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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Even though I already explained, sorry 'bout the lateness.

Raw Feedback

For the first time in a long while I didnít have to read the recap video to remember exactly what was going on. It felt good.

I liked the arrogance of The Coach on commentary, it was really good stuff. It is probably the best Iíve seen you write him so far.

Eric Bischoff to open the show? I donít think there could have been a better way to open it. I loved The Coach as General Manager for a change, but at the moment, in this thread, Bischoff is the man. I enjoyed all of Bischoffís work early on in this promo from what he was saying, to the way he retold the story of the last six months, and even his mannerisms, how he was refreshed after the week off. It was simply great work. Once again, man, Iím not going to summarize everything you wrote, but I honestly donít think I could find anything that was wrong with this promo. The argument between Edge and Bischoff was simply brilliant. If there was one thing I could say, it was that I would have liked to see Cena and Angle being out there when Edge was found out, just to see their reactions, but still man a great opening to the show, and Cena/Angle should be epic at SNME. Angle coming out and Edge running was good to, building some anticipation for when Angle gets his hands on Edge.

Iím still not sure exactly what is happening with Haas and Benjamin, although their situation continues to interest me, and this was another good segment between them and Bischoff.

Another good little segment with Bischoff, who is clearly dominating the show for the night. Usually Iíd say you were using him to much already, but since heís just returned, Iíll allow it. RVD/Carlito for later in the night seems like a good match, although I know Carlito will somehow win.

A good win for Mickie over Candice, keeping her looking strong.

I liked the promo from James to, as it puts forth how bad she feels right now, and sets up the Stratus heel turn for SNME. Good work.

John Cenaís promo was okay, really hyping up SNME, although there were certain things which could have been better. I didnít like how Cena mentioned how Angle has been whining and stuff, because Angle has simply been kicking ass and taking names. It just doesnít seem right for my liking. Also, the oversized baby insult was pretty lame, and really killed the flow of that block of dialogue. An okay promo, but there was definitely parts that could use some improvement.

Good win for Kane and Show. These guys need something for ĎMania, by the way.

DX is probably the only thing in this thread I donít like, at the moment, so I was shattered to see they didnít have a car crash and not make it to the arena.

Youíre almost at Mania now...

Honestly, I didnít really enjoy the first showing of The Spirit Squad. To use them effectively I feel you have to write them amazingly well, and I just didnít feel the magic throughout this segment. With that being said, Vinnie Mac was good in this segment. You continue to impress me with giving me a lack of shit to criticise.

Weird segment between Guerrero and Flair, as I read no signs saying he was going to act strange at the end of last week.

The Bashams against the WGTT is a decent enough matchup to have on Raw, especially considering the dwindling tag team division on Raw, at the moment. I was surprised by the amount of teamwork you allowed WGTT to have, I mean I understand that they are a terrific team, but it doesnít seem to fit in with the attitude of Shelton. Besides this little issue, it was another good win for the two of them, whilst The Bashamís didnít look disgraced, so they can probably be used to put teams over in the future. Smart booking, man.

Bischoff coming to the ring and making a match for SNME was good. Iím pretty sure WGTT will win that match up, but either way, Bischoff was good here. With that being said, Iím not sure a Fatal Four Way is the best way to go about things at SNME, as having V Squared on the show really shows the lack of depth in the tag division, and even more importantly than that, I just donít think they deserve a spot. WGTT/RWC would have been the better way to go, imo.

I expected huge things from this Kurt Angle interview, and I must say, I was a little disappointed. First off, Angle has been more of a face as of late; therefore I didnít like the snipes at Maria from the get go. There could have been a better way to show his intensity. After this, I felt you showed his intensity well, but I didnít like how he went into detail retelling the history between him, Edge and Cena. The pissed off Angle should have kept things short and sweet tonight. I also think Cena should have been kept out of this interview, even with their match being this Saturday; this needed to be all about Edge.

At the start this Flair promo almost seemed like a retirement speech, but I was very happy that wasnít the case, as that was what I was regretting when I read the earlier meeting between Flair and Chavo. I love the fact that youíre going to use arguably the most decorated wrestler in the industry, to restore some credibility to the IC Title. Just like most of the things youíve been doing lately, I think this is smart booking. Not only that, but Flairís characterization was great throughout to. Flair being interrupted by Helms? This is damn sure unexpected, but I must say, I love the fact that Helms is mingling with the big guns (HBK a few weeks ago, now Flair). I enjoyed the attitude of Helms shining through in this promo, and whilst it probably isnít the best material Iíve seen you give Helms, it was still pretty good. Flairís rebuttal was alright, but I think you should have had him screaming and yelling a little bit more, as theyíre typical Flair characteristics. The attack by Helms was good to, and itíll be interesting to see what happens next week now.

As much as itís just a little thing, I liked the clever little play on ĎMania youíve got going in the SNME video.

A little issue I just want to raise now, I donít like the McMahon/DX crap taking up the main event, when youíve got three epic guys like these running around. Daivari as Edgeís partner? Thatís definitely unexpected, however we all know Daivari could go a little, so Iím intrigued as to whether this is a one off, or if heís going to be around for awhile. Honestly, this match up delivered pretty well, although I couldnít help but feel as if Cena was way to much of an afterthought in this one, Daivari even getting more attention than him. With that being said, I did like the little stare down that Angle and Cena had when Cena tagged himself in. Angleís intensity was played out very well throughout the match, and the aftermath with the Ankle Lock being held on was typical intense Angle. Another thing I forgot to mention earlier, so I thought Iíd just throw it in now is that now that your shows are longer, you seem to be having more and more typoís in them. Whilst it isnít really frequent, itís something Iíd look out for, as this show has had a fair few more than usual. Another little thing that makes things easier, when a SD guy shows up on Raw can you have them written in blue, makes it easier to distinguish. Batista getting one back on Edge was good to, and it should be good to see if Edge tries to hit back on SD.

Michaels interview was okay, but much like in real life around ĎMania time, all this talk of him being the old Michaels against McMahon is just plain not interesting me. Despite this, I guess you kept the promo in character pretty well.

A very good run down of SNME by the commentary team, and a nice way to announce epic handicap match for SNME.

RVD no showing makes me believe heís going to Smackdown this Friday, unless he just hangs out and waits until SNME. I mark for ĎLito to, so he, Helms and Kennedy being in MITB so far is awesome.

Oh boy, I guess I predicted the RVD situation correctly, although it was rather obvious. Anyway, Iím looking forward to RVD/Taker confrontation now.

Hall of Fame is so far Guerrero and JR? Looking good!

Main event time, and well Vinnie Macís promo, making this a Handicap match, and adding Lumberjacks still doesnít really do anything to impress me. Although, hopefully most the contest takes place on the outside, and guys like Masters, ĎLito, and RWC can make this match passable.

As you probably already know before I even say it, this match did nothing for me, with an attack from the Lumberjacks ending the contest by disqualification being much to predictable, and well, just bland, to be honest. The attack on Shawn afterwards was pretty expected as well. Triple H making the save was always going to happen since he and Shawn are DX, and despite my lack of love for the angle youíre going with, I must say Triple H seemed very badass here. Triple H barred from the arena on Saturday? Okay! I still donít really care though...

Overall, I really enjoyed this show, man, despite a few typos and the DX angle which I hate, everything was pretty much on song. Youíre really hitting your straps heading towards ĎMania, so keep it up and the PPV is going to be epic.

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