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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

First time I have commented in this thread, but I have been reading since shortly after the thread returned from its hiatus. Anyway...

Very nice recap video to start with. McMahon/DX is the hot storyline at the minute on Raw, so right choice to emphasis it. Bischoff opening the show was the natural choice. The way he ran down the SD GM's he's seen off was a nice touch. Inviting Edge out for the Angle/Cena announcement was good, but I can't help but wonder whether or not having Cena and Angle out there as well wouldn't have been better? We could then have had Edge play up the tension between Cena and Angle in typical heel fashion. Apart from that one suggestion, it was a very good opening segment.

The Benjamin/Hass situation is a very interesting angle. I mean, they both want the same thing, so it's hard to tell if either man will turn or not. The intrigue surrounding this storyline continued here. I can't help but feel they'll be teaming again next week, with Bischoff saying he forgot or something. But yeah, very interested to see how this ends up. As for RVD, he against Taker has to happen at Mania. Bischoff being selfish was a nice touch, but it has to mean nothing with regards to RVD.

Obv win for Mickie. The real intrigue is in the promo after it. I'd never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait to see the confrontation between the Mickie and Trish at SNME. So, props for a Divas storyline with this level of intrigue behind it. One thing I'd like to comment is where you say "Well, as ‘J.R.’ would say, Mickie James is nuttier than a pet goon." I'm almost 99% certain J.R. used to say "Goofier than a pet coon." I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not. But that's me nitpicking to the max.

The Cena promo, while it got it's message across, at times felt slightly awkward. Can't really put my finger on what exactly, but it lacked the fire of a usual Cena interview.

Hearthrobs = duds tbh. Kane and Show need a team to emerge and challenge them at Mania.

at Spirit Squad being in the closet. That got a laugh. Jayden? I dunno what was up with callin him Johnny, but I guess this is you putting your touch on the gimmick, which is fine. I think you may have made a mistake here. "when I crush not just the spirit of Shawn Michaels, but also his spirit with my twenty inch pythons." Vince is gonna crush his spirit twice is what I made of that.

Strange interaction between Flair and Chavo, as I don't remember anything from last week reading into it. Be interesting to see what Flair has to say.

Solid match between WGTT and the Bashams. It was a well written, competitive match, so good job on that. Perhaps a little more of a tease on the tension between the two could've been involved in the match. Bischoff's announcement regarding Mania, I dunno if the announced match is really at the same level of the other SNME you've announced. Looking at the card, that fatal four way stands out as a poor comparison. Perhaps it could've been saved for next week on Raw? Nice touch in the description of the differing reactions of Hass and Benjamin btw.

Now the Angle interview had the fire that Cena's lacked, so nice recovery. The promo was well written, but I feel Angle spent too much time on Edge and not enough on Cena. Cena's promo was very Angle orientated, and I'd liked to have seen Angle's the same.

Initially I feared a Flair retirement speech. Thankfully there's an interruption and that's not the case. Helms making the interruption is an inspired choice. He's been on the rise in this thread and really pushing his way up the ranks. One thing that strikes me as odd is the fact Helms is already in MITB. I hope you have some way of removing him from that, as a Flair/Helms match at Mania for the coveted (and btw, this promo helped improve said titles rep) IC Championship could be gold. A very well written and sensible promo. No complaints here.

Davairi as Edge's partner? Well, I know booking wise it makes sense due to Davairi's history with Angle but it's still a letdown. While I enjoyed the action of the match, I'm surprised at Edge taping to the ankle lock. I think that's a spot that should've been saved for further down the line in their feud. I'd rather have seen Davairi be the one to tap, with Edge looking on, and Joey Styles selling it with a line like "Is this is Edge's future?" Something like that would've been better imo. Angle could've held on for ages, with Edge backing up the ramp, and then we could've had the Batista arrival, just as Edge made it to the top of the ramp, thinkin he got away with it only to be caught by The Animal. But that's just how I'd have done it.

Michaels interview was fine, nothin amazing to it but it drove the message across and was well written.

Nice SNME shill

RVD no showing, while a good way for RVD to save face, is a pretty cheap way for someone to enter MITB, which back then was still a very prestigious part of the Mania card. But yeah, the no show and the interaction with Bischoff afterwards made sense. Another reason to tune into SNME.

I like J.R. goin into the HoF, but I loved the video you wrote for Eddie, so I'm a bit disappointed not see one for J.R., as there are plenty of classic lines to use for a video.

Main event time. The handicap match was to be expected, the lumberjacks not so much. The action was well written and had a good flow to it, especially liked Shane mimicking HBK. Nice touch there. The mayhem to follow was expected, as was Triple H making the save. The Game looked dominant here. Trips banned from SNME? Interesting stipulation, and I can see Shawn taking a real mugging this Saturday.

Overall, another fine show in a fine thread. There's so much intrigue in the thread right now with regards to where different angles are going, which is always a good thing. Need to watch the typos though. Can't wait for SNME and then onto Mania!

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