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Re: Ultimate Wrestling Mayhem

Tuesday Night Turbo Feedback

Nice detailed video package to start things, as I hadn't read the previous show so I'm up to date on a couple of feuds at least with that. Coach and Josh were pretty much in character here, so no complaints. I don't envy you trying to write a Shelton/AJ promo, as neither man is known for their great vocals, but you handled well considering. "an era with a standard higher than your own. A “GOLD STANDARD” era." Loved that line tbh. I liked the fact AJ referenced the fact he's pinned Shelton before, again another way of helping me get caught up on the happenings of the feud thus far. Heyman out, and he served his purpose as matchmaker. Should be a good main event.

"You respect him all you want. I think the guy is a sore loser, and an ungrateful chump." Hmmm... I wasn't so keen on this line tbh. Chump not really an insult you hear very often. Felt a bit forced.

The match had a fair summary. Ashley as the hooded person? I guess it fits, but it's not exactly an inspired choice. I'd liked to have seen a little more reaction from GenNext before we headed backstage. All we really got was "Generation Next look absolutely stunned" where a bit more description would have served well here.

The next two segments, while well written, both focused very much on "darkness". Perhaps spreading them out a little bit more? But as I said, both were well thought out and written. No complaints on the content. Another segment in a segment heavy show. "Last week we lost our footing, and we lost our cool." A little reminder of what happened last week would've been cool. Just a brief mention of it (I'm assuming they lost against someone?) would've been good. Another match made for the PPV, and I have to hope Most Wanted take this one.

I've never seen a four man battle royal I don't think. But yeah, as you said, quick match. Recap was fine. With the later announcement that Lethal and Sydal set to meet at the PPV, I'm guessing Kenny and Petey are gonna be in the battle royal. Kenny established himslf as a threat, and the early favourite, but with it being an open invitation, anyone could turn up and get the win. So, the anticipation of that match at the PPV was built nicely here.

On to the main event. I liked the ending with all four men attempting/htting their finishing moves. I'm not sure about the chop block while Styles was going for the Styles Clash. Was kinda hard for me to visulise what would happen to Benjamin during that sequence. Post match stare down to end the show was a nice touch to end on.

Overall, it was a solid show that did it's job of setting up the PPV nicely. Very segment/promo heavy, but I guess you had a lot to hyp up aehad of this Sunday. Anyway, the PPV is looking good, with the battle royal and Styles/Benjamin what I'm especially looking forward to. Can't wait to read The Massacre!
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