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Re: Mafia Host List + General Discussion

Can I get some sort of answer as to why a theme/NAME has to be ready when your added to the list. It's pretty clear you can change it anyway (see metalx, see dan marino) so what's the point if not to ensure some semblence of preparation.

I myself was told I couldn't be added unless I had a name for my game (seriously). What the fuck? So I have 25 role pm's done or w/e but because of a lack of a name idea I can't be added. Not that it matters since I can change it later anyway.

I get and support the idea of only adding people to the list if they're prepared to commit but surely there's a better way to do it like PM them after x amount of time to make sure they've followed up on their game, asking for a theme at the start doesn't seem to really *do* anything to stop this.


edit: like does the 9th guy on the list really need everything read? He has 14 weeks give or take before his game starts, so surely as long as he's ready/prepared for the most part by the time he's at 3 on the list he's fine.

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