure, and this promo only helped that along even further.

The Saturday Night’s Main Event card does look very inviting for sure, and it’s far better that you’ve given it far more significance by holding some very important matches. It’s going to be a very good show and I can’t wait to read it.

Another interview. We’ve reached overkill. It was a decent follow up to Rey’s promo earlier and his comments last week. It seemed like the same kind of Kash promo we got last week by talking himself up as the greatest cruiserweight ever but a bit more personal at times. It wasn’t all that necessary and seemed like you maybe had Kash appear just so you didn’t have to leave him off the show.

The main event was very good and the individual storylines within it played put perfectly. Having Cena & Angle flip at each other and go at it, leaving Edge to it was very sensible with their truly massive match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. The tension between Batista & Orton will reach new limits now it would seem after their clash, albeit an accidental one, giving Edge the ultimate opportunity that he always seems to get to sneak a win. It was good booking all round there.

It was a good show overall, and I don’t think I’ve said this before, but the show started so well that the second half suffered a bit. The main event saved it in that respect, and it would’ve been different had the London/Kendrick match swapped spots with Mysterio/Dean for example. All the interviews were in the later part of the show too with three practically back to back, and that didn’t help it. There were way too many of them, and if you scrapped the Matt Hardy & MNM ones to put them together in to an in-ring promo, that too would’ve created more excitement in the second half of the show. Still though it was a good build up for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Your shows are coming at us quick now! Anyway, predictions.

Clash of the Champions
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista
Edge won't pin Batista again after beating him on Smackdown. I don't see you having Batista job twice, and I think you'll have Orton keep to his word for now about not touching him.

Street Fight
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon
I just think Shawn'll go over at WrestleMania and that the McMahon's will keep him & Triple H waiting until then for the ultimate pay off. With no rules, it can happen.

Number One Contender to the WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena
Unless there's a swerve and it ends up being a triple threat at WrestleMania, it'll be Angle as it's all been about him & Edge. Formality.

Number One Contender to the World Tag Team Championships; Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. V-Squared vs. The Basham Brothers vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew
Has to be because of the storyline with The World's Strongest Tag Team and that none of the other teams should be anywhere near the titles.

United States Championship
Booker T © vs. Chris Benoit
I'm taking a shot here and saying that Booker will have Jordan help him win and set up a rematch for WrestleMania when Benoit finally takes the title.

Belfast Brawl
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
Unless JBL gets involved again, he will beat Finlay. I was expecting JBL to save the interference until this show. That's why I think Lashley will get the rub, and let's face it, Finlay doesn't need it.

Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight Invitational
Rey Mysterio vs. ???
I honestly don't know who will take him up on it, maybe Jamie Noble as he would make sense, but I'm not sure where he fits in in this thread.

Handicap Match
Matt Hardy vs. MNM
Shannon Moore will help Matt to the upset win, and the severity of his unjury will be revealed as a set up.

Bonus Questions
1) What will the match order be?
Rey's Invitational, Raw Fatal 4 Way Tag, Handicap Tag, Belfast Brawl, HBK vs Shane, Benoit vs Booker, Angle vs Cena, Champion vs Champion.

2) What will be the longest match?
Benoit vs Booker.

3) What will be the shortest match?
Rey's Individual

4) Who will accept Rey Mysterio's open cruiserweight challenge?
Jamie Noble

5) How many matches will end in a pinfall? Submission? Other?
5 pinfall, 1 submission, 2 other.

6) Will we have any surprise appearances from someone not listed on the rosters? If yes, then by who?

7) Will both of the advertised promos result in WrestleMania matches being made?
No, just one perhaps.

8) Will be there any face/heel turns? If yes, then by who?
Is this here because of Orlando Jordan? I might have to change my prediction above. Sod it, I'll cheat a bit and say one, Jordan will turn face.

Looking forward to the show.
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