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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Turbo Feedback

Good to see Shelton opening the show, glad that we got some build-up for the World Title match at The Massacre and Benjamin was decent, although when he said "Trust me homeboi, you're gonna walk in thinkin' ya got a shot" it didn't seem to fit in very well with the tone of everything else he was saying. The dialogue between AJ and Shelton was fine, I think it should have been Styles who made the challenge for a fight at that moment instead of Benjamin and it was a good time for Heyman to announce Daniels vs. Helms at The Massacre, as well as the tag team main event which I'm really looking forward to seeing as I haven't really read the show yet so I don't know what's going to happen.

Decent inteview with Kendrick and London, about time that they got some time on the mic no matter if they're generic and you did a good job, with the parting words from London leaving a good taste in my mouth for this segement and leaving us in suspense. Not surprised that London beat Strong to give them some much-needed momentum going into The Massacre, and Ashley Massaro's debut surprised me, but cool to see that they're re-united and The Hooliganz get a valet. Loved the Daniels segment to build up his match with Helms and the tag team match, I think it should have ended with him saying "And that's the gospel" though.

I liked the Battle Royal, I think either Lethal or Sydal should have won this match but if Doane won this due to a push being on the horizon for him, then I'm pleased with this result as I'm a big fan of Kenny. More build-up for Daniels/Helms can only be good, and Helms was solid like he has been throughout this thread so far but when he said "Darkness? Really Daniels? Really?" it sounded a bit like Miz. Lethal/Sydal being announced for The Massacre is awesome news, they should have a brilliant match.

The main event certainly delivered by the looks of it, and you made the right call with the ending of it, making sure that opponents for The Massacre didn't pin one or the other or at least put them out for the count in this case. Great way to end the show with Benjamin standing tall and although some would say that this means AJ will win on Sunday, I think it could go either way and that goes for just about all of the matches on the card.

Overall, very good go-home show, the best show so far in this thread IMO. I honestly cannot wait for The Massacre, it should be awesome and I have no idea who the winners will be, perhaps apart from the Masked Menaces/Most Wanted match which Cade and Harris really should win. Great banners btw as always for the PPV, and keep up the good work with this thread. P.S: Will The Massacre be in full?
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