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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Destination X Feedback

First comments in this thread in far too long, but rest assured that I have been reading, just not commenting. Hopefully that changes from now onwards.

Have to say, while it may not be one of the main events, Iím really happy to see you putting such an emphasis on the X Division stuff tonight. I know itís mainly because itís Destination X, but if this starts a real resurgence in the X Division then Iíll be a very happy boy.

There were many matches that really could have slotted into the opener slot, so Iím fine with the tag title match going there. The match itself seemed like a nice little opener, with Generation Me obviously not winning as they arenít ready for the titles yet, but they get a nice little rub by hanging with Beer Money, and also with the shake of the hands at the conclusion of the match. I would really like to see you put a little more detail into your matches, but still, this seemed like an okay opener.

Nice little Lockdown video, building up one of your bigger events.

Canít say Iím too surprised that Morgan turned on Hernandez because if any of those two was going to turn heel, it was always going to be Morgan. Not too sure about him joining World Elite, which is what it looks like, because Iím not so sure he fits in. I also hope Morgan stays heel for a long time to come, because in the past year and a half he has turned from face to heel to face to heel much too readily (admittedly, thatís the fault of TNAís actual booking crew, not yours), and with the rate at which he turns, I can imagine the fans not being surprised by it, thus they lose interest in him.

Nice little interview with Anderson, with a few cool little plays on words from Anderson to hype the match with Sting later.

Nice match here between Rhino and Dinero, with some good psychology used, and a pretty good finish that set itself up perfectly fine. Dinero winning certainly seems the right move too since he won the Global Title only a few months back, so hopefully a longer reign to give the belt some prestige is in store.

Bleh, as I said, not so sure about Morgan in the World Elite. I just donít see the how he fits in with the rest of the group.

Expected result right here. Not much to say, other than his feud has helped raise the Motor City Machine Gunsí stakes well, and while theyíre involved in a different match tonight, Iím pretty glad to see this one being short, even if we now no longer get to see HALL own shit up.

Nice to see you mentioning the connection between Hall and Hogan from last month, and also giving a bit of hype for The Gunsí match later tonight in the show.

Nice little story to the four way, with the alliances being used against the lonely Wolfe. Pretty exciting finish with the finishers being hit, and Hardy winning was to be expected, setting up a big match with Van Dam on Impact, and then the ďdream matchĒ with Styles at Lockdown, assuming that AJ is able to defeat Joe.

Okay match between Sting and Anderson here from the sound of things. While Sting won the match, the big story was of course Anderson attacking Sting after the match, keeping this feud not just alive, but also stepping it up a notch. Glad to see I was right in thinking that tonight wouldnít be the end of this feud, as I think it has the legs to continue on well and be one of the cornerstones of your shows in the future, at least for the next month or so.

Nice little bit of hype for the main event, which should certainly be one to look forward to. Jeff getting a bit of hype for his win and future title shot is good to see too, drumming in just how big that title shot is and what it means.

Really good to see you showing that Jarrett and Foley werenít on the same page with a simple thing like them not being able to decide who the legal man should be, before Foley then took a stand in fashion that seems about right for him by just standing on the ramp and refusing to help Jarrett. A bit surprised in the result with no heel turn from Hogan or Bischoff, but I guess with Foley and Jarrett shaking hands weíve got a little turn of our own there. Iíve liked what youíve done here with The Guns, getting them involved with all of this, and having them beat the two veterans helps put them over as a force in TNA.

A few things about this match that I noticed was that you had a red X hung up, when I believe in the X Division Title matches theyíve always hung up the title. Iím also not sure why there was a ladder involved, since Iím certain the rule has always been that youíre not allowed to use a ladder to climb up and grab the belts, thus Team 3D had to do it after a ref bump when they were feuding with the X Division awhile ago. Anyway, with so many men in this match, and the way this match is won, I guess this was only ever going to be a spotfest, so it was good to see that you got some cool spots in there, in particular the jumping midair reverse STO, which was pretty awesome. Daniels retaining is certainly the right move for mine, as like Dinero, he hasnít held the title long, and I would like to see him really build the belt up to actually mean something, which the X Division Title hasnít for quite some time.

Oooo, a bit of hype for the probable Lockdown match? Nice.

Not too sure about Anderson already challenging Sting. I mean, it shows his intent well, but I thought this could have been dragged out a little longer, with Anderson maybe repeatedly beating Sting down and trying to force him into retirement, or something of the like. Still, the match at Lockdown should be fine, and no doubt it should be the way to put Anderson over.

As you would expect, this seemed like a fine main event. I would have maybe liked to have seen a few spots from past matches worked in, such as AJís flop to the outside, rather than a suicide dive, along with maybe some different counters. Still, a good, decisive finish, with AJ coming out strong headed into his match at Lockdown, which is pretty much what you should be after. Good way to finish the show.

Although we didnít get a whole lot to go by in terms of writing with very short recaps of the matches, I thought that the booking throughout this event was good, and that youíve now given yourself a solid base to work off. Thereís a few storylines which should have no problems continuing, such as Sting/Anderson and Morgan joining the World Elite tonight, and with Jeff/AJ also set to probably heat up as we head for Lockdown, as well as maybe Wolfe/RVD, youíve got a lot to run with. As I said at the start of this, Iíll be looking to give you a lot more feedback in the future too, especially after seeing that youíve built yourself a solid base to follow up on. I look forward to seeing where you go to from here.

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