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Re: Shocker Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

March 21, 2010 – Orlando, Florida

We begin Destination X with a video package. There is a large red ‘X’ on a black background on the screen, with clips of old X Division matches inside it, and we zoom in one of the clips, which is Michael Shane winning the first-ever Ultimate X match back in 2003, and then another one, which shows Daniels winning the X Division Championship at Destination X in an Ultimate X match in 2005. A narrator begins to talk, talking about the X Division and saying that only the bravest of warriors dare to put their bodies on the line in the X Division, and tonight careers will be made and shortened in the return of the Ultimate X Match. Four men will compete, but only one man will stand tall on this night as the embodiment of the X Division.
Afterwards, we see highlights of some of the other high-profile feuds that have been going on in TNA, such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, Rob Van Dam and Desmond Wolfe and Sting and Mr. Anderson, before the video ends where it started, with the large red ‘X’ being the focus of the screen.
Then, we enter the Impact Zone and fireworks ascend from the stage simultaneously with pyro rain falling from the ceiling, as the camera pans the audience in the Arena tonight, who are holding up signs of all shapes, sizes and colours and are undoubtedly thrilled to be a part of tonight’s Pay-Per-View. We then join Mike Tenay and Taz at ringside, and they welcome us to Destination X, running through tonight’s card and mainly focusing on the main matches such as AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Sting versus Mr. Anderson, Desmond Wolfe versus Rob Van Dam, Hulk Hogan and The Motor City Machine Guns versus Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley and more, but putting specific spotlight on the Ultimate X Match taking place tonight with the X Division Championship on the line between the reigning Champion Daniels, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, Homicide, Kazarian and Shannon Moore.

TNA World Tag Team Championships:
Beer Money Vs Generation Me
Destination X begins with a solid tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships between the defending Champions, Beer Money, and the challengers, the high-flying duo of Generation Me. Max Buck and Robert Roode started off the match and Roode tried to over-power Max in the opening stages but Max resiliently fought back and countered it with some high-flying offence, which was more or less the same story when James Storm and Jeremy Buck entered the contest. Beer Money looked to be closing on in a victory and a successful defence of their titles when they lifted Max up for the DWI, but he escaped from Roode’s grasps and took Storm, who wasn’t the legal man, out of the ring, with a hurricanrana, and when Storm tried to re-enter the ring, Jeremy jumped off the ring apron onto Storm and took him back down! Meanwhile, Max ran at Roode, but he kicked Buck in the mid-section, and hit him with the Pay-Off! Roode then made the cover and picked up the victory, retaining the TNA World Tag Team Championships for Beer Money!
Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions – Beer Money @ 7:49
‘Take A Fall’ blares out and the crowd pop as Robert Roode gets to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, handed his TNA World Tag Team Championship belt, as James Storm re-enters the ring moments later and is given his title. The duo embrace and raise each other’s hands aloft before Jeremy Buck re-enters the ring and checks on his tag team partner, who is helped up by Jeremy, and Beer Money and Generation Me have a stare-down, until Roode and Storm extend their hands to Jeremy and Max and they accept, as all four men raise each other’s hands in the air before the Champions leave the ring, heading up the ramp on the Boozer Cruiser with Roode standing on the back, holding both of the titles.


AJ Styles:
When you despise somebody...

Styles and Samoa Joe having a stare-down.

Kurt Angle:
When you thrive on inflicting pain...

Angle applying the Ankle Lock.

Hulk Hogan:
When you wanna run wild...

Hogan posing for the crowd.

D’Angelo Dinero:
When all of your anger is caged up...

Dinero hitting Eric Young with the DDE.

Jeff Jarrett:
Then this is your night.

Jarrett smashing a guitar over someone’s head.

Jeff Hardy:
This is the devil’s paradise...

Hardy hitting the Swanton Bomb.

Mr. Anderson:
This is a place where the faint-hearted are prohibited...

Anderson hitting Sting with the black baseball bat.

This, is Lockdown.



Six-Man Tag Team:
Hernandez, Matt Morgan and Rob Terry Vs British Invasion and Eric Young
The bell rung and all six men stood in the ring, having a stare-down which lasted for several moments as the anticipation for this match grew. The referee came between them and tries to restore order, and Matt Morgan and Rob Terry stepped forward in front of Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams who quickly left the ring and stand on the outside. Terry walked to the corner of the ring and climbed out onto the ring apron as Hernandez and Eric Young started off the match as the legal men, and Morgan was about to leave ... but out of no-where, he nailed his own tag team partner Hernandez with the Carbon Footprint!!! The crowd were shocked, and so was Rob Terry, but then Morgan hit Terry with a Carbon Footprint as well, sending Rob down to the concrete floor and a pleasantly surprised Young covered Hernandez, winning the match!
Winners – British Invasion and Eric Young @ 0:32
Eric Young gets to his feet, ignoring the referee and the British Invasion re-enter the ring, as they look at Matt Morgan, all with smirks on their faces. Morgan nods his head at them and he extends his hand to Young, which the leader of the World Elite accepts, and Young, Magnus and Williams then lift Morgan up, showing him to all of the fans in the Impact Zone who are booing ‘The Blueprint’. Morgan raises his hands in the air and then he is put down, as he leaves the ring with the World Elite, Morgan’s bridges with Hernandez well and truly burned. Mike Tenay and Taz talk about what just happened, and they are shocked and apalled at Morgan’s actions.


Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing by and she welcomes her guest, Mr. Anderson. Hemme asks Anderson how he feels going into a match with one of the true legends of the business in Sting, and Anderson, appearing to be offended, replies by saying to Christy that if anything, Sting is stepping into the ring with one of the true legends of the business, not the other way round. Anderson continues, stating that Sting can try to intimidate him as much as he likes, with the baseball bat coming down from the ceiling and putting the lights out, but tonight, Sting’s lights are going to be put out by Mistaaaaahhhh ... Annnnddeerrsssooonnn!!! He goes to walk away, but he then repeats Annnnddeeerrrsssoooonnnn before permanently leaving.


TNA Global Championship:
D’Angelo Dinero Vs. Rhino
In the opening stages, Rhino was in control of the match, dominating the reigning Global Champion D’Angelo Dinero and working mainly on Dinero’s left arm which he injured this past Monday on Impact. ‘The Pope’ did his best to fight, but having only one healthy arm could only get Dinero so far, and that was obvious as ‘The War Machine’ targeted Dinero’s arm whenever he tried to fight back. However, when Dinero kicked Rhino in the mid-section and quickly followed it up with an enzuiguri to Rhino’s skull, ‘The Pope’ got back into the match, and when Rhino tried to turn it around by going for his signature Gore after dodging a clothesline, Dinero moved out of the way and Rhino went right into the steel ring post! Rhino stayed in the corner, barely knowing where he was, and Dinero capitalized on the opening, running across the ring and nailing Rhino with the Dinero Express, then making the cover and picking up the victory, retaining his TNA Global Championship!
Winner and STILL TNA Global Champion – D’Angelo Dinero @ 11:03
The bell rings and D’Angelo Dinero has his hand raised by the referee, as he is handed his Global Championship which he raises above his head with both hands. Dinero then reaches into his knee pad and reveals a wad of cash which he drops onto Rhino before leaving the ring and heading up the ramp still with his gold.


Backstage, the World Elite are walking down a corridor with Matt Morgan, seemingly now a member of the group, walking in front of them with a big grin on his face. Eric Young pats Morgan on the back and says that his Carbon Footprint to Hernandez was perfect, and then welcomes him to the World Elite, extending his hand as “The Blueprint” shakes it and they continue to walk on.


No Holds Barred; Loser Leaves TNA:
Kevin Nash Vs. Scott Hall
Even though it was a No Holds Barred Match, this match between former best friends Kevin Nash and Scott Hall wasn’t pretty, but the fans could rest easy knowing that this contest wouldn’t involve much wrestling, but an all-out brawl with weapons galore. Neither man could gain a clear advantage as Nash and Hall were constantly using weapons but Hall gained some good momentum after hitting ‘Big Sexy’ in the skull with a steel chair on the ramp, busting Nash open, and Hall then repeatedly slammed the steel chair into Nash’s spine and mid-section. Nash recovered though and he was able to hit a big boot when Hall was holding a steel chair in front of his face, which gave Nash hope of winning the match and securing his future in TNA Wrestling, but unfortunately for him, Hall kicked out. The ending of this match came when a table was brought into the ring by Hall and he went for the Razor’s Edge on Nash, but he fought of it and kicked Hall in the mid-section and lifting him up, sending him through the table with a Jack-Knife Powerbomb! Nash made the cover and won the match, securing his future but bringing an end to Hall’s tenure in TNA.
Winner – Kevin Nash @ 7:56 – Scott Hall Is Gone From TNA
Scott Hall is gone from TNA!! To a chorus of boos, Kevin Nash gets to his feet and pushes away the referee as he raises both hands in the air and shouts ‘I’m here to stay, baby!’ which only draws more heat from the crowd before he leaves the ring and makes his departure. Scott Hall eventually gets up after being buried in shards of table and he hobbles out of the ring as the fans cheer Hall on his way out.


The camera cuts backstage where Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are in their office watching and Hogan says that at least Hall had a good run, with Bischoff replying that he didn’t understand why Hulk was buddies with Hall since he came back to TNA. Hogan says that Scott needed somebody there for him after Nash and Waltman turned on him, and he changes the subject, saying that it doesn’t matter now because they have to keep the tag team match later on that they’re officiating under control.


Four-Way Dance; TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match:
Desmond Wolfe Vs. Jeff Hardy Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Rob Van Dam
These four competitors, some of the biggest names in TNA, were competing for the right to be called the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and all four men were perfectly capable of winning. In the opening stages of the match, they all got in some good offence as Jeff Hardy fought Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe fought his rival, Rob Van Dam, and in both separate exchanges of blows, it was evenly-matched, until Angle, Hardy and Van Dam decided to temporarily join forces to try to eliminate Wolfe from the equation. It was too much for Wolfe to handle, and Angle threw the Englishman through the ropes and out of the ring down to the concrete floor and then Angle, Hardy and RVD began to fight, as “The Charismatic Enigma” and “Mr. Monday Night” then tried to take out Angle, but “The Olympic Gold Medallist” held his own against the duo and valiantly fought back, managing to hit Van Dam with a belly-to-belly suplex which made it Angle and Hardy who began to exchange blows and Kurt Irish whipped Jeff into the corner, then lifting him onto the top rope and climbing up there, but Desmond Wolfe then re-entered the frame and pushed both Angle and Hardy off the top rope and down to the floor!
For the rest of the match, most of the time at least one of the competitors were out of the ring, Wolfe being thrown out of the squared circle quite frequently without any allies in the contest, and the match came to an end when Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam were in the ring with Wolfe on the outside and Van Dam swung a wild kick at Angle but Kurt blocked it and then hit RVD with the Angle Slam! However, before “The Wrestling Machine” could capitalize on hitting his patented finishing manouevre on Van Dam, Hardy kicked him in the mid-section and then nailed him with the Twist Of Fate, afterwards climbing to the top rope and connecting with the Swanton Bomb! Jeff then covered Angle, and won the match!
Winner and #1 Contender To The TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Hardy @ 13:32
JEFF HARDY IS THE #1 CONTENDER TO THE TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!! The crowd go nuts and Jeff Hardy has his hand raised by the referee, sinking to his knees and clenching his fists, slamming them against the mat in ectasy before climbing to the second rope and posing for the crowd, motioning around his waist that he wants to become World Champion on April 18th at Lockdown in Dallas, Texas. Hardy leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, high-fiving several fans before disappearing backstage...


The commentators talk about Hardy’s monumental victory guaranteeing a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match at Lockdown, and they then hype the match coming up next, which is Mr. Anderson versus Sting. We are then treated to a video package recapping the events of the Anderson/Sting feud since the February 15th edition of Monday Night Impact, where Sting made his return to TNA and targeted Anderson, and it shows highlights of Anderson’s attack on Sting which busted open ‘The Icon’, and Anderson’s attack this past Monday in the rafters.
We then see Mr. Anderson and Sting on their way to the ring for their upcoming match, as the anticipation builds within the Impact Zone...


Grudge Match:
Mr. Anderson Vs. Sting
Mr. Anderson and Sting had not fought each other in a match at all since their rivalry begun, Sting’s golden opportunity coming in the Six-Man Tag Team Match two weeks ago only for Anderson to run away with ‘The Icon’ in pursuit, but there was effectively no running now for Anderson. However, try telling Anderson that; the brash loud-mouth, after locking up, pulled away and avoided Sting, going in and out of the ring to stay out of Sting’s way and succeeding for a minute or so but eventually both men ended up back in the ring and Sting took out Anderson with a clothesline. After that, Sting was in control of Anderson for the match and Anderson, having not been able to prepare for Sting’s offence having constantly avoided him, was unable to resist. However, as the match progressed, Anderson’s youth advantage over Sting proved to be an advantage as ‘The Icon’ became fatigued and Anderson capitalized, coming to life and almost winning after hitting the Green Bay Plunge from the top rope, but he took too long to make the cover and when he did, Sting just got the shoulder up, refusing to quit!
Anderson wasn’t going to let it put him down though and soon after he went to the top rope again, going for the Kenton Bomb, but Sting rolled out of the way and Anderson crashed into the mat! (Does he ever hit that move?) After that, Sting was able to have a resurgence of sorts and when Anderson failed to hit the Mic Check, Sting took him down and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock!! Anderson desperately tried to escape from the lethal submission, and he almost got to the ropes, he was within touching distance, but before he could make it, Sting dragged Anderson back into the ring! Anderson kept trying and trying, but it was clear that TNA’s resident loud-mouth wasn’t going to succeed, and he eventually tapped out, handing Sting the victory over his arch-adversary Anderson!
Winner – Sting @ 10:23
‘Slay Me’ blares out to a big pop from the crowd and an exhausted Sting gets to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee with most of his face-paint gone due to the sweat from his forehead. Sting climbs to the second rope and raises his hands above his head to celebrate, but Mr. Anderson slowly leaves the ring and takes the blood-stained baseball bat which he used to bust Sting open a few weeks ago and he re-enters the squared circle, attacking Sting from behind with the baseball bat! Anderson takes Sting and repeatedly rams the bat into his mid-section, then choking out ‘The Icon’ with the baseball bat pressed across his throat, and soon after he gets Sting to his feet, nailing him with the Mic Check!
To tons of heat, ‘Mic Checked’ plays and Mr. Anderson stands tall over Sting with a smirk of contentment on his face before leaving the ring and departing...


Backstage, Samoa Joe is sat in his locker room, with a white towel over his shoulders as his hands are clasped together and he is looking at the floor, with a scowl on his face. The commentators reiterate that Joe will be challenging AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship later tonight.


Elsewhere, Jeff Hardy is walking backstage, having won the Fatal Four Way Match earlier tonight to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Lockdown. Hardy is congratulated by several road agents and wrestlers for his win earlier, and Jeff cannot keep a smile off his face as he heads into his locker room.


The commentators talk about the match coming up next, with Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley facing The Motor City Machine Guns with Eric Bischoff as Special Guest Referee and Hulk Hogan as Special Guest Enforcer. We then see a video package hyping this match, showing such events as Alex Shelley’s victory over Jeff Jarrett, Mick Foley’s victory over Chris Sabin in their brutal Hardcore Match and Jarrett smashing a guitar over Foley’s head after that match when Mick told him to hit Shelley.

Tag Team Match; Eric Bischoff Is Special Guest Referee, Hulk Hogan Is Special Guest Enforcer
Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley Vs. The Motor City Machine Guns
Right from the get-go, it was more or less evident that Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley weren’t entirely on the same page as they couldn’t agree on who was going to start the match and in the end Foley left the ring, not standing on the ring apron but instead standing at the bottom of the ramp. That effectively made it a Handicap Match as Jarrett had to fight both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin with the Motor City Machine Guns constantly tagging in and out, a luxury Jarrett didn’t have. Whenever they could, Sabin and Shelley used double-team manoeuvres on Jarrett, Shelley almost winning the match with his pin after he and Shelley hit Jarrett with the AS/CS Rush, but ‘The King of The Mountain’ was able to get the shoulder up on two-and-three-quarters. Jarrett was able to have a period of dominance over the ‘Machine Guns, knocking Sabin off the ring apron so he temporarily had Shelley to himself and he took advantage, managing to hit the former X Division Champion with his patented finishing manoeuvre, the Stroke, and Jarrett was on course to win, but Sabin broke up the pin at the last second. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan didn’t get involved too much in the action, but Hogan did when he climbed onto the ramp and pushed Foley towards the ring apron, as Jarrett tagged Foley in and climbed out of the ring away from Foley, as ‘The Hardcore Legend’ was now in action for the first time in the match.
You would think that Foley wouldn’t put any effort in, but he did as he put up a good fight against Sabin and Shelley, managing to hit the Double-Arm DDT but he took too long to make the cover, and Sabin got the shoulder up. When Foley accidentally took out Bischoff after Shelley ducked a clothesline, Shelley kicked Mick in the mid-section and nailed him with the Shellshock, as Hogan entered the ring and made the count, giving the Motor City Machine Guns another huge victory!
Winners – The Motor City Machine Guns @ 12:45
THE MOTOR CITY MACHINE GUNS HAVE DONE IT!! The crowd go nuts as Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin get to their feet and have their hands raised by the referee, before embracing and celebrating their victory. The ‘Machine Guns leave the ring and head backstage and Hulk Hogan helps Eric Bischoff to his feet, then taking a microphone as Jeff Jarrett steps into the ring and Mick Foley eventually gets to his feet. Hogan says that both of them put up a good fight tonight, even if they weren’t exactly on the same page, and he says that it would be good for TNA and all of the fans if their vendetta against him and Bischoff was put in the past, especially seeing as him and Eric gave Sabin and Shelley the stage and they performed as good as anybody in professional wrestling. Hogan extends his hand to Foley and Bischoff extends his hand to Jarrett, as both men ponder it before both shaking their hands. Jarrett and Foley then turn to each other and Jeff extends his hand to Mick! Foley thinks about it and hears the ‘Foley!’ chants from the crowd which seems to remind him of a simpler time, before he shakes Jarrett’s hand!
It doesn’t last long, as Foley then pulls out of it, leaving the ring and walking away, followed by Jarrett moments later as Hogan then raises Sabin and Shelley’s hands in the air, continuing to congratulate them on their monumental victory here tonight at Destination X.


The commentators talk about that match and what happened after it, and they then talk about what is coming up next; the highly-anticipated Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship between ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal, Kazarian and Shannon Moore. We see a video package hyping the match, and we see highlights of Daniels winning the title last month at Against All Odds, his successful title defense the following night in the X Division Open, and all of the qualifying matches for this match.

We then see Christopher Daniels on his way to the ring with the X Division Championship over his shoulder, and he looks pretty confident about his chances in this Ultimate X Match as he has a smirk on his face. Jeremy Borash runs up to him and asks him if he is confident that he can retain his title for the second time tonight and Daniels says that he is untouchable in this match, because nobody else compares to him and nobody else in the match has as much experience in this kind of match and in the X Division as he does. Daniels says that it has already been written in stone that he will walk out of Destination X tonight as the X Division Champion and he will not disappoint ... and that’s the gospel.

X Division Championship; Ultimate X Match
Christopher Daniels Vs. Amazing Red Vs. Brian Kendrick Vs. Jay Lethal Vs. Kazarian Vs. Shannon Moore
Some would say that this was the true main event of the Pay-Per-View as this was the X Division Showcase, this was for the X Division Championship and this was arguably the most high-risk match ever incepted in the X Division, the Ultimate X Match. As soon as the bell rang, all six men had their eyes set on the large ‘X’ hanging above the ring and as chaos broke out with Christopher Daniels fighting Amazing Red and Brian Kendrick fighting Kazarian, Jay Lethal and Shannon Moore were already going for the X! Both Lethal and Moore made their way across the rope which spanned from one scaffold to the other, but Daniels and Red temporarily worked together to pull Lethal down, as did Kendrick and Kazarian with Moore. With so many competitors in the match, it was never going to be neat, and weapons were brought into the match when Lethal wielded a steel chair and hit Red with the Lethal Combination onto the Chair! That took the former X Division Champion out of the equation for a while and the ring became a bit clearer as Daniels and Kendrick double-teamed Kazarian and Lethal traded blows with Moore. The action got even hotter when a ladder was brought into the match and Kendrick climbed it, trying to take a shortcut to win the match, but Lethal pushed it over and in an extremely dangerous bump, Kendrick went off the ladder, out of the ring, and into the ramp!!
Amazing Red came back into the match soon after and he went un-noticed as he climbed the scaffold with Daniels, Lethal, Kazarian and Moore fighting and he climbed across the rope, but Lethal climbed the opposite scaffold and jumped off it, hitting Red with a leaping reverse STO in mid-air and taking both men back down to the canvas! Daniels and Kazarian began to fight and ‘The Fallen Angel’ kicked Kaz in the mid-section, hooking his legs and nailing Kazarian with the Angel’s Wings! Daniels then began to climb the scaffold but Moore held onto Daniels’ legs, trying to stall him, but the X Division Champion escaped from his grasps, climbing across the rope towards the X but Moore rapidly climbed to the very top of the scaffold and he flew off the top of the scaffold, nailing Daniels with a sensational missile dropkick and taking both men down!! Lethal was now back up and ‘Black Machismo’ began to climb the scaffold towards the belt, but Brian Kendrick re-emerged after being pushed off the ladder and pulled Jay down by his legs to the mat.
The ending to this sensational Ultimate X Match came when Moore and Red were down and out, and four men were climbing across the rope towards the X! Lethal and Kendrick were forced off by Daniels and Kazarian and it was just Kazarian and the reigning X Division Champion up there. The red X was the only thing between the two and both men were cautious to go for it just in case the other forced them off. Both went for it at the same time and each had one hand on it but Daniels kicked Kazarian in the mid-section and slammed Kaz’s face into the rope as ‘The Coolest Guy In Wrestling’ fell to the mat and Daniels retrieved the X, retaining his X Division Championship!!
Winner and STILL X Division Champion – Christopher Daniels @ 15:31
CHRISTOPHER DANIELS HAS RETAINED THE X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Nobody thought he could do it but Daniels is ecstatic, as he jumps down to the canvas with the X in his position and sinks to his knees, clutching the X to his chest as he is handed his title to a mixed reaction. Daniels holds up his title and the X and he climbs the scaffold, standing on top of it and holding up his prizes, shouting ‘I am the X Division!’ repeatedly, and he has every right to say that, before he climbs down and leaves the ring, departing with a grin on his face.


Backstage, the camera is following the TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles. The camera is zoomed in on the back of his hooded jacket which has his logo on it, and AJ hoists his title over his shoulder before walking down the corridor, breathing heavily going into his title defense against Samoa Joe, but Jeff Hardy walks into the picture and Styles has a stare-down with the man who will challenge for the title at Lockdown, but will it be AJ’s title to defend or will it be Joe’s?


Elsewhere, Mr. Anderson is walking backstage with a smirk on his face as he saunters through the corridor but Christy Hemme runs up to Anderson and asks him why he attacked Sting after he lost to ‘The Icon’ earlier tonight. Anderson says that he doesn’t need to explain a damn thing to her or anybody because he is entitled to do whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants. Anderon says that this night will be soon forgotten by the fans because he is challenging Sting to a Steel Cage Match at Lockdown!! Anderson states that if he knows Sting like he thinks he does, he will accept this challenge, before walking away.


TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe
This Pay-Per-View is an X Division Showcase and in a way this TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match was a tribute to that, with both of these men being former X Division Champions and both of them being in what some would call the greatest TNA match of all time, the Three Way Dance with Christopher Daniels at Unbreakable 2005. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe didn’t waste any time in getting straight into the action as Joe bombarded AJ with right hands from the get-go and Styles resorted to a flurry of kicks and punches. When the action calmed down, Joe took control, as his versatility advantage was clear and for a while, ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ was constantly trying to lock Styles in his patented Coquina Clutch, but AJ resisted and he managed to build up some good momentum, getting a near fall after connecting with a cross body but Joe kicked out. When Styles missed his signature flying forearm, Joe took control as he wore down AJ and made him extremely groggy following a bicycle kick which almost knocked out the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, then locking in a Fujiwara Armbar, but fortunately for Styles and the TNA fans, The Phenomenal One’ made it to the ropes rather quickly as Joe was forced to let go. This hadn’t been a spectacle so far, but it picked up when Joe was standing on the ring apron and AJ nailed ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ with the Pelé Kick, which sent Joe backwards onto the ramp. Styles looked around the crowd before running off the ropes and charging across the ring, going through the ropes and taking out Joe and himself with a death-defying suicide dive!!
After that, the pace and excitement of the match picked up and when they re-entered the ring AJ was in control, but eventually the long-term effects of that suicide dive set in and Joe gained the upper hand, managing to hit Styles with numerous variations of Suplexes and as a result got in a few near falls as well but ‘The Phenomenal One’ managed to withstand the offence of ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’ and Styles came a split-second away from winning the match and retaining his coveted title after hitting Joe with the Spiral Tap approximately ten minutes into the match, but Joe got the shoulder up in the nick of time. Styles then tried to wear the big man down, but when the action spilled out of the ring, Joe regained control after catapulting AJ face-first into the steel ring-post. Joe made another cover attempt after that, but once again Styles kicked out, much to Joe’s chagrin who then tried to speed things up, repeatedly kicking AJ in numerous areas of the body and locking Styles in a Cloverleaf, but once again the Champion got out of it and made it to the ropes.
The main event of the night came to an end when Joe lifted Styles to the top rope and was about to lift him up in position for the Muscle Buster but AJ fought him off, sending him backwards and Styles then flew through the air, hitting Joe with a Tornado DDT! Afterwards, AJ struggled back to his feet and lifted Joe up by his legs, hooking Joe’s arms with his legs, and connecting with the Styles Clash! Styles then slowly covered Joe, and picked up the victory, retaining the TNA World Heavyweight Championship!
Winner and STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion – AJ Styles at 16:07
AJ Styles is still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion! It took a lot to do it, but he has, and Styles struggles to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee and then being handed his title which he triumphantly holds in the air as he climbs to the top rope to celebrate. AJ then leaves the ring and climbs over the security rail, blending in with the fans as he continues to celebrate with the crowd before climbing back over and walking up the ramp, holding up his belt above his head with both hands to close this rollercoaster ride of an event...


Quick Results:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship | AJ Styles def. Samoa Joe
TNA X Division Championship | Ultimate X Match | Christopher Daniels def. Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, Jay Lethal, Kazarian and Shannon Moore
Eric Bischoff Special Guest Referee, Hulk Hogan Special Enforcer | Motor City Machine Guns def. Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley
Sting def. Mr. Anderson
Jeff Hardy def. Kurt Angle, Desmond Wolfe and Rob Van Dam
No Holds Barred | Loser Leaves TNA | Kevin Nash def. Scott Hall
TNA Global Championship | D’Angelo Dinero def. Rhino
The British Invasion and Eric Young def. Hernandez, Matt Morgan and Rob Terry
TNA World Tag Team Championships | Beer Money def. Generation Me

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