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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

Kicking off the show with a bang is always a good thing, and I liked the way we left the opening video to go straight to the brawl. The action in the match was pretty intense, with a lot of hard hitting. Finlay came out of the match looking like a total badass, which he needed to do so with Saturday night in mine, and there was no shame in Super Crazy's loss, as he came out of it looking strong too. Always good when you can write a match where the loser gains something from it. As for the post match... Finlay calling out Lashley is a very facelike move imo. I'm kinda surprised he would do so, as these impromtu brawls usually always favour the face. As for JBL, his involvement suggests Lashley/JBL at Mania. Perhaps JBL gets involved at SNME to further that?

JBL's promo was all in character so no complaints there. Suprised at the mention of the previous Henry/Long partnership. I realise it's typical for a heel to look for excuses when it suits him, but that seemed a bit odd. Apart from that, it was a good promo. JBL/Lashley at Mania seems a cert now.

OK, unbelievable nitpicking on my part here, but I'm pretty certain you've confused Brian Kendrick with Bryan Danielson in the introductions, as it's Danielson who comes from Aberdeen, Washington, not Kendrick. But I only know that cos I'm Scottish and we've got the original Aberdeen over here. But yeah, the match was a good read. I especially liked the way you played up the friendship/partnership between the two, with the handshake at the start and London helping Kendrick back up at the end.

Hardy's promo for the most part seemed to have him feeling sorry for himself. I'd have rather him seem more vengeful throughout the promo, and not just at the end. Partner of choice must be Jeff no? MNM/Hardyz at Mania would be sweet if it happens.

Benoit dominates, no surprise tbh. The promo was fine, served it's prupose. Jordan coming out to clap is a nice touch, as was the commentary that came with it. It adds a little bit more intrigue to the US Title match at SNME. I dunno what way Jordan will go. I feel he'll side with Booker to give us Booker/Benoit at Mania, but I could be way off with that.

The Edge promo was much better than what we'd heard previously. I laughed at 'the man' as it always reminds me off hippies! But yeah, very well written, especially the rundown of the blue brand. It added spice to the Edge/Batista match which tbh it needed. Typical Melina promo tbh, no complaints here. Her accepting the challenge was to be expected.

Mysterio/Dean was a nice match to read. Again well done for giving the loser a bit of a rub in the process. The promo afterwards... well, this line "That was a pretty good match, huh guys?" seemed really forced tbh. Once Rey started talking about the CW division the promo kicked on a bit, especially with the open challenge. Surely someone other than Kash will answer the call, leaving Mysterio/Kash for another day. Could even be a sneaky Kash attack after the bell tommorrrow night. Intriguing situation you've put together here.

Orton surely has to lay out Batista this Saturday? It must happen. Plz?

Ooft, tons of hype here. Have already gave an opinion on the SNME video and the lack of J.R. video so I won't metion them again. Nice shillin job from Cole and Tazz. Good call on replaying the events from NWO. Can't wait to hear what RVD has to say about it all.

Kash's promo was right on the money But yeah, Rey > Juvi any day of the week. Seemed a tad strange for Kash to compare the two. Apart from that, another well written, in character interview that served it's purpose.

Great main event. Loved the action, loved the Angle/Cena brawl, loved the opportunism of Edge at the end. Really no faulting this match. It sets things up nicely for SNME. But yeah, surely Orton will strike against Batista tommorrow night?

Another good show. So many angles and stories leading into SNME and beyond. Really can't wait for SNME and I'll be back to make some predictions when the preview goes up.
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