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Revolution of Retribution PPV Results

Video package shows all the rivalries built up for this PPV and is played to by Motorhead-Born to Raise Hell.

Pyro goes off and the crowd errupts for the first ever named official PPV on the WIWA calender.

JR: Wow folks Im Jim Ross alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler welcoming you to our first ever official PPV, ROR here in the Joe Louis Arena, Detriot, Michigan and by god its gonna be a night no-one will ever forget, King your thoughts?

King: I cant wait JR, have you seen the card? An excellent bunch of matches tonight I personally cannot wait for the ROR matchup, which is our main event!

JR: Its gonna be a wild ride and we are kicking things off with the first ever WIWA TV title matchup between Shelton Benjamin and AJ Styles.

King: O yeah, these two put on a great match on Full Throttle and Adam has rewarded them with a chance to wear some gold for their efforts!

JR: Lets get it on folks!

Match 1: Singles Match for the WIWA TV Championship
Participants: Shelton Benjamin vs AJ Styles

Another classic. Shelton dominated earlier on but AJ saw an opening and went to work on Sheltons left arm for most of the match. AJ had Shelton in a painful looking armbar but Shleton refused to tap. Shelton got back to his feet and fought out, eventually giving Styles the DDT. Both men go down. Shelton up first and goes for Styles but Styles moves and Shelton is rolled up and almost beaten. Styles then hits Shelton with a standing dropkick and goes for the StylesClash. Shelton counters and catapults Styles into the corner. Styles stumbles around into a T-Bone suplex. 1-2- Styles kicks out. Shelton cannot believe it. Shelton gets Styles up and hits another one. This time the ref counts 1--2--3!

Match Time: 12m 34s
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin (New TV Title Champion)

JR: What a match these 2 had again, they have such great chemistry together.

King: Amen to that JR, these 2 could bring a dead crowd ALIVE! muwahaha!

JR: Ok? Well I understand that Roger Walker is standing by with the Rock


Roger- Well Rock tonight.......(Rock swipes mic from Roger)

ROCKY! chants going around the arena

Rock- Tonight the WIWA makes history, tonight 8 men enter a sadistic, original, never before seen, heard or thought of to this day, ready to hurt and damage each other. Tonight Eddie Guerrero vs HHH, title on the line, and also that maple leaf mucnher Bret Hart (boos) Yes thats right the maple leaf muncher Bret Hart (SUCKS! says the Detroit crowd) takes on Sting, the man he cost a possible title matchup against. And the Immortal One goes up against his Royal NACHOness (crowd errupts with laughter) in a match not seen for about 15 odd years. But tonight, the Rock introduces a man that will help him bring down Bret Hart and his damn anti-american thoughts. O yes Bret you know this man very well, and you dispise this man aswell. Goddam it, I completley forgot about this........FINALLY! THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO DETROIT! (crowd errupts) Tonight the millions AND MILLIONS! of the Rocks fans will be electrified when the great one steps into that ring to announce who his good friend is, and Bret Hart, you wont like it one bit, but the crowd will love it........IF YA SMELLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK....IS....COOKING!

Rock walks off

JR: Well who could the Rock have with him here tonight?

King: I dunno but I hope its someone that can get the job done.

JR: Well are you ready for this King? 6 men fighting in an elimination tables match for the Hardcore title!

King: Bring it on I cant wait!

Match 2: 6 Man Elimination Tables Match for the Hardcore Championship
Participants: Hardcore Holly (c) vs Tommy Dreamer vs Cactus Jack vs Perry Saturn vs Tony Mamaluke vs New Jack

Everyone pairs off as soon as the bell is rung. Holly with Saturn, Dreamer with Mamaluke and Catus with Jack. Cactus winds up a right hand then takes himself and New Jack out to the floor, then does the BANG BANG gun sign. Holly whipped Saturn into the steel steps hard. Dreamer had Mamaluke in the ring and Mamaluke gave Dreamer a low blow which is perfectly legal in this sort of matchup. Mamaluke then gives Dreamer a double arm DDT but instead of letting go turns it into a crossface like hold. Holly suplexes Saturn on the floor. Cactus pulls some trash cans out from under the ring and chucks them in the ring. Cactus turns around and New Jack drives a ladder into Cactus' ribs, then slams it on Cactus' back. Jack pulls out a table from under the ring and sets it up. Holly whacks Saturn around with a kendo stick including one to the skull which breaks the stick in half. Mamaluke grabs a trash can and hits Dreamer with it. Saturn and Dreamer are both bleeding badly. New Jack hits Cactus 3 times with a steel chair before Cactus goes down, then places Cactus on the table and climbs to the top rope. New Jack signals for an elbow. But Mamaluke comes from behind and pushes Jack off the top rope, Cactus moves off the table and Jack goes crashing through the table!
HOLY SHIT chants start around Detroit. Mamaluke celebrates but not for long as Holly gives him a thunderous Alabamaslam onto one of the trash cans. Cactus goes under the ring and pulls out another trash can, this time its filled with tons of different weapons. It included a tree branch, road signs, saucepans, framed picture, kendo stick, bin lid and !BARBIE! The crowd errupts as Cactus cleans house with barbie, busting everyone open. New Jack is helped to the back by the EMT's as this goes on. Cactus then goes under the ring again and pulls out 2 more tables. He slides one in the ring with the ladder thats next to him and sets up the table in the corner. He grabs a saucepan and whacks Dreamer with it. Cactus turns around and is put in the sicilian crab by Mamaluke. Cactus screams in pain but wont tap. Mamaluke releases the hold and Saturn smashes the glass framed portrait over Mamalukes head! ECW chants start now. Saturn picks up Mamaluke and whips him into the table and eliminates him.
Hardcore Holly gets to his feet and stares at Mamalukes crippled body in shock. Saturn blindsides Holly with an elbow and that knocks Holly out to the floor. Dreamer follows Holly out. Dreamer picks up Holly and slams him into the french announcers table then catapults Holly over the barricade into the crowd. Dreamer and Holly then start fighting through the crowd. Back in the ring Saturn hits Cactus with a roadsign then with the tree branch which cracks in 2 over Cactus' back. Saturn then slams Cactus and grabs the ladder. Saturn turns around and Cactus dropkicks! the ladder in Saturns face. Cactus then powerbombs Saturn on the ladder. Saturn is holding his back, writhing in pain. Cactus taunts again then falls down bleeding badly. In the crowd Holly grabs an orange juice, has a sip then sprays it in Dreamers face. Holly then mounts Dreamer and pummels him with right hands. Back in the ring Cactus whips Saturn to the ropes and clotheslines Saturn down. Then Cactus rolls outside and from under the ring pulls out a table covered in !BARB WIRE! The crowd errupts again. Cactus then pulls saturn outside and hits him with a trash can. Then Cactus goes under the ring and comes out with a kettle of kerosene and a large wheat coloured bag! The crowd know whats coming. Cactus throws Saturn in the ring and then empties the contents of the bag in the ring. The contents of the bag were !THUMBTACKS! Saturn looks at them in sheer fear and tries to scurry away but Cactus grabs him by the leg, only to get kicked repeatedly in the face by Saturn. Up in the crowd Holly and Dreamer had fought up on the balcony above our technical area. Dreamer hit Holly with a safety sign. Holly grabs something from his jeans. Its powder as he throws it in the eyes of Dreamer who is now temporarily blinded! Holly then grabs Dreamer and throws him over the balcony railing to the equipment below which included tables!!!
The crowd are silenced in awe. We see Holly's look of shock as he realizes what he just did. Holly falls down to the floor. Back in the ring. Saturn gets the kendo stick and cracks it over Cactus head. Cactus wobbles and stumbles backwards but dosent go down. Saturn charges at Cactus but Cactus elevates him over his shoulder and onto the thumbtacks! Saturn writhes in pain, screaming and yelling. His back starts bleeding really badly. Cactus gets the kerosene kettle and barbie, dips barbie in the keosene then pulls a lighter out of his pocket! Cactus lights barbie on !FIRE! Cactus winds up barbie and hits Saturn over the head with it, then extinguishes barbie and throws her out of the ring. HOLY SHIT! chants going around again. Cactus then slides the table with barb wire into the ring and places Saturn on it. Cactus then goes to the top rope and jumps at Saturn, but Saturn rolls away and Cactus crashes through the barb wire table!!!
Its now just Hardcore Holly vs Perry Saturn. Holly stumbles back into the ring and dropkicks Saturn down and pins him but the ref tells Holly that theres no pins in this match. Holly winces in pain and anger. He gets the tables from the outside and goes to slide it in but Saturn baseball slides it into Holly. Both men down. EMT's stretcher out Cactus Jack and Tommy Dreamer to huge ovations by the crowd. Saturn slams Holly's head into the barricade then rolls Holly back in the ring. Saturn dosent see that Holly has a roadsign as Holly whacks Saturn on the head with it. Saturn drops to one knee then Holly knees him in the head. Holly quckly sets up the table, but when Holly turns around Saturn spinebusters Holly through the table and we have a winner!
The crowd claps in appreciation as Saturn celebrates, they start chanting YOU'RE HARDCORE, YOU'RE HARDCORE!

Match Time: 22m 59s
WINNER: Perry Saturn (New Hardcore Champion)

We cross over to JR and the King who are both speechless with faces off shock on them.

JR: O.....o....O MY GOD!....I...I....dont believe what I have just seen!

King: You're right......JR.....lets hope those 6 men get all the medical attention they need, especially Saturn, Cactus and Dreamer!

JR: Well I have seen CZW, I have seen ECW, I have seen WWE/WWF, ROH and NWA-TNA street fights, I have seen the lot, but that was the most brutal hardcore match I have EVER SEEN!

The camera fades away from JR and King and shows the video of CM Punk winning the right to face Rey Mysterio tonight

JR: Ladies and gentlemen the tag team matchup schedueled bewteen Norton & Waterman vs Test & Kidman has been cancelled.

King: Up now is the Lightweight championship, Im still shocked from earlier through JR.

JR: I dont think anyone who was in or witnessed that match will ever be the same.

Match 3: Singles Match for the Lightweight Championship
Participants: Rey Mysterio (c) vs CM Punk

Very exciting matchup with no-one able to get a real advantage. Right at the end of the match Mysterio hit the 619 and then went for the WestCoastPop but CM Punk countered it into a sitdown powerbomb. Punk then climbed to the top and nailed the tumbleweed! The ref counts 1----2----3!

Match Time: 9m 27s
WINNER: CM Punk (New Lightweight Champion)

JR: What an exciting match! Punk and Mysterio displaying why they are 2 of the best cruiserweights today!

King: That was nail biting stuff all the way, great win for CM Punk and bad luck for Rey Mysterio.

JR: Apparently Paul Heyman has requested an interview in his office which is where we take you now.

Camera fades to Heymans office.

Heyman- Well is everyone having a good time (crowd errupts). Well your night will only get better becuase I have decided due to Bret Harts anti-american ways that this match between Bret and Sting needs some extra spicing up. So there will be a guest referee and a guest enforcer. The guest enforcer will be the peoples champ, THE ROCK! (crowd goes nuts), and the referee will be none other than the man Rock was talking about earlier, the beer drinking, finger guestering, bad mouthing, foul tempered, bald ass kicking, stunning machine, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! (crowd goes nuts again). Thats all folks!

JR: Well I dont by god believe it! The Rock and Stone Cold refereeing and enforcing this match! Stone Cold is back and he's in the WIWA!

King: Thats unbelievable JR, the Brahma Bull and the Rattlesanke together again! I cant wait for that match!

JR: Well now its time for the triple threat International title matchup.

Match 4: Triple Threat Match for the WIWA International Championship
Participants: Chris Jericho (c) vs Rob Van Dam vs Ken Shamrock

RVD came out first to a huge erruption from the Detroit crowd. He didnt get far though because Shamrock attacked him on the way down and worked on RVD's leg until Jericho came out to another huge cheer. Shamrock grabbed a chair and hit Jericho with it. Shamrock dragged RVD into the ring and put the ancklelock on RVD. RVD winced and yelled in pain but wouldnt tap out. Jericho rushed back in, bleeding badly and locked the Walls of Jericho on Shamrock. Shamrock somehow crawled to the bottom rope but Jericho wouldnt realese the hold. The ref rang the bell and disqualified Y2J. After this Jericho and RVD stared each other down before both attacking Shamrock, much to the crowds delight. Jericho hit Shamrock with the chair then placed the chair on Shamrock as RVD delivered a 5 Star frog splash to Shamrock. RVD and Y2J played to the crowd for a bit but from the crowd, armed with lead pipes, came Mark Jindrak, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Mike Sanders, Sean Stasiak and Reno. They mugged and brutally beat RVD and Y2J down. D-Lo Brown and Ron Waterman tried to make a save but they too got over run and 6 members of the Natural Born Thrillers (NBT) were slapping each other high fives and hugging each other. Reno grabbed a mic

Reno- We are the Natural Born Thrillers! And we are here to do just that, thrill the hell outta the WIWA!

NTB exit leaving RVD, Jericho, Waterman and D-Lo needing medical assistance.

Match Time: 6m 34s
WINNER: Chris Jericho via DQ

JR: I dont believe it King, the NBT are back in WIWA, and they look really well in shape too!

King: Yes Yes Yes! They are here to take over the WIWA, I love it.

JR: Well Im sure that the 4 men they just mugged dont think its so good!

King: Too bad JR, they were in the way, and old rubbish thats in the way gets taken out.

JR: O please sometimes you make me sick!

Match 5: Singles Submission Match
Participants: Sting vs Bret Hart (Special Referee: Stone Cold, Special Enforcer: The Rock)

The Rock and Stone Cold got such loud pops the whole building actually shook because of the erruption from the crowd. Sting also got a huge pop, Bret Hart got a massive wave of heat and tons of USA chants.
Sting was in control early on working Harts left arm but eventually Hart used some dirty tactics and controlled Stings leg.
Sting had been crippled almost, he could barely stand. Bret Hart picked up the american flag Sting had brought with him and Hart wiped his ass with it. People started throwing items in the ring at Hart. Hart gave Austin the finger and told the Rock to kiss his maple leaf munching Canadian ass! Austin and Rock had enough and Austin gave Hart the finger back and stunned Bret Hart, much to the joy of the Detroit crowd. Then Austin let the Rock do the peoples elbow which brought another huge cheer from the crowd. Then Sting latched the sharpshooter on hart and another huge cheer from the crowd. Austin was watching to see if an unconscious Hart would tap. The Rock grabbed Harts hand and slapped it on the canvas. Austin, Sting and The Rock all smirked before Austin told the timekeeper to ring the bell. The crowd went crazy. Jim Neidhart rushed down the ring to a chorus of boos and carried Bret Hart out on his shoulder, making cut throat signs at Austin, Rock and Sting.

Match Time: 18m 20s

JR: Yes take that you ingreat Canadian, America and Canada are supposed to get along, not be bitter enemies!

King: A little dose of revenge in there, and Im a happy guy now!

JR: Well next up is the tag team turmoil matchup for the tag titles, lets take alook at how these 6 teams came to be here tonight.

Video highlights shown over the last 4 weeks froim our opening PPV in Miami till yesterday on Full Throttle

Match 6: 6 Man Tag Team Turmoil Match for the WIWA Tag Team Titles
Participants: Jerry Lynn & Psicosis vs Maven & Christian vs DOA vs Hardy Boyz (c) vs Dudley Boyz vs New Age Outlaws

Lynn and Psicosis lasted less then a minute when Christian hit Psicosis with the Unprettier.
DOA come in and squash Maven and Christian in just over 5 minutes. Skull powerbombs Maven and gets 1-2-3.
As the champs the Hardyz run down and brawl with the DOA on the ramp, in the ring Christian blames Maven for losing the match. Christian shoves, slaps and then spits in Mavens face. Maven takes Christian down to the delight of the crowd. Christian low blows Maven then gives him the Unprettier. Christian then says he's going to join up with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, because Canadians can wrestle and Americans cant apparently.
The Hardyz and DOA share a good 10 minute match before Crush gave Jeff Hardy the Chokeslam and pinned him for the elimination.
The DOA have swept through 2 teams as the Dudleyz charge down the ring and a brawl starts. THe Dudleyz had isolated Skull for about 6 minutes. Skull made a tag and Crush cleaned house. Crush powerslammed D-Von then hooked Bubba up for a chokeslam, but D-Von low blowed Crush. Bubba rolled Crush up but Skull broke it up. D-Von nailed a spinning shoulder tackle on SKull, knocking him through the middle rope to the outside. D-Von turned around and got booted over the top by Crush. Bubba sledged Crush from behind then attempted the Bubba Cutter but Crush through Bubba down to the mat then Chokeslammed Bubba. The ref counts 1---2--- D-Von breaks things up. D-Von flapjacks Crush then stomps away at him in the corner. Skull pulls D-Von away and powerbombs D-Von. Bubba then charges at Skull and Crush but the DOA do a 3D on Bubba!!! The ref counts 1----2----3!
The New Age Outlaws come down to the biggest pop of the night. The DOA were looking good to become champions with several near falls. Finally Mr. Ass got the tag and he cleaned house. After another 5 minutes of brawling, Billy Gunn gave Crush the Fame-Asser on the steel chair Skull had brought in earlier. The ref counted as Road Dogg held Skull back 1---2---3!
The Outlaws play to the crowd and shake hands with a fatigued DOA. All 4 men play to the crowd and leave up the ramp together.

Match Time: 30m 12s
WINNERS: The New Age Outlaws (New Tag Team Champions)

JR: What a great match, and great sportsmanship at the end between the DOA and the Outlaws! Unfortunate for the DOA after they worked so hard. And that Christian, that CLB, he disgusts me. Its not Mavens fault you guys lost, its not like Christian would have kicked out of Skulls powerbomb, its a huge impact manouver!

King: Whats with Christian, Canadians wrestle better then Americans? This better not be another Anti-Americans saga!

JR: We can only hope, King we can only hope. Well folks its been a knock out PPV so far, and we still have 3 more matches to come including our main event, the ROR matchup!

King: That will be great, a new matchup never heard or seen before in the history of wrestling!

JR: But now its time for the former Allied Superpowers to collide!

Match 7: Singles Match
Participants: Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage

Savavge gets tons of heat. Hogans music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Hogan struts towards the ring trash talking and pointing at Savage. The bell rings and Hogan unwinds right after right on Savage. Hogan body slams Savage and goes for the leg drop but Savage rolls out of the ring. Savage starts heading up the rampway. Hogan follows him and clotheslines him down. Hogna then whips Savage into the barricade. Savage holds his back in pain. Hogan then suplexes Savage on the floor. Hogan rolls him back in the ring and covers but Savage kicks out. Hogan unleashes furious right hands on Savage until Savage starts bleeding. Hogan then slams Savage and drops not 1, not 2 but 3 leg drops then covers him 1---2---3!

Match Time: 5m 58s
WINNER: Hulk Hogan

JR: Wow, too easy for the Hulkster there, defeating Savage in approximatley 6 minutes!

King: A little bit of revenge for Hogan there, after Savage cost him his shot at the title.

JR: Yeah. Folks I have been told that Roger Walker is now standing by with Diesel and Razor Ramon!


Roger- Well guys you are about 30 minutes away from stepping into hell, how do you feel, whats going on inside your head?

Razor- Well you see Rog, Tatanka dosent like losing, but he had better get used to it because he will lose tonight, I guarantee it!

Diesel- Well Edge in the WWE it was HBK and the fans that screwed you, and now you come to WIWA and blame me for simply eliminating you from an elimination style match. I dont think you can hack losing, your a bad sport Edge.

Roger- Where are Chavo and Rhyno? Shouldnt they be here too?

Razor- Chavo and Rhyno have told us they will train up by themselves tonight, and meet us in the ring for the match. We are fine with that, we are the Outsiders (massive pop) We are the Bad Guy and Big Daddy Cool, and we will kick ass tonight! (crowd errupts)

Razor and Diesel walk off

JR: Boy I wouldnt want to be anyone on the opposite team of Razor and Diesel tonight, would you King?

King: After that interview, hell no!

JR: Well guess what King, its time for the WIWA title match!

King: I cant wait to see HHH lose!

JR: Well I dont know, Eddie has not defended his title since he won it, and thats a lack of match practice.

King: O quite Ross, Eddie dosent need to practice, he's already got this one in the bag!

JR: Well we will see about that.

Match 8: Singles Match for the WIWA Heavyweight Championship
Participants: Eddie Guerrero (c) vs HHH

Run DMC and Motorhead play HHH down to a huge erruption from the Detroit crowd. Eddie gets a nice pop, but a little lighter then expected. Crowd chants HHH, HHH! throughout the match. Eddie is put off by HHH's large amount of crowd support, but then the crowd chant EDDIE EDDIE and that makes him feel better. Neither man could get an advantage till the 10 minute mark when Eddie worked on HHH's left leg, still a bit sore from the sharpshooter last night. Eddie did all kinds of leg locks but HHH refused to give in. HHH was also bleeding after he had a chair dropkicked into his face. Eddie went for the frog splash but HHH rolled out of the way. HHH kicked Eddie in the gut, setting him up for the Pedigree, but his leg buckled as he did it and Eddie saw the opening and latched in the Lasso of El Passo. HHH screamed and wouldnt tap out. HHH finally got to the ropes. Eddie cannot believe it. Eddie complains to ref that HHH tapped but the ref said no firmly. Eddie took too much time and when he turned around HHH nailed a spinning spinebuster on Eddie. Both men down. Both men up at the same time, they trade rights and chops. Both mens chest are charred red raw from all the chops they recieved. Eddie kept lying and cheating but the ref wouldnt have any of it. Eddie even when the ref was down, hit HHH with the WIWA title then fell down himslef and placed the belt on the game. The ref looked at HHH then before Eddie could react, turned around and saw Eddie faking it. Eddie looked in shock at the ref. The ref bitched to Guerrero. The ref threw the title out of the ring. Eddie went to cover HHH, but HHH was playing possum and rolled Eddie up for the 3!!! Eddie couldnt believe it! He had lied, cheated and tried to steal and it didnt work, and now he had no gold around his waist. Eddie got the belt and was ready to clock HHH with it, but instead he had a change of heart and handed the game the title before walking. Eddie played to the crowd on his way out. So did HHH.

Match Time: 21m 45s
WINNER: HHH (New WIWA Heavyweight Champion)

JR: What a match, HHH wins, HHH wins, HHH wins!

King: Sit down Ross, you're embaressing me!

JR: Sorry that was just such a brilliant match, I cant believe the game did it. He's worked so hard his whole life in wrestling and by god he's at the top right now! But coming up after this video package is our own type of matchup, not seen anywhere before in the world, the Revolution of Retribution matchup, and its gonna be a deadset slobberknocker!

Video package played to by Fozzy-Enemy shows us how these 8 men came to face each other tonight.

Match 9: Revolution of Retribution Match
Participants: Razor Ramon, Diesel, Rhyno & Chavo Guerrero vs Edge, Tatanka, Raven & Blitzkrieg

Edge's music plays and out come the 4 men. Massive heat going around for these guys, Edge in particular looks teriffied. Chavo's music hits and the crowd comes alive. Then Chavo points to the ramp and Rhyno's music hits, the crowd errupts. Then they both point to the ramp and down come the Outsiders to a massive erruption. About 20 officials are in the ring trying to restrain the 8 men until the double cage is lowered. The officials roll out of the ring as the cage comes down. The bell rings and the crowd errupts as all men pair off. Razor works on Tatanka in the corner, Chavo goes after Blitzkrieg, Diesel after Edge and Rhyno after Raven. Rhyno takes Raven to the outside and throws Raven into the cell about 5 times. Diesel drives knees and elbows into Edge in the corner. Razor socks Tatanka with a huge right hand which knocks Tatanka over the rope to the floor. Chavo hits a suplex on Blitzkrieg. Rhyno pulls some trash cans out from under the ring and throws them in the ring, but keeps 1 for himself. He turns around and whacks Raven on the head with it. Chavo picks up Blitzkrieg and Blitzkrieg low blows Chavo and whips him sternum first into the turnbuckle. Razor whips Tatanka into the steel steps then pulls out a toolbox from under the ring and clocks Blitzkrieg with it who was sticking his head through the ropes. Diesel powerslammed Edge in the ring then continually dropped elbows on him. Razor opened up the toolbox and pulled out a mini hammer. He hit Tatanka with it and pinned him but Tatanka kicked out to his credit. Razor picked up Tatanka bu Tatanka elbowed him in the ribs then threw Razor into the cell. Chavo pulled the toolbox in the ring and pulled out what looked to be wire cutters! Chavo hit Blitzkrieg with them. Edge booted Diesel in the face and Diesel staggered through the middle rope to the floor. Edge picked up a trash can and hit Chavo from behind with it. Edge then grabbed the pole in the center of the ring and went to climb to the second floor but Diesel pulled him off and sidewalk slammed him on the trash can. On the outside Raven hit Rhyno with a chair. Raven then used his taped fists to pummel Rhyno. Razor clotheslines Tatanka then gets a kendo stick and cracks it in to over Tatanka's back. Chavo grabs half off Razor and stabs Blitzkrieg in the ribs with it. Chavo then DDT's Blitzkrieg and climbs to the top rope and leg drops Blitzkrieg. Cover broken up by Edge. Edge pummels Chavo until Diesel picks up Edge and throws him to the floor. Razor scoop slams Tatanka on the floor. Cover for a near fall. Raven hits Diesel, Chavo and Razor with a steel chair then climbs up the pole to the second floor. Rhyno follows him up and back drops Raven. Everyone except Rhyno and Raven are down. Edge gives Diesel the Edgeacution then pulls out some tables from under the ring. He puts one in the ring and sets it up in the corner. Meanwhile up a level Rhyno picks up a guitar, plays to the crowd and smashes it over Ravens head! Raven starts bleeding badly. Chavo and Blitzkrieg make their way up to the glass guitar room. Rhyno and Chavo double suplex Blitzkrieg. Chavo goes for the pin but Rhyno says not yet. Chavo gets an amplifier and hits Raven with it! Raven is taking amazing amounts of punishment in this match. Razor Ramon gets Tatanka up for the Razors Edge, but Tatanka had the wire cutters with him and he hit Razor in the head, then rolled him up but Diesel broke it up. Edge then spears Diesel! Edge sets up the table and puts Diesel on it. Tatanka goes outside and uses the wire cutters to open up a exit of the cell. On the top Rhyno GORES! Raven through the glass!! Chavo stares in shock and forgets about Blitzkrieg, who dropkicks Chavo down to the floor below. Rhyno pins Raven and gets to 2 but Blitzkrieg breaks it up and leg drops Rhyno. He then goes to throw Rhyno into the barb wire but Rhyno blocks and throws Blitzkrieg into the barb wire. Blitzkrieg yells in pain and literally has to rip his own skin off the wire. Edge turns around and Razor gets Edge up and gives Edge the Razors Edge through the table! Rhyno turns around Raven smashes a guitar on Rhyno. Diesel covers Edge on the lower level and Edge is pinned!
Chavo climbs back up to the second floor and Raven gives him the Evenflow DDT on a guitar. Raven reaches out and puts an arm over Chavo. The ref counts 1---2---3!
Its now 3 on 3. Tatanka has ripped a whole piece of the cell off and is scurrying away up the ramp, but Razor sees this and chases after him. They fight into the backstage area. They end up fighting in a storage room. Razor whips Tatanka into a shelf of trays and the shelf snaps and everyting comes crashing down on Tatanka. Razor grabs Tatanka but Tatanka fights off Razor and Tatanka throws Razor through a glass window. The crowd errupts in shock. Tatanka collapses. Back in the ring. Blitzkrieg free himself from the barb wire and throws Chavo into it. Chavo's back bleeds badly as he rips away the wire from his skin. Tatanka is now coming back down the rampway, holding his ribs with his left arm. Rhyno staggers back to his feet and spinebusters Raven. Diesel is trying to fight off Tatanka and Edge but they get the better of him and Edge puts the Edgeacator on Diesel. Diesel wont tap. Chavo picks up a guitar and jumps down the gap and crashes it onto Edge's head. Edge starts bleeding. Backstage now Razor gets to his feet, bleeding from the back of his head. Tatanka suplexes Diesel and pins him but Diesel kicks out. Tatanka gets another trash can to hit Diesel with but Diesel boots it back in Tatanka's face. Diesel then Jacknifes Tatanka through the ring!!! HOLY SHIT chants flying around for the last 5 minutes or so. Razor is staggering back down to the ring, armed with a baking sheet. He whacks Blitzkrieg over the head as Blitzkrieg charged at Razor. Razor introduces Blitzkrieg to the barricade then flicks his toothpick into Blitzkrieg. Raven gets up and Rhyno GORES! Raven into the barb wire cage, but the wire gives way and they go crashing all the way down through the spanish announcers table!!! HOLY SHIT!, ARE THEY DEAD and ECW chants circling around the arena. Rhyno lays motionless on top of Raven and the ref counts 1---2---3!
Razor, Diesel, Blitzkrieg and Tatanka stare in shock at what just happened before pairing off again. Edge sneaks around and covers Rhyno 1---2---3!
Chavo now sees what happened and jumps off the cage and onto Edge with a crossbody. More HOLY SHIT chants going around. Razor gets a roadsign and hits Tatanka with it then whips him to the ropes and gives him a spinning back elbow. Diesel moves out of the way as Blitzkrieg was going for the tumbleweed. Diesel picked Blitzkrieg up and Jacknifed Blitzkrieg. He covers Blitzkrieg 1---2---3!
Rhyno shows slight signs of movement by rolling away from Edge. Edge picks up Rhyno and goes to whip him to the barricade, but Rhyno reverses and with great velocity Edge crashes through the barricade!
Tatanka finds the kerosene kettle from earlier and hits Diesel with it. Tatanka goes to pin Diesel but Razor picks up Tatanka and gives him the Razors Edge on a trash can. The ref counts 1-------2-------3!
It all over! Razor and Diesel are the survivors for their team. Razor and Diesel can barely stand. Razor, Diesel, Edge and Chavo are all helped out by officials, Raven, Rhyno and Tatanka are stretchered out and Blitzkrieg crawls by himself to the back

Match Time: 53m 46s
WINNERS: Razor Ramon, Diesel, Rhyno & Chavo Guerrero

JR: Folks......well......I....I.....cannot believe what I have witnessed, lets hope everyone.....is....is...well.....OK!

King: Duyh, Duh.....WOW!

JR: We will see you on Tuesday for High Voltage.......but maybe these 8 wont!

End of show


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