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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Tuesday Night Turbo

The opening video recap was good for people like me who has yet to catch up on the show as a whole. The commentators running down the storylines and explaining it all to everyone but at this point, it seems like you are focusing on your 3 main storylines thus far, which I don't think is a good thing to do. Correct me if I am wrong.

The opening promo was good and led up to something well. I felt it started to drag on a little towards the end of it, but all in all, the promo was good and I love the fact that you are pushing Shelton. Despite having the charisma of a freaking rock, he is a good competitor and the match at the Massacre should be a fun one to read and write. The other match announced with Helms and Daniels is another one that I am excited about, I am a big fan of these two and I feel that they should be able to put on a good match.

The promo from the Hooliganz was done well, although it set the storyline up, I am not sure if it really went well, plus the fact that it went straight on to the match really didn't sit well with me, but all in all, it went well.

Interesting match and I see the promo set this match up nicely, all in all, it was your standard match and I am glad London got the win, plus with Massaro joining in with the Hooliganz, it should work well with the entire thing.

Dark characters are seriously for the win man and seems as if you protray his character well. I really like it.

Awesome video package, it works well in all and basically is something that sets up The Massacre well and hopefully I get more of this, it seems like you have a thing for being able to play dark characters and dark times really well.

Not sure what I think about the match being bascially something to fill in the blanks and I can definently see the Most Wanted bringing home the win at the Massacre but either way, I really like the character of Lance Cade and makes me want to see what does happen, although I am quite sure that Most Wanted will get the win.

This match was not what I expected. It made it seem like yes, you want to push Sydal and Doane, but the other two seemingly got nothing from this match. I hope you do something more with the other two, but as it is, it seems as if they were basically just the jobbers in this match. Williams more than lethal. Now I may be wrong, but build them more plz.

I am wondering, with this promo as basically build up for the Daniels and Helms match, was it really needed, yes it worked well for the go home show, but I would have rathered seen Helms address his match for tonight more than anything.

I don't know about you putting Sydal and Lethal in a match, yes it works well, but maybe with the way Doane has managed to get the win, I would of loved to see Doane and Sydal, but due to Heels vs. Heels, I like the way you did it all the same. But all the same, you have two matches announced on this show alone, which I don't like seeing on a go home show.

Another good massacre promo, video packages seem to be one of your strong suits.

Perfect result and good match to finish off the show. Hopefully we see Shelton come out on top at the Massacre, hey, I can hope.

Anyway man, as this is the first time I have read your shows, I might have missed something in my questions of your booking but all the same, I wish you the best of luck with the Massacre and I hope that you manage to bring home something great in the end of it. Good Luck Man

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