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Survivor Australia [6] - Gameplay Thread


[An old, large, wooden ship is seen sailing in the Gulf of Carpentaria, located just north of Australia. From a bird's eye view, we are able to see 16 WF members on this ship, all looking very anxious. Suddenly, a motor boat makes its way towards the ship, and on the motor boat is DH]

Welcome to Survivor: Australia!

[The castaways cheer]

In a few moments, you will begin a 24-day journey, where ultimately, one of you will be crowned the Sole Survivor and will earn the multi-billion credit cash reward that goes with it. Is everybody ready?


Alright, great. Just the kind of enthusiasm we're looking for (sarcasm there in case you missed it). Here's how this is going to work. You must save yourself in order to have life in this game. You must jump off of the ship and then swim to either the red mat or the blue mat.

Jump off ship:
[Name] jumps off the ship.

[Name] swims to the [Red/Blue] Mat.

There is no time limit between posts, but all I ask for is that you bold each post so I can see them. Note: There can only be 8 people per mat.

Good luck, because the Save Yourself Challenge has begun!

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