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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

Opening the show with the Belfast Brawl? Awesome choice, imo. I loved the attack before the show had even begun, it really shows off Finlay’s mean streak, which he is going to need heading into war with Lashley at SNME. When you told me you had written this match as a spot fest, I was hoping you were over exaggerating a little, but you weren’t. Whilst they are entertaining at times, with a guy who owns as hard as Finlay, I would have much preferred if you at least included some in ring psychology into this match, but it simply didn’t happen. With that being said, you allowed Crazy to show some resiliency, and Finlay looks like a badass, heading into his match with Lashley at SNME.

I was worried for a moment that you were going to give Finlay a fair promo, so I was happy he was kept short and sweet. I really didn’t expect him to callout Lashley, I thought he’d just issue a warning, although their confrontation was pretty fantastic. JBL getting involved was alright, considering what went down last week, please no JBL/Lashley at ‘Mania, although Finlay is the man who came out of this segment looking like a million bucks. A good start to the show.

As usual, you’ve got JBL’s character down pretty well. His arguments were all great, gloating over all his achievements, including the “clean” victory over The Undertaker. I even enjoyed the part about the title shots he should have got, it’s all typical JBL, although I didn’t like JBL mentioning Teddy Long’s old friendship with Mark Henry. It just seemed really unnecessary, considering how much Teddy has changed since then.

Mr Kennedy on commentary is win, although I must say, having Cole own him with the Mysterio line was a disgrace.

Unlike the opening contest, London/Kendrick was a fucking HUGE joy to read. The friendship stayed pretty tight throughout the match to, which you showed at times, which is always good, and whilst I can’t see London winning the MITB ladder match, and I think you’ve just put him in for some cool spots, this match definitely did a whole lot of good for both guys.

CM Punk straight after ‘Mania, please.

Matt Hardy’s interview wasn’t that bad, although it just seemed like a bunch of “feel sorry for me” crap. I know that might sound a bit harsh, but it didn’t really have any personality to it, besides his never say die spirit, so this promo really didn’t do anything for me.

A strong win for Benoit, second in a row in a short amount of time if I’m thinking straight. Not much else to say really.

Benoit promo was a lot like Hardy promo, in character but boring. I doubt Benoit would call Booker a little bitch though, not on Smackdown anyway. OJ? Clapping? That’s rather gay of him. Despite this, I’m still not sure who OJ will side with tomorrow night.

A typical Edge promo here, insulting his old stomping grounds, before having a crack at Batista. I loved the cracks at Matthews, Cole and Tazz to. These are more of the type of promos I want to see on Smackdown, it really is a shame this one came from a Raw guy.

Much like the Edge promo above, MNM, or should I say Melina’s promo was very good. I’m not too sure I like all this hick business, but that’s just me. Anyway. Melina was good, and she accepted the match for SNME which is always good. I’m guessing Jeff is going to stick his ugly head in the picture sometime soon then?

I love how you acknowledge Simon Dean as not a bad talent in this thread, it really makes me happy. Anyway, glad you made Dean look okay in this one, although it was always about Mysterio, and in the end, it did the job, as Rey looks quite impressive with the win.

Honestly, Mysterio’s promo started off tremendously bad with the line about it being a good match, and then talking about competition, it was generic, face shit, that I really felt wasn’t needed. Once he got into talking about the Cruiserweight division it really improved, and just so you know, if you don’t book Mysterio/Noble for SNME, this angle is a failure.

Once again, I feel as if this Orton/Tista business is coming to soon after Eddie/Batista shit, but I guess I will have to live with it. Anyway, this segment was good, loved the amount of tension you displayed between the two, and tonight’s main event should be rather awesome.

From what you’ve told me SNME should be rather great, I’m really excited.

As I was just saying in Wolfy’s SD review, I enjoy reading the commentary hype for the big events for some reason, so uhh, good work there.

Good to show the replay of RVD/Taker again to. HYPE~!

Kash’s interview was nice, and he actually had some good points, which makes the promo rather effective. With that being said, I don’t like the constant comparison to Juventud, because Juvi at his best couldn’t lace Rey’s boots. Besides this, another sweet promo, I’m really happy they’ve picked up, as first half of the show was a little lacklustre.

Honestly, as I said to you on msn, CBF with summarizing everything, but this main event was AMAZING. Not only was it a really fun read, but it did its job, showing tension with the Raw main event, showing Orton’s newly found attitude, and getting some heat between Edge and ‘Tista for SNME. Awesome stuff.

Honestly, the first half of this show wasn’t that great, but the second half definitely made up for it. Another good show, hyping SNME wonderfully, great stuff, BKB.


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