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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice start with hype for tonight as a card worthy of the go home show from the commentators. I have to say that I’m in agreement.

Starting off with a match? I find that a little surprising, considering I thought we should have had either RVD or Orton come out and speak after RVD’s big return last week – either RVD to tell Orton he wasn’t afraid of him, or Orton telling him he’s going to punt him again this Sunday. As the big closing angle from last week, I just felt like that needed to be followed up on to begin this week.

Good to see the King of the Ring getting some coverage on SmackDown! and not just being featured on Superstars. The result of this certainly surprised me, as The New Wave have looked pretty poor since their arrival on SmackDown!, and I expected the King of the Ring to start to get them somewhere, but apparently not. Hopefully they make some sort of an impact down, because their association with Orton at the moment seems to be dragging him down, rather than them up. I wouldn’t really want to see them break up, as I feel that’s a bit of a waste for Doane, Dinsmore and Cade (especially Cade actually, who has looked to be on the edge of something big at times in this BTB), but they need something to make them look good. On the upside, Finlay’s a good worker for sure, so him going through isn’t a real problem. The New Wave trying to beat down Finlay after the match, only for Hardy and Batista to make the save gives us a bit of hype for the match at Judgment Day, which is a positive.

Looking forward to Judgment Day, so hopefully it doesn’t take too long. No pressure though.

I’m glad to see Deuce at least getting a win in singles action, as while he sucks, your tag division needs them to at least be competitive with the rest of the roster. Not so sure about Chavo losing so close to a title match, but the way you went about this continues to show the arrogance and self-centred nature of Kendrick, which I’ve really been liking.

A real video package hyping up Hogan? A bit disappointing, but it makes sense, I guess. JBL interrupting on the tron? Now we’re talking. Only a small promo, but I really liked how you had JBL give up on the fans, which was clever considering the Arn stuff. The final, emphatic message from JBL was good too, sending a clear message to Hogan before Judgment Day.

Certainly surprised with this result. While Burke and Booker have been able to beat AMW in singles action, I thought this would be more a statement type of match from AMW before Judgment Day. Burke and Booker costing AMW their win is a fine bit of final hype before Judgment Day, even if AMW having to face The Mad Murdoch Twins again shows a bit of a lack of depth in the division.

Ah, the continuation of one of my favourite storylines right here. The transformation of Kendrick has been great so far, and this was entertaining again. I will say that I’m not such a fan of him almost casting the cruiserweight gold aside, rather I think he should be treasuring it, and talking up how great he is because he’s champ. Still, the line that the belt was getting a bit heavy was gold, as was all the stuff that Kendrick had lined up for the next day. Chavo finally slapping some sense into Kendrick had to come, so this looks like the end of their friendship. Hopefully Kendrick completes the transformation into The Brian Kendrick at Judgment Day, because he’s just about there right now.

The promo from Orton to begin with here was good. Well paced in classic Orton fashion, with the calm, yet almost aggressive tone seeming right, especially calling it all an act at the end of his part. Not so sure about the whole doctor thing. I know that it really rams home what this Van Dam comeback is all about, but having Van Dam’s doctor, a guy who, from this promo we can tell, still cares about Van Dam, agreeing to come in and speak with Randy Orton just seems like it’s wrong. I just can’t see him agreeing to that. I know he spoke of Orton in disgust, however, having him agree, and almost back up Orton’s point, just doesn’t seem right at all. As I said, it works for storyline purposes, however, I just can’t see the guy agreeing with this.

Seemed like a nice matchup between London and Haas, giving it enough time to be good and keep London’s momentum rolling towards Judgment Day. I really wish we would have got to see more action between the two in the writeup, but I understand that you wanted to get this out and are getting back into things again.

An Albright promo? Now this is where things should be at: if there’s a promo, it should be from Albright, while London should always be doing his talking in the ring. Happy to see Albright playing on that everyone thinks London will win at Judgment Day (which he will ), showing some real aggression and bringing up all of his previous victories. I think I’ve seen you say before that he’s the luckiest champion you’ve ever had because you were going to take the belt off him a few times, and using this in your promo with all of these ‘upsets’ was really good. London only speaking by refuting Albright’s points is good, because he’s got no real character, and Albright’s tirade that London’s wins meant nothing because he wins when the title is on the line was great, as was the line that he’s a natural winner, while London is a loveable loser. The stuff about how London has being the featured star, while bringing up his own reign again was well done from Albright, leading into the bit that I loved about Albright forcing the WWE to conform to his style from Judgment Day onwards. The message at the end from Albright was killer too about how he’s out to prove himself, showing the new him, with the closing line especially being a great way to finish the promo. Interesting that you’ve come out with this side from Albright now, as it throws a spanner into the works of the idea that London has to win, because now this match also seems to mean a lot to Albright. With that in mind, this promo has done a great job, because you’ve added a lot of intrigue into the match at Judgment Day, which before appeared to be a forgone conclusion. Now we’ve got a hell of a match, with a result that means heaps to both men. Good stuff.

Lesnar promo was fine. He’s not exactly full of character, and while he’s aggressive, he just doesn’t have that badass feel to him as a face, at least not here.

Edge’s reply was quite the opposite actually. The intensity was well and truly there, and I love that you’re going with the “I got screwed” type Edge that we saw irl after his heel turn in 2004, because I think he plays the part really well. The refute that Lesnar should be the one fearing his spot in the four way and that RVD is no threat was all good, as was the final statement that Edge would be grabbing his chance, even if I’m near certain that he won’t be. Much better promo here as Edge continues to get better and better on SmackDown! from you.

Really surprised you had Bourne lose, because all of the hype has been around him. While I don’t think Daivari is bad, and I actually think he gives some depth to the division, having Bourne start off on SmackDown! like this is a bit of a disappointment. I understand you may be trying to give him something to do for awhile and allow Daivari to look good too, but I would have thought he should have looked good for his first few weeks on SmackDown!, then maybe suffered a loss to Daivari.

Nice little King of the Ring shill, followed by a good Judgment Day shill. Got to love a good shilling.

I liked the buildup of how disgusting the actions of MVP have been, while having the commentators say they’re not going to show the tape because of how distressing the scenes are, only for MVP to do it himself was a really nice way of showing how remorseless and sadistic MVP is. MVP talking trash about Carlito, only for ‘Lito to appear and MVP to then bail was well done, bringing us to what will hopefully be an all out brawl on Judgment Day. Nice way to drive him the angle before the big match.

I was really surprised this main event got as good a chance as it did, but I liked that you gave us a good main event to go to Judgment Day with. The screwy finish keeps the window to a rematch open, while Edge and Lesnar both have strong showings headed into Judgment Day.

The aftermath was well built up, with the inevitable appearance of RVD to save Lesnar from the wrath of Orton that Van Dam had previously felt. I still feel like following the way last week’s show ended, we simply needed a confrontation between these two to start the show, but Van Dam giving the big statement to end the show was a good way to cap the build to Judgment Day off.

Another good show here, Wolfy. While I still think a Van Dam/Orton confrontation had to start the show, this show did exactly as it had to do – it got us excited for Judgment Day, built intrigue into all of the angles, and made many of the results not seem as clearcut as before, making Judgment Day a whole lot more interesting. I’m really looking forward to the show now, and while I don’t want you to feel rushed, I would be very happy to see it up soon, because this was an excellent way to sell the show and make me look forward to it. Great stuff.

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