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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nige’s Raw & Partial Smackdown Feedback

You’ve been going quickly while I’ve been away. I didn’t expect you to get both Smackdown and then this other Raw up too, but I’m glad you have. I read through Smackdown and thought it was a very good fallout show as well as starting the build up to Saturday Night’s Main Event & WrestleMania.

I have to say that I’m very drawn I to Orton’s character and his statement that he won’t lay a hand on Batista until their title clash at Mania. He backed his honesty up very well and made you half believe it, but the other half of you screams “Yeah right!” It’s a matter of time before he does, and I can see it building up well to a big moment when he eventually does cross The Animal. It was clever for him to play games with Batista too though to stir things nicely by getting out of his match with Finlay and having Batista take his place. The spear from Edge at the end of the match sets up his match with Batista at SNME well, but for me this is all about Orton, and it’s brewing nicely.

I’ll come to what I didn’t like, and I really don’t like it. To give you a hint, two words. . . Rey Mysterio. After beating Mr. Kennedy to inflict Kennedy’s first defeat, I was astounded when I read Kennedy say he was righting it off and Rey was dropping down to feud with Kid Kash. Granted Kash has been booked very well and Rey’s the only cruiserweight (well he’s above that really, not in weight) who could challenge Kash really at the minute, but Rey said it best when he can beat the big boys, but to drop him down now after that big win is either bad booking and bad timing, or maybe both. Fortunately Kennedy has Money in the Bank, and for me that’s where Rey should be too. The only reason I thought Rey beat Kennedy was to bring out another side of Kennedy and have him go all out for revenge. That’s just all fallen apart, and as things stand now, Rey didn’t need that win and Kennedy would be better off going in to Money in the Bank full of confidence and unbeaten.

I did enjoy Lashley going after JBL in what was almost a carbon copy of the promo earlier with Mysterio coming out to shut the gloating Kash up. It’s not the sort of thing you would expect Lashley to do in coming out of the back to say they talk too much, but that doesn’t bother me as he’s still in the development stage. Giving him this extra edge will work out for him in the long term. The timing of the Belfast Brawl announcement is interesting with the JBL storyline starting now, and hopefully JBL uses it to pay him back.

Also, I’m very interested in the tug of war over Orlando Jordan. It makes perfect sense with Benoit respecting him and Booker not, but Jordan so far keeping the loyalty to the heel. This has some real potential but I can’t picture OJ as a face and getting over. Why are you booking the match for SNME and not Mania? That makes me sad because the build’s been awesome.

On to Raw now then.

The opening promo was simply fantastic with both Bischoff & Edge in great character, particularly Bischoff I have to say. After taking the week off last week, he had to come back with an edge, and he did. It was a good move to have him take that time out and present him as the old ‘takes no crap’ Eric Bischoff. It was good for me to learn about what had happened back at the Rumble before I started reading as I was a bit out of the loop so to speak and confused as to why Kurt Angle was so pissed the other week. We got a real sense of how Bischoff will be in charge from now, and booking the matches he did both for tonight and SNME were sensible and exciting. I’d love a triple threat for the title myself, but it looks very obvious now that it will Angle who gets the shot with Edge admitting to the attack at the Rumble. Couldn’t Bischoff have got that footage any earlier? Surely! Anyway, bringing Angle out at the end gave us a good taster of how he pissed he is to set up the main event.

Oh this is why I love Bischoff, because he is smart and firm. The storyline with Benjamin & Haas is different and I’m intrigued as to how this pans out. If they are to stay together longer to fight off the Rednecks, it would be understandable. That’s clever booking, but I loved the part with RVD more. The set up to Bischoff doubting RVD’s chances of beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania was good, and it allowed RVD to let loose and not hold back. Giving him a Money in the Bank qualifier is very sensible indeed, and without RVD giving him answer, it’s going to be interesting to see what he does later.

I skimmed the previous Raw as one of the things I was looking forward to was what was going to happen with Trish’s title defence against Victoria and Mickie James’ role in it. I was shocked when I saw Mickie assault Trish’s friend as I though she might end up costing her the title. The match itself this week was okay and Mickie was the right winner. Her promo was the main talking point really and that was good too, getting her crazy persona across very well and setting up Trish’s response well to make a bigger deal out of it.

Cena’s interview was okay and definitely got better as it went along. The first paragraph didn’t really sound like Cena as it was a bit too low key and serious for him. The next paragraph picked it up and had it more oomph in it, becoming more like the usual fired up Cena we see.

Nothing much to say about Kane & Big Show’s squash except showing them to be the dominant and destructive duo they are makes them looking unstoppable, and if they’re going to be defending the titles at Mania, it’s best to have them look this way.

Nice plug for DX’s entrance to the building. Nice way to hype up Shawn’s match with Vince later. We’ve not forgotten!

You’re brave using Owen Hart for commercial purposes. I hope Martha doesn’t throw a lawsuit your way! Jokes aside, WrestleMania is going to be immense I’m sure.

I was wondering whether we’d see them, but they’re here, the Spirit Squad are here. Hearing “JAYDEN” was odd as ‘Johnny’ definitely sounds a lot better. The whole make up of the promo was clever, and Bischoff asking Coach who they were was really funny. The cheer was good, and having Bischoff warm to them was a nice touch as you could imagine it would take him some persuading as far as male cheerleaders on his roster go. Bringing Vince in to it and teasing at some possible allegiance with the boys in green was good and you did good job as well of hyping both his match and Shane’s match with Shawn.

This Ric Flair/Chavo Guerrero angle is intriguing. I honestly don’t know where it’s heading, but we might well get a clue later when Ric says what he plans to. It was good hype for that, and I’m looking forward to that as I have no idea what to expect.

Man you do like your tag matches don’t you? I’m sure I’ve said this before, but we’re going to have at least three in a two hour show. Three’s okay I guess, but please no more. With the whole Shelton/Haas tension, I was glued to it to see what exactly would happen. The angle seems to be set up to put them back together, and if they perform like this, it’s only a matter of time. The match was great and they looked really strong as a unit. Bischoff’s been all over the shop tonight, not that I have a problem with that as he runs the show. It bugs me when people say GM’s have been overused when they make three appearances. It’s ridiculous! Anyway, the idea of putting them in the number contenders’ match is a wise move. Surely they’ll win.

Eric Bischoff: My Monday Night RAW is all about competition. And what kind of competition is it if, as I head ‘King’ say earlier,

Kurt Angle: Edge, you think you can get away with whgat you did to me?
I noticed both these. Careful boy!

Angle’s promo was full of intensity for sure, and it made it a really good read. His character was spot on, but I felt that Maria maybe could have cut in and reminded him he has to beat Cena first as he was talking like he was already facing Edge, which I think everyone believes he will be. It would’ve given him the chance to get even angrier as he had already had a go at her anyway.

Oh Gregory Helms, how much I love you right now. I was a massive fan of his back in ’06 when he was the Cruiserweight Champion and felt he deserved the kind of push he’s getting here. I do think that Flair’s promo took a while to get going as it was a bit repetitive and not all that appropriate, but it’s good to see that he’s going to face his responsibilities as the Intercontinental Champion. It was no real shock when he said he’d be defending it against Chavo next week, but this all became about Helms. He was fantastic and seemed at home sparring verbally with The Nature Boy. The attack was sweet, and the blood too didn’t bother me as it helped make this look a lot more brutal than it was. You had to bring Chavo out to save the day and see Helms off, but that was great!

Three tag matches in a row? Split them up lad please. Daivari coming out as Edge’s partner was a surprise to me, but it would be a hell of a letdown if you were there. You would be like “Oh, okay” and sit down again. He was never going to go it alone, but you did need someone to do the job, and Daivari’s a good guy to do it. Or not as it turned out. Angle making Edge tap just makes it even more obvious that it’ll be him who gets the title shot unless there is a swerve and it ends up being a triple threat. There’s no way Angle won’t be involved as this has all been about him and Cena looks like an extra to be honest. Bringing Batista out for revenge made complete sense heading in to SNME.

Shawn’s interview was brilliant, and it showed that there’s nothing better than the old Heartbreak Kid. He was fired up and talked up well the possibility of beating the holy hell out of Vince. I thought it was odd that you had Maria ask him whether he was going to take it easy on Vince as surely no one would ever believe that to be the case. Also, where was Triple H? They did come together right?

The hype for SNME was good. It should be a good show. I still can’t believe Benoit/Booker won’t be at Mania!

There was no way RVD was going to win the match against Carlito, making it just a case of how he lost. You booked it rightly, and with Bischoff making a strong point about how he’s the boss, it was awkward seeing RVD telling him he’d gone above his head to get time on SNME. I wonder if Bischoff will react to that in the future. I hope so.

After Vince’s brief promo with the Spirit Squad earlier, you had to expect that something like this would happen. It’s typical Vince and great heel tactics to put these roadblocks in Michaels’ way. The match itself was good like I expected, and it had the right ending with Saturday in mind. The one thing I was left thinking about was why Triple H left it until way too late to come out.

Overall it was a very good show as is the norm with you my boy. The highlights for me were the Helms/Flair interaction and the World’s Greatest Tag Team reunion of sorts. Now I’ve enjoyed that, I can go enjoy my Friday night curry. After I’ve cooked it that is! Can’t wait for Smackdown.

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