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Re: Being The Booker

I just wanna' mention I know you said JD probably won't be done for awhile, but the same was said about SD, and three days later, here it is. Basically, can you hold off on posting JD for at least a week, because I'm gonna' be away, and I need to post my predictions and shizz.

Smackdown Feedback

Hey, Rob Van Dam returned last week. I canít wait to see what he does tonight, so frickiní hyped for this.

One of the matches I was looking forward to in Finlay and Cade to open the show? Hell yeah, sounds pretty damn good, and itís high stakes with King of the Ring, and hype for the pay per view six man tag team match coming up. I was quite pleased to see Finlay pick up the victory, showing his love for fighting and all that good stuff. The attack afterwards was pretty basic, with the faces making the rescue, and all of a sudden, weíve had some good hype for the six man tag. On a side note, Iím not really happy with the way the six man tag match has been booked, I really feel there has been a lack of build up, and itís just a throw away match. The New Wave are kind of a big deal, or at least I think they should be, so I just really felt this could have been done a little better overall, but back on topic, this was a good way to start the show.

Judgment Day video package is all good, itís probably the first time Iíve commented on it. Also, Iím guessing JD will be in recap.

Usually if I looked at a thread and saw one of the Greasers defeating Chavo Guerrero Iíd be pretty annoyed, but regarding the circumstances, this match couldnít have went down any better. Chavo keeps face, fighting his ass off, Deuce and Domino get a win, and Kendrick continues to look like an ass, by not helping out Chavo, continuing his rather epic slow heel turn.

Iím not really going to comment much on Double A and the Hogan video package, as I think my comments on the SD preview, and even your lack of enthusiasm to write the video shows just what I think of this. It just seems like a cheap WWE way of doing things, and even with the epic promo work from JBL so far, I really feel you couldíve whipped up something better than a lame video package.

Okay, so you did whip up something better in the likes of this JBL promo. I loved the insults at the fans at the beginning, plus the seriousness in which he ended this. Despite the short length, which was explained well, this segment was really good. I really loved the, as you put it, or Cole did, chilling twinge to it, was nice. It really added to a feud that has been hyped pretty well, but with that being said, I still donít forgive you for the video package.

I totally expected AMW to dominate The Mad Murdoch Twins, and whilst I like Booker and Burke distracting AMW for build for JD, I still think AMW should have been able to pick up the win somehow. I guess youíre trying to make AMW look really vulnerable which means they will probably retain, but losing to a team with as little credibility as The Mad Murdoch Twins doesnít help the angle at all.

Much like anything to do with Kendrick as of late, I really enjoyed this segment. Youíve turned him into a guy who canít get enough of himself so well, and with the mention of ĎTheí Brian Kendrick, Iíd mark out if his entrance at JD involved wearing a ridiculous looking jacket. Anyway, whilst Kendrick continued to look awesome, I think the intensity you gave Chavo was needed to, it actually makes it seem as if Chavoís a big part of proceedings, and that he may have a chance at the PPV, when really, this is simply all about the evolution of Kendrickís character. Smart segment, anyway.

I thought it was clever how you had Orton go to Van Damís old doctor. It was a little unexpected, but a great way to sell RVDís injuries, and to further my thoughts, that after this Sunday, heíll be out for a long while. The only thing I could say is that I would have liked a little more out of Orton himself.

Honestly, Iím really glad that you got this show up as soon as you did, and I donít want to seem ungrateful, but I would have really liked to see a little more detail in the Haas/London match. With that being said, it sounded like it was a pretty good contest, and a good win to have London looking like a million bucks heading into the US Title match.

Iím not going to lie, Iíve been a little disappointed with the lack of promos throughout this show, but judging by this Albright promo, when they finally come, you sure know how to deliver. He brought up some good points, especially when talking about the US Title, and how he never loses when it is on the line. I was glad London didnít talk much, as you didnít seem to have much for him, and Albright was sounding fine. He became very bitter and twisted as the promo went on, which I liked as well, although perhaps he should have just became bitter, because I feel as if JBL and Albright both becoming ďchillingĒ overnight is a bit too much. I really liked the ďbreak your armĒ go home line to, and on a personal note, Iím kind of hoping it actually happens.

Brock Lesnar is always good to keep short and sweet, so Iím glad you did that here. I enjoyed the response to each of the questions, keeping Lesnar looking badass.

Much like Lesnarís promo, Edgeís was a nice way to reply to everything that Lesnar just said. Once again, it was pretty in character, and has me excited for tonightís main event.

I didnít really care much for this match, although I was pleased that Bourne lost, because simply put, I donít like him.

I canít wait until the KOTR really heats up...

Nice block of commentary for final JD shill job... I donít really know why but I always enjoy reading these.

I understand storyline wise that MVP being scared, and Carlito looking like an angry beast is the correct way to go, although after all the hype regarding this confrontation, I really was hoping it was something... well, a little more. A bit more length to it would have been nice, with Porterís awesome cocky attitude and all, so yeah, despite it doing its job, I was a little disappointed with this.

Lesnar/Edge probably didnít live up to what I wanted, just due to me expecting a more action packed match, but with that being said, I liked the psychology the match had, especially in the beginning with Lesnar thinking he outsmarted Edge, but then Edge outsmarting Lesnar on the ramp. The match really heated up to more of what I wanted towards the end, so that was pretty nice to. The aftermath with Orton getting involved, but then bailing from RVD was pretty sick, creating an awesome final bit of hype. A slightly more intense RVD here, which I liked due to the situation, so seriously man, a good end to the show.

Regarding PPV hype, this show was probably the perfect go home show, with everything getting a sufficient amount of hype. I felt the match was maybe a little to match heavy, and could have been helped out with that one extra promo somewhere, but besides that, it was a pretty good show, without being anything outstanding. One thing I want to add, is that your tag division still needs a huge amount of work, so hopefully that begins to improve over the coming months.

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