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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Nice little video package to start the show. It helps refreshes the reader's memory. Eric Bischoff's back. Should be good. I've always hated happy Bischoff. He's less entertaining. Putting over Raw and downtalking SD = smooth heel move, while keeping him 'happy'. Not a fan of you using 'above the law' for both Cena and Edge. With Edge being heel, Bischoff is seemingly moving into more of a face role. Don't know what to think about that. I don't know too much on this 'mystery attacker' angle, but it's quite interesting what you've got here. Could definitely lead to a Edge/Angle feud. Cena vs. Angle with winner facing Edge sounds awesome. I'm predict that it ends up a three way though. Angle coming out didn't really help the segment, but the main event and match for SNME sound freakin' awesome. I'm liking your booking thus far. With the 'mystery attacker' and how you got Angle involved in the situation as well.

The whole Haas/Benjamin storyline is intriguing. Although they're feuding with the Bashams, they're kinda feuding with each other. A WM match between the two is surely in the works. 'it’s just that I heard you may do something about … stupid' - kinda confused me. I guess Carlito's winning the MITB qualifier, and I'm guessing Taker's theme makes him lose. Great booking getting Carlito involved, and through to the MITB against a credible wrestler. Good job.

Mickie with a nice clean win. More interesting is the promo afterwards. No doubt there'll be fireworks at SNME. Along with Wolfy, I gotta say you two have the best diva storylines going. I've always enjoyed the whole Mickie/Trish storyline, and can't wait to see where this goes.

Not a bad promo from here with his aggression and determination evident. I'm really seeing a countout or draw some way between the two, and a future triple threat for the title.

Big Show and Kane with a squash. I can't really see any team contending with them. Hopefully Shelton and Haas pull it together, and go against them. If not, a Shelton/Haas match would be great.

"so for that, ‘Coach’, I think you" - I think you meant "I thank you". The SPIRIT SQUAD! I marked. I actually enjoyed the fivesome, and don't think they should have disbanded, but it's hard having a group with five seemingly equal wrestlers. I'm glad Kenny got his own mic time, as he's probably the leader of the group after this. lol @ the chant. <3ed it. McMahon having something for them to do only means the SS/DX feud might happen.

Short segment with Flair and Chavo. Flair's been kinda boring in your thread tbh, but things could very well change on the road to WM.

Haas and Benji win in stellar fashion. Bischoff declaring the match was a nice little touch after the match. I guess with this match, I don't see Haas and Benji breaking up anytime soon, and really, I don't see any reason for it either. They've been on a roll in this thread with a nice subtle push.

I've enjoyed the segments with Edge/Cena/Angle thus far, and this one definitely added to the feud. There's always some nice content to your promos, which make them easier and overall better reads. It's refreshing from the typical promos. With this promo, I no doubt see a triple threat for WM.

Kind of an emotional promo here from Flair, which is a little different from the usual. He reiterated a couple of things over, but that's not a big deal. And I think he spent a little too much time putting over titles and other wrestlers. After declaring the match with Chavo, Helms interrupts? Interesting to say the least. I don' think Chavo will take it. With Gregory Helms in the MITB, a feud with Flair would be good also. I don't see them facing each other at WM, but I can see Flair added to the MITB. The "sixteen time loser" line was a good line. Flair/Helms feud would be epic.

Don't really remember or know what was going on with Daivari, but I'm guessing he's a good choice considering his hate towards Angle. Too bad the pick didn't help him win. Angle and Cena were kind of coherent in defeating Edge. I like how the commentators brought up Angle's struggles against Cena. Good buildup from that. Batista extracts some revenge on Edge. Definitely came out of nowhere, but with Edge's spear to him on SD, this made sense.

I noticed that most of your promos go to the point right away then to some detail/story, and then back to the point. The main event definitely needed more hype from the face side of it so I'm glad you got in some words by HBK. There's definitely something going on his this match because McMahon doesn't stand a chance in hell. Good promo here though. A little generic at times, but watcha gonna do, right? Tons of hype from the announcers right after. Kinda boring to read, but it's gotta be done. You work with Coach pretty well too.

RVD chooses time with Taker over a match with Carlito. Definitely different from the norm here in BTB. I like how RVD is more concerned with Taker, but this didn't really get Carlito over. He's in the MITB though so that's a plus. Jim Ross inducted? Hah!

lol @ "It's good to SHADDUP". I know you didn't mean it that way, but that's how I read it. McMahon changing the rules last second isn't anything new. Would rather have the one on one match with the lumberjacks, but this is still good I guess. The finish is what I envisioned. With the SS heavily involved, there's no doubt in my mind for a DX/SS feud now. Triple H saving the day was expected as well, as we haven't really seen from him all show. Triple H banned? All odds against HBK only makes whatever happens all the better.

With SNME this Saturday, Raw was majorly built around building that show, but storylines for WM didn't take a back seat either. What I'm starting to enjoy about this thread is that nothing is over 'booked' if you know what I mean. Every feud, every storyline and every little thing has its time, segment, and moments, but doesn't go overboard. Nothing's moving too quick, and although some storylines are moving a little slower, it's due to the time until WM. The promos are enjoyable with great content. Some of them are a little lengthy, but for realism, you gotta do it. The details, and little booking decisions are also enjoyable to read. I haven't read that much of your work, but of what I have read, I gotta say your one of this section's top dogs. And if you haven't noticed, I don't really like to "criticize". I rather point out the things done well, but yeah...keep up the good work!

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