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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | May 18 2007 | Worcester MA

Highlights from the closing moments of last weeks show, where ROB VAN DAM made a stunning, surprise return - NAILING RANDY ORTON WITH THE VAN TERMINATOR!!!

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Only forty eight hours remain, until the night of reckoning. We are just two days away … from Judgment Day!!!

Tazz: Judgment Day is comin, Cole, and it’s gonna be off the hook my friend. But with what we’ve got in store tonight, the wait is gonna be worth it.

Michael Cole: Indeed it will, Tazz. Tonight, Brock Lesnar and Edge will lock horns, just two days away from challenging Randy Orton in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. And with two of his three challengers already busy this evening, Tazz … will Randy Orton cast his thoughts onto Rob Van Dam, after Mister Friday Night shocked the world last week, with a physical message for the WWE Champion??

Tazz: I couldn’t believe my eyes, Cole. I honestly believed Van Dam was done after what went down at WrestleMania … and I didn’t expect to see him at any kind of level at Judgment Day … but he made me a believer last week.

Michael Cole: I think Van Dam changed the minds of many people last week, Tazz. The fact remains though; RVD has had to sign a ‘hold harmless agreement’ to compete at Judgment Day. There are definitely underlying issues there.

Tazz: And there always will be, Cole. After that punt at WrestleMania, Van Dam will never be the same again- and by the looks of things, he’s gonna take out any frustration he has on the cold, dark soul of Randy Orton on Sunday.


The veteran Irishman enters the stage, for the opening match.

Michael Cole: That’s on Sunday, and also on Sunday, that man, Finlay, teams with Batista and Jeff Hardy to take on The New Wave. Tonight, we’ve got a preview of that match, with the Irishman taking on Garrison Cade- but it’s more than that; it’s the opening contest in the Smackdown half of the King of the Ring tournament.

Tazz: Raw got their side o’ things kicked off on Tuesday on Superstars, and we’re getting down to business tonight.

Michael Cole: And while this match happens tonight, on Sunday, before Judgment Day goes on the air, Charlie Haas will meet Super Crazy in the next King of the Ring tournament match.

Garrison Cade vs. Finlay
It’s a hard hitting affair, with Cade looking to use his size and power, whilst Finlay just wants a fight. That fighting spirit helps keep the veteran in it, refusing to cave in to the big Texan, and giving Cade plenty to think about. Despite that, Finlay eventually succumbs to the big man, and it looks like Garrison is looking to finish the contest off, getting the Irishman into position for the Razors Edge … but Finlay slips out, and fights back, getting the fans stirring!!! Finlay rocks Cade, surprising him with his tenacity, even after a sustained beat down … then comes off the ropes, looking for a clothesline, but Cade catches him with a boot, before looking to scoop him up … BUT FINLAY SURPRISES HIM WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Finlay @ 07:26

The veteran progresses!! Finlay wins the match, but as soon as he reaches his feet … BAM~!! Garrison Cade levels Finlay with a massive clothesline!!! The Irishman goes down, with Cade putting the boots to him, letting out his frustration … as the pack of dogs known as the New Wave (minus Orton) descend on the ring, and join in the beating, stomping at Finlay. Doane backs off and makes a beeline for the shillelagh … but he looks up …


Doane grabs the weapon, and alerts his fellow New Wave cohorts, as Jeff slides inside, past Doane, and leaps up, launching himself at Dinsmore, whilst Batista slides in, ducking under a wild swing of the Shillelagh from Doane … AND SCOOPS HIM UP … SPINEBUSTER!!!

Meanwhile, Cade dashes to safety, whilst Dinsmore scrambles to the floor too, with the pair pulling Doane from the ring, as Hardy helps the veteran to his feet, whilst Batista watches their opponents, as the New Wave regroup on the outside, looking worse for wear.

Michael Cole: This Sunday, there will be no running Tazz. The New Wave meet that man, Batista, Finlay and Jeff Hardy.

Tazz: It’s the opportunity the New Wave have been looking for. Lotta people have been on their case as nothing more than lackeys to Randy Orton - Sunday at Judgment Day they have the opportunity to show the rest of the world they aint lackeys. But they gotta man up by Sunday.

Michael Cole: And lost in the shuffle here is the fact that Finlay has indeed progressed to the Sweet Sixteen stage of the King of the Ring tournament.

Tazz: Absolutely, a great win for the veteran here tonight, and now he’ll meet Charlie Haas or Super Crazy in the next round.

Michael Cole: And, as we stated at the top of the show, those two will meet prior to Judgment Day on Sunday. But still to come tonight, for the first time ever, the exciting Cruiserweight that the world is talking about; Evan Bourne, will make his first ever appearance on Smackdown, and he’ll be facing another fellow fresh face, Daivari - those two have had a couple of run ins already on Superstars, but tonight, they meet on Friday Night Smackdown!!! But coming up next, it’s the Number One Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship this Sunday, Chavo Guerrero, one on one, with Deuce!!

Commercial Break


The WWE production theme, “Lost Souls” plays over the package.

Opens with the following writing;
"Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of' Judgement" Matthew 12:36.

Flashing shot of Randy Orton punting RVD at WrestleMania.

More writing;
"He that rejecteth me and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him. The word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day" John 12:48.

Flashing shot of Randy Orton punting Jericho on 13/4 Smackdown.

Writing appears again;
"For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according to what he hath done whether it be good or bad" II Corinthians 5:10.

Flashing shots of Ric Flair leaving the ring, head bowed, for the final time, RVD being wheeled out of the arena at WrestleMania, and Chris Jericho being placed into an ambulance on the 13/4 edition of Smackdown.

The package then focuses on the face of the callous Randy Orton, the music stops, and it’s simply heavy, slow motion breathing.

Narrator: His Judgment Day … has come.


Match 2:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Deuce w/Domino
Building off last weeks contest between Kendrick and Domino, where Chavo proved to be the deciding factor in helping Kendrick, Deuce gets a match against the man that meets Kendrick on Sunday. Chavo has the better of the ‘Greaser’ in the opening minutes, proving to be too quick and elusive for his opponent, with Deuce unable to provide much sustained offence. Guerrero even manages to knock Domino off the apron as he attempts to interfere, then looks to deliver the Gory Bomb, but Deuce slips free, and grabs the referee … as Domino slides inside … AND CLOCKS CHAVO WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM BEHIND!!!

From there, Deuce takes over, but is unable to keep Guerrero down, with Chavo refusing to stay down, whilst on commentary, Cole and Tazz question the presence of Kendrick - or lack thereof - at ringside, after Chavo came to his aide last week. Chavo battles on, and fights out of a sleeper attempt, building up some momentum, catching Deuce with a few knockdowns, and eventually puts his opponent down, delivering a TORNADO DDT!!! Chavo then signals to the fans … and climbs the ropes … steadying himself for the Frog Splash … BUT DOMINO JUMPS ONTO THE APRON AGAIN!!! Chavo kicks him off before he can do anything … but by the time Domino is taken care of … Deuce is up, and shoves Chavo off the top!!!

Deuce then grabs the referees attention, whilst on the outside DOMINO is back up to his feet, and dips into his leather jacket pocket … AND THEN NAILS CHAVO WITH A STEEL CHAIN!!! Chavo is out cold, and Domino rolls Guerrero back inside the ring, and Deuce makes a cover, with the three count a mere formality … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Deuce @ 06:07

The odds were just too much to fight for Chavo tonight. Despite helping his supposed friend, Brian Kendrick from the same fate last week, Kendrick didn’t bother to return the favour. In the ring, Deuce celebrates a rare win with Domino before leaving the ring, both men looking chuffed, whilst Chavo is slowly brought around by the referee, as his preparations for Judgment Day don’t quite go to plan.

Michael Cole: A tough loss for Chavo Guerrero this evening, Tazz, but what I’d like to know is, where was Brian Kendrick?? Last week, Chavo Guerrero done Brian Kendrick a massive favour by coming to his aide, but tonight, the Cruiserweight Champion is nowhere to be seen.

Tazz: He didn’t need to be here Cole. He and Chavo might be friends, but on Sunday, that don’t matter a jot. Chavo Guerrero is coming for Brian Kendricks title belt - there aint no friendship on Sunday, and Kendrick will be doin everythin he can to keep the title, as much as Chavo will do everythin he can to win it. Why should Brian Kendrick help his competition, less than forty eight hours from a title match??

Michael Cole: It just doesn’t sit right with me Tazz. Brian Kendrick owed Chavo Guerrero tonight-

Tazz: He owed him nothin Cole.

We get another look at Chavo, who still looks groggy, as the referee tries to help clear his mind, as we fade out.

Commercial Break

We return with an outside shot of the arena, with Michael Cole now welcoming us back…

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, on the final stop before Judgment Day this Sunday. And of course, one of the major matches that everyone is waiting to see, pits John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield - making his return to PPV after a serious lower back injury - take on the greatest of all time. The biggest name in Sports Entertainment history, the one and only, ‘immortal’ Hulk Hogan.

Tazz: Hulk Hogan lockin horns with the biggest mouthpiece in the WWE today. You called the Hulkster immortal there, but JBL has a different opinion, and he’s intent on making Hogan look merely mortal come Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: And for these two foes it truly is Judgment Day on Sunday. The fans begged Hogan for “One More Match”, and in Miami they’ll get it. But, can Hulk Hogan relive his glory years one last time against JBL?? Last week, JBL attempted to belittle Hogan once more, making a mockery out of what was supposed to be a ‘tribute’ to the legend. Well tonight, Arn Anderson has intervened and ordered a genuine video package to highlight the career of ‘The Hulkster’…


The GM of Smackdown makes a quick entrance onto the stage, acknowledging the respectful fans, with the music quickly dying down.

Arn Anderson: Good evenin. Now, I’m gonna cut right to the chase here, and get straight to the point. Over the last month, JBL has made it perfectly clear how he feels about Hulk Hogan. Week after week, Bradshaw has rammed his feelings down the throats of you good folk, draggin the good name of Hulk Hogan through the gutter. Now, as far as I’m concerned, last week, he had the chance to at least show some semblance of respect for the man … but boy, did I misjudge that situation.

Anderson takes a moment to pause, reflecting on last weeks ‘tribute’.

Arn Anderson: Well tanight, I want to make things right. You people, the fans, and all o’ the Hulkamaniacs that have followed Hogan through the years deserve to see a collection of clips that show Hogan in a true light. So, without further ado … please … roll the tape.

Video Package airs; one of those regular Hogan ones. Dare I bother to describe what goes on?? It ends with Hogan confronting JBL at WrestleMania, running him from the ring, before the video ends with the ‘ONE MORE MATCH’ chant at the Hall of Fame ceremony, and a nodding Hogan.


Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: Tazz, I have chills running through my body right now. Hulk Hogan one on one for the first, and most probably, last time against JBL. Can Hogan shut the mouth of the self made millionaire??

Tazz: There’s only so long that one man can remain untouchable. Hogan has been the centrepiece of the industry for two decades … but sooner rather than later, that tank is gonna be runnin on empty. I just hope that doesn’t happen on Sunday, otherwise Hulk Hogan wont have any choice in whether he ever laces those boots again.

Michael Cole: You cannot miss it. Hulk Hogan on Pay Per View - perhaps, for the very last time - this Sunday. But Tazz, that’s on Sunday. Tonight, there are a number of situations that could well explode -

Voice: Excuse me.

Cole is thrown off by the voice … and looks up, as JBL is seen on the titan tron, to massive heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me first to apologise for not being in Worcester tonight. It would have given me almighty pleasure to grace you fine people with my presence …

JBL stops for the fans to boo.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: … But the ‘Powers That Be’ have requested that I head straight for Miami after my comments in recent weeks toward the ‘almighty’ Hulk Hogan. In fact, this feed, that I have went out of my own way to set up in order to address you all this evening, is likely to be cut at any moment, just in case I speak my mind again…

With his toothy grin, Layfield smiles right into the camera.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Just in case you sheep - you trained robots - come to the realisation that what I have said week after week about Lord Hogan … is all true.

Bradshaw allows himself a chuckle, before continuing.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I can imagine it now … old man Anderson back there throwing a fit, whilst a dozen tech geeks scramble to cut me off … but gentlemen … you can relax. For I’m sick of trying to enlighten these people. I’m sick of trying to inform you followers of Hulkamania that you’ve been led a merry dance by the ultimate con-man … if you haven’t accepted him for what he is by now … you never will.

JBL stops smiling, and now shows contempt for the audience.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But allow me to take this moment … allow me to drill it home to all you Hulkamaniacs … savour these next forty eight hours. Watch the compilation DVD’s … wrap yourself in red and yellow boas … rip off all your t-shirts … cup your ears to everyone to speak to … do all the trainin, eat all the vitamins … and most importantly on Sunday morning … most importantly …

JBL leans in, whispering.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Say your prayers for Hulk Hogan.

Layfield tips his hat, as the video is quickly cut off.

Everything falls silent in the arena, as we move back to a silenced Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Chilling.

Tazz: Uh … yeah. That’s one way of puttin it.

Michael Cole: I think- yeah, it might just be best to move on. Folks, still to come tonight, the main event; Brock Lesnar takes on Edge, with both men just forty eight hours away from challenging Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in the Fatal Four Way Elimination match also set to feature Rob Van Dam.

Tazz: Off the hook, Cole. That match could main event ANY Pay Per View - yet it happens FOR FREE two nights before Judgment Day. That’s why I love our General Manager.

Michael Cole: That’s to come later tonight though. Meanwhile, we are waiting for the arrival of Carlito, one week on after his little brother, Primo, was viciously, savagely assaulted by a manic MVP. And indeed, in echoes of the attack that has put Carlito on the shelf, MVP targeted the knee of Primo, but this time he didn’t take any chances of his target recovering. Primo Colon - a young, aspiring wrestler himself - will be out of action for a whole year after last weeks attack. Carlito may have gotten into the head of MVP, but Tazz, Porter crossed the line last week.

Tazz: Desperate times, Cole. MVP, for weeks, demanded Carlito show his face - face to face - and for weeks, Carlito tried to screw with the head of his rival. Sneak attacks, mind games, you name it, Carlito did it. Last week, MVP had enough, and hey, he mighta crossed the line, but he got what he wanted, and that’s a face to face showdown with Carlito tonight.

Michael Cole: That one is a potential powder keg that could explode at any moment, probably as soon as Carlito arrives.

Tazz: Without a doubt.


Heat descends, as Chris Harris and James Storm; Americas Most Wanted, enter the arena, carrying the title belts as always, as they get set for a tune up match of their own this evening.

Michael Cole: You are looking at the current WWE Tag Team Champions … but for how much longer?? At Judgment Day, AMW face a serious threat to their championship reign, when they defend against the perfect blend of youth and experience; Elijah Burke and Booker T. Tonight, they face the Murdochs, and it’s next!!

Commercial Break

Americas Most Wanted vs. The Mad Murdoch Twins
Short match, where the outcome seems obvious from before it even begins, with the focus of Cole and Tazz on commentary simply being to hype the tag team titles match at Judgment Day. The Murdochs have the better of it in the opening exchanges with Festus being typically hard to handle, but a clever diversion from Harris allows Storm to take over, getting the better of the crazed Festus, and working him over, quickly slipping in and out of the ring with his partner with successive tags, keeping each other fresh, and fully in control of Festus. Eventually, the big man fights to freedom, cracking the heads of AMW together, allowing Trevor to make a tag and take control.

That doesn’t last for long though, with the champions getting the better of Trevor, and once again assuming control with a number of near falls. As AMW look to be heading toward putting the finishing touches on the elder twin though, the camera shifts to the stage, where BOOKER T AND ELIJAH BURKE are standing, scouting the champs, which suddenly throws Harris and Storm off their game. The champions now are seemingly distracted by the presence of the two men that will challenge them on Sunday, and take their eyes off the ball, which allows Trevor to recover, quickly bundling Harris out of the ring, then ducks under an attempted Storm clothesline, before rebounding off the ropes with one of his own!!! The match has turned, and Trevor now leaps across the ring … AND TAGS IN FESTUS!!!

Festus enters the ring like a train, knocking down Storm, then knocking down an incoming Harris, then catches Storm with a Sidewalk slam!!! The big man looks tranced out as usual … as he looks down at Storm, thinking about finishing him off now … but on the outside, Harris stumbles to the timekeepers position, and grabs the title belts … which is spotted by Booker and Burke on the stage … and the #1 Contenders make their move!!! Booker and Burke quickly jog down the aisle, as Harris nails Trevor with one of the belts out of the referees sight, whilst in the ring Festus shapes up for a corner splash … BUT STORM PULLS THE REFEREE IN TO PROTECT HIMSELF … AND FESTUS CRUSHES THE REFEREE!!!

Outside, The Wildcat slips one of the title belts into the ring, then spots Book and Eli making a beeline for him, and backs off, with a stand off now between Harris and the two men he faces with Storm on Sunday. Harris begs off, keeping the two men busy, whilst in the ring, Storm makes the most of the distraction, planting Festus with a low blow, then grabs the title belt, slides outside, and looks to attack Booker and Burke from behind … BUT THEY CATCH HIM!!! Booker blocks the shot, and drills Storm with a big right, whilst Eli does the same with Harris!!!

The Wildcat tumbles over the barrier, with Burke following over, whilst Booker grabs the title belt … AND NAILS STORM!!! The former five time WCW champion pulls Storm up, and rolls him into the ring, where Festus has recovered … AND THE BIG MAN LANDS ON STORM WITH A BIG SPLASH!!! The referee slowly comes around, whilst Trevor Murdoch also recovers … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Mad Murdoch Twins @ 06:59

It’s a massive shock!!! The WWE Tag Team Champions LOSE for the third week straight - only this time, it’s not in singles action - it was where they supposedly flourish - the tag team scene!!!

Michael Cole: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, TAZZ?? The WWE Tag Team Champions have LOST in their speciality!!! It seems to me, Booker T and Elijah Burke have got the usually unflappable champions in all kinds of trouble!!!

Tazz: Uhh- I … guess? I’m stunned Cole. AMW completely fell apart here, they took their eye off the ball, and they paid the price.

Michael Cole: But if that happens again on Sunday - if Booker T or Elijah Burke can do that to Harris and Storm on Sunday, we will be looking at new WWE Tag Team Champions!!

Tazz: That’s the reality Cole … and it really could happen!!!

In the ring, Storm slowly comes around, whilst Trevor is seen helping the now comatose Festus up the aisle. In the crowd, we see a distant shot of Harris making his getaway from Burke, who rejoins Booker at ringside, with Booker catching the attention of a dazed Storm, telling ‘The Cowboy’ “YO PUNK ASS BELONG TA US COME SUNDAY!!” over and over, with fear beginning to set on the face of the reigning tag team champion.

Michael Cole: AMW defend the tag team titles this Sunday, perhaps, for the final time, at Judgment Day, but still to come tonight, the man who could well end the seven month reign of Brent Albright as the United States Champion this Sunday is in action - Paul London faces Albrights good friend, Charlie Haas, tonight!!

Backstage, we see Chavo Guerrero walking through the hallway, holding a bag of ice against his forehead, selling the effects of the steel chain shot he took earlier this evening. As he walks on, we hear a lot of ‘whooping’ and laughing - girls laughing. Inquisitively, Chavo looks to see what’s going on, and as he sees the crowd he stops, shaking his head.

The camera pans around, and shows Brian Kendrick, surrounded by scantily clad, young (legal age) girls, all pandering to the Cruiserweight Champion, who seems to be loving every second. In the background, a seething Chavo spots the title belt - face down, uncared for, forgotten about by the champion, and grabs it.

He shakes his head, and pushes through the crowd of a half dozen women to get to Kendrick, and grabs his attention by shoving the belt into his chest.

Chavo Guerrero: You forgotten about that??

Looking laid back and care free, Kendrick shrugs, throwing the belt onto his shoulder.

Brian Kendrick: Why would you think that, buddy??

Chavo shakes his head at the attitude of his ‘friend’.

Chavo Guerrero: Buddy?? Look Brian, last week, I helped you out of a tough spot … I didn’t even get a thanks. Tonight, the least I might’ve expected was for you to do the same. I thought you coulda had my back like I had yours … like a friend.

Brian Kendrick: Ohhhh … y’know Chavito, I totally forgot about your match tonight. I just got all caught up with the girls an all …

Kendrick looks around at the scantily clad women, and loses his train of thought.

Brian Kendrick: Uhhh … so, yeah, I mean, we should totally catch up. How about I give ya a call tomorrow??

Random Girl: Oh, you cant tomorrow Brian. We’ve got a brunch date.

Random Girl #2: And you’ve got that hair appointment in the afternoon.

Random Girls #3: Yeah, and you said you’d come to my friends house party tomorrow night Bri.

Kendrick nods, then looks to Chavo, and shrugs.

Brian Kendrick: You know how it is, Chavvy. What can I say?? I’m a busy dude, and it’s not like they can replace me, is it?? I am ‘The’ Brian Kendrick after all.

Kendrick smiles at Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero: Y’know, I’ve fought your corner for the last month or two now. I’ve defended you, I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the doubt … but Brian … I cant deny it any longer-

Brian Kendrick: Whoa. Hold that thought a sec.

Kendrick passes the title belt off to one of the girls, and pinches her ass as she turns away with it. She squeals and laughs, as she smirks, shooing her away.

Brian Kendrick: Sorry, it was sorta heavy, y’know?? What were you saying?? Cant deny what??

Chavo Guerrero: C-

Brian Kendrick: You don’t even have to say it Chavito. I know I’m awesome, I know I’m the coolest cat around here. You don’t need to boost my ego.

Kendrick nods, putting his arm around two of the ladies swarming him, with one kissing him on the cheek.

The CW Champ then turns for the other one to give him a peck, which she does, before he turns his attention back to Chavo.


Chavo slaps his supposed friend, with Kendrick holding his face, and the ladies squealing manically, tending to their pimp. Chavo though, forces them away, and grabs Kendrick by the jacket, getting his undivided attention.

Chavo Guerrero: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!! Ever since you won that Cruiserweight title, you’ve let it go to your head. Well lemme tell ya esse, once it’s gone, all this … ALL THIS AROUND YOU?? It’ll be gone.

Guerrero lets go, and grabs the title from the girls hands, and shoves it into the chest of the champion.

Chavo Guerrero: You had better get your priorities in order by Sunday.

Chavo storms off, as Kendrick tries to compose himself, as another random girl in the crowd pipes in.

Random Girl #4: He’s right Brian. With that busy schedule tomorrow, you better not cancel our lunch date on Sunday.

Kendrick ignores the rat, and looks at the title belt, as we fade out.

Commercial Break

We return, straight to Josh Mathews, who is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

The camera pans to show Orton, title belt over his shoulder, with the fans showing their contempt for the champion.

Josh Mathews: Randy, last week-

Randy Orton: Stop.

Mathews does as he’s told, as Orton takes the mic from him.

Randy Orton: Josh … I asked for this time tonight … not for an interview … but so I could make a statement. Last week, a miracle occurred. Before last week, the last we saw of Rob Van Dam was in a motionless heap inside the Louisiana Superdome at WrestleMania after I kicked his skull damn near off his head.

Heat in the background.

Randy Orton: Yet despite that … eight weeks on - just eight weeks later - there he was, as good as new … Or was he?? Y’see Josh, while that man you saw in the ring last Friday night looked healthy, acted healthy, and claimed to be healthy … the reality is … it was ALL an act.

Orton turns away, and motions for someone to come forward. A professional looking middle aged, balding man enters the scene, with Orton positioning the man in front of the camera.

Randy Orton: I’d like to introduce Doctor John Clarkson. Doctor Clarkson here was Rob Van Dams physician until about two and a half weeks ago. And there is good reason as to why Doctor Clarkson will no longer have anything to do with RVD. Doctor??

The Doctor looks straight into the camera, looking rather sad.

Doctor Clarkson: For over a decade, I’ve been the family doctor for the Van Dam family. As Mister Orton just said, that relationship came to an end just over two weeks ago. And the reason for that is simple, and also saddening. At that time, Rob came to me, asking for me to clear him to compete. Now … over the years in working with Rob I’ve cleared him to compete hundreds of times, despite nagging injuries when should’ve been healing, I gave him that clearance, knowing how much wrestling meant to him. But on this occasion, the risk was far too great.

The Doctor pauses, seemingly in a tough spot.

Doctor Clarkson: This time, I couldn’t take the risk of clearing Rob for action, and as a result, Rob has decided to cut his ties with me and my practice, and instead, go ahead and sign a ‘Hold Harmless Agreement’ to compete at Judgment Day. I know this is completely unethical … me making this information public. I am running the risk of incurring all kinds of legal ramifications, but I wanted to make it clear - Rob Van Dam should be NOWHERE NEAR a wrestling ring - not just this Sunday … but, in my opinion … ever again.

Heat from the fans.

Doctor Clarkson: One blow to his head could not only just result in serious injury, it could lead to …

The Doctor cant bring himself to say it.

Doctor Clarkson: … And the likelihood of that happening, with this callous, heartless beast standing next to me in the ring with him … it’s highly likely.

Clarkson takes a look at Orton, shaking his head in disgust at the champion.

Doctor Clarkson: You, sir, have a lot to answer for. You’ve put Rob Van Dams life on hold, and for all intents and purposes … you’ve taken away his career, most probably forever on Sunday.

He then turns back to the camera.

Doctor Clarkson: Rob … please reconsider. Think about this rationally. Stop thinking about revenge, but instead, please, please, think about your beautiful wife, those young children, and your wonderful family. Please … don’t do this.

Taking one last look of disgust at Orton, the Doctor now walks out of view, as Orton steps back in.

Randy Orton: As the good Doctor said … think about your wife Rob … think about your kids … think about the rest of your family. Think about them.

Orton smirks, as the heinous champion looks into the camera with his cold, dead eyes, as we fade out.

Back to ringside…


A former United States Champion himself, Charlie Haas enters to a moderate reaction from the fans.

Michael Cole: On Sunday night, before Judgment Day goes on the air, Charlie Haas meets Super Crazy in a first round King of the Ring tournament match. Tonight though, Haas will look to do his good friend, Brent Albright an almighty favour, and soften up Paul London, who challenges the United States Champion in forty eight hours time.

Tazz: I am pumped for this one, Cole. What a night so far, heck of a line up, and we’ve still got Edge and Lesnar to come.

Michael Cole: Of course, both Lesnar and Edge will be part of that Fatal Four Way Elimination Match on Sunday night, or will it indeed wind up as a triple threat match?? Will RVD heed the advice of Doctor Clarkson moments ago, and the chilling words from Randy Orton?? Or will the headstrong Van Dam ignore the experts opinion, and compete on Sunday??

Tazz: He’s come this far, Cole. No quit in Van Dam - not now.


To a great pop, Paul London races onto the stage, pumping the fans, looking energetic as always, two days away from Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: He has enjoyed a remarkable rise through the ranks on Smackdown over the last two years, but as he said himself, if Paul London fails to defeat Brent Albright on Sunday, all that hard work will have been for nothing. He has earned the right to challenge for the United States Championship, but can Paul London make that step, and end the seven month reign of Albright on Sunday??

Tazz: I’ve said it time and time again Cole, when that belt is up for grabs, Brent Albright ALWAYS finds another gear. Ask Lashley, ask Batista, ask Matt Hardy … every time, Albright pulls it outta the bag.

Michael Cole: But sooner or later, that luck has to run out. Will it be this Sunday at Judgment Day?? Has Paul Londons time arrived??

Tazz: Whoa. Luck?? One thing about Brent Albright - he don’t need to rely on luck. He didn’t get lucky at WrestleMania. He’s the champ because he’s smart. He’s always got a gameplan, and you can bet he’ll have another for this guy on Sunday.

Michael Cole: That remains to be seen, but Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be right back with Paul London versus Charlie Haas, on Friday Night Smackdown … join us, when we come back!!

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Paul London vs. Charlie Haas
Unfortunately, the two don’t get as long to steal the show as they did last month, but it’s a faster paced match up, with Haas initially finding it hard to keep up with London, before catching him with a brutal reversal into a German Suplex, scoring a really long two count. From that point, Haas is in the ascendancy, schooling London with his variation of holds, but doesn’t target a specific area, instead opting to apply as much pain as possible in every area.

As always, London shows off his ‘never say die’ attitude, fighting back, and has Haas in trouble, surprising him with successive roll ups, with Haas just freeing himself from the predicament, and eventually catching London with a strong knee to the gut, gaining the upper hand again. Despite Haas’ best efforts though, he cant keep London down for long, with the #1 Contender to the U.S title constantly battling back, and shocks Haas with a snap neck breaker, giving himself the opportunity to head up top … BUT MISSES THE 450 SPLASH!!!

Haas played possum, and quickly swoops in for the Haas of Pain … BUT LONDON SLIPS OUT!!! He finds his feet, and dropsaults the incoming Haas, then lines up a Tornado DDT … BUT HAAS LOOKS TO COUNTER … AND ATTEMPTS A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX … BUT LONDON ROLLS THROUGH … AND INTO A ROLL UP … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 11:11

He does it again!!! Paul London beats Charlie Haas, one on one, riding into Judgment Day on a massive wave of momentum. Haas pounds the mat as he rolls out of the ring, furious that he slipped up again against London, as we see The Golden Boy have his arm raised in the ring when …



Brent Albright, the United States Champion walks onto the stage, wearing an open collared shirt, jeans and trainers, with the title belt draped over his shoulder. Brent looks far from happy, or even cocky this evening, seemingly looking pretty pissed off if anything.

Brent Albright: Take a good look at him. Paul London; the uncrowned United States Champion.

Mixed response.

Brent Albright: Because that’s what he is, right?? It’s just a matter of getting Judgment Day out of the way now, isn’t it?? I mean, why even bother showing up … it’s just a formality.

Albright looks around, looking for a response from the fans.

Brent Albright: Well … here’s a crazy thought. Here-

Rather abruptly, Albright grabs the cameraman, pulling him toward the belt, shoving it into the lens of the camera.

Brent Albright: READ THE NAME!!! TELL ME THE NAME!!!

Brent puts the mic to the cameramans mouth, with the terrified worker barely getting time to say the name.

Cameraman: B-Brent Albright.

Albright shoves him away, getting back on point.

Brent Albright: Thank you. Did you all hear that?? THE NAME … ON-THIS-BELT … READS … BRRRRRRRENT … ALLLLLLLBRIGHT!!!


Brent Albright: But over the last few weeks, it seems like that’s just a moot point, because the entire universe has already decided my times up.

Shakes his head.

Brent Albright: I’m ripping up the script … I’m not ready to let this go- not now … not ever. Don’t worry Paul, you’re not the first guy they said it would be … you’ll not be the last either. First, it was gonna be Matt Hardy winning the title back after I ‘fluked’ a win the first time. They were wrong. Nobody thought I could find a way around Lashley … but where’s he now?? They said I couldn’t see off Batista, yet I beat him- not just once … BUT TWICE!!!


Brent Albright: And in case you people have forgotten, the second time it was in front of seventy thousand witnesses at WrestleMania.

Brent affords himself a smile for a moment, looking around at the fans, before turning his attention back to London.

Brent Albright: So … as for you little man, after I’ve brushed aside those guys time and time again … what makes you think you can do what none of them could?? What makes THESE PEOPLE believe … in you??

Albright waits, as London is given a mic.

Paul London: You’re asking me why I think I can beat you?? Didn’t those two times I’ve already done it before mean anything?? Should I not take som-

Brent Albright: Unless this right here (raises title belt) is on the line … one- two, or even ten victories over me mean NOTHING!!!


Brent Albright: You’re just not getting it Paul. You’re just not understanding my point. When it comes to the United States Championship … when it comes to defending my pride and joy … I DON’T LOSE!!! Sure, I lose matches … I lost to you two straight times. But remind me … remind your fans here in Worcester … what happened the first time I defended the U.S Title against ya.

London smirks.

Paul London: Are you seriously proud of that win?? Are you proud of the fact that you jumped me from behind, and won the match in “record time”.

Brent Albright: I won. And that’s all that matters, kid … or at least … that’s all that should matter. But here in the WWE … they don’t look fondly on natural born winners like myself. No, it seems to me, there’s nothing the WWE management likes more … than a loveable loser … like you Paul.

Fans boo Albright.

Brent Albright: Y’see, it doesn’t matter how times you fail when it matters Paul, and it doesn’t matter who I beat, where I beat ‘em, or how long I hold onto my U.S Title … because at the end of the day, it's your face that fits. You’ll be the one with the long line of t-shirts … you’ll be the one with the three disc DVD set … and you’ll be the one getting the up close and personal sit down interviews.

The expression on Albrights face changes to a look of resentment now for his opponent at Judgment Day.

Brent Albright: Time after time I’ve defended this title. Month after month passes by, and I’m still champion … but where’s my credit?? Where’s my sit down interviews?? Where’s the Brent Albright DVD, huh?? I DON’T EVEN HAVE A GOD DAMN T-SHIRT!!! After every test I’ve passed, every challenge I’ve held off … I’m still an afterthought … and I’m sick and tired of being an afterthought.

The heat has disappeared, now replaced by a wall of silence inside the arena.

Brent Albright: For seven months … I’ve been proudly holding the United States Championship. Not once in those seven months has anyone wanted to sit down and talk about how I broke into the business … learn about my childhood … yet the ‘Golden Boy’ here, gets it all. Is it because the face fits?? Is it down to the fact he flies around like a stunt man every week?? Should I shave my beard?? Would that make me more “marketable”?? Should I start flying off the top rope every chance I get??


Brent Albright: No. I’m not gonna conform to what the corporate machine wants. But starting at Judgment Day, Paul London, I’m gonna force the top brass to recognise me ... and Imma force them to conform to my style. Y’see, in the past I’ve settled for winning. But that’s not what gets recognition. I know that now. At Judgment Day … I’m not just settling for a victory … I’m out for blood.

The deathly silence now descends into a small ripple, with a buzz from the fans despairing at the last comment from Albright, whilst London remains silent in the ring, allowing Albright to speak.

Brent Albright: Paul London … you’re the embodiment of everything I despise. You’ve made a career here in the WWE based on glorious failure; like your fourth placed finish in the Royal Rumble, literally being touching distance from the Money in the Bank briefcase, and like when I beat you last month … but come Sunday, there will be no glory out of your failure … and I’m not giving you a chance for any excuses this time around. I’ve already cleared it with Arn Anderson … I’ve offered to enter first, so you don’t need to worry about a sneak attack. I’ve demanded Anderson takes away my championship advantage. It’s an even playing field, Paul.

London nods, liking the requests of Albright.

Brent Albright: In the past, you’ve all seen a Brent Albright that excels in simply getting the job done. But on Sunday … prepare yourselves for a new Brent Albright … a more vicious … malicious … cruel … vile … heartless Brent Albright…

The champion waits for silence again, after another ripple from the fans.

Brent Albright: … Because I wont just break your dream London…

Intense close up.

Brent Albright: I’m gonna break your arm.


Albright and London don’t change their glare from one another, with London rather incensed by the final comment from the champion, challenging Albright to come to the ring now. Albright though, shows no sign of going to the ring, and simply turns, walking behind the curtain, setting the scene for Sunday at Judgment Day.

Commercial Break

We return at ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz…

Michael Cole: Tazz, moments ago, we witnessed a side to Brent Albright that we’ve never seen before. Come Sunday, the United States Champion wont just settle for retaining his title, but instead, will look to break Paul Londons arm.

Tazz: The man has reached breaking point Cole. He’s been a tremendous U.S Champ - one of the best of all time if you ask me, but he’s sick and tired of seeing other guys - guys like Paul London - getting, as he said, the DVD’s, sit down interviews amongst other things, whilst he has gotten nothin of the sort, despite his remarkable run with one of the most prestigious title belts in all of wrestling.

Michael Cole: Well, no one’s denying that Brent Albright has been a terrific champion, consistently delivering when it matters, but don’t you think he’s crossed the line with his comments tonight??

Tazz: Honestly?? No. I don’t think he has. The guy is sick of not getting credit he deserves. Every time he defends that title, he’s almost always been expected to lose - yet he keeps winnin. But no one ever gives him the praise he’s deserved over the months, and now, he’s sick of being written off. And if it takes him to use that Crowbar on Paul London and break the kids arm to get a bit of attention … so be it.

Michael Cole: That just doesn’t sit well with me. But on Sunday, Brent Albright faces Paul London, with the United States Championship on the line, and it shouldn’t be missed. Of course, nothing is bigger than the WWE Championship, and one of the three men that challenge Randy Orton in that Fatal Four Way Elimination Match is standing by with our newest addition to the backstage correspondents, Kristal Marshall. The man that faces Edge in our main event tonight, Brock Lesnar…

Cut to Kristal, looking miniscule, stood next to Lesnar…

Kristal Marshall: Thanks guys. Brock, tonight you go one on one with Edge, just two days away from challenging for the WWE Championship. With that title opportunity so near now, will you really be prepared to give a hundred percent in tonight’s main event??

Brock smirks at the question.

Brock Lesnar: I guess there would be plenty of guys out there who would take the foot off the gas tonight, and with good reason … but that’s not my style. And for his sake … it better not be Edge’s either. Tonight Kristal, you’ll see Brock Lesnar - all guns blazing, just like you’ll see on Sunday, when I win my FIFTH WWE Championship.

Kristal Marshall: Well, speaking of Judgment Day, the wrestling world has been abuzz about the shocking return of Rob Van Dam to action, just two months after suffering a supposedly career ending injury at WrestleMania. And, given the comments of his former Doctor earlier, will you hesitate to physically compete against Van Dam, given his perilous condition??

Brock Lesnar: Not for a second. As heartless as that sounds, it’s true. Look, Rob Van Dam is a grown man. He knows the risks he’s taking on Sunday … hell, even if he was a hundred per cent, he’d still be taking a risk stepping into the ring with me … just like Edge, and yeah, just like Randy Orton.

Kristal Marshall: And, since you mentioned it … do you think there is a possibility that Edge might not make it to Judgment Day after the two of you clash tonight??

Again, Lesnar waits for a moment, formulating an answer.

Brock Lesnar: Kristal … I’ve had to wait a long time to get my hands on Edge - going back to this time last year on Raw … so … let’s just say the probability of a triple threat match at Judgment Day … is pretty high.

Lesnar leaves the set, as Kristal watches on.

As we now switch to Josh Mathews elsewhere in the building, standing by a monitor … with an incensed Edge.

Josh Mathews: Edge, we’ve just heard what Brock Lesnar had to say about tonight’s main event in which you and he face off, merely forty eight hours before Judg-

Edge: SHUT … UPPPP!!!

With wild eyes, Edge stares a hole through Mathews.

Edge: I’m well aware that I’m facing that shaved ape tonight, chumpstain. I’m well aware I’m in the main event at Judgment Day in forty eight hours. I- (chuckles) I just heard Brock Lesnar thinks the probability of a triple threat match at Judgment Day is pretty high?? Yeah, he’s right - because HE is the one that is gonna miss out. HE rained on my parade - it shoulda- IT SHOULDA BEEN MEEEEEE!!! No fatal four way bullcrap, just- just me, one on one- ONE … ON … ONE with Randy FREAKIN Orton.

Edge attempts to calm himself.

Edge: So tonight, I’m getting rid of the elephant in the room. I’m taking Brock Lesnar outta the equation. And as for Van Dam?? He’s a non-factor. That idiot cant even tie his own shoelaces anymore his brain is that scrambled. So the way I see it … it’s gonna be down to me and Orton on Sunday.

Tentatively, Josh probes.

Josh Mathews: If I can, may I just ask about Rob Van Dam, regarding his condition and whether that’ll affect how you approach any confrontation with the fo-

Edge: Whoa.

Edge stops Josh again, with a broad ‘are you kidding me?’ smile on his face.

Edge: This is the WWE Josh. This is the WWE Championship we’re talking about here, not some, some … poetry recital, or a spelling bee … it’s the richest prize in my profession. I don’t give a damn if Rob Van Dams head is hanging off his shoulders on Sunday … if he’s in my way, I WILL break him in half, and I wont take a second to think about it. Josh, I’ve been working- scratching- CLAWING towards this moment, and after being SCREWED … CHEATED … AND OVERLOOKED, time and time again, no one- NO ONE … is stopping me. Not Rob Van Dam, not Randy Orton, and sure as hell not Brock Lesnar.

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar breathes heavily for a second, eyes wide, looking down to the left for a second as he gathers his thoughts.

Edge: I’ve waited long enough … I’ve missed enough opportunities. Come Judgment Day I wont be waiting any longer, because this is an opportunity that WONT pass me by.

Edge storms off, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

Match 5:
Evan Bourne vs. Daivari
Instantly, the two men go for it, not holding anything back, and look to excite the fans, despite Cole and Tazz using the match more as an opportunity to shill Judgment Day, and tonights main event. It’s an exciting high flying contest, with Bourne especially impressing with his ability. Both men score near falls in a truly back and forth match, with the upper hand constantly shifting back and forth, including the rather outdated pin - counter pin - counter pin - counter pin formula coming into play.

As the match continues, both men start to pick it up to another level, and Bourne is the first to try to finish the contest, setting himself for the Air Bourne … but Daivari leaps up, and stops Bourne, climbing and meeting him on the turnbuckle, going for a superplex … BUT BOURNE SHOVES HIM OFF … AND GOES FOR AIR BOURNE … BUT GETS KNEES!!! Bourne crashes and burns, as Daivari now climbs the ropes himself … AND SCORES WITH THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE!!! He makes the cover, looking to inflict Bourne with his first loss, whilst grabbing his first win in the process … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Daivari @ 06:58

The heel win deflates the fans, with Bourne surprisingly taking a loss this evening, with Daivari getting a win back over his rival, and making an instant impression to the wider Smackdown audience. Daivari looks over the moon as he has his arm raised, looking down at Bourne, pointing and bellowing at his foe, before leaving the ring, with a smug grin on his face, riling some fans as he exits.

Michael Cole: No disrespect to Daivari Tazz, but you’ve got to call that an upset. All the talk coming into this match was about Evan Bourne, with two wins already on Superstars - both in matches involving Daivari, but tonight, the Arab-American newcomer has gained a measure of revenge.

Tazz: This guy is not to be overlooked, Cole. I had this one down for Bourne myself, and yeah, it’s a big upset- but that was a statement. Evan Bourne just learned the hard way that it’s not all fun and games in the WWE. Huge win for Daivari.

Michael Cole: Well, still to come tonight, both Brock Lesnar and Edge have threatened to take the other out of the WWE Championship equation at Judgment Day when they meet tonight … will either man make good on their promise?? And, we are also still awaiting the arrival of Carlito, who is set to confront MVP tonight. Will Carlito show up?? We’ll find out in just a few moments.

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


Back to ringside, as ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’, by Ozzy Osborne plays over the PA…

Michael Cole: And as you can hear, the official theme song for Judgment Day this Sunday, ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’ by Ozzy Osborne … and Tazz, one man that doesn’t want to stop is Brent Albright. Seven months and counting as United States Champion, and far as he’s concerned the end isn’t in sight. But, can Paul London of all people, be the man to dethrone Albright??

Tazz: Cant wait, Cole. Albright has vowed to break the arm of Paul London, whilst Paul London says he HAS to win on Sunday. Big stakes for both of these athletes on Sunday.

Michael Cole: But Brent Albright isn’t the only champion in jeopardy this Sunday. Chris Harris and James Storm have found themselves outmanoeuvred in recent weeks by their latest challengers, the experienced Booker T, and the up and coming Elijah Burke. This Sunday, the titles are on the line.

Tazz: Well, Booker and Eli have a couple of one on one victories under their belts against the champs, but they’re gonna find themselves in a whole new world come Judgment Day. AMW, just like Brent Albright, always raise their game when the gold is at stake, and the challengers are gonna find that out on Sunday.

Michael Cole: And how about it, Tazz … the fans asked for it, and they’ll get it in Miami. One more match was the request … and Hulk Hogan will deliver on Sunday. Will he provide them with one more fairytale finale to a remarkable career … or will JBL put the final nail in the coffin of Hulkamania??

Tazz: I don’t know what’ll happen Cole, but I do know that is the very intention of JBL. Does The Hulkster have enough left in the tank to see off JBL?? It’ll be a match you don’t wanna miss, I can assure you that.

Michael Cole: Ken Doane, Nick Dinsmore and Garrison Cade of the New Wave will have to deal with The Animal Batista, the veteran Finlay and Jeff Hardy in a six man tag team match. Can The New Wave prove themselves worthy to Randy Orton?? In recent months, Orton has gradually been losing his patience with his three stable mates … could this be their last chance to impress the WWE Champion??

Tazz: A week ago, it looked pretty darn good for The New Wave, Cole, but since Batista joined forces with Finlay and Jeff Hardy, the momentum has swung, and it’s swung in a big way. Huge test for the New Wave at Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: The Cruiserweight Championship is also on the line, as the champion, Brian Kendrick defends the championship against his former? Friend, Chavo Guerrero.

Tazz: Kendrick needs to get his head into the game, and he needs to do it quickly. Chavo Guerrero has his eyes on the Cruiserweight title, and if Kendrick doesn’t take it seriously, that title will be gone come Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: And perhaps, one of the biggest grudge matches in Smackdown history. MVP and Carlito. Carlito inflicted MVP’s first ever loss, and in retaliation, MVP tried to decapitate Carlito … and after failing to put Carlito out for good, he targeted Carlitos younger brother, Primo. It’s personal Tazz, and before this night is out, we’re expecting it to escalate.

Tazz: Yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me if these two don’t make it to Judgment Day. Pure hatred if you ask me. It started out as a personality clash, but it has escalated to boiling point - and like you said, it’s gonna boil over tonight.

Michael Cole: And then, it’s the main event; a fatal four way elimination match for the WWE Championship. Randy Orton defends against Brock Lesnar, Edge, and the man he punted at WrestleMania to win the title - Rob Van Dam. The target is firmly in the chest of the champion, but can Randy Orton survive on Sunday??

Tazz: Orton seems damn sure confident he can pull it off Cole. We’re not sure how long RVD can go for, and really, I’m concerned for Van Dams safety in the ring with Orton. But with Lesnar and Edge in the mix, this thing could go anyway. Edge’s desperation has been clear to see for months, but that might just get the better of him … in my opinion, the favourite for this thing could well be Lesnar. He’s just had a month long lay off, and he’s looked incredible since arriving back on Smackdown. And with RVD coming for Orton, the champ might just have too much to deal with. That’s the beauty of this kinda match Cole … ANYONE can walk out with the title.

Michael Cole: It’s a night you cannot miss. Only on Pay Per View. Smackdown presents Judgment Day … THIS SUNDAY!!!


Strolling onto the stage (no big entrance tonight), MVP is decked out in bling, as well as a custom made, tailored suit, wearing sunglasses indoors, looking especially pleased with himself.

Michael Cole: I’m sorry Tazz, but MVP sickens me. After what he did last week, he should be hanging his head in shame, yet he actually looks PROUD of himself.

Tazz: Might not agree with the actions, but you cant deny the results. He wanted Carlito face to face, and tonight he’ll get him. He had to push the envelope to get what he wanted, but he’ll not care about that one bit.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, if you missed it last week, that man, MVP, took a camera - a huge camera - and slammed it - TEN TIMES against the knee of young Primo Colon, the younger brother of Carlito. As a measure of respect to the Colon family, we’ve decided NOT to show those scenes again - THAT’S just how sickening the attack was last week.

MVP hops onto the apron, and looks out to the fans, still smiling, as he steps inside the ring, picking up a mic left for him, as the music dies down. Initially, he doesn’t even put the mic to his mouth, allowing the fans to boo him mercilessly, with MVP simply smiling at the reaction. Eventually, MVP talks over the abuse…



M.V.P vs. Primo Colon
MVP continues the savage attack, simply sizing Primo up … THEN DELIVERS THE DRIVE BY KICK!!! The sheer force behind it sends Primo crashing out of the ring through the ropes, and onto the floor with a splat. Porter stands in the ring, looking around, outstretched arms, simply mouthing ‘COME AND STOP ME CARLITO’.

MVP drops out of the ring, not allowing Primo to get away, hammering the back of the kids head and neck, then sends him skidding along the announce table, throwing the younger brother of Carlito around like a rag doll. MVP then grabs a cable, and pushes past the ringside employees, wrapping the thick cable around the throat of Primo, choking the life out of the defenceless youngster. As MVP continues to choke Primo, and again yells out ‘WHEN DO YOU WANT THIS TO STOP CARLITO??? IT’S UP TO YOU!!!’

Eventually, MVP releases the choke, and lets go. Porter takes Chimmels belt off, and swings it around, looking down at Primo, who is crawling on the floor … THEN WHIPS PRIMOS BACK WITH THE BELT!!! Over, and over, and over. MVP blasts Primo with the belt, whipping him repeatedly.

Back in the ring, Porter then looks to put this savage beat down to bed, and delivers the Play of the Day, mercilessly hooking the leg, 1...2...MVP LIFTS PRIMOS SHOULDERS OFF THE MAT!!! MVP then looks around, and points to a cameraman again, calling him up, with Porter taking the camera from him. On commentary, Tazz and Cole both speculate what is coming next, as both predict we may see a repeat of April 6, where MVP shattered the knee of Carlito with the same object.

Porter stands over Primo, and looks around, with one last shout to Carlito ‘LAST CHANCE CARLITO. LAST CHANCE TO SAVE HIS CAREER.’ MVP waits for a moment, and despite the rabid calls from the fans for Carlito to show up … he is nowhere to be seen … AND MVP DRIVES THE CAMERA ONTO THE KNEE OF PRIMO!!! Slowly, MVP pulls the camera back up, high into the air … AND DRIVES IT DOWN AGAIN!!! There is UNGODLY heat in Lexington for MVP, as again, he slowly pulls the camera up, high in the air … THEN FOR THE THIRD TIME CRASHES IT ONTO THE KNEE!!! The referee has seen enough, and calls for the bell.
Winner: Via Referee Stoppage - M.V.P @ 04:26

That doesn’t stop MVP though, and after shoving the referee out of the way … PORTER DRIVES THE CAMERA ONTO THE KNEE AGAIN … AND AGAIN AT SPEED … FOR THE SIXTH, SEVENTH, EIGTH, NINTH … AND THE TENTH TIME!!!


Heat bellows through the arena for MVP, who simply laughs it off.

M.V.P: Y’know, I don’t feel in the slightest bit guilty about that. ALL the blame, and I mean ALL the blame … rests on one mans shoulders. It all rests on the man who is too yellow to show his face AGAIN tonight.

Boos, followed by a ‘CAR-LIT-O’ chant.

M.V.P: I wanted him to be here too … but he’s not. Last week, Carlito let his little baby bro down … and tonight, just like he will on Sunday … he’s let all of you down.


M.V.P: But don’t worry … because after Judg-

Porter stops - and for good reason, as he looks up the aisle. The fans come alive, as they realise … CARLITO is stood on the stage. Wearing a loose shirt, we see a livid Carlito, with a fury in his eyes never seen before, as he stares down MVP in the ring, who suddenly doesn’t look so confident.

M.V.P: Uhh…

MVP looks around ringside.

M.V.P: Hey, I hope you didn’t come here for a fight. Save it for Sunday pal. I just wanted a face to face meeting. Heck, I’d fight ya here and now, but I haven’t stretched, and I’m not dressed for a fight- not in this suit.

On the aisle, Carlito simply stares down at MVP, before throwing his watch off, which doesn’t go unnoticed…

M.V.P: Whoa, think about this. Don’t do somethin you’ll regret.

Carlito is beyond caring, and starts to unbutton his shirt, AS HE WALKS DOWN THE AISLE!!!



Heat descends, as Montel JUST escapes the wrath of Carlito. MVP quickly hops over the barrier, and backs into the crowd, as Carlito leans over the ropes, pointing at his rival, seething, threatening MVP in Spanish, pointing to his hated foe, as the tension simmers ahead of Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: As good ‘ol J.R might say, Tazz … MVP had a case of the limber tales tonight.

Tazz: Yeah, looks that way to me, Cole, but on Sunday, he aint gonna be able to run and hide. MVP has gotta answer for his actions.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Carlito meets MVP at Judgment Day, and Tazz, it couldn’t be any more personal.

Tazz: It started out as a personality clash, Cole … it’s become a whole helluva lot more.

Carlito remains in the ring, whilst MVP disappears from view, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, where we are now on the final road before Judgment Day this Sunday, but mom-


Tazz: Brock Lesnar aint waiting another moment, Cole!! HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!

Michael Cole: Indeed, it is time for our main event!!! Two of the four men that will do battle for the WWE Championship this Sunday are about to lock horns!!!

Lesnar goes through his usual entrance, as we get a look backstage of Randy Orton, watching intently on a monitor.

Brock hops onto the apron, letting his pyro off, then steps into the ring and waits for a moment, but it’s not long until…


The Rated R Superstar charges through the smoke to a blaze of heat from the fans in Worcester. Edge locks his eyes on the ring, where the Iron Man prowls like a tiger, chomping at the bit to get a piece of Edge.

Again, we get a shot of Orton backstage, watching on a monitor.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, both men have vowed to take the other out of the equation before Judgment Day … but, will either man be in any fit condition to compete on Sunday?? Find out … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Main Event:
Edge vs. Brock Lesnar
There’s a big match feel inside the arena, as Lesnar and Edge pace around the ring for a moment, not taking their glare off one another … then lunge in, locking up, with Edge quickly slipping free, not liking his chances of winning a power battle. Edge backs away, rubbing his beard, whilst Lesnar roars at him to come on. Edge though, isn’t drawn into a battle just yet, wisely planning to pick his spot. With that attitude, Edge frustrates Lesnar, and draws Brock out of his gameplan, with the Iron Man chasing the Rated ‘R’ Superstar down, as Edge is able to catch him with a kick to the knee, and keeps on the back foot, taking any shot he can to swipe the knee, trying to slowly chop the big man down.

Edge sticks to the plan, hitting and moving, with Lesnar chasing him down, taking successive shots to his knee, before it seems the blows have had an effect, and suddenly drops down, clutching his knee. Edge shows a wry smile, seemingly getting Lesnar where he wants him, and closes in on the Iron Man, following him into the corner where Lesnar has retreated … BUT LESNAR STORMS OUT WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!! Lesnar outsmarted Edge!!!

Brock feeds off the cheers of the fans, nodding his head having tricked Edge, and shows he was feigning the injury, now going to work on Edge in the corner, putting the boots to his opponent, stomping him down, and enjoying every second. The referee eventually steps in, pulling Lesnar away, ordering a break. As Brock backs off though … Edge rolls out to safety … AND STARTS TO WALK OUT!!! Instantly the fans boo, and a slight ‘BULLSHIT’ chant can be heard … but Lesnar isn’t prepared to let the match end like this, and exit’s the ring, chasing Edge, but as he approaches … EDGE TURNS AND NAILS LESNAR!!!

From the sheer surprise, Lesnar drops to the steel ramp, and Edge is on him instantly, having just weaselled Brock in, putting the boots to the big man, kicking him down the ramp, with Lesnar trying to fight up, but as he does, Edge slams him onto the steel, getting more and more aggressive, knowing to beat Lesnar he has to swarm all over him, not giving the Iron Man an opportunity to catch a breath. Edge slides in and out of the ring to break the count, with the official admonishing the devilish Edge, ordering him to get it back inside. Brock gets to his feet at ringside, but Edge is lying in wait, and shoves a knee into his opponents back, sending Brock - face first - into the ring post, then follows up with the Buzz Killer.

Edge stands over Lesnar, then grabs the legs of his opponent, and catapults Brock into the ring post, with the Iron Man hitting the post again!!! Brock reels away after impact, as Edge gets up, homing in, drilling the big man with a simple clothesline, putting him down once more. With Brock now seemingly worn down sufficiently, Edge looks to get him back inside the ring, and rolls him inside, following, and stomping at Brock in the corner.

The excitement dies down, with a long period now with Edge in charge, as Lesnar struggles to regain a foothold. And, during this spell, Edge smartly applies a sleeper hold, further weakening Lesnar, who has to fight to survive - and does eventually break free, but Edge quickly regains control of the match. Lesnar kicks out on multiple occasions with Edge slowly losing his cool, and as he slowly begins to unravel, he allows Lesnar to get back into the match. Brock suddenly turns the tide, catching Edge off the ropes and executing a thunderous Belly to Belly suplex!!!

Suddenly, the tables have turned, and Lesnar begins to wear out Edge, utilising his power game, but to his credit, Edge survives the sudden onslaught, showing his own grit and determination, despite being less than forty eight hours away from challenging for the richest prize in the game. Despite his fight though, Edge seems to be on the brink, with Brock now setting himself up for the finish, and looks to scoop Edge up … INTO POSITION FOR THE F5 … BUT EDGE RAKES THE EYES!!! Edge slips off the back … AND SPEARS LESNAR!!! He leaps on Lesnar, making a cover … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Cue breakdown. Edge tears at his hair, showing the world just how much this seemingly ‘meaningless’ match means to him. After tearing at his hair, Edge refocuses on the Iron Man, and watches intently as Lesnar slowly gets to his feet, visibly wincing, favouring his ribs … as Edge lines it up … SPEAR … NO!!! Brock kicks him away … SWINGS EDGE AROUND … ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … F5 CONNECTS!!! Lesnar makes the cover …


After a very long, awkward period of NOTHING, Lesnar looks around, spotting the official spread eagled on the canvas, out cold, with Cole and Tazz wondering what happened. Suddenly, we see a replay of the F5, and it becomes clear that as Brock completed the F5, Edges leg kicked the referee, knocking him down in the process!! The Iron Man gets up to his feet, trying to wake the official, but it seems like it could be a harder task than he thought.

Roughly, Lesnar hurls the official up, and into the corner, giving him a few slaps to try and get him to come around, shaking him by the shirt. Again, he gives him a few slaps to try and bring him around, and slowly we see signs of life. Lesnar gives him another shake, pointing behind himself, explaining that he needs him to make a count, with the dazed referee nodding - but probably still unsure of what‘s going on. Brock though, seems happy enough with the referees condition, then looks to turn his attention back to Edge, but as he turns … EDGE BLASTS HIM WITH THE SPEAR!!!

Lesnar goes down, as Edge suddenly blasts back into action. Despite still looking worse for wear after the F5 moments ago, Edge knows he has no time to waste and gathers himself quickly, spotting the condition of the official who is seemingly aware of his surroundings now, and slams the mat, yelling for him to make a count, and Edge hooks BOTH legs of Lesnar, hoping to get the three, as the referee drops down, making a fairly uneven count, showing his own groggy condition … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Edge @ 14:00

It’s undoubtedly a HUGE morale boosting win for Edge who rolls off Lesnar … and instantly, that trademark smirk etches onto his face as he looks down at an incapacitated Brock Lesnar. Edge drops back down, rolling out of the ring … and makes a beeline for the timekeepers position … grabbing a steel chair.

Michael Cole: HEY!! Tazz, what’s he doing!!!

Tazz: He’s grabbin a chair Cole, what the heck does it look like??

Michael Cole: He’s won the match already!!! What-

Suddenly, the mood has changed inside the arena, as Edge re-enters the ring - SHOVING the already dazed referee out of the way (and out of the ring) before wielding the chair, standing over Lesnar, licking his lips.

Michael Cole: No- No- Not this.

Tazz: He said Lesnar might not make it to Judgment Day - and he’s gonna do his damndest to make sure he doesn’t!!!

Michael Cole: This is uncalled for!!!

He takes a quick look around, enjoying the heat being poured on him … then leans back … BUT HAS THE CHAIR PULLED FROM HIM … Edge turns around … RKO!!!

Michael Cole: WHAT THE HELL?????

ORTON STRIKES!!! It’s a heavily mixed reaction for Orton, who sneakily hopped over the barrier moments ago. Orton soaks it up, before looking down at Lesnar who is slowly coming around. The WWE Champion slams the chair down, and begins to stalk Brock, hovering around the disorientated Iron Man … and once he reaches his feet … RKO ONTO THE CHAIR!!!

Michael Cole: DAMMIT!!! Damn you to hell Randy Orton!!!

Orton surveys the damage, with Lesnar and Edge both out cold. Randy Orton stands tall, much to the hatred of the fans, as he takes turns to look at two of his three challengers this Sunday at Judgment Day. Taking a quick look to the audience, Orton smirks … and the switch flicks.

Michael Cole: Oh no.

Tazz: Not this Cole.

Orton takes a step back … zoning in on Lesnar … as Cole and Tazz both begin to put 2+2 together … and come up with the answer … Punt Kick.

Michael Cole: SOMEONE STOP HIM!!!

Tazz: I’m with you Cole.

Orton leans into the corner, then grabs onto the ropes, almost convulsing, chomping at the bit to put ANOTHER name on the shelf with the Punt Kick … BUT OUT OF THE CORNER OF HIS EYE ORTON IS DISTRACTED … AND IMMEDIATELY BAILS FROM THE RING!!!

Michael Cole: What the-?? … Hey- HEY!!!


Michael Cole: IT- IT’S ROB VAN DAM!!! HE’S HERE TAZZ!!!

Tazz: And he looks pretty healthy to me Cole.

Michael Cole: Too healthy for Randy Orton it seems!!! Orton just ran from the ring as soon as he spotted RVD!!!

Orton though, wants no part of Van Dam, and backs up the aisle, with an ‘R-V-D’ chant echoing through the arena, as Van Dam stands tall in the ring, glaring up the aisle at Orton, before turning away, and signalling for a mic. Tony Chimmel hands the mic off, as RVD looks around the arena, getting a massive response from the rowdy fans who have come unglued.

Rob Van Dam: RANDY ORTON!!!

The fans continue to cheer, as the shell-shocked Orton stumbles backward up the aisle.

Rob Van Dam: Read my lips … I’m a hundred per cent-

The fans cheers cut RVD off.

Rob Van Dam: I’m gonna be in Miami this Sunday-

Pop from the fans cuts RVD off again, with RVD having to shout over the cheers.


“R-V-D, R-V-D, R-V-D” chants fill the arena.



Huge pop from the fans, as Orton falls down on the aisle, clutching desperately to the WWE Championship, looking IN FEAR as Rob Van Dam leads the fans into an ‘R-V-D’ thumb salute, as we end the show in pandemonium, with Edge and Lesnar out cold in the ring, as Orton looking in absolute fear on the aisle, whilst the supposedly ‘less than 100%’ Van Dam is standing tall … as we go off the air …


FINAL Card for WWE Judgment Day:

Date: 20th May 2007
Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Event Music: Ozzy Osbourne; I Don’t Wanna Stop

WWE Championship;
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Paul London

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Hulk Hogan

Grudge Match:
M.V.P vs. Carlito

6 Man Tag Team Match:
The New Wave vs. Batista, Finlay & Jeff Hardy


(Also, I'll hopefully try to become more active again in the section in the coming weeks. Been very lazy in recent months )
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