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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

UWM Newswire

Many UWM fans have been wondering where co-owner, Tod Gordon, has been after appearing in the first two Tuesday Night Turbo shows. Speculations are that Gordon has been under the weather, and has given the reigns of the company to Heyman, while he works behind the scenes. Gordon prefers to not be an onscreen figure. While Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman are equal partners, rumor is that Heyman has taken control of the majority of the company. A quote from Gordon says he "doesn't mind", but may take an important onscreen screen later on. Many enjoyed his announce table role on the debut show, and there is a possibility of a return.

The creative department, as well as Paul Heyman and Tod Gordon are said to have mixed desicions regarding crowning the first ever UWM World Heavyweight Champion. With the organization already being heavily built around the athletic Shelton Benjamin, there is word that AJ Styles is also a credible champion. The fans seem to always cheer heavily for the "Phenomenal One", and that of course is swaying the decision. The decision may end up coming last second.

The "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels versus Gregory Helms has been billed for The Massacre, and the two have said to have been glad to be working with each other, as they think it's the most entertaining storylines in UWM. Daniels and Helms both believe that they'll put on a five star match at The Massacre, and are hoping creative doesn't squash the feud just yet. Although both men want to be in the world title picture, they know it's not their time. Believe it or not, creative has been more fond of Christopher Daniels, which could be a factor in the decision at The Massacre.

The addition of Ashley Massaro to The Hooliganz is said to be "shaky decision". Paul Heyman felt that there wasn't enough female presence on the show, and that The Hooliganz haven't been getting over with the fans, as much as they should be. Ashley was called up last week, and gladly accepted the job. She is happy with the "light schedule". Generation Next, on the other hand, have been very impressive, and are likely to retain this Sunday at The Massacre. Paul Heyman, however, feels Generation Next is best suited split apart, as Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and even Matt Sydal have the components to be world champion.

Many names have been thrown in the hat for the UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal. Ken Doane has the first five minutes off of the match, but he will most likely not win the match. Tons of names have been contacted including Bobby Lashley, Booker T, Brent Albright, Justin Credible, Juventud, Lance Storm, Psicosis, Scott Steiner, Super Crazy, Tyson Tomko, and The Basham Brothers. Many wrestlers will be using this battle royal as their "tryout" match. Jamie Noble, Sean Waltman and Teddy Hart are expected to be making their debuts in this match as well. A few legends of wrestling have been contacted, but none have really shown interest. Finally, it is believed that a current roster member will win the battle royal.

Two final matches have been added to the pay-per-view card, as Most Wanted takes on the Masked Menaces, and Jay Lethal takes on Matt Sydal. Most Wanted are expected to win, but a rumor has been going around that Most Wanted might lose due to the debut of new tag team, The Naturals. Lethal versus Sydal is said to be a toss up, as creative doesn't know which wrestler to promote. Sydal usually gets heavy airtime due to his stable, Generation Next, so chances are Lethal wins the match.

Finally, Tuesday Night Turbo received a 1.4 rating last week, which is 0.6 higher than last week's show. With no other sports programs in the way, TNT did fairly well in beating out TNA's iMPACT! by 0.2 this week. With TNT only be a one hour show, however, it is tough to actually compete. Things do look to be going up though, as the promised change in format begins at The Massacre, and carries on afterwards.

Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem Presents
The Massacre – June 5th, 2010
Reno, Las Vegas – Lawlor Events Centre

Prediction Card

UWM World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin

UWM World Tag Team Championship Match
Generation Next (c) [Austin Aries & Roderick Strong] vs. The Hooliganz [Brian Kendrick & Paul London]

UWM Open Invitational Battle Royal
Winner - ?

Singles Match
Christopher Daniels vs. Gregory Helms

Singles Match
Jay Lethal vs. Matt Sydal

Tag Team Match
Masked Menaces [Delirious & Shark Boy] vs. Most Wanted [Chris Harris & Lance Cade]


1. Predict the match order.

2. Which match will open the show?

3. Which match will close the show?

4. Who will have the most eliminations in the battle royal?

5. Predict the amount of debuting/new wrestlers.

6. How many matches will have interferences? Which ones?


The debuting/new wrestlers questions means not only from the UWM roster, but all the special appearances as well. That's all for now. I really appreciate the feedback, and now...predict away!

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