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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Here are some comments on Raw in return for doing my Rumble, it's not a full blown out review that most people do but I hope it helps.

Nice to see you hyping out the show and it's main event, Shawn/Vince won't end cleanly seeing as Vince isn't a real wrestler and will probably end with a run in making Shawn bleed by his SNME opponent, Shane before HHH makes the save. That's how I see things but well see how it pans out. Good job though reminding people what Raw has to offer tonight in the begining cause to be honest I totaly forgot after reviewing the last Raw some two weeks ago when it was up.

I smell a face or at least a tweener turn by Bischoff being built up, he sort of stood up for Cena and put down Angle saying that he wasn't good enough, standing up to the heels before doing the same to Edge. Though it was a good promo, and hyped up what it needed to do and started the show off to the right start.

Edge being the attacker certaintly adds Heat to what he already has, and I am sure Kurt will get his hands on him by the end of the night. I am still calling a triple threat with Cena at mania.

Not to fond of having two promos right after another, even though they are good promos, the fact that the opening one was long makes you think that a match would come right after, not another promo, after all it is wrestling and not TNA that in an hour show have fifteen minutes of wrestling. I think you could have spaced it out a bit more and had the WGTT promo a bit later on, however it's not the end of the world.

Bischoff seems to go back and forth with being the good guy and or the bad guy, I always thought he was the bad guy during his GM role and at first he was pissed at Edge taking him out a few weeks back, then he was against Edge being the face, then he was sticking up for Van Dam trying to help him and warn him about mania. I get what you are doing with this and making the mania match oh-so much more special once it will be announced BUT Bischoff seemed a bit awkwared going back and forth with his tweener like gimmick. A few of the lines I didn't think he would say however the message got across.

Nice Cena promo later on in the show, made Cena seem strong while being his usual joking around self about christmas cards and such. Very good promo here, not much to nit-pick and complain about.

Jobber tag team match... I understand why you did it but I think that you should have at least one strong tag team on Raw besides Kane/Big Show and have them seem like a good opponent to the tag champs, seeing as these two are a bit of an odd couple if I remember correctly and how they came to be as a team, and they won't stay as the champions forever holding it for nearly a year, I am sure you will push a team at mania to beat them- you should though give other teams some offense in so they don't bury the whole division week in an week out in the process like the WWE did when they gave the SPirit Squad and the Redneck Wrecking Crew some wins on them.

Wooo~! mania hype. Let's hope you make it there, which I am sure you will.

Another Bischoff promo? I guess you are using him a lot in your shows, even though he is the GM it can be a bit much, some promos don't need the GM's appearance and as I said before the WGTT one could have been later on in the show lets say or example before their match they pick up the mic and talk in the ring saying like "Bischoff! You here us.... when we win tonight, you do not put us in another match as a team." (that turned out a bit awkwared but you know what I mean..) I am just trying to say that using the GM in basically all the promos in the night is a bit of an overkill.

I love though how you have them sing for the GM. Nice stuff, gave me a laugh.

CHavo/Flair seems interesting, I hope this results in Flair's retirment come mania. Chavo is a great addition to the Raw roster and pairing him with someone like Flair doesn't do anything for him, if Flair does hang up the boots, mania and onwards I hope he gets an IC title run. The promo though, not sure about what Chavo had to say.. he is a GUerrero and could have used a bit more of an accent while talking, not as much as Eddie would but maybe an 'Esse' or something like that every few lines.

Again with the Bischoff? ... Nice announcement though, should be a good match. If I was writing it I would have Redneck Wrecking Crew win, face Kane/Show while Bashams and WGTT continue their odd feud and have a seperate match at Mania.

Angle promo was done well still making him look strong after what Edge and Cena had to say about him throughout the show, it didn't make him look weak and vulnerable with attacks.

not quite what I expected but still a great promo and a great decision, Flair/Chavo should be good with the technical wrestling styles these two have and the dirty styles both men can result to using. I assume a further encounter between them at mania may happen where Chavo as I said before shall start his single's push. The first match will have Helms interfere, Chavo / Helms the week after and then Flair gives Chavo another shot at the PPV.

Very good having Batista gain his revenge from Edge's spear on Smackdown! Didn't see it coming with all the Kurt and attacker talk througohut the show.

Shawn bringing the attitude back seems interesting, maybe it won't be Shane running down making an impact, maybe Shawn will strike first with a forgien object sendign the message to his opponent at SNME. EIther way it should be good.

This whole RVD/Taker thing is great, I assume some aftermath to happen on Smackdown! and RVD to run in through the crowd sending a message to his wanted opponent.

RVD saying I got bigger fish to fry ... loved it, really something he would say and I giggled while reading it. But like I have said a few times in this review, you seem to use your GM in your show a bit too much, there has only been two promos thus far if I counted right that haven't involved the GM and those aare the Michaels one and the Flair/Helms/Chavo one, this one could have had Maria meeting him along the way and asking him where is he going... not everything needs the GM, it seems a bit of an overuse in my mind.

Baw God .. Ross in the HoF.

I guess this is a handicap lumberjack match, you know what would have been interesting if you made Shawn's DX partner, Triple H a lumberjack and Vince telling him backstage that if he helps Shawn in any sort of way and not him then he will be fired puttin the pressure on HHH and the "?" on his head on what he would do throughout the match but it's not big deal just something I would have done.

The match itself was very well written adn set the scene for SNME, very nice show and I can't wait for the PPV.

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