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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Turbo Feedback

Nice start to the show, as always, with a little recap of last week and some big time hype for The Massacre, which has me very excited.

Shelton to start the show off? Probably the best move since he looks like your big star, and headed into his match at The Massacre for the title, having him open the show is probably needed. I quite liked the way you’ve kind of given Benjamin some real character to tie in around ‘The Gold Standard’ gimmick, giving him some good talk on how he’ll raise things to a whole new standard. Honestly, I wasn’t sure at first in this thread with Shelton being what looked like your major heel, but the way you have written him has been very, very good, and you’ve really given me a reason to care about him by using his gimmick well. This whole talk of how he’s on a different level is great. Not so sure on the cheap heat at the start with the people sitting on their lazy asses at home line, because it just didn’t feel like it was necessary, even if Shelton was looking for heat, but a good start with the new standard talk, along with the flashback of sorts by reminding us of the first Turbo where Benjamin said he should just be awarded the title. AJ Styles interrupting now is going to be interesting, because I want to see if you can write him as well as you have Benjamin. Have to say, I liked Benjamin instantly coming out with his anger at Styles, as it gave Styles something to talk about right off the bat, responding to Benjamin well. I also liked how Styles responded to what Benjamin said earlier in his promo, and even when talking about himself, AJ showed some nice glimpses of personality by saying he’s actually won a world title. The writing Styles off stuff before it maybe wasn’t as good, but it’s good to see a bit of an edge to AJ’s bland character, because otherwise he’s, well, bland. The reminder of the fact that he pinned Benji was nice too, and the tease at a brawl was good before Paul Heyman interrupted. Heyman’s announcements were good, with the expected Helms/Daniels clash and the tag match for tonight both something to look forward to. Pretty good opening to the show here, giving some more hype to your final of the title tournament, and also giving the Helms/Daniels match a bit of hype, even if not directly involved with this promo.

Two more guys who maybe lack personality (well, Kendrick does in this form at least) here with The Hooliganz, but again, I thought you did a pretty good job. It’s pretty simple to just have them respond to how they’re going to overcome Generation Next and that they’ve cheated to win every time they’ve done so, but it works just fine. The start to the second bit of the promo about the singles match was a little bit confusing in the way it was worded, but the tricks stuff is intriguing. Not sure what it could mean, so I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out.

Guess we didn’t have to wait long for the trick to be revealed. Wouldn’t have minded this waiting until The Massacre to come into effect, although if you’re wanting to give Generation Next the victory at The Massacre, I guess it’s appropriate for it to happen now. Not too sure how I feel about Ashley hooking back up with The Hooliganz, as she’s pretty shit in general at most things to do with pro wrestling, though I guess if you use her to even up the numbers it works. With Sydal not allowed to interfere at The Massacre, I’m not sure if you’ll use her in the finish, because it would seem a bit heelish from The Hooliganz, but I guess we’ll wait and see. Nice way to give The Hooliganz a win here though, using Generation Next’s own type of tricks against them.

Nice little promo from Daniels, who is another one of those guys who I think you’ve written really well. The whole darkness thing was clever and well done, and the use of Helms attacking Daniels during their feud shown in this promo keeps us thinking about what this feud is all about. Only a small promo, but certainly a good one.

The Massacre should be a great show. Psyched to see it will be in full too since your roster certainly has a lot of in-ring talent.

Pretty nice little promo here. Another two guys who I think you’ve worked well with their gimmick, using the name Most Wanted through their promos really well. Not too high on you calling the crowd the “Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem universe”, as that sound much to WWE-like, but apart from that this promo was fine. A match at The Massacre for Most Wanted against The Masked Menaces (nice team name for them, btw) should be good, as it gives both teams a chance to feature on Pay-Per-View.

Surprised you had Lethal and Sydal in this match since I was certain they would be having a match at The Massacre with each other, rather than being in the battle royal (unless they still are, which is possible, I guess). Sydal using cheap tactics to eliminate Lethal from the match makes sense to further their feud, while I’m happy to see Doane picking up the win, as I feel the guy is infinitely talented, and giving him at least a win before the battle royal is a good sign for him.

Well we head from Daniels, so good to see we’ll be hearing from Helms too. Helms’ promo here was pretty good, from the cheap heat at the start in getting rid of Joy, to then reminding us of what this feud is about with the world title and how they’ve basically eliminated each other from the tournament. Much like the last time Helms spoke, I liked the play on the fallen angel stuff, and the ending too was pretty good.

Generation Next not happy about Ashley was to be expected. As I said earlier, Ashley winning the titles for The Hooliganz when Sydal couldn’t interfere for Generation Next would have been quite heelish, so I’m glad to see she won’t be able to interfere either. Good to see the Sydal/Lethal match announced too, as it should prove to be a pretty good little match at The Massacre.

Nice hype for the world title match and The Massacre here by both the video and the announcers. The card looks kind of small, but still good, and should certainly be one to look forward to, especially with it written in full.

Nice to see a fiery start to this match with some heated rivalries in it. Pretty nice, basic main event here, with Shelton getting a win over Styles, although only thanks to Helms, which gives us some build for The Massacre, with nothing still really separating Styles and Benjamin. Pretty good way to finish the show.

As Shocker said, after reading this show, I really feel as if this was your best show to date. Basically everything I thought that was needed for the go home show was here, with some hype for all of your matches, and promos for all of your major matches, meaning everything did its job on the go home show. It’s also good to see that it looks like you’re becoming more and more comfortable with your characters, as to me it makes it look like you’re enjoying writing this thread. I’m now really looking forward to The Massacre, especially with it being in full. I’m sure it’ll be a great show.

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