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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

I've also enjoyed shows where the show has already started before it "officially" starts. Good way to start the first ever "Belfast Brawl". Crazy shows off most of the crazy spots in this match, which is what I was anticipating. Although he missed one, I think Crazy went for one too many moonsaults in this match tbh. Not an 'exciting' finish, but it did the trick. Finlay with the win makes sense since its his specialty match debut. Kinda rough having Finlay wrestle a brawl tonight and tomorrow night as well. Didn't expect a call out form Finlay, but JBL attacking Lashley was good. Lashley will probably move onto JBL after he's done with Finlay. Nice little transition having Lashley involved in more than one thing at once. Oh and for some reason I laughed when Finlay added a bit more damage to Lashley. I'm pretty weird eh?

JBL explaining his actions right after the break eh? Quite quick. I usually don't like it when wrestlers stray away from the interview question only to come back and actually answer the question, but you pulled it off quite smoothly here. Loved the finishing lines as well. Entertaining promo here.

Kennedy as a young Ric Flair? Nahhh. Disgusting, slimy people? Don't know how slimy works for people. Does that mean they have like mucus everywhere or something? =P Kennedy joining the commentating for this MITB qualifier could be interesting. Doubt he'll start something with the Hooliganz though. Nice to see you pit London and Kendrick against each other. Springboard SSP? I marked. I've always liked London more than Kendrick so I'm glad you gave it to London. He should be the spot monkey of the MITB match.

CM Punk vignette. Once again, I'm glad you're bringing him in. Great addition to SD.

You did it again with Matt Hardy! Straying away from the question and then getting to it towards the end. This one I didn't enjoy as much as JBL's promo though. Hardy just seemed to rant. I like the challenge he issued, but it's gonna be tough for him without any help. And tbh, if Hardy were able to beat MNM by himself, he deserves the titles right away. So I don't know about that decision. On the other hand, a new partner of his choosing is also interesting. So I'm 50/50 with this decision.

Wow. Squash much? Guess the squash gives Beniot time for a promo. Short, but sweet here from Beniot. He gets the point through, and hypes the match up. Glad you didn't do an enormous promo here, as it would have been too many long promos at this point. Don't know why Orlando came out at the end there though. Confusing to say the least.

Edge just ripping on everything that's SD is quite funny. I think the promo ended a little abruptly, but some good content in this promo nonetheless. I'm sure mayhem will ensue in the match later on.

MNM interview? A lot of interviews tonight eh? I've actually haven't seen the "in the know" promo from MNM before. You think someone would have come up with it already? But no, haven't seen it before. Great idea. Melina accepts the challenge, which was expected. Heels don't back down from a match that they have advantage in. Pretty good promo here. Used all the normal lines that work with MNM so props on that.

Rey wins cleanly, and a promo after? Tons of promos tonight. I think Rey should have just issued the cruiserweight challange, and left. I think he ranted too much about stuff that could have been dealt with using fewer lines. Excited for this open cruiserweight challenge though. Expecting a guy like Dean Malenko or Chris Jericho tbh.

Most of the time, these 'informal' promos turn out awkwardly, but this one wasn't too bad. I don't see Orton turning to heel tactics just yet. I think he'll keep on going with his innocent persona for awhile. Nice to see the tension between the two is there though.

Huge rundown for SNME and Taker/RVD recap. Good stuff. Jim Ross for HOF is good too.

Loved Kash last week, but this week, it feels all the same. The Juventud reference/masked hero line was good though.

Orton not tagging in during the main event is quite awesome. Basically a three on one match. Didn't really expect Edge, Angle and Cena to work so well together (before the end of course). The tension between Batista/Orton could be cut by a wire though. I'm expecting fireworks from these two next SD or even at SNME because of this match.

Solid show as usual. Promos were a little long and definitely plentiful. Seems like you're putting a lot of attention into this promos, which is good, but some feel overdone. Storylines and feuds are progressing nicely with no real big movements in any of the feuds. Seemed like a hype show for SNME with barely any attention to anything else, but it makes sense as its your going away show. SNME should definitely be interesting. Looking forward to it.

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