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Re: Survivor Australia [6] - Gameplay Thread

Day 6

Reward Challenge - Mastermind

Come on in!

[Both tribes carry their flags and their belongings as they enter the open field].

Venganza, getting your first look at the new Lucha tribe ... .BD voted out at the last Tribal Council.

[Venganza nods in agreement as they anticipated such a result]

Let's get to today's challenge. The winning tribe, like always, will be able to send someone from the losing tribe to Exile Island (with the confirmation of 2 tribe members), and have earned an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge.

Today's challenge is truly gonna prove which tribe is more of a Masterminded Tribe than the other.

One person from each tribe must send me a list, choosing 4 of the following fruits:

You can put your 4 fruits in any order that you choose, but you cannot repeat a fruit more than once. Also, make sure everybody from your tribe that is participating in the challenge knows your tribe list, otherwise they will be unable to compete in the challenge.

The first person to post will make a guess on the opposing tribe's list. Then, the next person who posts MUST be from the other tribe, as they will post a template like this:

You got [X] fruits right, in the right position.
You got [X] fruits right, in the wrong position.

Example: Your tribe's list is:

And the person guesses:

You would respond:

You got 1 fruit right, in the right position.
You got 2 fruits right, in the wrong position.

Then, in the same post, that person can guess on the other tribe's list, and it will continue to alternate between tribes.

The first tribe to correctly guest the other tribe's list wins Reward.

Venganza, you have 3 extra members. 2 tribe members must agree in the thread on which 3 tribe members are sitting out today's challenge. Remember, the 3 people you sit out in today's challenge MUST compete in the Immunity Challenge.

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